CR: Chapter 470 – Ghost Town Labyrinth

Chapter 470 – New Start

After the drawing of cards was over,  A of Hearts took the initiative to ask, “Next, will you go back to the main city to rest or do you want to continue to the next secret room?”

The interstellar secret room was too thrilling and they were also pulled into a ditch several times by the clones. Everyone had just left the world and were physically and mentally exhausted. They had to rest for at least two days to adjust their state.

Xiao Lou asked Yu Hanjiang, “Do you want to go back to the main city?”

“Yes. What main city do you want to go to?”

Xiao Lou looked down and thought about it. Previously, they had gone to the City of the Sun and found that the owner of the bar opened by the seaside was the well-known attack strategy god, White Fox. His real name was Bai Jinyu. They investigated the bar and found that White Fox also had a twin brother, who was the masked man seen in 4 of Spades, Liuxi Village.

Coincidentally, the silver-white patterned masks worn by the brothers were similar to the masks that appeared on the hunters’ faces many times. They must have something to do with the Hunter’s League. If they returned to the City of the Sun, they might find out some clues about the hunters?

Xiao Lou thought up to here and looked over at Tang Ci. He asked softly, “Mr Tang, how many days did you pay for the hotel you booked in the City of the Sun?”

Tang Ci answered, “I told the front desk that as long as I don’t check out before noon every day, I will automatically renew the fee. If you want to go back to the City of the Sun, we can continue staying at the hotel.”

Lu Jiuchuan frowned in disapproval and walked over to Xiao Lou. “It is too risky to go back to the hotel. Don’t forget, the hunters now have our full information. They even know everyone’s cards. Our residence definitely isn’t a secret. If they set up an ambush in advance, wouldn’t we be throwing ourselves into the net?”

Ye Qi looked at Xiao Lou with worry. “Hunters can also kill us in the main city. Don’t forget the stampede at Goddess Luo Yan’s concert. The hunters caused the deaths of thousands of people without blinking an eye. In fact, it is very dangerous for us to go back to the main city now. We directly rented a villa in the City of the Moon and Mr Tang booked a hotel in the City of the Sun. It is estimated that the hunters have already found these two strongholds.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang exchanged looks. Brother Jiu and Ye Qi’s concerns were justified.

In the beginning, Lu Jiuchuan’s undercover identity hadn’t been exposed and the hunters didn’t know the situation of the team. However, Lu Jiuchuan was recognized at that dinner and barely escaped.

Immediately after that, they entered the World Weekly “Headless General’s Tomb”.

Along the way, there were hunters tracking them and even carrying bombs. They used a suicide attack that nearly destroyed the entire tomb…

After coming out of the ancient tomb, Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang led a group to investigate the bar in the City of the Sun but didn’t find out too much information. The alerted Bai Jinyu noticed the drone that Xiao Lou placed in the bar. Then they entered the interstellar secret room and just managed to successfully leave it.

During this period of time, they experienced several life or death crises. It felt like a long time had passed but in fact, according to the time flow rate of the main city, it had only been a few days.

It was as Ye Qi said. The hunters must’ve found their base in the City of the Sun and the villa in the City of the Moon. It was easy for them to be ambushed by hunters if they returned to the main city. In contrast, the secret room was safer. At least in the secret room, the hunters would be restricted by the rules of the game.

More critically, cards were restricted in the main cities and many of their cards couldn’t be used. Meanwhile, most secret rooms didn’t restrict cards.

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang exchanged a look and immediately changed their minds.

Yu Hanjiang said, “Then go to the secret room. Let’s seize this time. The faster we clear the secret rooms, the better it is for us.”

“However, we can’t go to the secret room right away. Everyone is tired right now and we need to rest for at least a few hours.” Xiao Lou looked over at the four keepers and politely asked, “Can we rest in our personal space?”

A of Hearts spoke gently, “Of course, but the team can’t stay here for more than one hour.”

Xiao Lou nodded. “One hour is enough. We will take turns sitting on Old Mo’s sofa.”

