CR: Chapter 370

Tang Ci’s Intelligence Bureau had collected a lot of information about the challengers so the two of them decided to ask Tang Ci. They had just heard the key name ‘White Fox’ on the roof. This should be a code name.

Tang Ci hadn’t slept yet because he was waiting for them to come back. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang knocked on the door of Tang Ci’s room. Upon entering Yu Hanjiang asked directly, “Mr Tang, have you heard of White Fox?”

Tang Ci frowned and opened his laptop. “I know of this person. He is a famous expert in the challengers forum. The ID used in the forum is White Fox. He has sent many strategies to pass through the various low-level secret rooms so he has a certain prestige among newcomers. In addition, he bought a bar on the shore of the City of the Sun to do business in this world.”

Xiao Lou said, “The challengers’ meeting was called by him. He should’ve sent a private message to the leaders of many challenger teams who often appear on the forum. We didn’t receive private messages because we don’t use the forum.”

“I didn’t get a private message either. Someone in the Intelligence Bureau got it and reported it to me.” Tang Ci paused before continuing, “Why? Is there something wrong with this person? Did he organize the meeting to call for a fight between the challengers and hunters or does he have other plans?”

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “He suggested that the challengers go to the S-level secret rooms to leave this world. His theory is very interesting. He thinks that us ‘outsiders’ are equivalent to invaders. Our existence has disturbed the peaceful life of the native people and brought all types of disasters to them. It is only when we leave that the two worlds can return to peace.”

Xiao Lou added, “I think his theory is valid. Thinking about it carefully, it is true that there will be trouble wherever we go such as homicides, disasters, a financial crisis or a doomsday. On the surface, the keepers asked us to go to secret rooms to solve problems but what if it is because we are going to these secret rooms that the keepers have to create problems for us to solve?”

Was there trouble first that required their help to solve? Or were the problems deliberately created for them to clear the secret room? If it was the latter then they had brought disaster to the people of this world. Regardless of whether it was the financial crisis or the invasion of the bugs, the number of dead or injured natives was simply incalculable!

Yu Hanjiang continued, “The strange thing is that we met him in 4 of Spades, Liuxi Village but he doesn’t seem to have any impression of us. I don’t think he is pretending but I shouldn’t have recognized the wrong person. Did he lose his memory?”

Tang Ci listened to their words thoughtfully and opened an e-mail. It was the investigation report on White Fox.

He had long noticed this person called White Fox. After all, this person was active in the forum and tried his best to write clearance strategies for the challengers. Some strategies were even more detailed than the versions from the Intelligence Bureau. If they followed his strategies then it was no problem to clear all the B-grade secret rooms. As long as one cleared the B-grade secret rooms, they could get many good cards and have a higher chance of passing the World Weekly.

Now he had assembled a large number of leaders of challenger teams to persuade them to try and leave this world…

It felt like this person couldn’t wait to persuade the challengers to leave.

The investigation showed that White Fox’s real name was ‘Bai Jiayu’ and he was 30 years old. In reality, he was a teacher of the language department at university. Surprisingly, there was no information about his teammates.

Tang Ci could invade the ID card management system of the Card World to find the challenger IDs and the teammates who were together. This was also the reason why the Intelligence Bureau could lock onto Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou immediately.

Yet White Fox… opened a bar alone in the City of the Sun and was leading a leisurely life. He wasn’t close to anyone. Even if it was kept secret, the Intelligence Bureau’s eyes were spread all over the world. It was impossible to find no clues.

Tang Ci closed the information. “This person is very strange. Either he isn’t a challenger or… all his teammates have died and he is the only one left. If that is the case, it would be very difficult for him to clear the World Weekly every week.”

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou looked at each other. Xiao Lou was confused. “Then how do we explain meeting him in Liuxi Village?”

Tang Ci wondered, “Based on the time calculation, you should’ve met him just over a month ago?”

The flow rate of time in different secret rooms often changed but time in the main city remained stable. Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou came to the City of the Moon and were found by the Intelligence Bureau a month ago, which was just after they passed 4 of Spades. Then they must’ve met the masked man in Liuxi Village more than a month ago.

Xiao Lou nodded. “Yes.”

Tang Ci told them, “According to the investigation information, Bai Jinyu has opened a bar in the City of the Sun for half a year.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

How could this be? The premise of entering the main city was that they had to pass through the fourth level. They met the masked man in the fourth level so he should be a newcomer who had never been to the main city. Meanwhile, Bai Jinyu had stayed in the main city for half a year. If this was the case he had definitely passed the fourth level half a year ago.

However, the voice, eyes and mask of the two people were so alike. Was it a coincidence?

Xiao Lou suddenly thought of a possibility. “Does he have a twin brother?”

Yu Hanjiang heard this sentence and remembered something. “I remember in 4 of Diamonds, there was a balance mechanism. The two scales had to be the same weight to open the door. The solution to the mechanism was for two people to lie sideways together with their center of gravity in the middle, so that the weight of the two scales is equal. Xiao Lou’s reaction was really fast at the time but we didn’t break the record.”

Xiao Lou also remembered it. “We asked A of Diamonds about it at the time. She said that the best result in 4 of Diamonds was five minutes faster than us because the two challengers were twins. They looked exactly the same and weighed exactly 62 kilograms. They just needed to stand directly on the scales to pass the instance.”

The masked man just now was around 1.75 meters tall and he was thin. His weight would probably be around 60 kilograms. Could it be that he was one of the twins who set the record for 4 of Diamonds? Then the one they met in Liuxi Village was the other twin. This was why they recognized him while Bai Jinyu didn’t recognize them?

However, why did the twins separate? This man seemed to have many hidden secrets.

Tang Ci thought about it. “I will have the people of the Intelligence Bureau continue to pay attention to White Fox. If he really has a twin and the two brothers often exchange identities then it might’ve been missed by our intelligence network since they are mistaken as the same person.”

Xiao Lou couldn’t figure out the reason for this for the time being. They participated in this early morning meeting and it was now Thursday. At midnight on Saturday, the World Weekly secret room was going to open. They didn’t have time to pay attention to other things.

Tang Ci told the two of them, “Go back and rest first. Old Gui and Huaying have almost finished things on their side. Brother Jiu is undercover in the Hunters League and I’m afraid he will be in danger. I must have him return to the team as fast as possible.”

Yu Hanjiang also agreed with this. “Yes, he told me not to contact him for the time being and I don’t dare open the Absolute Realm to find him. I can only wait for it to be midnight on Saturday so we can use the contract to pull him directly into the secret room.”

Xiao Lou thought, ‘I hope this week’s World Weekly will be Spades or Clubs’.

It was only in the Spades or Clubs secret room that they could use the Bug King card to heal Tang Ci’s leg injury, letting Tang Ci recover his strongest fighting power as soon as possible. However, if they had bad luck and were randomly assigned the Hearts or Diamonds room then they could only grit their teeth and pass through it together.

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