CR: Chapter 401

Ye Qi opened his eyes and found himself in a bedroom. Blue and white checkered sheets, a simple wardrobe and a desk were the only furnishings in the room. On the desk was a row of strange reference books. He pulled out two books at random and saw the titles ‘Mecha Operation Skills’ and ‘Mecha Systems Theory’.

The moment he held the books, countless unfamiliar memories poured into his mind like a storm. Ye Qi closed his eyes, took a deep breath to resist the headache and carefully sorted out the setting of this world. The empire, Southern Cross Star… Ninth Military Academy.

He was a freshman in the Mecha Operations Department of the Ninth Military Academy. His parents died in a battle many years ago and he grew up in the imperial orphanage. When he was 10 years old, a wealthy businessman who was donating charitable funds to the orphanage took a fancy to him, and took Ye Qi home for adoption. From then on, Ye Qi led the life of a wealthy young master. He was an orphan without a father or a mother…

This setting made Ye Qi sigh with relief. After all, in the 10th level, Shao Qingge had parents who loved him very much but his adoptive mother became the final boss. Ye Qi was relaxed without any parents or relatives. At least he didn’t have to worry about being stabbed in the back by his loved ones. As for the rich businessman who adopted him…

It was Shao Qingge.

The moment this name appeared in his mind, Ye Qi almost coughed up blood. He had Shao Qingge’s last name so he was now called ‘Shao Yeqi’. What type of terrible setting was this?! After he saw Chief Shao, he would have to call out ‘Father’!?

Ye Qi really wanted to squeeze the Hearts keeper to death. She was responsible for setting the identities in the secret rooms every time. Did this older sister have a grudge against him? In 8 of Hearts, he was a girl in a brothel, in the 10th level he was a child and now he was asked to call Shao Qingge ‘Father’.

Ye Qi had a headache. He held his temples and didn’t know how to face Chief Shao.

Just then, someone knocked on the door. “Yeqi, the exam is about to take place. Hurry up!”

Ye Qi responded to the person. The current time was early July and the major schools in the empire were busy organizing the final tests. As a student of the Mecha Operations Department of the Ninth Military Academy, Ye Qi also had to take the final exams.

The Ninth Military Academy’s system was very strict. The test scores were assessed according to A (above 90 points), B (75-90 points), C (60-75 points) and D (less than 60 points). For the final examination, they had to ensure that every course was at least a B. If there was one course below B then they could apply for a repeat. If two or more courses were lower than a B, they would directly repeat the year.

Ye Qi had already taken the theory test. This afternoon, a practical test for mecha operation was arranged. How could he take this test?

Ye Qi grabbed at his hair, a bit at a loss. Don’t mention booting up the mecha, he couldn’t even drive a motorcycle in the real world. He had ridden a bicycle at most. Doing the actual combat operation of a mecha? He tried to quickly sort out the knowledge in his brain… regretfully the amount of memories and information he received from the keeper was so high, it only caused Ye Qi a massive headache.

The roommate outside was still urging him. Ye Qi had to walk in front of the mirror and quickly tidy up his clothes. He was wearing a dark blue military uniform that was the uniform of the Ninth Military Academy. Ye Qi saw himself in the mirror and was stunned. He was originally 17 years old and in this world, he was set up to be an 18 year old freshman. However, he had never worn a military uniform before.

This blue military uniform made him look a bit more heroic. It looked good.

Ye Qi put on the hat hanging next to him and the matching tall, black leather boots.

He went outside and saw his roommate. The moment he saw this face, Ye Qi’s mind instantly recalled his memories of this person. This tall and handsome roommate of his was called Liu Jian. After seeing Ye Qi, he smiled and walked over. “Why were you dawdling? You will be late if you don’t leave soon and the instructor will definitely lecture you.”

Ye Qi gave a random excuse, but he was actually lacking in confidence. Taking the mecha control test? He rather felt like heading to an execution ground…

Ye Qi followed his roommate. Along the way, he looked around and found that the surrounding buildings were all painted dark gray. The whole school had a ‘cold’ style and it was so solemn that Ye Qi didn’t dare speak loudly.

The students around him were wearing military uniforms and they were all radiant. They stood with their chests out and walked with the correct posture. Ye Qi was too embarrassed to keep looking around so he followed Liu Jian to the science and technology building.

