CR: Chapter 468

Chapter 468 – Rewards

After leaving the secret room and returning to their personal space, they saw the four familiar keepers. A of Spades was still wearing sunglasses and looking indifferent. The little girl A of Diamonds had her head lowered to eat sweets and the Clubs teenager was expressionless. Only A of Hearts smiled and spoke softly, “Congratulations on clearing the secret room.”

She flicked her right hand and 12 golden chests fell in front of the group.

A of Hearts told them, “Next, you can draw the rewards.”

Xiao Lou wasn’t in a hurry to draw the cards. He looked at A of Hearts and asked, “I want to know, how exactly did the star thief Rod Bell convince Princess Xiao Rou to cooperate with him? Also, where did clone number 3 go?”

A of Hearts smiled and said with a good temper, “The premise of gaining the hidden plot card is a perfect clearance. You didn’t perfectly clear the level this time. You should know that using Di Renjie to find clues will lower the score. Secondly, you failed to catch the star thief captain in time. Therefore, I can’t answer these questions.”

The little girl, A of Diamonds put down the exquisite cake in her hand, wiped her mouth and looked at Lu Jiuchuan. “Lu Jiuchuan might always scold me for being abnormal but my score for you in the labyrinth part is S. You didn’t spend a long time in the deep sea labyrinth or bug cave labyrinth. The exclusion method that was used worked. The points deducted came from Hearts and Spades. Don’t blame me this time.”

Lu Jiuchuan smiled and touched his nose. “You are such a cute little girl. How can I scold you?”

A of Diamonds glanced at him and didn’t speak.

Di Renjie’s card directly helped everyone find a key clue but the shortcomings were also obvious. It lowered the score. At that time, Xiao Lou called Di Renjie out to help because it would be a waste of time looking for the clue slowly in the large sea area.

In addition, the critical mistake they made in this secret room was that they didn’t recognize the Chu Huaying clone and were almost buried with the Dark Night starship. This also allowed the star thief leader to escape.

The score for the Q level wasn’t a perfect pass and this was within Xiao Lou’s expectations.

After all, it was a secret room with an S-grade difficulty. It wasn’t easy to pass the level and there was no need to pursue a perfect clearance. The place where the star pirate captain Rod Bell and Xiao Lou number 2 were hidden… perhaps these hidden plots and characters would appear in the future? Or it could only remain in the interstellar world forever as a secret.

Xiao Lou looked at A of Hearts and spoke calmly. “I acknowledge that we failed to perfectly clear the instance. There is just one more thing I would like to ask you. Are the hunters a hostile force formed by you?”

The four keepers suddenly fell silent. Even A of Hearts, who always looked gentle, put away her smile. She frowned slightly and asked seriously, “Why do you think so?”

Yu Hanjiang stepped forward, stood next to Xiao Lou and spoke softly, “The hunters know all our card information and can move around different secret rooms like us. The situation is more like two opposing camps in the Card Room. Both sides have similar permissions but the mission objectives are completely different.”

Xiao Lou agreed. “Our goal is to clear the secret room while the goal of the hunters is to kill us. They can know our information, gain cards and even have an additional opportunity after the mission fails and they die. So they aren’t afraid of death. Am I right?”

The keepers looked at each other.

There were a few seconds of silence before the little girl picked up the cake on the table again and ate it slowly. “Your guess is reasonable but to be honest, I don’t know about the hunters. At the very least, hunters never need to go through a labyrinth.”

A of Clubs said casually, “I am only responsible for randomly matching candidates in the Clubs secret room and setting the rules of the game. As for the matching, it is determined by the system. There have always been hunters in the Card World but I can assure you that I didn’t set up the hunter faction.

A of Hearts’ lips curved up as she looked at Xiao Lou. “My attitude toward you has always been very gentle. In fact, we don’t need to answer your question but since you insist on knowing, I can tell you. I am responsible for the suspense plot setting in the secret room. I’ve never been in contact with hunters.”

Only A of Spades didn’t make a statement. The group looked at him.

His sunglasses covered most of his face, revealing only the strong, thin outline of his jaw. He looked extremely cold. After seeing the gazes of so many people, he raised an eyebrow and answered indifferently, “It is as A of Hearts said. The keeper has the right now to answer the challengers’ questions. However, since she has answered, there is no need to deceive you.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang looked at each other and saw a trace of worry in the other person’s eyes.

A of Spades’ words sounded ambiguous.

‘There is no need to deceive you.’ He testified for the other three keepers to prove that they didn’t lie. Then what about himself? He didn’t directly answer if he was related to the Hunter’s League or not.

Out of the four keepers, A of Spades should have the highest authority.

