CR: Chapter 426

The bugs they encountered in 8 of Spades had extremely strong jumping abilities.

Now these bugs actually grew wings.

The large number of bugs flying in the sky was like a black cloud that moved quickly in their direction. The strange ‘buzzing’ was the sound that the bugs made when using their wings to fly.

It was a lot more terrifying than the swarm of locusts in transit that Xiao Lou had once seen.

Looking at the situation, they would definitely be overwhelmed by the bugs in the sky.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath and ordered decisively, “Quickly withdraw!”

Before they had time to retreat, the winged bugs seemed to have received some kind of order. They suddenly dived towards them like hungry tigers rushing over fiercely!

The dense group of bugs rushed from the sky at the five people. Xiao Lou instantly fell to the ground under the momentum of their assault. Fortunately, the hard armor had helped him block the first wave of attacks or the bugs’ sharp wings might’ve pierced his body.

The moment Yu Hanjiang saw this scene, he took out a weapon and quickly killed the surrounding bugs. He forced his way to Xiao Lou and asked in a low voice, “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Xiao Lou was dizzy from falling but he wasn’t hurt. He hurriedly said, “I’m fine. Everyone, hurry up. Don’t try to fight here. There are too many bugs!”

Yu Hanjiang activated the light footwork card, held Xiao Lou and rushed to the starship!

Ye Qi originally had musical instrument cards that could control these bugs but he was currently wearing clumsy armor. He simply couldn’t hold the instruments at all. After seeing that he was lying on the ground and surrounded by bugs, Shao Qingge’s eyes flashed and he didn’t hesitate to take out his trump card.

As a shrill scream entered his ears, Shao Qingge took off his armor and his eyes instantly turned blood red.

He transformed into the bug king!

He used the bug language to give orders to the surrounding bugs.

After hearing the order, the group stopped for a few seconds in a hesitant manner.

Shao Qingge exclaimed into the voice channel of the headset, “Run! I don’t know how long I can control them. There should be more advanced bugs behind them and their orders are in conflict with mine. They are going to kill us!”

Ye Qi’s expression changed and he directly used the teleportation card.

He wanted to teleport to Sister Huaying’s starship but when he looked back, Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci were on the ground and covered in bugs. It wasn’t known what happened but their faces were pale and they seemed to be in a lot of pain.

Ye Qi wanted to save them but Shao Qingge whispered to him, “You go back. I’ll save them.”

“But…” Ye Qi wanted to ask, ‘What if you can’t control the situation?’

Shao Qingge ordered, “Listen to me!”

Ye Qi gritted his teeth and turned to leave, telling the other person in a trembling manner, “You have to be careful.”

At this time, Shao Qingge was more than a few dozen meters away from Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci. The bugs were everywhere in the sky and on the ground. Shao Qingge jumped to Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci.

The surrounding bugs noticed his aura and retreated.

Shao Qingge saw the two people’s pale faces and couldn’t help being concerned. “Are you okay?”

Lu Jiuchuan’s voice was hoarse. “My head is very painful. It feels like my brain is about to explode!”

Tang Ci also had a headache.

Shao Qingge told them, “I’ll take you away.”

He pulled out the teleportation card to take Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci. Just as he was about to turn around and leave, a gentle female voice was heard in his ears. “This is our bug territory. Is it something you can easily enter and leave?”

Shao Qingge’s expression changed. It was the bug queen.

Unlike the level 10 bug queen met in 8 of Spades, this queen was a higher level. Shao Qingge was unable to give orders to her and he even sensed a strong oppression.

The queen said softly, “Children, go ahead and kill them.”

Shao Qingge was king of the bugs but this queen was the highest ranked leader on the bug planet! Was there any need to think about who they should listen to? It was like the start button was pressed. The frozen bugs swarmed even more crazily at Shao Qingge’s group of three.

