CR: Chapter 360 – City of the Sun

Who was Brother Jiu?

Everyone was puzzled by Yu Hanjiang’s words except for Xiao Lou and Shao Qingge, who already knew about it.

Yu Hanjiang explained to everyone, “Lu Jiuchuan is my cousin. In reality he is Major Lu—the leader of the Sharp Arrow Commandos. He died during a mission and I have been to worship in front of his grave with my family. I didn’t expect to meet him in the Card World.”

This explanation stunned everyone. A person buried in a grave actually appeared in the Card World?

Ye Qi had a dazed face. “Group Leader Yu, your cousin has been buried in a grave. Can he still go back like the keeper said? What will he do after go back? Take over a corpse?”

The team members, “……

Xiao Ye’s words dumbfounded everyone.

Xiao Lou was the one who answered. “Group Leader Yu also had this doubt when he first saw his cousin. Later, we analyzed it and I speculated that if we successfully pass all levels and return to reality, the keepers can adjust the time node so we can go back to the past with our memories. We just have to avoid the accident and can continue to live.”

Qu Wanyue heard this and a trace of excitement appeared on her face. “Professor Xiao, do you mean that everyone will be collectively sent back to the past knowing the day we will encounter the accident? This way, we can avoid the accident in advance? For example, the date of my wedding to Long Sen was February 14th on Valentine’s Day. If we go back to the past, we can revise the wedding date to avoid the car accident?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Theoretically, this is the case. Otherwise, it would be impossible to resurrect Brother Jiu who has already been cremated.”

Ye Qi scratched his head in a puzzled manner. “If it is like this, we can survive in reality. The problem is if we go back to the past with our memories, can we also save the lives of others? For example, I know someone who has failed to clear the instance. If I know the day he got into the accident, can I save him in advance? Then he can survive even if he doesn’t pass the instance in the Card World?”

Xiao Lou answered, “I also don’t know about this question. Perhaps only the keepers can explain it.”

Yu Hanjiang said, “The keepers can freely control time which is why the time and flow rate of each secret room is different. Xiao Lou is just speculating about how we can return to the real world. The final interpretation rights belong to the keepers. The only thing we can do now is reach the condition of clearing all the secret rooms in order to return.”

The team members nodded in agreement. Only by clearing all the instances would they finally discover the way to go back to the real world. This was the only solution at present.

Liu Qiao calmly said, “Group Leader Yu, you said you would take us to find Brother Jiu. Does that mean your cousin is willing to join us?”

“Yes.” Yu Hanjiang briefly summarized it, “He built a very good team. Unfortunately, they were wiped out in J of Clubs. All of them were eliminated and entered the Nightmare Room. In the end, only four people survived the Nightmare Room.”

“These four people are very strong and are willing to cooperate with us.” Xiao Lou continued. “If they join us, the strength of our team will be greatly improved.”

“Great.” Ye Qi didn’t think much and was excited. “People that Professor Xiao wants to cooperate with definitely won’t be bad. If strong helpers join, the Spades level should be easier in the future? Our combat cards are still too few.”

“Putting aside Brother Jiu, are the other three people trustworthy?” Liu Qiao inquired calmly.

“We also had doubts about this at first but after a brief period of investigation, I feel they are credible. All three of them are teammates who risked their lives with Brother Jiu. One of them even lost his legs in the Nightmare Room.”

Xiao Lou’s eyes showed a trace of admiration as he thought about Tang Ci sitting in the wheelchair. “He lost his legs but still managed to survive the Nightmare Room. Such willpower can’t be found in ordinary people.”

“…That is indeed very powerful. If it was me, I don’t think I could come out of the Nightmare Room if I was disabled.” Long Sen and Qu Wanyue exchanged looks and decided to follow the team. They smiled and said, “We will listen to Professor Xiao and Group Leader Yu’s arrangements.”

“Good. Then I’ll talk to Brother Jiu and find a way for us to meet as soon as possible.” Yu Hanjiang took out the Absolute Domain Card. As long as the absolute domain was opened, he could enter the world created by Lu Jiuchuan and meet his brother.

At this point, it was just past midnight. The Absolute Domain card refreshed its skill at midnight every night.

Yu Hanjiang entered the domain space and was surrounded by a calm sea. The stars reflected in the sea were like broken diamonds thrown across the surface. The sea and the sky were the same color and the vast and boundless magnificent scenery reminded him of when he first saw Lu Jiuchuan in the World Weekly secret room. It was also at this piece of the sea and they faced each other steadily while standing on the water surface.

