CR: Chapter 37

Si Han and Zhang Qing were sisters but their parents divorced a few years ago. Zhang Qing took their father’s surname while Si Han had their mother’s surname.

Their father remarried and their mother also remarried. The two sisters were older and lived together in a house their parents left them. Since they lived together, their feelings were excellent and they regarded each other as the closest relatives.

Zhang Qing went abroad after high school but was worried about her soft-spoken sister. She would call for a video chat every week.

However, she couldn’t reach Si Han on her 18th birthday.

Zhang Qing was anxious and went to her domestic aunt. The aunt Zhang Yu had her son ride a bicycle to Maple Forest High School where he found the school surrounded by police cars.

The murderers who pushed Si Han off the building reported it to the police like nothing happened.

They had already faked the illusion of Si Han’s suicide and used each other as an alibi. In the distance, Xie Xinghe looked at his cousin who had fallen in a pool of blood. The boy’s face had no expression but his fists were clenched tightly by his side, blood flowing from his palms.

He returned and told Zhang Qing that Si Han had fallen from the building. Zhang Qing completely collapsed abroad.

Xie Xinghe’s mother went to the police station to claim the body and Zhang Qing came back to attend her sister’s funeral. She was dressed in black with a cold expression and angry eyes.

Then she returned home to sort out her sister’s belongings and found a diary.

Her sister had used a red pen to write down her experience of being humiliated.

Zhang Qing held the diary in her arms with a blank expression, the coldness in her eyes like a poisonous snake staring at prey.

The police determined that her sister had committed suicide but she didn’t believe it.

She would avenge her sister, paying back her dead sister’s blood debt!


After graduation, Zhang Qing obtained a teacher’s qualification and applied to Maple Forest High School. Her sister’s diary only recorded the first incident with the class teacher as well as Si Han looking for the psychologist. Zhang Qing first went to the young psychologist to investigate and used various means to hook the other person.

She soon found out the cause of her sister’s death.

The culprit was naturally the teacher surnamed Zhou while the security guard who committed perjury was an accomplice. The psychologist who ran away was also to blame!

They should all be buried with her sister!

Zhang Qing used her own beauty and through a careful plan, she struck the psychologist in the head with a hammer, stabbed the class teacher’s chest three times and strangled the security guard with a rope…

She dismembered their bodies and buried them in her sister’s favourite maple forest.

She also deliberately kept a rib bone of each person, cutting it into the shape of a wolf’s teeth and hanging it around her neck as a souvenir.

This matter ended.

However, the third grade English teacher was pregnant and asked for maternity leave. The school transferred classes and let her teach Class 3. Xie Xinghe happened to be in this class. For this cousin, Zhang Qing had no special feelings. After her parents divorced, she didn’t have much involvement with her aunt’s family and they only saw each other several times. On the other hand, Si Han and Xie Xinghe had a much better relationship.

Thanks to Si Han, Zhang Qing was very good to Xie Xinghe and also gave him a few English tutoring lessons.

There was a beautiful girl in the class called Ying Xiaoya who secretly liked Xie Xinghe. She could see that Xie Xinghe was cold and arrogant, only studying to make it into a good university, but a girl’s mind was never clear.

On Monday, Xie Xinghe was on duty and Zhang Qing was working overtime in her office.

After cleaning the classroom, Xie Xinghe packed his bags and was ready to go home. He just reached the air corridor when he found Zhang Qing avoiding the cameras and going to the rooftop. He followed her.

Zhang Qing actually had the key to the office building’s roof?

She opened the door, walked onto the rooftop and stood at the guardrail, looking into the distance with a serious expression.

Xie Xie Xinghe walked over and asked, “Sister, what are you doing here? How did you get the key to the roof?”

Zhang Qing spoke lightly, “Little Han jumped from her and I just came to see here.” She stared at the maple forest in the distance, eyes full of sorrow. “If I hadn’t gone abroad but stayed here for university, she wouldn’t have encountered these… I was too strong and didn’t think. I didn’t take care of here…”

“Didn’t Sister Han commit suicide?” Xie Xinghe whispered.

“Suicide? Hahaha!” Zhang Qing clenched her fists and laughed. “She was pushed off the building! I have discovered it. Those murderers are buried in the maple forest while Little Xiao is in the sky. She can watch every day as their meat rot and they are eaten by insects until only their bones are scattered”

The woman’s sharp laughter echoed in his ears. Xie Xinghe pushed up his glasses and remained silent.

“Why aren’t you surprised?” Zhang Qing looked at him with amazement.

“I guessed it was your hand.” Xie Xinghe whispered. “The three people who disappeared in recent years are all related to Sister Han. The psychologist was someone who often consulted her before her death while the security guard and class teacher were on the scene that day. How can it be a coincidence?”

“In addition.” Xie Xinghe paused and took out the book Count of Monte Cristo from his bag. “I saw the original version of this book in your drawer so I went to buy a translated version. This story is about revenge. You are avenging Si Han and all three people were killed by you.”