Tang Ci and Lu Jiuchuan’s memories had re-emerged in this familiar environment. In particular, when they heard the queen’s voice their headaches became so strong, it felt like their heads were going to explode and they lost the ability to think. It was as if there was a sharp knife in their brains that was cutting at their nerves. The two people directly fainted!

Ye Qi saw the huge number of bugs rushing at Shao Qingge and paled with fright. His hands clenched into fists as he watched Shao Qingge being flooded by the bugs while his heart felt like it was being twisted by a pair of hands…

Ye Qi roared, “Shao Qingge, come back quickly!”

The crying voice was transmitted through the headset to Shao Qingge’s ears.

Shao Qingge was flooded by countless bugs and he was wounded all over. In order to protect the unconscious Brother Jiu and Tang Ci, he had to use his body to resist these attacks.

In any case, he was the bug king.

His terrible recovery ability made his body heal quickly. He even forcibly broke the wings of a bug, squeezed off the bug’s head and took the initiative to aim his wound at the bug.

Countless small bugs entered his body through his blood.

It was the nature of the bug race to seek integration when encountering danger.

Ye Qi watched the man standing in the midst of the bugs. His clothes were stained red with blood but he was smiling. His blood-red eyes narrowed slightly and he said jokingly, “Thank you for sending the senior bugs to me and letting me continue to evolve. Do you think they can hurt me?”

The queen shrieked, “Step back, I’ll deal with him!”

The surrounding bugs retreated like the tide and Shao Qingge saw a huge female bug in the air. She had eight pairs of wings and looked exactly the same as Chu Huaying’s starship. She was hundreds of times bigger than Shao Qingge. Such a huge size completely shocked Shao Qingge.

The queen of the bug planet was too abnormal, right?!

Shao Qingge spoke into the headset. “Huaying, I will hold her back. Have the starship take off and leave quickly!”

Chu Huaying immediately pressed the start button.

The spider-like starship spread open its wings and flew up to the sky in an instant.

Ye Qi stood by the window and looked at the man suspended in the air with red eyes. “Will he be fine alone? What if he can’t beat the queen? The queen of the bug planet looks much more powerful than the one encountered in 8 of Spades.”

Xiao Lou gently pressed a hand on Ye Qi’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Chief Shao has an idea.”

Through the window, they could see Shao Qingge and the bug queen fighting fiercely! The queen seemed to be trying to eat him and every attack aimed at his fragile head!

However, Shao Qingge was extremely flexible. In addition, he had just fused with the flying bugs and had gained the flying ability. He flew agilely in the area and avoided the queen’s attacks several times!

The queen was large in size and had powerful attacks. She could split open a mountain with one hand. Meanwhile, Shao Qingge was flexible and light. For the time being, it was hard to distinguish who would win.

Ye Qi looked frightened. He was afraid that Chief Shao would be eaten by the queen.

He was worried to death about him, because he couldn’t help him and instead had to helplessly watch him fighting the bug queen.

Ye Qi choked up when he saw the starship getting further away from the bug planet. “We are leaving. What is he going to do?”

Yet the moment he finished speaking, there was a familiar voice behind him. “This queen is really difficult to deal with. Let’s go quickly. After all, this is still the territory of the bugs and we can’t afford to stay any longer.”

Ye Qi quickly turned around and found Shao Qingge had appeared directly in the command room with Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci.

Xiao Lou explained, “I pulled them over with Li Qingzhao’s mark.”

This was why Shao Qingge had deliberately delayed for five minutes.

Ye Qi was so anxious that he had forgotten about this method. He saw Shao Qingge’s body covered in blood and his eyes turned slightly red. He rushed to Shao Qingge and tightly hugged the man in front of him. “Are you okay? You scared me to death. I was worried you would be killed by the queen…”

Shao Qingge’s heart softened when the young man rushed into his arms and he rubbed Ye Qi’s hair, telling him in a soft voice, “It’s fine. My body can be healed. It is just bleeding a bit.” He chuckled and hugged Ye Qi. “Don’t worry.”

