CR: Chapter 418

Shao Qingge came home and found a huge suitcase. The bills in the safe were transferred and arranged in the same order in the suitcase. The vacant areas were replaced with white paper of a similar thickness.

Then he applied for a permit to leave the Capital Star.

As the boss of the Noah company, Shao Qingge had been traveling between planets over the years. Today’s permit approvals were all artificial intelligence checks. His permit was approved in less than an hour. Since ‘Shao Yeqi’ was his adopted son, the accompanying family permit was also approved along with it.

The destination of Shao Qingge’s trip this time was the Azure Empire in the Aquarius star field and the reason for the trip was travel.

After obtaining the permit, Shao Qingge went to the official website to book tickets.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon the following day, there was an interstellar passenger spaceship departing from Capital Star, passing through two galaxies and arriving in the Azure Empire after 36 hours. The ordinary economy class tickets had been sold out but there were tickets for the luxury suites left.

Shao Qingge simply bought a ticket for the luxury suite.

He finished all the preparations and sent a message to Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan. “The take off time is 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. Before take off, I will open the peach blossom spring to pull you in. Be ready to accept.”

Yu Hanjiang replied, “I know.”

Shao Qingge and Ye Qi quickly packed their luggage. In addition to the suitcase of money, there was a suitcase of clothes and one for compressed food.

In fact, food was provided on the spacecraft and everything could be bought with money. It was just that after so many secret rooms, they were really scared by A of Spades. In the previous sea instance, A of Spades had everyone on the cruise ship get food poisoning, diarrhea and dehydration. They didn’t necessarily dare to eat the things on the spacecraft this time. It was better to bring their own.

So at noon the next day, Shao Qingge and Ye Qi dragged three oversized suitcases to the space station.

There were many people waiting for the security check. They all sat in the waiting hall in an orderly manner.

Currently, the students of the entire empire were on summer vacation and there were many young people waiting for flights. They should be travelling. As Ye Qi followed Shao Qingge, he unexpectedly met his roommate from the Ninth Military Academy, Liu Jian.

His roommate was over 1.8 meters tall. After changing out of his military uniform, he wore a simple white t-shirt and jeans. He was very eye-catching standing in the crowd. Ye Qi tried to hide but the other person ran over excitedly. “Yeqi? What a coincidence! You are also at the space station. Where are you going?”

Ye Qi had to squeeze out a bright smile and pretend to be relaxed. “I’m going on a trip with my father.”

Liu Jian looked envious. “Your father is so nice. He is actually accompanying you personally! Alas, my parents don’t care about me at all, let alone go out to play with me.”

Then he looked to the left and right. “Where is your father?”

The young man wearing sunglasses next to Ye Qi slightly smiled and answered, “Hello, thank you for taking care of my family’s Xiao Ye in school.”

Liu Jian was stunned. “T-This… Mr Shao? You are too young…”

Shao Qingge didn’t explain. He just lightly grasped Ye Qi’s wrist. “We are boarding. Say goodbye to your classmate and let’s go.”

Ye Qi waved to his classmate and followed Shao Qingge. Then they queued up at the VIP security checkpoint together.

Shao Qingge lowered his voice and whispered in Ye Qi’s ear, “Does your roommate have a good relationship with you?”

Ye Qi nodded. “Very good. I remember that I often go to class with him. His parents seem to be soldiers. As for whether he has any clues on him, I’ll think about it more carefully later.”

Shao Qingge gave a light hum and walked into the security check channel.

There were things similar to infrared scanners on the left and right sides that scanned their bodies. The three suitcases were also placed on the conveyor belt of the security check channel. The staff in charge of the security inspection could see the contents of the suitcases and there was a weird look on his face. A suitcase of cash and a suitcase of compressed foods? What did these two people plan to do?

It looked like they just robbed a bank?

The woman at the exit of the channel picked up Shao Qingge’s ID card and permit and examined them carefully. Shao Qingge took off his sunglasses and was very cooperative. After repeatedly confirming that the face was okay, the staff members let it go. Everyone came to the conclusion: travelling with cash is probably a quirk of the rich.

The two men boarded the interstellar spacecraft with their luggage.

Ye Qi whispered, “This inspection feels more stringent than at the airport. You can’t go without a permit. Brother Jiu usually needs to go to the military dedicated space station. It will probably be even more stringent, right?”

Shao Qingge shrugged. “Of course. If they can drive the warship to run away then it will be a mess. The two of them must not be able to leave. We can only pull them onto the spaceship. Later, lock the door and don’t open to anyone knocking on the door during the interstellar journey.”

Ye Qi nodded solemnly.

The two of them walked onto the interstellar passenger spacecraft and came to the VIP luxury suite according to the number on the ticket.

The cabin had a size of over 100 square meters. It was a family suite with three bedrooms and two living rooms. Of course, the ticket price was scarily expensive. Yet for the sake of his teammates, Shao Qingge didn’t hesitate to book this type of spacious suite. Ye Qi couldn’t help feeling that it was good to have a wealthy backer. There was no need to worry about money.

After entering the room, Shao Qingge closed all the curtains and locked the door. Then he summoned Tao Yuanming to open the peach blossom spring.

Soon, several familiar figures appeared under the peach blossom trees. Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci were dressed in casual clothes and were obviously ready in advance.

Yu Hanjiang wore the uniform of the royal guards while Xiao Lou wore casual clothes. The two of them should’ve been in the Twin Palaces when they were pulled in. Yu Hanjiang had no other clothes and could only wear this.

Long Sen and Qu Wanyue stayed in the Capital Star as agreed and didn’t accept the transfer.

Shao Qingge was relieved to see his teammates arrive and smiled. “We are taking the crown prince to escape. I  feel that we are playing a big game this time. What if the emperor finds out and intercepts us halfway?”

Xiao Lou was very calm. “He shouldn’t have expected us to teleport away with cards and his doubts won’t be on Chief Shao.”

Shao Qingge nodded and glanced at Yu Hanjiang. “I brought some changes of clothes. Group Leader Yu, you change out of this. Wearing this is too eye-catching.”

Yu Hanjiang had no objections. Shao Qingge had a similar size to him so he should be able to wear Shao Qingge’s clothes.

The group came out of the peach blossom spring and the four newly arrived teammates saw the luxurious suite booked by Shao Qingge. There was a guest dining room, small kitchen and three bedrooms. It was just like the presidential suite of a hotel. Lu Jiuchuan joked, “It is great to have money. I was ready for everyone to squeeze into one cabin for 36 hours but with Mr Shao, riding an interstellar spacecraft has become a type of enjoyment.”

He sat down on the sofa, crossing his long legs as he asked, “What’s next?”

Xiao Lou said, “I have to find a way to meet my sister.”

Yu Hanjiang objected. “The position of the princess isn’t clear yet. I don’t want you to take risks.”

Xiao Lou thought about it. “Yes, let’s first investigate clues in the Azure Empire and then find a way to go to the Hilt No Man’s Land to see if we can help Brother Jiu and Mr Tang restore their memories…”

Just then, a gentle voice rang in their ears. “Guests, the KS-7391 interstellar passenger spacecraft to Azure Planet is taking off soon. Please return to your seats and wear the safety helmets…”

Everyone sat on the safety seats in a cooperative manner.

After experiencing some turbulence, the spacecraft soared into the sky, separated from the gravity of Capital Star and sailed into the vast universe. Xiao Lou opened a corner of the curtain and looked out. On the edge of the vast starry sky of the universe, the Capital Star was becoming smaller and smaller…

He had finally escaped from the palace. He just didn’t know what was waiting for them on this interstellar voyage. Was this the beginning of the Spades secret room?

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