CR: Chapter 385

After leaving the hell of oil cauldrons, Xiao Lou carefully calculated it. They had gone through half of the 18 hells. At present, every ‘hell secret room’ had a certain degree of difficulty but there was nothing they couldn’t cope with. They needed to reach the end as fast as possible to determine if the hell realm path was the right exit or not.

A strong sense of hunger struck again. Xiao Lou turned back to his teammates. “Are you hungry?”

Lu Jiuchuan frowned. “According to the flow of time in the hell realm path, has another day passed?”

They just ate something recently. It might’ve just been chocolate, biscuits and instant noodles but it didn’t make sense to be hungry so quickly. Xiao Lou speculated that the ‘hell realm path’ had time compression. One hour here was actually one day.

However, the card skills weren’t calculated according to the time flow of the hell realm path. Many card skills were only available once every day. For the cards, only three hours had passed since they entered the tomb. The supplies package could only be opened once a day and it was still on cooldown. They didn’t even have the biscuits to eat now.

The hunger in his stomach became stronger. Xiao Lou had to take out the two bottles of milk he hadn’t drunk earlier and handed one to Yu Hanjiang. Lu Jiuchuan and Old Mo just drank water instead of milk. The milk wasn’t enough to fill their stomachs but now conditions were limited and they could only make do. The best ones were Tang Ci and Liu Qiao. Due to their physical changes, they only needed one sip of milk to fill their stomachs.

Tang Ci said, “Just now, Xiao Liu and I didn’t use the supply package. How about we take it out and divide it between everyone?”

Lu Jiuchuan had a different opinion. “The two of you should save it first. If the rest of this path is time-consuming and we become hungry again, there will be nothing to eat.”

Xiao Lou agreed. “We will make do with milk first while we try to finish the hell realm path.”

Eating all the food at once was too risky. Leaving Tang Ci and Liu Qiao’s food cards behind meant there was still some guarantee later.

Everyone drank the milk and walked forward quickly. A few minutes later, another room appeared in front of them.

It was the hell of the pit of cattle. This was a hell for livestock. It was said that anyone who abused livestock during their lives and based their happiness on the suffering of animals would be sent to the hell of the pit of cattle after death. Their statuses would be exchanged and they would be abused by the livestock in turn.

In the huge pit the size of a football field, there were crazy cows everywhere. If ordinary people fell into the hell of the pit of cattle then they would be pierced by sharp horns or trampled on by countless hooves. They would definitely die.

Xiao Lou thought about it and asked Old Mo, “Do you have enough planks?”

The terrain of the hell of the pit of cattle was also a big pit. If there were enough planks then they could follow the method of the hell of oil cauldrons and walk over using the air bridge. After all, the mad cows could only charge around in the pit. They couldn’t fly into the sky to hit the group.

Old Mo smiled bitterly. “I used almost all of it in the hell of oil cauldrons just now. The area of this cow pit is too big and the planks won’t cover it.”

Xiao Lou carefully observed the mad cows in the pit. These cows were twice as large as real cows. If they were stepped on by their hooves then their internal organs would probably be crushed. Moreover, the collision routes of the mad cows were messy and disorderly. They didn’t move according to a set route.

There were two ways to cross the cow pit. One was to fly through the air and the second was to rely on control skills to pass. If they wanted to fly through the air, he would have to draw circles. Old Mo’s boards weren’t enough so it would be too time-consuming. As for control…

Most of the control cards in the team were in Ye Qi’s hand. If Ye Qi was here then they could control the field with a wide range of music such as the piano or guitar. The mad cows would be obedient immediately. It was a pity that Ye Qi was with Teacher Gui.

Xiao Lou had to place his hope on Lu Jiuchuan, “Brother Jiu, your ice sword can freeze living things right? Can you freeze these cows?”

“Of course. However, the duration of the sword’s freezing is only three seconds.”

Yu Hanjiang spoke casually. “Three seconds is enough. We can pass this level using the light footwork cards.”

The two brothers exchanged looks and immediately started moving. Lu Jiuchuan took the lead and swung the ice sword in his hand. The mad cows in the pit were immediately frozen into ice statues. He shouted, “Go!”

Then he stepped on the ice statues and quickly rushed to the other side of the pit. Yu Hanjiang grabbed Xiao Lou’s waist smoothly and flew through the air using the ice statues as a foothold.

In three seconds, everyone flew over the frozen cows in a thrilling manner. Looking back, the mad cows were already awake, mooing and rushing in their direction. If they were a bit slower then they would’ve definitely been trampled into minced meat.

Everyone felt a lingering fear as they continued to move forward. They had only taken a few steps when another room appeared in front of them. It was the hell of boulder crushing.

Xiao Lou whispered a reminder. “This is the hell of boulder crushing. There might be falling stones so we should be careful.”

