CR: Chapter 368

He was tightly pressed against the other person’s strong chest and Xiao Lou heard his heart beating violently. This sudden movement made him startled to the point he even forgot to breathe.. His entire body was stiff and his voice trembled slightly from the tension. “Y-You?”

Yu Hanjiang hugged the person in his arms tightly, a trace of hoarseness revealed in his low tone. “In the stadium previously, I was really worried something would happen to you.”

Yu Hanjiang’s instinctive reaction when the stampede started was to protect Xiao Lou in his arms. There were tragic screams ringing in his ears and the entire scene was chaotic. At that time, Yu Hanjiang had only one thought in his mind—he couldn’t let Xiao Lou get hurt.

He would definitely go crazy if Xiao Lou was knocked down and trampled by the crowd. Fortunately, they were both fine. The aftermath made Yu Hanjiang clearly realize just how important Xiao Lou was to him.

In fact, he had understood his own heart as early as 8 of Hearts when he and Xiao Lou were married. He even went to ask Brother Jiu about his confused feelings. It was just that during this time, they went to one secret room after another and he couldn’t find the right opportunity to talk to Xiao Lou and make things clear. Moreover, he hadn’t been sure how Xiao Lou felt about him previously.

This was until the last secret room when he was shot in the abdomen and Xiao Lou gave him artificial respiration in order to save him.

It was normal for a doctor to give patients artificial respiration. Then Yu Hanjiang discovered that when he mentioned this matter, Xiao Lou would become nervous and blush. He also explained that he was in a hurry and did it according to the first aid knowledge in the textbook. That he forgot about the airbag and did Yu Hanjiang mind?

At that time, the two of them were connected with Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings. Xiao Lou’s expression was anxious when he explained and he kept avoiding Yu Hanjiang’s gaze. His thoughts were tangled and he didn’t dare think about anything. If it was just artificial respiration to rescue a patient then there was no need to explain at all.

His explanation that wanted to cover it up actually revealed his heart. Yu Hanjiang wanted to solve it on the spot but there was still the case of the 10th level secret room and he was seriously injured in the hospital bed. He resisted the urge to pierce this thin layer between them and wanted to find a suitable opportunity to tell Xiao Lou clearly.

Now was the right time. The contract had been re-signed. The new team was about to prepare for the World Weekly and the difficult S-grade rooms that followed. You know, Brother Jiu’s team was almost wiped out in the beginning S-grade secret rooms! Perhaps after entering the S-grade secret rooms, he would no longer have the chance to say it.

Yu Hanjiang sighed lightly and reached out to gently touch Xiao Lou’s wet hair. “Today’s matter has passed. Don’t think too much about it. However, I have something to tell you, if I don’t say it now, I’ll definitely regret it.”

Xiao Lou was startled. Yu Hanjiang’s embrace was so warm that he couldn’t bear to let go for a while. However, was it appropriate for two big men to hold each other like this? Xiao Lou’s ears were slightly hot as he reached out to push the other person away. “Group Leader Yu…”

Yu Hanjiang didn’t let go and suddenly changed the subject. “In the emergency room of the 10th level, I was shot in the abdomen and unconscious. You gave me artificial respiration and I have no memory of this matter.”

Xiao Lou was embarrassed. “I explained it. At that time, I was in a hurry and didn’t use the airbag… do you mind?”

Yu Hanjiang gazed into Xiao Lou’s eyes. “Of course I don’t mind. I just have some regrets in my heart. After all, that was the first time you kissed me but I have no impression of it. That’s why I wanted to discuss it with you… can we review it again?”

Xiao Lou’s eyes widened in an instant. Review it again? He had no idea that Yu Hanjiang would say such a thing. Review it? This… did it mean Yu Hanjiang wanted to kiss him?

Xiao Lou’s heart almost stopped beating and his cheeks turned red. He quickly avoided Yu Hanjiang’s gaze but the next second, Yu Hanjiang reached out and lifted his chin in order to stare directly into his eyes.

