CR: Chapter 461

The most flexible control card that Ye Qi had was the piano music box. The control time of this card was related to the length of the music that Ye Qi played but there could be no mistakes or change of tracks while playing. Thus, Ye Qi chose a song that was over 10 minutes long.

The 100 meters range controlled by the piano was a large circle with a radius of 100 meters centered on Ye Qi’s piano. This covered many forked paths in the labyrinth. Just now, most of the bugs moved after hearing them and surrounded them from all sides. Now they were controlled by Ye Qi’s piano music. It could be said that Ye Qi controlled more than 90% of the bugs in the labyrinth.

The time that Ye Qi bought for everyone was extremely precious. Xiao Lou followed Chu Huaying and walked forward quickly. All the bugs he saw along the way were motionless on the ground, listening to Ye Qi playing the piano.

Lu Jiuchuan crossed over a bug’s body and couldn’t help saying, “Xiao Ye’s psychological quality is quite good. His music isn’t out of tune despite facing so many bugs!”

Xiao Lou told him, “He is from the conservatory of music. He has learned the piano from an early age and is very professional.”

Unfortunately, Ye Qi couldn’t control all the bugs. Some slow moving bugs were more than 100 meters away from his piano. Xiao Lou simply summoned Bai Juyi and asked him to recite Song of Everlasting Regret.

There was the sound of Bai Juyi slowly chanting words in the cave. “On July 7th in the everlasting palace, when there were no whispers in the middle of the night; I would like to be a winged bird in Heaven and a branch on earth…”

Bai Juyi’s skills, Song of Everlasting Regret and Song of the Pipa were all ranged control skills.

Bai Juyi was the center and all the surrounding bugs were brainwashed by Song of Everlasting Regret. They fell into a sleepy state and Xiao Lou whispered, “Go, hurry!”

The last group of bugs was successfully controlled by Bai Juyi. Chu Huaying quickly bypassed the fork in the road ahead and Yu Hanjiang opened the acceleration shoes. He grabbed Xiao Lou’s wrist and followed.

The same wide cave as before appeared again.

They remembered when they followed the first fake Chu Huaying to a similar cave. The moment they entered through the door, sharp crystal stones fell like a rainstorm and almost turned everyone into hedgehogs. The second trap was a bomb buried underground in advance. It detonated the moment the door was closed. If Xiao Lou hadn’t reacted quickly enough, everyone might’ve been blown up…

There were too many traps in the labyrinth.

Seeing the same scene once more inevitably reminded everyone of the previous thrilling experiences.

Yu Hanjiang gave his brother a look that meant, ‘Are you sure this Chu Huaying is real?’

Lu Jiuchuan nodded, making Yu Hanjiang feel relieved. Then he walked to Chu Huaying and asked in a low voice, “Huaying, how big is this laboratory and how many rooms are there? Have you figured it out?”

Chu Huaying answered, “This morning, I sneaked over when they didn’t notice and used the invisibility cloak to follow the star thieves in and search. The laboratory is divided into three linked areas. The first one is the instruments area. There are a large number of complex and sophisticated scientific instruments. Next is the data storage area where there are many specimens stored in the growth culture. Finally, the innermost area is the assembly line factory to make the clones.”

Xiao Lou looked at Yu Hanjiang. “We can only use fire to destroy the laboratory but… the laboratory is so large. It will waste too much time to pour the alcohol bottles on them and then ignite the alcohol.”

Lu Jiuchuan smiled. “This is easy to handle. I can summon my vermilion bird. The vermilion bird can set fire to a large area.” He turned back and asked Chu Huaying, “How do we open this door? Do we need to enter a password?”

“When I followed them previously, it was unlocked using an image password.”

She stepped forward and quickly drew something on the password area in the middle of the door.

Yu Hanjiang spoke softly, “The bugs have just found us. It is likely that the queen has been informed of the news. The queen must be on her way here. Everyone, be careful and destroy the laboratory at the fastest speed!”

He looked at his brother and quickly took out a gun from his card pack, throwing it to Lu Jiuchuan.

Lu Jiuchuan took the submachine gun and magazine and loaded the bullets skillfully. Yu Hanjiang took out another gun. The two brothers looked at each other and gestured for their teammates to stay back.

The moment that Chu Huaying opened the door, Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan quickly rushed into the room one after another. They were back to back, one person facing left and the other facing right.  The dark guns covered the entire range of their fan-shaped field of view. Once they detected a change, they could pull the trigger immediately to resolve the threat.

Of the two brothers one was a soldier and the other a policeman. Although this was the first time for them to cooperate like this, but they had a tacit understanding.

The moment the two men broke in, eight star thieves looked back at them in surprise. They were very familiar. They were companions of Chu Huaying on the Dark Night starship. At this time, two star thieves were manipulating the instrument in front of them. The holographic screen of the instrument showed a dense string of DNA. The double helix structure of the DNA sequence rotated on the screen.

The remaining six star thieves all had weapons in their hands. They apparently knew that Xiao Lou had led his team into the labyrinth. Unexpectedly, these people arrived so quickly despite the interception of the bug army!

The six men were stunned for a moment before immediately raising their guns.

However, once everyone had weapons then it depended on who was faster!

Lu Jiuchuan carried the submachine gun and fired in front of him ferociously.