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept around but he didn’t see Lu Jiuchuan’s figure. He called out, “Brother Jiu.”

There was no sound. Even his voice had no echo as it spread out. It was like it was completely swallowed by the darkness.

Yu Hanjiang’s heart tightened slightly as he continued to shout, “Brother? Are you there?”

A breeze blew on the sea. The originally calm sea was sparkling and the surroundings were quiet. Standing in such an enclosed space he felt suffocated. Yu Hanjiang immediately canceled the card skill and left the absolute domain.

The team members saw Yu Hanjiang suddenly disappear and then appear again, his expression a bit ugly. Xiao Lou noticed that something was wrong instantly and asked, “What happened?”

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “Brother Jiu wasn’t there.”

Xiao Lou was shocked. Lu Jiuchuan’s Absolute Domain card was very special. As long as Lu Jiuchuan handed over the card to someone, this person could enter the independent space he created at any time. He would immediately know there was someone there and come to meet the person. Now he knew that Yu Hanjiang had come so why didn’t he show up to meet Yu Hanjiang?

Yu Hanjiang whispered, “Unless he is in danger and can’t come.”

Xiao Lou couldn’t help being nervous. “What should we do?”

Yu Hanjiang declared, “Go to Tang Ci.”

His brother was in danger. It might be late at night but Yu Hanjiang couldn’t sit still. Xiao Lou naturally wanted to follow him. Shao Qingge also wanted to go but Xiao Lou turned to him and said, “Chief Shao, rest with the others. I will go with Group Leader Yu. This is the main city so keep your mobile phone with you at all times. Call if there are any problems.”

Shao Qingge nodded. “Okay.”

In the main city, his Bug King card couldn’t be used and he might cause trouble if he followed. Moreover, only Tang Ci would know if Brother Jiu had an accident or not. After all, Tang Ci was the director of the intelligence bureau and his sources of information were wide-spread.

Shao Qingge thought up to here and handed the car keys to Yu Hanjiang. “The two of you be careful.”

Yu Hanjiang took the key, drove the car shared by the team and took Xiao Lou to Tang Ci’s underground base.

The City of the Moon was quiet and peaceful at night. There were no pedestrians on the street. The entire city was located in the mountains and forests and it seemed to be filled with the fragrance of flowers and plants everywhere.

The vines on the roadside quickly slid past the window of the car. Yu Hanjiang’s expression was extremely serious and Xiao Lou couldn’t help gently touching the hand holding the steering wheel. He comforted Yu Hanjiang softly, “Don’t be too serious. Brother Jiu’s disguise is very good, so he shouldn’t have been discovered by the hunters. Besides, he has Director Tang, Old Gui and Sister Huaying helping him. Perhaps it is just temporarily inconvenient for him to meet you.”

The slightly cool touch on the back of his hand calmed Yu Hanjiang down. He nodded and said, “Send a message to Tang Ci to ask.”

Tang Ci was doing intelligence work and his major was computers and software engineering. His anti-reconnaissance methods were even more powerful than the expert criminals that Yu Hanjiang had seen. Every time, Tang Ci would use a virtual number to send messages to them and there was no way to track it.

However, Tang Ci previously left Xiao Lou a number that they could contact in emergencies.

Xiao Lou sent a message. [Mr Tang, what is the situation with Brother Jiu? We went to the absolute domain and didn’t see him.]

There was a quick reply. [He found an important clue about the hunters and went to the City of the Sun. Now he can’t separate himself from them. Why are you so anxious to find him?]

Xiao Lou explained: [We just came out of the 10th level. We originally planned to bring our teammates over to meet Brother Jiu.]

Tang Ci thought about it before saying: [Bring them to the City of the Sun to join me as soon as possible. Old Gui and Chu Huaying are also in the City of the Sun. Brother Jiu told me that within three days, the hunters are planning something big. The details are still being investigated.]

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other. Yu Hanjiang immediately turned the steering wheel and headed back to the villa. He woke up their teammates and ordered, “Immediately pack your things. We are going to the City of the Sun!”

Everyone looked dazed and Shao Qingge wondered, “Will we be able to buy tickets in time?” He opened his phone and checked. “The tickets for the earliest trips are sold out.”

Xiao Lou told him, “Do you remember how we passed the fourth level and everyone got a ‘Universal Ticket’ card. There is no restriction on transportation. We can use this to ride on aircrafts or trains.”

Everyone opened their card pack and saw that they did have this card. It could be used to replace a ticket in cases of emergency.

Old Mo wondered, “Are we setting off now?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “The situation is urgent. We will set off immediately.”

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