The man’s voice was gentle to the extreme as he clearly enunciated each word. “Xiao Lou, I like you. Don’t you feel it at all?”

Xiao Lou, “……”

Seeing that the other person didn’t respond, Yu Hanjiang simply lowered his head and directly kissed Xiao Lou’s lips. Xiao Lou was so shocked that his body was frozen like a statue.

Yu Hanjiang reached out to hold his head and gently deepened the kiss. Their lips were sealed together/touching and it felt countless times better than he had imagined. Xiao Lou’s lips were very sweet, like the candy he had eaten as a child. Compared with artificial respiration, such a formal kiss was more lingering and memorable.

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes gradually deepened. He clasped Xiao Lou’s head with his slender fingers and placed his other arm around Xiao Lou’s waist, pulling them even closer.

Xiao Lou was held and kissed by this man and his mind went blank. He grabbed onto Yu Hanjiang’s shoulders to support himself while the heat on his lips made his ears burn. His lips were firmly kissed by Yu Hanjiang and he uncontrollably let out an ambiguous sound.

“Oh… um…”

Xiao Lou’s brain completely lost its ability to think.


It wasn’t known how much time passed before Yu Hanjiang let him go. Xiao Lou’s face was red from the kiss and his legs were a bit weak.

This Yu Hanjiang was really used to throwing a straight ball. How could he kiss directly without waiting for the other person’s response? Moreover, their first kiss lasted so long. Xiao Lou was… too shy to speak.

After Yu Hanjiang finished the kiss, he seemed to think about Xiao Lou’s opinion and asked in a low voice, “You like me too, don’t you?”

Xiao Lou, “……”

Kissing and then asking? What was this logical order?

Xiao Lou’s face was red as he nodded under the other side’s deep gaze. He had to admit that he really liked Yu Hanjiang. During the kiss just now, his heart had been about to jump out of his chest. This was his first kiss. None of his youthful dreams were as good as today.

Yu Hanjiang smiled and held Xiao Lou’s hand. “I knew that my instincts couldn’t be wrong. I held your hand and you didn’t shake it off.”

Xiao Lou was startled. “Did you do it deliberately?”

Yu Hanjiang looked at him calmly. “I have never led others. You are the first person I’ve ever wanted to actively approach. You can say it was deliberate but I just wanted to test if you disliked it or not.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

It turned out that they had both been carefully testing each other.

Thinking back carefully, the two of them first held hands when they went to Tang Ci’s underground factory. The elevator suddenly dropping made Xiao Lou nervous and he looked to Yu Hanjiang. Yu Hanjiang immediately held his hand. At that moment, his heart was beating like a drum but Yu Hanjiang behaved very calmly and he didn’t dare to think more.

Later, they acted as husband and wife in 8 of Hearts. The two of them not only held hands but also slept in the same bed. Xiao Lou thought that Yu Hanjiang was immersed in acting but now he knew that it wasn’t an act.

The person he liked had been silently liking him for so long? Xiao Lou’s heart was filled with sweetness and he couldn’t help smiling as he stared up at Yu Hanjiang. “Hanjiang, you are also the first person who made my heart move.”

The first love and first kiss were all given to him. In this crisis-ridden world, perhaps this was the only warmth in his heart.

Upon hearing this, Yu Hanjiang immediately reached out and hugged Xiao Lou tightly. Xiao Lou also tacitly hugged the other person. He heard the man’s gentle, deep voice in his ears. “Xiao Lou, it is good to meet you here.”

Xiao Lou’s eyes were hot as he replied softly, “I’m also fortunate to have you.”

If Yu Hanjiang wasn’t by his side then he didn’t know how long he could hold on.

Yu Hanjiang smiled slightly as he gripped Xiao Lou’s fingers and clearly declared in his ear, “From now on, no matter what we encounter, I will always be by your side. If we can live then we will go back together. If we can’t… I will die with you.”

They would stick together in life or death. Such a promise was more moving than any words of love. Was there anything to be afraid of when this man wanted to live and die with him?

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