Old Mo heard this and immediately took out his Lazy Sofa card. A soft brown sofa appeared in front of everyone and Xiao Lou arranged for the team to sit on the sofa in order. After sitting on it, they were indeed refreshed. It felt as if they had a full sleep. The tiredness of their bodies immediately disappeared and everyone became energetic.

Yu Hanjiang was the last one to sit on the sofa. He finished sitting on it, got up and looked at his teammates. “For the next level, we will go to the four in one secret room. What do you think?”

Xiao Lou agreed. “The four in one room saves more time. It is easier to make mistakes if we pass through the four secret rooms in turn.”

Regardless, it was a thrilling and exciting breakthrough. If they had to compare breaking through once to breaking through four times, everyone preferred the former.

The hidden secret room might be more difficult but there were many benefits. For example, the time was greatly shortened and the rewards would be higher than the normal secret rooms.

Lu Jiuchuan simply said, “Go to the four in one secret room and prepare to draw cards.”

The moment A of Hearts heard this, the smile on her face became even more gentle while she placed her chin against her slender fingers and asked kindly, “Are you sure you want to go to the four in one secret room for the K level?”

Her smile made a chill go down everyone’s spine.

Her malicious, ill-intentioned smile really made her look like a villain boss.

Xiao Lou stiffened. “Yes, level K. If we pass the K level, will we be rewarded with one card for each person and another rare team specific card as before?”

A of Spades answered coldly, “There is no team limited card for level K. However, there is a card that you will be happy to get.” The man slightly raised his fingers and a card with a white front and black back floated in the air. The card was surrounded with a soft luster and had the words ‘SS Secret Room Pass Card’ written on it.

Ye Qi’s eyes lit up. “We can go directly to the last level, the two jokers secret room using this?”

Xiao Lou added, “Leaving the two jokers secret room will allow us to return to the real world, right?”

The four keepers nodded at the same time.

A of Clubs said coldly, “Theoretically, it is like this. Yet in reality, no team can pass through the two jokers secret room. Don’t be too confident in your team’s capabilities.”

A of Hearts smiled. “Why are you so persistent about leaving the Card World? Chief Shao’s bank card already has billions of gold coins in it and it is enough for you to live the rest of your life without worry. It is good to go to the beach to see the sunrise and sunset every day. Based on your abilities, it should be no problem to survive the World Weekly secret rooms.

Yu Hanjiang coldly interrupted her. “Stay in this distorted world for a lifetime? Then I might as well have chosen option A when first entering the Card World.”

All those who entered the Card World faced a choice in the beginning. The option A mentioned by Yu Hanjiang was to die peacefully and be free from illness forever.

They were all people who chose option B in the beginning. The reason they didn’t want to die directly was because they had things in their hearts they couldn’t let go of. For example, family, career or love…

Even if they got eternal life, staying in the Card world was straying from their original intention.

A of Hearts’ words were blocked by Yu Hanjiang and she couldn’t speak. She could only raise an eyebrow and say, “Since you insist on leaving, we can only wish you good luck.”

The four keepers raised their hands at the same time.

The four cards of K of spades, K of Hearts, K of Diamonds and K of Clubs quickly merged in the air. The black and red lights formed a huge vortex. The vortex seemed to have a magical gravity that instantly sucked people into a new world.

[Welcome to the last level S-grade secret room – Battle Royale.]

[The K level has no restrictions on cards. There is no fixed plot and no standard for clearing the level.]

[The only thing you need to do is…]


The last word became blood red and there was even blood dripping from it as it floated in the floating box. The moment the team members saw the notification in the floating box, they got frightened and felt like they had come to shoot a horror movie.

Xiao Lou looked around and found that there was darkness around him.

Generally, there was a period of darkness after entering the secret room which was used to see the notifications in the floating box. Now the notifications were over. Why could he still not see?

Could it be that this was a dark night environment?

Xiao Lou was confused and simply used Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings to connect to Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang’s voice was heard in his head. “It is a dark night environment. There is the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves and breathing. What is the situation on your side?”

