CR: Chapter 469

Chapter 469 – Card Reward

Tang Ci’s Merry-go-round card might be strange but the actual function was very useful. It carried the team members moving at 200 km/hr which was faster than a car on the highway. Moreover, the first skill could force a specified target to sit on the merry-go-round, which was a strong group control skill.

After seeing Tang Ci’s card, Lu Jiuchuan also showed the card he drew to everyone.

[Summoning Card: White Wolf King]

[Rarity: S

Additional Skill 1: Wolf Howl.

The white wolf king howls at night. The loud sound resounds through the night sky and can make all targets within 1,000 meters fall into fear immediately after hearing the howl. They can’t move for three minutes.

This skill can be released once a night.

Additional Skill 2: Wolf King Summoning.

The white wolf king can summon up to 50 small wolves to join the battle. The little wolves will automatically pursue and bite enemy targets within 500 meters. Once all the wolves are dead, the skill will enter the cooldown and can be used again in the next instance.]

Lu Jiuchuan smiled and handed the card to Tang Ci. “Summon a group of wolves to attack the enemy. This card is very useful in group fighting. Here you go.”

Tang Ci answered, “No, you keep the card you drew.”

However, Lu Jiuchuan insisted on putting the card into Tang Ci’s hand. “Take it. Your cards are function cards while this card can save your life at a critical moment. If you are alone and besieged in a future secret room, you can summon a group of little wolves with the white wolf king and wait for teammates to come and support you.”

Facing the man’s stubborn gaze, Tang Ci reluctantly accepted the card. “Thank you.”

Lu Jiuchuan smiled slightly and looked back at Yu Hanjiang. “What card did you draw?”

Yu Hanjiang turned the card over and showed it to him, “Flash Bomb.”

Lu Jiuchuan raised an eyebrow. “Your card is as simple and rough as ever. However, it is very useful. You can just throw it straight toward the area that needs to be blown up without using any skills.”

Yu Hanjiang had previously collected a pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, sniper gun and grenades. Now he had a flash bomb and his arsenal of weapons was very complete.

Yu Hanjiang said, “This card has no cooldown time. Every secret room will give me five flash bombs. After throwing it, all targets within range will instantly be blinded. The effective range is 500 square meters.”

Qu Wanyue was curious. “What did Xiao Liu draw? Is it a fairytale card again?”

Liu Qiao showed it.

[Fairy Tale Card: Elsa]

[Rarity: S

Description: The eldest princess of the Arendelle Kingdom and the heir to the throne. She was born with the power to control ice and snow and is both beautiful and dangerous. An accident at the coronation caused her magic to go out of control and covered the entire kingdom in ice and snow.

Additional Skill 1: Cold World.

Elsa uses the magic of ice and snow to turn the entire scene into heavy snow weather for 24 hours.

In the snowy weather, visibility is reduced to 5 meters, the temperature of the entire scene is reduced to -24 degrees and the ground is covered with thick snow. All modern vehicles such as cars and trains are disabled.

It is a secret room limited skill and can only be used once per secret room.

Additional Skill 2: Snow and Ice Fall

Elsa summons a blizzard, instantly covering the designated area within 500 meters with heavy snow, burying all targets in the area with heavy snow. If a river is encountered, the entire river can be frozen in an instant.

Cooldown: 8 hours.]

Qu Wanyue saw this card and her eyes brightened. “Elsa? Isn’t this the heroine of the animated movie, Frozen? The skill to create a snowstorm is too strong.”

Liu Qiao also liked this card. She happily passed it to Xiao Lou and said, “Professor Xiao, isn’t this skill to change the scenery similar to Su Shi turning the environment into a night scene?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Yes, Su Shi can turn the scene into a night scene that lasts 8 hours. We previously drew the Witch, Flower Butterfly and Nightmare card that can only be used at night. If necessary, we can let Su Shi turn day into night. Your Elsa card is the same. In special circumstances, we can turn the scene into a snowstorm and disable transportation. Then we can use the merry-go-round that was just drawn by Mr Tang to escape.”

Ye Qi heard up to here and couldn’t help praising it. “A snowstorm that lasts for 24 hours is really interesting!”

Liu Qiao happily put away the card and looked at Qu Wanyue and Long Sen. “Teacher Qu, what card did you draw?”