After all, he controlled everyone’s life or death. Spades was directly linked to survival. If he was unhappy then he could let the zombies, bugs and even hunters surround Xiao Lou at any time.

“Thank you.” Xiao Lou sincerely thanked the four keepers. He didn’t continue to ask and instead looked back at his teammates. “Let’s draw the cards first.”

12 treasure chests were the best rewards for everyone.

Xiao Lou remembered that the keepers originally promised the SS rare card ‘Reverse Time’ for clearing the four-in-one secret room. He took the initiative to remind them. “By the way, do you remember that you said you would reward us with a team limited card as long as we clear the hidden secret room? Does it still count?”

A of Hearts smiled. “Of course. The reward has been issued. Please check your contract book.”

Xiao Lou opened the contract book, turned to the last page and saw a glittering card on the contract book.

[Limited card: Reverse Time]

[Description: A limited team reward for clearing the S-grade hidden secret room, Interstellar Voyage.

Effect: You can immediately reverse the time in the secret room by 5 hours, retaining the memory of the card user of these five hours. The memories of everyone else of these five hours will be erased.

Anyone on the Xiao Lou team contract book can use the card at any time and anywhere.

Note: The card can only be used once and it will be destroyed immediately after use.]

Ye Qi looked at the card. “In other words, if I use the Reverse TIme card, the time in our secret room will directly return to 5 hours ago. Only I will remember what happened in those five hours while the memories of the others will return to five hours ago?”

A of Hearts nodded. “That’s right. Everything will return to the state of 5 hours ago. Only the user of the card will remember what happened in those five hours.”

Ye Qi suddenly realized. “It is just like loading a saved file in a stand-alone game. if you are wiped out while playing the boss, you can go back to five hours ago to play the level again.” He looked at Shao Qingge and was excited. “This card is very useful. If we had this card in the interstellar world, we would’ve been able to rewind time by 5 hours when we met Sister Huaying’s clone and capture the star thief leader who hadn’t escaped.”

Shao Qingge smiled and touched his chin. “Unfortunately, this card can only be used once instead of repeatedly. For example, if we accidentally enter a trap when walking through the labyrinth, we can reverse time, walk through it again, avoid the trap and repeat this.”

Xiao Lou was regretful. “Yes, it is a pity that it is a limited card.”

The strength of a team bound card wasn’t incomparable to ordinary cards. Thus, it was limited and would break after being used. If it could be used indefinitely, they would be invincible. Every time they encountered difficulties, they could just reverse time and load the file again.

There were currently two team bound cards. One was the resurrection card shared by the whole group and the other was this Time Reversal card.

The two cards must be used at critical moments. Xiao Lou intended to go back and discuss with his teammates about when to use them. It had to be in a critical moment or casually using them would waste these two cards.

After getting the team qualification card, Xiao Lou walked to the treasure chest first. He smiled and suggested, “Let’s draw it together. We will rely on our luck and see what we get.”

The 12 people simultaneously placed their hands into the treasure chest.

Ye Qi had a hunch that he would draw an instrument. As expected, he did indeed draw an instrument card.

[Drum Kit]

[Rarity: S

Skill 1: Drumming.

Quickly tap the drum kit with a constant, compact drumming. This can force all non-friendly targets within 100 kilometers to come to the drum immediately. Cooldown time: 1 hour.

Skill 2: Reorganizing Flags and Drums.

Slowly tap the drum at a frequency of 5 times/second for 30 seconds. You can’t be interrupted. After drumming, all instrument cards will have their skills refreshed immediately and can be used again. It can be used once in a secret room.]

Ye Qi looked at the card and complained, “I am really a professional at collecting instruments. I’m almost done with wind, string and percussion so now I drew a drum!”

Everyone’s cards were drawn. Xiao Lou heard Xiao Ye’s complaints and looked at it. He said with a smile, “Your card is very good. The first skill is like a ranged taunt skill to gather small mobs. The second skill refreshes all instrument cards immediately.”

Ye Qi was also happy after hearing Professor Xiao’s words. “Yes, my most hated instruments might be the suona and drum kit but these two cards are easy to use.”

He moved in front of Shao Qingge. “Chief Shao, what did you draw?”

Shao Qingge looked helpless.

The cards that he drew… were always expensive to use.

[Professional Investor]

Skill: This skill is forced to be used at midnight every day. You can choose a card at will and invest 1 million coins in it. When investing, you can’t see the front of the card. You can only look at the back of the card and blindly invest.

During the investment period, this card will increase the profit to 5 million if the card is used by the owner.

If it isn’t used by the owner, the original 1 million investment will be deducted.