The two people took the elevator to the top floor where many students were already waiting in line in the corridor.

The instructor’s voice came from inside. “No. 7 Shao Yeqi, please enter and take the test.”

Ye Qi nervously walked into the mecha control room. Under the instructions of the female instructor, Kelly, he went into the mecha driving simulation cabin.

In front of him was a complicated console with red, yellow, green and blue buttons on it. There were also joysticks on the left and right sides. Ye Qi was completely confused. He quickly recalled the knowledge about mecha control in his mind but before he had time to remember all of it, the instructor said, “The test will begin.”

A mountain appeared on the screen in front of him.

The realistic VR effect made Ye Qi feel like he was really flying a mecha in the mountains. Suddenly, a snowy peak appeared in front of him and blocked the mecha’s path. Somehow, Ye Qi’s reflexes were faster than his brain’s reaction. He held the joystick on the right and slammed it upwards while his left hand remained firmly on the balance lever…

The mecha soared into the sky like a Dapeng spreading its wings. (mythical giant bird.

It flew past the snowy peak and into the air without any danger.

Ye Qi’s mind fully recovered the knowledge about mecha control. He remembered that he was an outstanding student in the Mecha Operations Department and was often praised by instructors. It was said that in recent years the most talented people in mecha manipulation came from the Ninth Military Academy. One was Tang Ci of Class 2993 and the other was Shao Yeqi of Class 3000…

Tang Ci? Mr Tang was also from the mecha department?

The distracted Ye Qi finally snapped back to attention when three electromagnetic cannons suddenly attacked his mecha!

The angles of the projectiles of these three electromagnetic cannons were extremely tricky. Ye Qi saw that they wanted to smash into his mecha and his left hand continued to stabilize the balance while his right hand quickly and continuously pressed a few buttons. The mecha he controlled resembled a flexible fish as it rotated to the left and dodged to the right. It actually avoided the three shots of artillery fire heading toward him!

Instructor Kelly nodded with satisfaction and scored an A+ in the first assessment.


The next examination went surprisingly smoothly as well. Ye Qi got down from the cockpit and his head was covered with sweat. He didn’t dare believe that a rookie who could only ride a bicycle could actually control such an advanced intelligent armor! These physical memories just now must’ve been instilled in him by the keeper based on personal settings.

There was a rare smile on Instructor Kelly’s face. “The results of the examination have come out. The three scores of your mecha combat assessment are all A+ and the scores of the theoretical courses are also A+. Not surprisingly, you can apply for the scholarship for outstanding students.”

Ye Qi saluted her with a standard military salute. “Thank you, Instructor.”

Kelly said, “I heard that your father has come to Southern Cross. The test is over so you can go home for the holidays.”


Father? He didn’t want to recognize this father.

Ye Qi might complain about the keeper’s arrangement but he still had to meet up with Chief Shao as soon as possible.

Ye Qi thought this and wanted to contact Shao Qingge with his communicator. Just then, a message suddenly popped up on the communicator around his wrist. [I am waiting for you at the school gate.]

The contact name of the person who sent the message was ‘Father’. This naturally had to be Shao Qingge. Ye Qi hurried out of the science and technology building and headed toward the school gate.

The Ninth Military Academy was strictly managed and ordinary people weren’t allowed to enter.

At this time, Shao Qingge was standing opposite the school gate. He was wearing casual white clothing and had his hands in his pockets. His eyes were narrowed as he stared in the direction of the school gate, his body posture leisurely and casual. A few girls at the gate of the school looked at him and whispered, “Who is that man? He is so handsome.”

”I don’t think he is an instructor at our school.”

Just then, a figure ran swiftly out of the school gate.

Shao Qingge smiled lightly when he saw Ye Qi in a military uniform. He crossed the road and walked straight toward Ye Qi. There were many students around so Ye Qi had to call out awkwardly, “…Father.”

Shao Qingge’s smile widened. He moved closer to Ye Qi’s ear and lowered his voice, his tone full of humor. “Yes, Father will take you home.” Then he gently grabbed Ye Qi’s wrist and led this person forward.

Ye Qi followed him with red ears. He felt every pore in his body resisting this strange relationship.

Shao Qingge was very young. Ye Qi might nominally be his adopted son but in fact, the two of them were only a bit over 10 years apart. According to memory, Shao Qingge was in his early 20s when he adopted Ye Qi and now he was only 30 years old.

