CR: Chapter 422

Tang Ci wasn’t used to sleeping in a bed with someone, nor was he used to his new legs. He lay in bed in a position that was very much like a corpse.

Lu Jiuchuan saw this upright and tense sleeping position and couldn’t help joking, “Your sleeping posture really looks like you’re being forced to sleep with a gangster and you’re worried about being molested…” He moved toward Tang Ci and there was laughter in his voice. “Tang Ci, is it necessary to be so nervous when sleeping with me?”

Tang Ci’s eyelashes trembled slightly. His ears were red but his expression was calm. ”I’m not nervous but I’m not used to sleeping next to someone. This bed is too small.”

Lu Jiuchuan lay down next to him, deliberately leaving an arm’s length or so as he smiled. “Don’t worry. I’m a gentleman. It is just sleeping together and I won’t do anything to you.”

Tang Ci turned to him. “A gentleman?”

Lu Jiuchuan’s eyes were full of laughter. “Why? Don’t I look like a man of integrity?”

Tang Ci, “……”

You are a man with thick skin.

Tang Ci gazed at this person before turning around and ignoring him. “Sleep.”

Lu Jiuchuan smiled. “Good night.”

Gradually, the room was filled with Tang Ci’s even breathing as he entered dreamland. Meanwhile, Lu Jiuchuan couldn’t sleep at all. He simply lay his head on his arm and thought about things. It wasn’t known how much time passed when the ship suddenly shook violently.

Tang Ci woke up from his sleep. It was like the ship was experiencing an earthquake. Due to inertia, he suddenly crashed into Lu Jiuchuan’s arms. Lu Jiuchuan’s reflexively extended his long arms to catch Tang Ci. “What happened?”

Tang Ci was hit in the nose and whispered, “The spaceship is shaking?”

He struggled to get out of Lu Jiuchuan’s arms. However, the man’s arm around his waist tightened as he whispered, “Don’t move. There is something wrong outside.”

“Did we encounter turbulence?“ Tang Ci’s words came from his chest. “For example, an airplane bumping into turbulence. Will there be such a thing in the universe?”

As if to confirm his guess, the ship shook violently again.

Lu Jiuchuan was shaken and rolled straight out of bed.

He held Tang Ci tightly with his right hand while bracing hard against the ground with his left hand. He rolled on the spot toward the door to inform his teammates.

At the same time, Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou were also awakened by the violent vibration. Yu Hanjiang put his arms around Xiao Lou’s waist and flew out directly with the light footwork card. He grabbed the pillar in the living room with one hand and shouted. “Wake up. There is a situation outside!”

Ye Qi also pulled the sleepy-eyed Shao Qingge out.

The six people exchanged glances before walking to the windows and opening the curtains. It was dark outside the porthole and countless stars decorated the vast universe.

In the darkness, a red behemoth was floating silently in front of them. Its ‘eyes’ emitted a blinding red light while sharp wings spread from the body like knives. The shiny, metallic lines were sharp and seemed like they could destroy everything.

Lu Jiuchuan was surprised. “What is that? An alien creature?”

Shao Qingge was still yawning. Now he completely woke up. He stared at the behemoth not far away and said, “It is such a huge size… we are simply food in front of it.”

The ship was still shaking violently.

Tang Ci took out his communicator to look up information but he was shaken to the point of unsteadiness. Lu Jiuchuan immediately held his waist from behind. Then Tang Ci brought out the virtual screen, typed some information and frowned. “There is a navigation failure and I can’t locate our current position. The network connection is interrupted and the signal of the spacecraft is affected!”

He paused before continuing, “Based on the speed of the spacecraft and the course we passed through before we went to bed, the place we arrived at should be near.. the Hydra Star Field.”

Xiao Lou recalled the interstellar map he had previously seen. “There is no human habitation in the Hydra Star Field. However, this starship route has been opened for over 10 years. It is impossible for alien creatures to suddenly appear on this route.”

Yu Hanjiang frowned at the behemoth not far away. “It isn’t an alien creature but a huge starship. Our starship’s network is interrupted. It should be affected by the interference electromagnetic wave that this ship is emitting.”

Ye Qi stared at the behemoth. “Group Leader Yu is right. Look over there!”

Everyone followed Ye Qi’s gaze.

They saw the blade-like side wings of the huge warship suddenly stretch out and cling to their starship like sharp claws. The ship shook frantically once again as the claws struck!

The six people almost fell to the ground collectively. They hurriedly grabbed the pillar with their hands to steady themselves.

More and more claws stretched out from the starship. The entire interstellar passenger ship was controlled by the claws. The ship shook more severely and the passengers screamed from outside the door. “Ah, what’s going on?!”

”The ship seems to be under attack?”

”Oh my god, what the hell is this?”

The red light from the eyes of the behemoth shone on the porthole of the spacecraft. Once the passengers saw it, their screams became even harsher! It was like a huge spider with sharp wings made of eight special metals. It could change into ‘sharp claws’ at any time to capture its prey.

At this point, the star passenger ship became its prey.

“This is a warship! We have encountered star thieves!”

“Oh my god, are they the legendary, murderous star thieves?”

The screams outside were already in a chaotic state.

Just then, all the screens in the cabin were forcibly opened and a woman in a black leather suit, a ponytail and a silver mask appeared in the video. She was apparently controlling the ship’s video broadcasting system.

The woman’s eyes were as sharp as a knife and her voice was as cold as ice. “Open the door of the ship and leave all your belongings. Then I will consider letting you live.”

The team members, “……”

She was wearing a mask but everyone recognized her instantly.

—Chu Huaying, you are so powerful! You actually became a star thief?!

Partially proofread: Paranoid Kitten

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1 year ago

Omg so badass! Give us some of her character arc and setting details with past! Boi i will love her!