The card invested in every day can’t be repeated. The cards that have already been invested in can’t accept a reinvestment.]

Ye Qi stared at Shao Qingge’s card for a long time in a confused manner. “What does blind investment mean? Just pick a teammate’s card and invest in it? You don’t know what the card is and your teammates don’t know?”

Shao Qingge pressed a hand to his forehead. “Yes, it is a blind selection.”

The team members, “……”

Xiao Lou helplessly looked at Shao Qingge. “The key is that your card skill is forced to be used. In other words, you have to invest in a card every night at midnight and you have to choose blindly from the pool of cards we have. If this card isn’t used the next day, you will lose 1 million?”

Shao Qingge also felt helpless. He looked at his hand and said, “The cards I draw are very expensive to use.”

Assuming that a secret room lasted for 10 days and Shao Qingge failed to win every day, it would be an automatic loss of 10 million.

Ye Qi couldn’t help complaining again. “Is this card entirely up to luck? You also can’t make duplicate investments. Wouldn’t it be a loss every day if you pick low-frequency cards such as Di Renjie or Mermaid Princess?”

Shao Qingge nodded. “Professional Investor? It should be renamed Amateur Investor.”

He had just finished speaking when A of Clubs lifted a finger and the card name was really changed to Amateur Investor.

Shao Qingge, “……”

A of Clubs withdrew his hand and said casually, “You can think of the benefits. If you bet on the right one, you can five times the funds for your Thousand Gold Coin Throw skill. If you bet and win every day, you can get 50 million coins for nothing in 10 days.”

Shao Qingge looks at the A of Clubs teenager helplessly. “How can I bet correctly every day? There are so many cards in my teammates’ hands. If I blindly choose one, there is no guarantee that this card will be used the next day.”

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed. “Does this blind selection show the owner of the card?”

A of Clubs told him, “You can try it and know.”

Shao Qingge used the card’s skill. There was a floating card in front of him with 11 cad packs that respectively belonged to his 11 teammates. He could see the owner of the card pack. Chu Huaying’s card pack only had a few cards that could be selected. Most of her cards enhanced attributes and were fused with her. They didn’t need to be ‘reused.’

His other teammates had many cards in their card packs but Shao Qingge couldn’t see what card it was when choosing to invest.

Shao Qingge touched his chin and thought about it. “I can choose Ye Qi’s card pack. Ye Qi has many instrument cards and the cooldown time is mostly short. I can invest in different instruments every day while you can play the set of instruments every day to make money for me.”

Ye Qi made an expression of dislike. “It is the suona and drum kit over and over. Are you sure you won’t get a headache from me?”

Lu Jiuchuan touched his ear and said with a smile, “We can put on headphones.”

Xiao Lou added, “We can endure it if it means making money.”

Ye Qi carefully nodded. “Once the time comes to bet on cards, I can play my instruments for you every day!”

Shao Qingge narrowed his eyes. “Okay, we will make money together and support the family.”

The group gathered to observe the cards drawn by their teammates.

Lu Jiuchuan asked curiously, “Xiao Tang, what did you draw?”

Tang Ci spread open his hands and displayed the card.


[Skill 1: Dizziness

Forcibly place any target (up to 12) on the merry-go-round. Start the merry-go-round and let it spin quickly for 3 minutes. During the rotation of the merry-go-round, the targets sitting on the horses will always be in a ‘dizzy’ state. They are unable to see the scenery in front of them or jump off the horse.

Cooldown: 24 hours.

Skill 2: Dream Wooden Horse

Let your teammates (up to 12) ride on different rotating wooden horses. Along with the sound of soft music, the merry-go-round will jump forward at a fast speed. The speed of the merry-go-round is 200 km/hr. If there are any obstacles while driving, the merry-go-round can automatically jump over the obstacles with a jumping distance of up to 100 metres.

Cooldown: 24 hours.]

Tang Ci called out the merry-go-round with a blank expression.

The mechanical ants were used to find the path, the drones were used for detection and today’s merry-go-round was used to control enemies and transport teammates.

However, the scene of the merry-go-round jumping while the 12 of them rode on wooden horses was too beautiful to think about.

Previously, they drew the dragon boat for sailing on water. Now there was the merry-go-round to jump on land…

Could’t they get a transportation card that was more normal?

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1 year ago

Spades, please don’t be the hidden boss. I really like you(r character design)!

1 year ago

Ok so i’ve noticed this a while that even tho all of them receive new cards,they don’t really get used much? I mean they are so many cards,they can use in peculiar ways,stack together to have such an amazing action sequence with amazing combinations devised by XL’s planning like how he did 3 and 8 of spades! That would be so thrilling but alas