Ye Qi often joked and called Shao Qingge his ‘golden father’ but this time, they actually had an adopted father-son relationship. Ye Qi had to call him ‘Father’ and felt a sense of inexplicable shame in his heart.

Shao Qingge calmly took his red-cheeked ‘son’ to the car.

There were only the two of them in the car and Ye Qi immediately broke free of his hand. “Let go of me.”

Shao Qingge let go and looked at Ye Qi with a smile. “My family’s Xiao Ye is really handsome in a military uniform.”

Ye Qi’s face was completely red from his blush as he muttered, “Who is your family?”

“You have my surname Shao. Aren’t we a family?” Shao Qingge laughed and took off Ye Qi’s military cap, rubbing Ye Qi’s head affectionately. “Weren’t you quite smooth when calling me Father just now?”

“……” Ye Qi had nothing to say.

He had even worn female clothing. It didn’t seem that difficult to accept being Shao Qingge’s son? It was better than being a brothel girl in 8 of Hearts, right? Ye Qi took a deep breath and raised his head to look at Shao Qingge, only to meet his deep and gentle eyes.

His heart skipped a beat at those eyes. Ye Qi hurriedly turned his head away, avoiding this gaze as he coughed lightly. Then he calmly changed the topic. “The scores for my theory classes and combat classes are all A+. The instructor told me that I can take a holiday. Are we going straight home?”

Shao Qingge retracted his hand and leaned back comfortably against the seat, lazily saying, “Yes, let’s go home.”

Ye Qi sat opposite him and asked curiously, “Do you have any clues about where our other teammates are? I only know that Tang Ci was a student of the 2993 Class of the Mecha Operations Department. He is my senior and went to the Arrow Corps after graduation.”

Shao Qingge answered, “Lu Jiuchuan is a major general in the Arrow Corps.”

Ye Qi sighed. “It is a true performance. Brother Jiu used to be a soldier… what about Group Leader Yu and Professor Xiao?”

Shao Qingge narrowed his eyes slightly like he knew something interesting. “Yu Hanjiang is the captain of the royal guards and is mainly responsible for protecting the safety of the imperial royal family. Meanwhile, Xiao Lou is the distinguished His Royal Highness.”

Ye Qi was choked up. “A prince?”

Shao Qingge gave a smile that wasn’t a smile as he touched his chin playfully. “A guard and a prince. This is really interesting.”

Ye Qi, “???”

Seeing Ye Qi’s blank face, Shao Qingge put away his smile. He touched Ye Qi’s head again and said, “Three days later is the birthday banquet of the crown prince. I will also attend.”

Ye Qi’s eyes lit up. “Take me with you. This way, I can see Group Leader Yu and Professor Xiao.”

Shao Qingge told him, “Call me Father.”

Ye Qi didn’t hesitate. “Father!”

“…What about your principles?”

Ye Qi said righteously, “A big man can bend and stretch. Don’t say Father. You can even make me call you Grandpa!”

Shao Qingge was amused by him.

‘There is no need for Father or Grandpa. There is another name in the future that you can call out every day.’

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2 years ago

Shao Ye!

2 years ago

Kufufu, yes lots of names can be used in the throes of passion, Little Ye Qi! Thanks for the translation!

1 year ago

Ye Qi shouldn’t get too flustered, at least when the get back to earth, it wouldn’t be too hard to start calling Shao Qingge ‘Daddy’😏

1 year ago

I mean–

Ye Qi in the future: “Husband~”
Shao Qingge: “Yes, wife”

1 year ago

Lol Ye Qi don’t resist anymore! The A of Hearts love messing with you! And OMG!!! I thought Shao Qingge was still either unaware or not in love yet but omg he is!!!! I like this CP more than the main couple!!! Damn hehe yes Chief Shao he will call you by another name in the future! You just capture his heart!

1 year ago

The last sentence ☠️

1 year ago

Back in reality-
Shao Qingge: Xiao Ye, isn’t it about time you call me by another name?
Ye Qi: Another name? Like… Golden Thighs?
Shao Qingge: Call husband~
Ye Qi: …

(Side note/Disclaimer: YQ is legally an adult in this skit lol)

2 months ago

A of Hearts Sister you are too much, you are clicking all the fetish checkboxes with you assigned identities 😂