CR: Chapter 440

How long did the magnetic shielding last? This was the other side’s card and no one knew the effect, but they could always test it.

Ye Qi took out his musical instrument card, Flute.

The flute could control a single target, making the target fall asleep for three seconds. The cooldown time was 10 seconds and he could play the flute once every 10 seconds. If the skill couldn’t be released, it proved that the effect of the card shielding hadn’t ended. If the skill could be released then the opponent’s card effect was over.

Once every 10 seconds, Ye Qi played the flute to make Shao Qingge sleep.

No effect…

Shao Qingge was still awake.

Ye Qi tested out the skill while Xiao Lou counted the time in his heart. This way, he could accurately judge the duration of the card magnetic shielding in the hunter’s hands. If they encountered it again later, they could be psychologically prepared.

Ye Qi was trying it for the 30th time when Shao Qingge suddenly fell asleep. Yu Hanjiang hurriedly reached out to prevent Shao Qingge from falling into the sea. Ye Qi excitedly exclaimed, “The card skills can be used!”

Xiao Lou said, “It looks like the magnetic shielding lasts for five minutes.”

All card skills in a wide range were shielded for five minutes. This card was really strong.

Lu Jiuchuan spoke with a calm expression. “We will completely be at a disadvantage if we encounter a large number of hunters and they use this card in a team battle.”

Xiao Lou continued, “Fortunately, it is just the skills shielding. Knives, guns and other weapons should still be usable?”

No one knew what would happen in the future. They could only adapt to the situation.

Xiao Lou said with a calm expression, “First, connect to Xiao Liu again.”

He summoned Su Shi.

The poet of the bold and unrestrained faction waved the fan in his hand and recited aloud, “Great river flows east, waves flushing down, thousands of years’ worth of historical figures…”

The familiar words were spoken and the skills of all character cards were refreshed. Qin Guan’s  Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings skill changed from an unusable gray to a ‘usable’ green state.

Xiao Lou hurriedly established a link with Liu Qiao but…

The other person didn’t respond at all.

Before Shao Qingge had time to use the skill, Xiao Lou stopped him and said, “Don’t connect to Liu Qiao! There is something wrong with her side, she isn’t responding to the connection!”

There was only one reason why there was no response from the mental connection. The other person had lost consciousness.

In the 10th level, Ye Qi was knocked unconscious and Shao Qingge couldn’t communicate with him. Just earlier, Xiao Lou was able to talk to Liu Qiao through the connection but now Liu Qiao didn’t respond. There was only one explanation. The clone ‘Xiao Lou’ noticed they were using cards and quickly controlled Liu Qiao.

Was Xiao Liu in danger?

Xiao Lou immediately opened the contract book. Fortunately, the name ‘Liu Qiao’ wasn’t erased, proving that she was still alive.

Lu Jiuchuan suggested, “Let’s connect to Old Gui.”

Shao Qingge hurriedly invited Gui Yuanzhang to establish a mental connection. Soon, a hoarse voice was heard in his mind. “Chief Shao? What’s the matter?”

Shao Qingge spoke quickly in his mind, “Senior, the Xiao Lou that you and Liu Qiao saw is a fake. The real Xiao Lou is with us. Hanjiang, Xiao Ye, Brother Jiu, Mr Tang and I can prove Xiao Lou’s identity. You must be careful of the Xiao Lou on your side. He is a hunter! In addition, it is likely that something has happened to Xiao Liu…”

In Gui Yuanzhang’s impression, Shao Qingge always had a lazy and laid-back attitude. Now the voice in his mind was speaking fast as if he was chased by a wolf and every sentence was full of tension.

Gui Yuanzhang turned over and got out of bed while speaking doubtfully, “Chief Shao? Didn’t you and Xiao Ye eat with us at noon today?”

Shao Qingge, “……”

At this moment, he really wanted to curse like Brother Jiu. F*k!

Eat together at noon? How could this be?

Obviously, he was driving the suspension car at noon with his teammates to find the invisible people who could sing.

Seeing Shao Qingge’s expression become extremely ugly, a bad feeling appeared in Xiao Lou’s heart. He asked in a low voice, “Does Senior Gui not believe you?”

