CR: Chapter 364

On the way to the concert, they saw fans holding posters of Luo Yan and the two of them couldn’t stay calm.

Xiao Lou leaned toward Yu Hanjiang’s ear. “The entire distribution map that Tang Ci made is the result of ticket sales on the official website. However, many people won’t necessarily go even if they buy the tickets. There are a large number of scalpers reselling the tickets at a high price.”

For example, the scalper tickets bought by Shao Qingge were for area A.

In other words, there were natives who bought the tickets and passed them onto challengers. Similarly, there would be challengers in areas C and D who didn’t keep the ticket after buying it and sold it to natives at a high price.

Areas A, B, E and F might be for natives while C and D were for challengers but there would definitely be some errors due to reselling tickets. If there were challengers who bought scalper tickets to sit in area A then there would naturally be natives who bought expensive tickets from challengers and ended up in areas C and D.

No matter how powerful the hunters were, it was impossible to monitor the destination of all the resold tickets. What did they want to do?

Xiao Lou was flustered as he lined up with Yu Hanjiang to collect the tickets. Since their tickets were in area A, they were guided by the staff to enter from the suitable entrance and walked to the VIP seats in the front row.

By 7 o’clock, the entire stadium was brightly lit. Fans entered the venue one after another and took their seats. Fans in the back rows raised posters and glow sticks. By 7:30 p.m., the stadium was already full of people.

Xiao Lou unexpectedly discovered that in the third row of area A where they were sitting, six seats were empty. The two people exchanged looks. Then Xiao Lou took out his phone and sent a message to Tang Ci. [Mr Tang, please look at the buyers of seats 311-316 in area A. The concert is about to begin but these seats are empty.]

Tang Ci had hacked into the official system yesterday afternoon and got the list of all the ticket buyers for the concert. After seeing Xiao Lou’s message, he checked it on his laptop and quickly found the result. [Shu Xiaomeng, Liu Xiaoyan, Zhang Xiaozhu…]

Xiao Lou showed the phone to Yu Hanjiang. The six familiar names on the screen made Yu Hanjiang frown.

The concert’s warm-up performance began and there were deafening screams around them. Xiao Lou had to get close to Yu Hanjiang’s ear and spoke close to it. “Shu Xiaomeng’s group of six didn’t come? They specifically came to the City of the Sun this time to realize their dreams. There is no reason for them to not be here.”

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes were deep as he spoke in Xiao Lou’s ear, “Li Mo.”

Xiao Lou was startled before soon understanding. “They were stopped by Li Mo?”

“Li Mo is powerful in this world and he knows a lot of business giants. Perhaps he received some news in advance so he prevented his wife and her friends from going to the concert.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

The absence of Shu Xiaomeng’s group of six further confirmed Xiao Lou’s conjecture that something would happen at this concert. What exactly was it?

The two of them looked at each other before sitting quietly in their seats, vigilantly observing the surroundings.

After the warm-up, Luo Yan finally came on stage. Under the lights, a middle-aged woman with smoky makeup and wearing a blue sequined fishtail dress walked to the middle of the stage. This woman deserved to be the queen of singing. She had a powerful aura. She covered her chest with one hand and bowed to the audience. Deafening screams filled the venue.

“Luo Yan! Luo Yan!”

The screams almost overturned the roof of the stadium.

Luo Yan smiled slightly and picked up the microphone. “Thank you for coming to today’s concert. Today is the 20th anniversary of my debut and I’m very happy to be here with you all. For the past 20 years, I was fortunate to have your support and company…”

She spoke a lot of sentimental words and many diehard fans were in tears.

After the opening speech, Luo Yan started to sing. She sang lyrical songs and Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang heard a few songs in a row. 30 minutes passed as the fans on the scene waved glowsticks to the rhythm of the music, occasionally singing along with the goddess. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

At 9 o’clock, Luo Yan stepped down to rest and a special guest group came up and sang a few songs. At 9:30 p.m., Luo Yan took to the stage again. She changed her style and started to sing more energetic fast songs. At 10 o’clock, Luo Yan once again took a break and the special guest group came back to the stage to sing.

During the entire process, nothing happened. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang were very confused. Had they been thinking too much? However, everything that had happened so far couldn’t be explained by coincidence, right?

At 10:30 p.m., the concert was about to end. Luo Yan came on stage again along with the special guests. Luo Yan smiled. “Today’s concert will soon be over. For the last song, let everyone sing the chorus. Okay?”