Xiao Lou replied, “It is the same.”

Yu Hanjiang spoke decisively. “Use the Night Pearl and find our teammates.”

Almost as soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Lou saw a soft light appear not far away. It was the light of the Night Pearl. The moment Yu Hanjiang used the Night Pearl, one light after another appeared around him.

Xiao Lou saw familiar faces.

Ye Qi, Shao Qingge, Lu Jiuchuan, Tang Ci…

Everybody was here!

Everyone saw each other and surprise flashed on their faces. Ye Qi walked toward Xiao Lou and said, “This time, there is no need to find our teammates. We all appeared in the same spot?”

Shao Qingge immediately pulled Ye Qi back. “First determine if this Xiao Lou is real!”

Everyone, “……”

They all had a psychological shadow about the ‘clones’ after the last secret room. If there was a clone teammate then it would be bad if they were led into a trap.

Xiao Lou took the initiative to say, “I am real. On the fourth floor of the school of medicine library, there are books related to forensic science.”

Liu Qiao added, “Professor Xiao’s elective course is in classroom 708 in Building 3 of the school of medicine.”

Ye Qi said seriously, “I am a first year student of the Conservatory of Music and participated in a singer selection competition. I entered the finals only to get into a car accident. My Weibo account is called ‘Ye Qi Isn’t a Genius’ and I currently have more than 20,000 followers. I have played the guqin since primary school and I can play the flute. I only learned the guzheng up to level 8…”

He muttered a whole bunch of things. Shao Qingge smiled and touched Ye Qi’s head. “This Xiao Ye is definitely real. There are too many words. A clone can’t imitate this.”

Ye Qi, “……”

The rest of the people were also identified individually.

Yu Hanjiang frowned and looked around. “We just experienced a cloning secret room and there definitely won’t be so many clones this time. We don’t need to be so nervous. This time, the secret room is called Battle Royale and the only requirement is to ‘survive’. This indicates that it is a survival secret room that favors Spades and Clubs.”

Lu Jiuchuan suddenly spoke in a deep voice, “Look over there.”

The group followed his gaze and saw a gravestone in the middle of the wilderness. Perhaps it was due to the age but most of the words were blurred.

Just then, there was a flash of lightning that split apart the night sky. The dazzling white light illuminated the sky and everyone finally saw the surrounding environment. It was a barren mountain range. Everywhere they looked, there were only gravestones as far as the eyes could see.

The cold gravestones were arranged in a disorderly manner. Some were crooked and some were cut in the middle.

This was actually a mass burial site!

Xiao Lou spoke in a trembling voice, “Teleporting us directly to a mass burial site? This time…”

The huge boom of thunder covered Xiao Lou’s voice, frightening everyone. Immediately after this, rain suddenly poured to the ground and the group was instantly drenched.

It wasn’t known which tombstone suddenly moved…

Then the surrounding tombstones gradually made a cracking sound. The sound got louder and louder, mixing with the sound of thunder and giving people the chills.

Ye Qi couldn’t help exclaiming, “Surely there won’t be anything crawling out of the graves?”

The moment Ye Qi finished speaking, the hand suddenly stretched out from the soil of the gravestone in front of him. It was a pale and slender hand that looked weak and boneless. However, the moment it stretched out, it violently grabbed at Ye Qi’s ankle.

Ye Qi shouted, “Ahhh, it really climbed out!”

Lu Jiuchuan stepped on the hand with one foot and looked at Tang Ci. “Remember the cat and mouse game of J of Clubs?”

Tang Ci’s face looked extremely pale in the rainy night. He touched the rain on his face and his voice trembled slightly. “At that time, we were also teleported together when we entered the secret room. Then we met… 10 times the number of hunters.”

Chu Huaying said coldly, “It seems we still can’t hide from it.”

They thought that skipping the J level and going directly to the Q level would allow them to avoid the dangerous secret room where they would be surrounded by hunters.