“That’s right.” Zhang Qing sneered. “They should die!”

“Why didn’t you submit the evidence to the police? Did you have to do it yourself?”

“You are too naive. The evidence has been destroyed over the years and they won’t admit it if it means being ruined! Besides, being arrested is too cheap for them! I had to torture them slowly, let them experience something better than death!” Zhang Qing’s voice was cold and terrible as she touched the necklace with a strange gentleness. “I cut them into pieces and buried them in the forest to pay homage to my sister.”

“…” Ying Xiaoya stood at the door and covered her mouth with horror.

She deliberately changed her duty arrangement with Yi Ru today because she wanted to do the duty with the male god. Xie Xinghe might always be cold but she would be satisfied just being with him for a while.

Yu Hui had been angry and looked at Xie Xinghe with more dissatisfied. How could the sister he raised by caught by this pig Xie Xinghe.

Ying Xiaoya’s cousin went to the court to play while waiting for Ying Xiaoya to come downstairs.

She had just finished duty and was planning to go downstairs when she saw Xie Xinghe walking to the rooftop with his bag. She curiously followed and heard a terrible secret!

Zhang Qing’s cruel words scared Ying Xiaoya so much she almost screamed. She immediately turned to run downstairs.

Zhang Qing sensed the movements behind her and turned around sharply. “Who is it?”

Xie Xinghe guessed it should be Ying Xiaoya but said, “Nothing, just the wind.”

He pushed up his glasses. “You did this for Si Han. Your means of revenge were cruel but… I can understand your mood. Sister Han died very badly in the past and the people who harmed her should be punished. Since all three of them have been killed by you, this matter has passed and we won’t mention it anymore.

Zhang Qing’s voice was cold. “Passed? The dead can’t be resurrected. How can it be passed?”

She looked at the maple forest in the distance and as a result, she saw Ying Xiaoya run to the basketball court in a panic and took Yu Hui away like she was escaping.

Zhang Qing slightly narrowed her eyes. “Just now, did Ying Xiaoya overhear us?”

Xie Xinghe immediately denied it. “No, today Yi Ru is on duty. She couldn’t finish her homework so I let her go back first. It should be that Ying Xiaoya is accompanying Yu Hui to play basketball. Their relationship is really good. Don’t the teachers know this?”

Zhang Qing stared thoughtfully at the young girl’s back and an unknown emotion flashed in her eyes.

Xie Xinghe had a bad feeling.

Ying Xiaoya must’ve heard it. For the next few days, she was late and frequently distracted in class. She used to be good in English but now she actually didn’t write down the words in the early morning class. Zhang Qing’s face was hard to read but she didn’t say anything. After class, she called Yi Ru over.

Zhang Qing asked, “Were you and Xie Xinghe on duty on Monday?”

Yi Ru answered honestly. “I changed with Xiaoya and she was with Xie Xinghe on duty. Teacher, why do you ask?”

Zhang Qing sneered. “It’s nothing.”

She went to the security room that day and found an excuse to investigate the monitoring on Monday. As she was chatting with Xie Xinghe, Ying Xiaoya appeared near the rooftop and ran down with a pale face. Ying Xiaoya must’ve heard it.

Zhang Qing touched the bone necklace against her chest thoughtfully.

The next day was Wednesday. Xie Xinghe found that Zhang Qing had bought a pair of shoes that were the same style as Ying Xiaoya. She also wore casual clothes and canvas shoes to go to the class. She rarely dressed like this so Xie Xinghe couldn’t help being aware of it.

Would Zhang Qing kill Xiaoya? Previously, she got revenge for her sister but would she really kill the innocent Xiaoya? Why did she buy these shoes?

Other people thought it was normal for teachers to buy such canvas shoes. After all, it was a popular style and many people wore them. It was just that Xie Xinghe knew this was wrong. He understood Zhang Qing and Zhang Qing was a very delicate woman. She loved to go out in full makeup and her shoe cabinet was filled with all types of fashionable high heels. It was very unusual for her to wear canvas shoes and casual sportswear.

In any case, he must be on the safe side.

During the afternoon chemistry class, the teacher talked about organic phosphate. Xie Xinghe locked the door, left with the teacher and then sneaked back to open the door look and took half a bottle of the organic phosphate.

He returned home and went to the supermarket to buy a large box of chocolates that Yu Hui often gave to Ying Xiaoya. He inserted organic phosphate into the contents with a syringe.

Thursday and Friday were test days. In the last class, he handed out the papers in advance and waited for Ying Xiaoya outside the seventh examination room.

Ying Xiaoya finished the test and went out. Then Xie Xinghe gave her the printed love letter. Ying Xiaoya looked at it at home and suddenly turned red. The writing was very sappy. Did Xie Xinghe really like her? It was incredible!