Qu Wanyue smiled. “I draw ‘White Dance Shoes’. After wearing these shoes, my movements will be quiet and I can use the dance shoes to walk through any terrain, including ice, fire, knives and so on…” She paused before adding, “For example, this pair of shoes can pass through the knife mountain and sea of fire encountered in the ancient tomb secret room. The key is that this pair of shoes can be worn by others. The size will be automatically adjusted according to the user’s feet and there is no cooldown time.”

Ye Qi exclaimed, “It is great that there is no cooldown time! If we had drawn this card earlier, it would’ve been easier for us to pass through the ancient tomb secret room. We could step on the mountain of knives and sea of fire casually. Still, it isn’t too late to draw it now. At the very least, we don’t have to be afraid of these special terrains in the future.”

Long Sen had drawn ‘Bowling Ball’. Throwing a bowling ball along the ground could knock down all hostile targets in its way.. It was like knocking down the bottles at the end when playing bowling. It couldn’t kill the enemy but it could knock down the enemy and hand them over to their teammates. It was a good support skill.

Long Sen touched the back of his head and laughed. “This Bowling Ball card is much better than the single target control of the badminton card. In particular, if it is a narrow passage then the bowling ball can roll far. This can knock down a large number of enemies in the way.”

Ye Qi imagined the scene and laughed. “Throw the ball and all the people where it passes will be thrown to the ground. It is like advanced qigong. This card is fun!”

Only the cards of Old Mo, Senior Gui, Chu Huaying and Xiao Lou hadn’t been announced.

All eyes turned to these four teammates. Chu Huaying simply revealed her card. “All the cards I previously drew are cards to enhance my physical fitness. This time, the card is to improve my arm strength and speed. I can break a huge stone with one punch.”

The moment she finished speaking, she suddenly reached out her right hand.

Her right arm suddenly lengthened like a spring and quickly crossed two meters. Her arm deftly bypassed her teammates next to her and smashed into the side wall with great precision.

Three seconds later, a wall collapsed and was smashed into powder by Chu Huaying.

The team members, “……”

Lu Jiuchuan couldn’t help touching his chin and joking, “It seems that in the future, no one can easily offend Huaying. If she punches you in the head, your head will really ‘explode’.”

Chu Huaying looked at him. “Brother Jiu, do you want to try it?”

Lu Jiuchuan immediately made a ‘zipping’ action over his mouth. “I don’t want to.”

Gui Yuanzhang took out a card and said, “Previously, I drew the four S-grade cards of the brush, ink, paper and inkstone. This time, I got Landscape Painting.”

Elder Gui used the card and a hazy landscape painting appeared in front of everyone. It was a black ink painting outlining a fairyland with green mountains. Xiao Lou wondered, “What is the function of this painting?”

Elder Gui answered, “This painting can record all the beautiful scenery of mountains, rivers, lakes and seas that I have seen, automatically generating a scenery map and creating a phantom of the scene at the designated location.”

Xiao Lou reacted and said, “Simply put, it is to project a mirage-like scene of the landscape painting? The content of the scenery recorded in the painting can be modified?”

Elder Gui nodded seriously. “Yes, it is an environmental illusion and can be modified once a day.”

In other words, it could create an illusion to confuse the enemy. For example, they could record the labyrinth they just walked through and create an illusion of it in another place, making the person think they had entered the labyrinth and trapping the person there.

A third environmental change card had been drawn in addition to Su Shi’s night scene and Elsa’s blizzard.

Xiao Lou had an ominous feeling in his heart. Would there be a harsh and changeable environment in the next secret room?

He temporarily suppressed his worry and looked at Mo Xuemin. “Old Mo, let’s see your card.”

Mo Xuemin smiled. “I used to draw A grade cards when clearing the instance. My luck seems to have changed after forming a team with Professor Xiao. This time I drew the S grade card, Cement.”

Cement might be cheap and common but it played a great role. It was an indispensable material in construction and decoration.

Mo Xuemin explained, “There are two skills. The first skill is Cement Statue. This allows me to throw out cement and change a target within 100 meters into a cement statue for one hour. During the transformation into a statue, the target will lose consciousness and they can’t move or be attacked.”

Ye Qi scratched the back of his head. “So you can also turn your teammate into a statue to avoid danger at a critical moment?”

Old Mo nodded. “Yes, I can make a teammate invincible or control the enemy with the cement statue.” He paused before adding, “The second skill is Cement Filling. It can fill any gap with cement… including people’s internal organs. In other words, if someone opens their mouth and speaks, I can pour cement into their mouth. The cement instantly solidifies and kills the person.”