Shao Qingge’s expression was dark. “He said that he ate with me and Ye Qi at noon today.”

Everyone, “……”

Lu Jiuchuan cursed directly. “F*k! Chief Shao and Ye Qi also have clones! The ones who ate with Old Gui must be copies.”

Ye Qi was dumbfounded. “What is this? Did I also participate in the Noah’s Ark project?”

Xiao Lou’s heart became cold.

It wasn’t until now that he discovered how difficult this secret room was.

It would be good if only Xiao Lou had been copied hundreds of times and had only a few surviving clones. They just needed to look for the real Xiao Lou.

Now Shao Qingge and Ye Qi also had clones?

Was the one around them real?

Xiao Lou looked back at Shao Qingge and Ye Qi. He believed that the Chief Shao and Ye Qi in front of him were real. The action of copying cards with Rich and Willful was extremely skilled and it wasn’t something that could be imitated. It was the same for Ye Qi. He was a student at the music conservatory and he habitually played a good melody on the flute. It wasn’t something that ordinary people could imitate.

The vein on Shao Qingge’s temple bulged and he said in a deep voice, “The Morse code that my father left behind only records the first Noah’s Ark plan. My father didn’t leave me any clues about the planned restart.”

Tang Ci speculated, “In other words, when the Noah’s Ark plan was restarted in 2980, your father probably added your cells to the experimental group again?”

Shao Qingge nodded grimly. “After all, he signed the plan and allowed 3 billion star coins to be invested in this project. The first plan might’ve disturbed him and he went to the laboratory to destroy my specimens but who knows about the second plan? He must’ve been persuaded again. Otherwise, how could he sign the project?”

Xiao Lou also found this speculation reasonable. “Since Chief Shao signed the plan, it doesn’t matter if he was willing or forced. It is possible that he used his son’s cells for the experiment.”

Ye Qi murmured, “I remember that my biological father, General Ye Bowen, also signed the plan? So my cells were taken for the experiment?” Ye Qi had goosebumps at the thought that there was a copy of him in the world.

Shao Qingge asked through the mind connection, “Senior Gui, besides me and Ye Qi, what other teammates are around you?”

Gui Yuanzhang answered, “Xiao Lou, Old Mo, Liu Qiao, Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci.”

Shao Qingge, “……”

Lu Jiuchuan met his gaze and couldn’t help trembling. “What is the situation? Am I there as well?”

Shao Qingge nodded. “Old Gui has seen you and Mr Tang.”

Lu Jiuchuan frowned. “However, our fathers didn’t participate in the Noah’s Ark project.”

Yu Hanjiang had an ugly expression. “Brother Jiu, don’t forget that you and Mr Tang had an accident on the bug planet and heard the strange song. You should’ve been rescued by the merpeople. After they rescued both of you, it is possible they took your cells to make clones. Is this the key reason why you lost your memories?”

Lu Jiuchuan’s expression changed. “It makes sense. We really can’t remember anything after we were rescued.”

Xiao Lou opened his mouth. “In other words, the merpeople are also secretly studying the clones. They didn’t want this matter to be known to outsiders so after saving Brother Jiu and Tang Ci, they took your cells and hypnotized you to forget this. Then they put you back on the starship of the Arrow Corps?”

Lu Jiuchuan clenched his fists. “This is a possibility.”

Yu Hanjiang looked at Xiao Lou. “If the 4th Xiao Lou is a hunter then why didn’t he kill Brother Jiu and Mr Tang directly? Why did he hypnotize them and let them return to Capital Star?”

Xiao Lou speculated, “It is probably putting out bait to catch a big fish? If he killed Brother Jiu and Mr Tang and let clones replace them to return to Capital Star, it is easy for the clones to reveal themselves since they don’t have the memories of the real people. It is only by returning the real people that it can get rid of our wariness.”

Yu Hanjiang wondered, “Is he waiting for us to find Liu Qiao’s group of three to catch us and kill us all at once?”

Proofreader: Paranoid Ktten & Fictional Reality

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Damn it is getting interesting and tense!

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I’m sick and tired of the hunter that is all knowing, one step ahead everytime, can enter any room at will, can have 10 times the player side in a room.

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