Xie Xinghe didn’t know that Ying Xiaoya was secretly in love with him and this love letter became a pink bubble in the girl’s heart. Ying Xiaoya didn’t understand the obvious hint in the love letter and it only made her heart beat faster.

Her mood was very contradictory.

She knew a lot of secrets. Teacher Zhang was actually the class monitor’s relative and Si Han who fell from the building five years ago was also a relative. Teacher Zhang did horrible things to get revenge for Si Han. The terrible thing? Three bodies were buried in the maple forest! She went to the maple forest to study every day and just thinking about it caused Ying Xiaoya’s hairs to stand up.

Ying Xiaoya was troubled all night. Then on Sunday, her mother suddenly found a conscience and flew over to accompany her daughter on her birthday. She took Ying Xiaoya to a hotel and gave her a mobile phone. Ying Xiaoya panicked because she didn’t have a school uniform and had nightmares when sleeping with her mother. She overslept and was late again on Monday.

Xie Xinghe saw Ying Xiaoya come to class and knew that this girl hadn’t understood his love letter. He had to use his backup plan.

He always felt that Zhang Qing’s eyes were somewhat ferocious. He didn’t know if Zhang Qing would act against Ying Xiaoya but just in case, as long as Ying Xiaoya ate the chocolates and went to the hospital, the police would come to investigate. Zhang Qing would have no chance to start.

He would look for opportunities to persuade Zhang Qing, whose mind had been distorted, and this matter could be perfectly resolved.

Unfortunately, things went wrong.

Ying Xiaoya had just eaten a piece of chocolate when Zhang Qing came to the classroom.

She wore casual clothes and canvas shoes, which were completely different from the suit she was wearing for the morning class. However, Ying Xiaoya had no doubts as she asked nervously, “Teacher, are you looking for me?”

Zhang Qing smiled. “I scolded you in the morning class and also made you go to the penalty station. I know that you aren’t feeling well but I was too fierce. I hope that your results can catch up as soon as possible. Come with me and I will explain to you the test contents.”

Ying Xiaoya couldn’t refuse this reason and she had to nervously follow.

Zhang Qing stated, “There are too many people in the office. Let’s find a quiet place to talk about it.”

Ying Xiaoya thought that the eavesdropping matter wasn’t known to the English teacher and the other person had the serious appearance of ‘teaching a student.’ She didn’t think much and followed.

She died without any idea that she would be pushed off the building.

She just saw Xie Xinghe go to the rooftop and curiously followed. She didn’t want to hear these secrets.

How innocent was she?


The police station.

Seeing Zhang Qing and the canvas shoes brought in by the police, Xie Xinghe’s face turned grey.

He confessed everything.

The police were shocked by the truth and Zhang Qing was detained for intentional homicide, awaiting prosecution.

Xie Xinghe asked to see her.

Separated by the iron window, Zhang Qing sat there with no expression while Xie Xinghe had clenched fists as he asked coldly, “Why did you act against Ying Xiaoya? She was innocent! I thought you weren’t so crazy. I didn’t expect you to even want to kill her!”

Zhang Qing replied lightly, “She knew too much. Once she spoke, the bodies in the maple forest would be discovered.”

Xie Xinghe frowned. “This isn’t the reason you killed her. Xiaoya’s courage is very small and it is impossible for her to talk! Sister, you aren’t yourself. You have become the type of person you hate the most. What is the difference between you and those who killed Si Han in the past? How would Si Han feel if she saw all of this?”

Zhang Qing suddenly laughed, her shoulders constantly shaking but her face full of tears.

She touched the bone pieces against her chest and spoke softly, “A dragon slayer will eventually become a dragon. From the moment I decided to get revenge, perhaps… I already wasn’t myself.”


Zhang Qing received the death penalty sentence.

As for Xie Xinghe, since the dose of poison was too low and he intended to save Ying Xiaoya, his parents and the school paid bail and he was released after a few days of detention, taking part in the university entrance examination.

The end of the plot card showed a cemetery.

Rows of gravestones were neatly arranged on the open hills. Xie Xinghe wore a black suit and placed a white flower on Ying Xiaoya’s grave, whispering, “I’m sorry.”

A cold wind swept through the hills and the white petals were blown all over the place.

The young man stood in the wind with a deep and calm expression. “My score for the university entrance examination has been received and I did well. I signed up to report to the police academy. My family members are very opposed to it but it doesn’t matter. I have made up my mind.”

His slender fingers touched the photo of the girl on the gravestone and he spoke in a rare gentle voice. “In the future, I will be a police officer. Zhang Qing shouldn’t have done that to you and the people who killed Si Han are also guilty. You and Si Han were both innocent.”

“I don’t know how many innocent people can be saved with my own power but… I’ll do my best.”

He stood up and bowed deeply to the gravestone. “May there be less killing in the world and may you never feel pain in Heaven. Rest in peace, Xiaoya.”

[3 of Hearts secret room – Bloody Maple Leaf is finished.]

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