Ye Qi found that there really didn’t seem to be any injuries, so he let go of his worries. He broke free from Shao Qingge’s arms with a red face.

Shao Qingge pointed to Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci. “Brother Jiu and Mr Tang fainted.”

Yu Hanjiang heard this and hurriedly stepped forward to take off their armor.

Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci’s eyes were closed. They were indeed unconscious.

Yu Hanjiang frowned when he saw this. “What is going on?”

Shao Qingge answered, “I don’t know. They just suddenly fainted. Perhaps they were stimulated by the queen’s voice and their headache was so severe that they couldn’t bear it.”

If Brother Jiu and Tang Ci could really remember something then their trip to the bug planet wouldn’t be in vain.


Lu Jiuchuan had a long nightmare and some messy pictures kept flashing through his mind.

He heard a low, majestic voice in his ear that spoke slowly to him, “There are just a few bugs. As long as you eliminate those bugs, you can occupy the precious resource star. This operation needs to be kept confidential. It shouldn’t be difficult to perform this task for the Arrow Corps, right?”

Lu Jiuchuan saluted the other side with a standard military salute. “Yes, Sir!”

The other person continued, “Scientists have sent drones to investigate the planet. There are no intelligent creatures on the entire planet. Fire can burn these low level bugs. I will give you half a year to clear all the obstacles on the planet and establish a military base. Then help the mining companies settle in…”

Lu Jiuchuan saw himself coming out of the military building and heading to the Arrow Corps.

A subordinate asked him, “The general called you. Is there a new task?” Lu Jiuchuan smiled. “Astronomers have found a resource star that is occupied by bugs. The general asked us to go and eliminate the bugs.”

“Eliminate the bugs? This is too simple! Can’t insecticides be used directly? Do they need to send our Arrow Corps?”

“The entire planet is occupied by bugs and insecticides don’t work. It is fire…”

The officers discussed it.

At that time, no one took the bugs seriously.

Later, Lu Jiuchuan led the Arrow Corps to the bug planet and the scene in front of him shocked him speechless.

The number of bugs exceeded a few hundred million and the entire planet was covered by a black bug blanket. How could it be so easy to eliminate the bugs?

The planet was too big. The vanguard of the Arrow Corps drove their mecha to drop gunpowder in batches. In the blink of an eye, fires were lit everywhere on the black planet!

In the scorching fire, they heard a chilling cry.

The sad screams of the bugs could actually penetrate the barrier of the starship and clearly reach everyone’s ears!

It was just burning some bugs. There was no need to worry… everyone comforted themselves in this way.

Then a frightening scene soon occurred.

The bugs who encountered danger suddenly started to merge with each other frantically.

Dozens, hundreds and thousands of bugs merged together to become high level bugs. They even formed wings that could fly! The vanguard troops sent by Lu Jiuchuan were attacked by thousands of advanced bugs and were wiped out!

The bugs’ sharp claws could destroy the most advanced mecha!

These were low level bugs?

Lu Jiuchuan realized that he had encountered an unprecedented alien creature and immediately ordered a retreat.

Just as the warship was preparing to evacuate, a gentle female voice was suddenly heard by everyone. The voice was very soft, like blowing wind, but it was clearly conveyed in everyone’s minds.

She said, “Invading the home of the bugs and slaughtering my children. Haven’t you humans done enough evil over the years?”

Lu Jiuchuan was shocked. “Who are you?”

Wasn’t it said that these low level creatures had no awareness? How could she speak human words?

The other side chuckled slightly. “Since you are here, I will let you be buried with my children.”

The moment she spoke, countless high level bugs moved like a swarm of bees. The black swarm of bugs instantly surrounded Lu Jiuchuan’s warship and smashed through the defensive cover with their sharp claws.

Lu Jiuchuan woke up from the nightmare in an instant.

He held his temples with a pale face and said softly, “I remember.”

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