They had just entered the secret room when the door behind them closed. A steep upward slope around 2 meters wide appeared in front of them. Before they had time to see how long the steep slope was, a huge spherical stone suddenly rolled toward them from the top of the slope down the narrow two meters wide passage.

The stone encountered the downhill slope and rolled even faster! The huge boulder almost occupied the entire passage and they couldn’t avoid it at all. The exit behind them was blocked and a huge stone was approaching in front. If they couldn’t think of a way to pass this room as soon as possible, the huge stone would roll over them and crush them into patties.

The group quickly retreated. Xiao Lou was in a hurry when he saw that the boulder was only 4 meters away from everyone and he summoned Li Qingzhao. Lu Jiuchuan saw a beautiful ancient woman appear. Then she took out a book and started to read poetry. “Searching and seeking, deserted, bleak misery and miserable sorrow…”

Lu Jiuchuan, “???”

Popping out to recite poetry at a critical moment? The style of their team was truly becoming stranger. The moment Li Qingzhao uttered the first word, the speed of the rock slowed down like the slow motion button of the movie had been pressed.

It was only now that they discovered the spherical stone didn’t fill the entire space. After all, this hall was rectangular with a width and height of 2 meters. The spherical stone could only fill the horizontal and vertical space, leaving a small gap in the four corners. It was like putting a ball in a square box. The four corners would have gaps.

Just now, the stone was rolling too fast and it seemed to fill the entire space visually. It was going to crush them and everyone couldn’t help feeling anxious. Now that the rolling boulder was slowed by Li Qingzhao’s skill, everyone naturally found the gaps.

Lu Jiuchuan understood. “Drill through the corner?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Yes. Li Qingzhao’s slow-motion control is limited in duration. We have to move quickly through the corner!”

The huge boulder that was forced into slow-motion was rolling down like a snail. The distance it moved in one second was 10 centimeters. This was not much different from being still. The gap in the corner was big enough for one person to move through. Everyone immediately divided into two groups and moved to the left and the right to quickly go single file through the gaps.

Li Qingzhao finished reciting the passage and the boulder was released from the control. The group turned their heads and saw it rolling downhill quickly, slamming into the wall with a huge ‘boom’!

If Xiao Lou hadn’t used his card to control the field at a critical moment then everyone would have been crushed by the boulder. Xiao Lou was relieved and said, “Continue.”

The next room was the hell of skinning.

The entire room was covered with peeled human skin. Countless lifelike human faces hung in the air, making everyone get goosebumps. The human faces followed them like they were aware. It was as if the faces would float in front of them to scare them at a close range. Suddenly seeing an unfamiliar face in front of them without a body…

This ghost movie-like scene made Lu Jiuchuan swear. “F*k! There are so many ghost faces!”

Xiao Lou had a guess. “They are all human skins peeled off from people. We shouldn’t touch them.”

The strange-looking faces that filled the room were full of resentment.

Some faces had horrified expressions, some were full of blood and some showed resentment…

Xiao Lou felt numb looking at these faces with different expressions so he closed his eyes to calm down. Then he spoke to Tang Ci. “Mr Tang, can you test out their attack methods?”

Tang Ci sent a drone to investigate. The moment the drone flew into the room, they saw a human face quickly attach itself to it.

Everyone, “……”

Lu Jiuchuan resisted his nausea. “The human faces will stick to our faces? Does this mean that if we are touched by a human skin mask, our face will be skinned and replaced by the human skin mask?”

This was the hell of skinning. The punishment was to have all their skin peeled off. If they entered this room then they would also suffer the pain of being skinned. The human faces floating everywhere made it hard for the group to find a way to avoid them. What made it worse was that a large number of their card skills were used to clear the other hell rooms and were currently on cooldown.

Xiao Lou thought about everyone’s cards…

Right, there was Old Mo’s space rotation! He found that after Tang Ci sent the drone, the face masks would turn to the drone. In other words, the faces relied on vision to determine the location of the target. The group had used up their invisibility cloaks and their skills were on cooldown. However, there was another card that could confuse the field of view.

Mo Xuemin heard Xiao Lou’s words and immediately took out the Rotate Time and Space card. The faces in the room were affected by the card and abruptly turned 180 degrees on a horizontal axis. This was equivalent to them being upside down.

Once a person was upside down, it was difficult for them to quickly lock onto a target in their field of view. The countless faces that were upside down still made people feel uncomfortable but they could quickly flee past them.

Xiao Lou hurriedly said, “Go quickly and avoid their attacks!”

The faces in the room were turned upside down and only the group’s legs could be seen.

By the time they saw the faces of Xiao Lou’s group, the group had already rushed halfway through the room. The faces wanted to chase them but due to their confused vision, it was difficult to lock onto a target. The six people ran quickly the entire time and rushed out of this strange room in five minutes.

Xiao Lou felt a lingering fear. After this tomb secret room, he would no longer be afraid when watching ghost movies.

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