For a moment, there was only the rattling sound of the submachine gun firing and the bullets hitting the walls and ground.

The man was originally tall and he had a visible scar on his face from the J of Clubs Nightmare Room. At this time, there was a joking smile on his face but hostility in his eyes. He was like an evil god. As he walked, he frantically fired the submachine gun in a fan shape. The bullets shot in front of him like a rainstorm and the thieves were so frightened they tried to flee.

Such fierce suppression made the enemy almost breathless.

Xiao Lou saw him suppress a few people in an instant and was shocked. Then thinking about it, Brother Jiu was a soldier. He was the captain of the Sharp Arrow Commandos and the enemies he encountered might have been more cruel than the star thieves today. It was normal for him to be able to use a gun like this.

Compared to his brother’s violence, Yu Hanjiang appeared more calm.

As Lu Jiuchuan suppressed the star thieves with firepower, Yu Hanjiang stepped in. He narrowed his eyes slightly and aimed at the location where the star thieves were hiding. He pulled the trigger three times in a row and the sound of his pistol mixed in with the fierce assault of the submachine gun. The gunshots were loud and clear. One shot hit the head, one hit the heart and the third shot directly destroyed a star thief’s palm.

The gun was fired with great precision!

The star thieves tried to shoot them but were instead killed by the cooperation between Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang. The moment the third person raised his weapon, a bloody hole was shot in his palm. He screamed in pain and accidentally dropped the gun in his hand.

The next moment, he felt his arm being wrenched behind him. It was dislocated by a strong force.

It was Chu Huaying.

Chu Huaying’s actions were lightning fast. She might not use a gun like Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang but she had the greatest mobility. She moved from the side to the rear of the opponent, controlling the star thief in two or three moves. Her pale fingers gripped the man’s neck like eagle claws as she asked coldly, “Where is the previous captain?”

The star thief paled with fright. “I-I don’t know!”

Chu Huaying frowned. “Do you want to die or confess honestly? Choose one of the two.”

The star thief frantically shook his head. “I really don’t know! The previous captain took some people away and left us behind to help Uncle Qin with the underground laboratory…” As he spoke, his eyes flashed with another color. It wasn’t known where he got it from but the hand that wasn’t controlled suddenly grabbed a dagger and he stabbed it at Chu Huaying behind him!

However, Chu Huaying’s perceptual ability was extremely sensitive. How could she be easily calculated by others?

The moment the other person was about to attack, she took out the spider dagger and cut the star thief’s neck with a single strike.

The blood staining the sharp dagger quickly disappeared like it had been swallowed by the dagger. Then a blood-red pattern appeared on the handle of the spider dagger. This meant that it had ended another person’s life.

Chu Huaying put the dagger away and gave Lu Jiuchuan a look. “These people have been brainwashed. Don’t leave any of them!”

Lu Jiuchuan understood. He raised the submachine gun and continued to press forward. Yu Hanjiang specifically dealt with those trying to ambush them and the two people solved the rest. Xiao Lou controlled the floating compass to protect his teammates while Tang Ci quickly invaded the computers of the star thieves and copied the data in the database.

The group of five broke through the first line of defense and came to the second room. They found that there was a large number of cell specimens stored here, just as Chu Huaying described. There was a wall of freezers and it wasn’t known how many cells were frozen in them. Each cell was likely to become a living human weapon in the near future.

Xiao Lou ordered, “Hanjiang, use alcohol to destroy these cells.”

Destroying cells was much easier than killing clones with self-healing ability. After all, cells wouldn’t move.

Yu Hanjiang handed the card to Xiao Lou. Xiao Lou summoned the bottles of alcohol and poured them on a testing bench. Then he ignited it with Bai Juyi’s charcoal fire. Tang Ci worked with him to open the freezer doors and take out the frozen cells, throwing them in the fire.

The frozen cells were burned by the fire and quickly turned into a pool of liquid.

Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang stared alertly at the last door.

Yu Hanjiang spoke in a low voice, “Where is Uncle Qin?”

Just now, the star thieves had said that their captain had gone to an unknown place and left some of them behind to help Uncle Qin continue the experiments… However, they came from the first room and didn’t find any traces of Uncle Qin.

Chu Huaying replied, “I saw him the other day. Perhaps he knew he couldn’t beat us head on so he ran ahead of time?”

Xiao Lou and Tang Ci quickly disposed of the frozen cells.

At a rough estimate, there were hundreds of thousands of cells. If they had come one step later, all these cells would’ve been grown into clones and the consequences would be unimaginable.

Xiao Lou hurried to Yu Hanjiang’s side. “It doesn’t matter where Uncle Qin is. First, destroy the production line of the clones. Xiao Ye can only control the bugs for 10 minutes. We don’t have much time!”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and looked at his brother.

Lu Jiuchuan pulled the trigger and violently shot the door of the third room.

The door was shot open and the group followed Lu Jiuchuan into the room.

However, the scene inside the room caused everyone’s expressions to stiffen.

Inside the door, there were dozens of Xiao Lous, dozens of Lu Jiuchuans… in addition, there were Tang Ci, Chu Huaying, Ye Qi and Shao Qingge.

Countless clones were smiling at them with neat, bizarre smiles.

Partially proofread: Paranoid Kitten

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