Now seeing the densely packed gravestones around him vibrating continuously as the pale hands stuck out of the ground, Xiao Lou couldn’t help being a bit nervous. He took a deep breath and reminded his teammates, “This is a mass burial site. We might be attacked by powerful ghosts!”

Yu Hanjiang gently grabbed Xiao Lou’s wrist and shouted, “Run!”

Partially proofread: Paranoid Kitten

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2 years ago

I won’t say much, just love this novel and the characters!

Thanks for translating…

kdj fan
kdj fan
2 years ago

btw the white fox twin brothers.. he they were hunters then why did one of them also appear in a Clubs secret room(the one with xiao lou, yu hanjiang, liu qiao + masked man)? he couldnt kill anyone in that secret room, so why would he enter as a hunter? to collect information? but there was almost nothing learnt from there??

kdj fan
kdj fan
2 years ago
Reply to  kdj fan

if* they were hunters

kdj fan
kdj fan
2 years ago
Reply to  kdj fan

actually maybe i remembered wrong and the masked man was shao qingge not white fox brother?

1 year ago
Reply to  kdj fan

I think it was Shao Qingge? Then they recognized him in the Spades room cause of his ponytail

1 year ago
Reply to  kdj fan

No, there was another masked man, the one who meet the team when they were eating iirc (they were also talking about the gems) and after that team up with Liu Qiao

1 year ago

The dude that was with them in the Clubs room was actually the guy with the mask, one of the brothers. Do you remember? He chose the City of Sun. But I still don’t know which brother it was and why one of them was in Spades and the other was in Card World for a long time.

1 year ago
Reply to  Donguri_chan

It’s the imprisoned one, not Bai Jinyu but his twin, the one who met with Xiao Lou’s team was Bai Jinyu’s twin and we still don’t know why they (or Bai Jinyu to be exact) went to lower secret rooms or why their entrance were separated (one was already half a year in the Card World while the other have only been here a few months) or if they are really connected to the hunters (and if they are, then they must be one of the higher ups that knows the true meaning of hunters’ existence OR one of them is the boss of the association)

11 months ago

Mmm.. guys, do we collectively forget the card of that giant tree level 8?
Is I remember not badly should be a group control card, it must have been very useful against the Zerg.
I will check the chapter to see the description.

11 months ago
Reply to  Soe

[Tool Card: Lantern Tree]

Rarity: S

Description: There is a 50% chance of obtaining it from the 8 of Diamonds limited card pool after perfectly clearing 8 of Diamonds and getting a clearance score of S.

Additional Skill 1: Thousand Lights

Once the skill is used, a lantern tree will be placed in the designated location. Hundreds of beautiful lanterns will instantly appear on the tree. The gorgeous lights will illuminate the surroundings, making the scene within 1 kilometres as bright as daylight. Within 1 kilometres, all hostile targets will be attracted by the lantern tree and quickly gather around the lantern tree within 30 seconds.

The cooldown time for this skill is 24 hours in the secret room.

Additional Skills 2: Lantern Festival Wish

It is said that on the day of the Shangyuan Lantern Festival, if a wish is made to the lantern tree near the stone bridge then this wish can come true. After placing the lantern tree, the summoner can make a wish under the tree. The options for the wish are: increase the attack power of the entire group by 50%, increase the defense power of the entire group by 50%, increase movement speed by 100% or the stealth of the entire group will last 30 seconds. Choose one of the four wishes and the lantern tree will immediately fulfill your wish.

The skill’s cooldown time is 24 hours.

Note: Lantern Tree can be used in the Diamonds, Spades and Clubs secret rooms. It is prohibited in the main city and the Hearts secret rooms.

[Chapter 194]

It’s so broken please.

11 months ago

I don’t get the reward card for this room? Like it’s supposed to be a reward to be able to go to the jokers room but they’re already gonna go to the jokers room after this S-class room aren’t they? So like what’s the point of that card.

2 months ago

Yep I bet now Xiao Lou wishes he had some corpse related cards instead of historical figures 😅