“Okay!” The response from the stadium converged into sound waves and broke through the clouds. Luo Yan raised her hand in a handsome manner and made an ‘invitation’ gesture.

A band came to the stage. The drummer played a crisp beat, the bassist played a passionate melody and several young singers sang and danced. This song was a typical rock song. After an exciting concert for two hours, the emotions of the audience were thoroughly mobilized. In addition, the stars on the stage continued to pass it to the audience. “Let’s do it together!”

”Dance with me!”

The applause and screams were deafening and the entire audience stood up to the music. The singers on stage excitedly stomped their feet to accompany the drums. The fans in the audience were doing the same. They waved the glowsticks in their hands while beating to the drums with their feet.

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang sat in the midst of the crazy fans and seemed out of place. The people around them were standing up, singing and dancing excitedly while the two of them were sitting.

Yu Hanjiang’s heart tensed. He had a hunch, this situation was likely to be difficult to end peacefully!

The voices of a hundred thousand fans singing together at the same time were so loud that Xiao Lou couldn’t hear what Yu Hanjiang was saying at all. The two of them didn’t have the Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings connection and had to shout in each other’s ears if they wanted to talk.

Xiao Lou simply took out his phone and quickly typed: [This group of people seem to be out of control.]

Yu Hanjiang’s face was ugly. [The singers on stage are deliberately guiding it. Do you know about the stampede at the 1999 Millennium Concert?]

Xiao Lou shook his head. He usually didn’t pay attention to these things and had never heard of the Millennium Concert.

Yu Hanjiang quickly typed an explanation. [At a concert in 1999, under the guidance of the singer, the people watching the concert kept stepping on the ground with their feet and dancing to the accompaniment of the music. People repeated these movements for a long time and a conditional reflex was formed. At the end of the concert, people lost control of their emotions and a large-scale stampede occurred. This resulted in a lot of people being trampled to death!]

Xiao Lou saw Yu Hanjiang’s brief description and felt cold. Then today’s concert was actually…

As if confirming their thoughts, just then, the singing stopped abruptly and Luo Yan on the stage declared loudly, “Today’s concert ends here. Please leave the venue in an orderly manner and I look forward to the next meeting! Goodbye, everyone!”

In the dark, the exit lights were turned on and there were clear arrow indicators on the ground. This was the same as when a movie ended. They just needed to leave the scene according to the indicator lights. Then suddenly, piercing screams were heard from areas C and D. “Ahhhh—”

Several lights on the roof appeared to be loose. They fell and hit the audience directly, smashing several spectators and splashing others with blood. The excited crowd heard the screams and immediately ran toward the exits in a panic.

The bodies that had just danced to the rhythm of the music didn’t seem to listen to reasoning at this moment. Countless people joined the running army. Some accidentally tripped and the people behind them stepped on them.


“My hand! My hand is broken!”

“Oh my god, someone was trampled to death! Those behind me, don’t squeeze!”

“Don’t step on me! Help!”

The screams of the crowd were heard one after another. The scene of the concert instantly turned into a hell on earth. Xiao Lou’s expression became terrible as he listened to the screams. This was actually the result…

The audience in areas A and B were affected by the screams from areas C and D and started to leave the venue quickly. The area around them became crowded with people trying to get out as fast as possible. Yu Hanjiang saw fans nearby wanting to squeeze Xiao Lou into the crowd. He immediately reached out and hugged Xiao Lou in his arms. He quickly led Xiao Lou to a corner and placed one hand on the pillar in front of him as support while keeping Xiao Lou in his arms.

Xiao Lou’s heart was almost jumping out of his chest.

The stadium was completely chaotic. It was like everyone had lost their wits. The crowd was full of screams and curses. Yu Hanjiang protected him with his body and Xiao Lou could feel the steady and powerful heartbeat from this man’s chest.

Xiao Lou reached out his arms and hugged Yu Hanjiang firmly. His body couldn’t help shaking. This cruel and bloody scene was even more terrifying than a nightmare.

He saw with his own eyes that after many people fell over, they were stepped on by the crowd and trampled to death! He could hear the screams of those people, the constant calls for help and even the cries of children…

However, he couldn’t do anything. The madness of 100,000 people wasn’t something he could stop alone. It turned out that this was the plan of the hunters: let the foreigners be in chaos and trample each other to death!

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