Ye Qi’s eyes lit up and he gave a thumbs up. “This card is powerful. It solidifies from the outside and turns people into a statue. It solidifies from the inside and kills the person.”

Compared with the previously drawn function cards such as the marble, wooden floor and colored dye, the cement that Old Mo drew this time was indeed a more lethal card. His teammates were very happy for him.

Finally, there was only Xiao Lou who hadn’t announced his card. Everyone turned to him in unison.

Professor Xiao often drew character cards and it was like piercing the hive of historical figures. They wondered if another ancient person would come to him this time.

Xiao Lou saw his teammates’ bright eyes and directly summoned the character card.

They saw a young man wearing a long white shirt with his black hair simply tied behind his head. His smile was natural and unrestrained. He held a sword in his right hand and a wine pot in his left hand. His eyes were narrowed as he drank the wine and chanted a poem, “Bring in the wine, the cups must not stop, I’ll sing you a song and I ask that you lend me your ears.”

The team members, “……”

Ye Qi was stunned after hearing the entire poem. “This is… Li Bai?!”

Xiao Lou smiled helplessly. “That’s right. After Su Shi, Li Bai came to me.”

[Summoning Card: Li Bai]

[Rarity: S

Description: Taibai, art name Qinglan Jush, also called the Banished Transcendent. He is the greatest romantic poet of the Tang dynasty and is praised by later generations as the ‘Immortal Poet’.

Additional Skill 1: Bring in the Wine.

Li Bai holds up the wine jug and invites everyone to drink together. All targets within 500 meters will become drunk at the same time, regardless of whether it is an enemy or an ally. The dizziness when drunk will last 10 minutes. The cooldown time is 1 hour.

Additional Skill 2: Ode to Gallantry.

The silver saddle on the white horse shines. Kill a man in ten steps, thousands of miles without a trace.

Holding a long sword, Li Bai will instantly teleport to the designated target within 10 steps and stab the other party with his sword. After killing the opponent, he will teleport to the card summoner and the skill will refresh immediately. If the opponent can’t be killed, the skill will enter the cooldown and can’t be used again for 24 hours.

Additional skill 3: Heaven made me, my abilities must have a purpose, I spend a thousand gold pieces completely  but they’ll come back to me.

Once the skill is used, any gold coins consumed within the next 10 minutes will be returned to the user’s account.

It is a limited skill and can only be used once per secret room.]

Shao Qingge saw the last skill and couldn’t help chuckling. “In the future, if I spend a lot of money, Professor Xiao can have Li Bai come out and collect the money. Xiao Ye will never complain that I am losing money again.”

Ye Qi helplessly held his forehead. “Is this okay?”

Liu Qiao had a blank face. “I always feel that Professor Xiao has put his hand into a very strange card pool.”

Lu Jiuchuan walked up to Li Bai and looked the great poet up and down. “Indeed, how can Xiao Lou summon so many strange ancient people?”

Xiao Lou said, “…I am a forensic scientist. Isn’t summoning the ancients better than summoning corpses?”

The team members thought so. Bai Juyi easily made a fire, Su Shi stewed braised pork, Li Bai gave everyone wine…

The presence of Xiao Lou in the team meant their style always deviated from the norm.

Yu Hanjiang came over and gently held Xiao Lou’s shoulder. “The first skill is a group control, the second skill is a single kill while the third skill recovers gold coins. Out of all the cards drawn today, Xiao Lou’s one is actually the strongest, right?”

The team members agreed with Yu Hanjiang’s statement.

Ye Qi spoke with envy. “It is much better than my drums. My drums will make a lot of noise in the future.”

Liu Qiao said, “My Elsa can summon a snowstorm. Every time we go to the secret rooms in the future, everyone will have to prepare padded jackets to protect us from the cold.”

Long Sen complained, “It is much better than me. My badminton, football and bowling are too difficult to use. I have to practice the skills when I go back.”

After listening to the discussion of his teammates, Xiao Lou put away his cards and said seriously, “In any case, there are 12 more cards and the team bound Reverse Time card. Our strength has been further improved. We will go back to rest before thinking about clearing the K level.”

What would the K secret room be? Everyone was filled with both anticipation and apprehension.

Would these new cards play their due role in the later secret rooms?

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1 year ago

“Xiao Lou had an ominous feeling in his heart. Would there be a harsh and changeable environment in the next secret room?”

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