CR: Chapter 351

The outside mechanisms had all been opened. At this time, the basement must be full of poisonous fog. Fortunately, Liu Qiao still had the vaccine card and they got 10 minutes of precious time. Seeing Ye Qi and Yu Hanjiang turn to leave with Old Mo, Xiao Lou hurriedly asked, “Are you going together or separately?”

Yu Hanjiang answered, “We will split up. Xiao Ye will select a place with surveillance to attract the attention of those in the control room. Old Mo and I will find the way to the control room as soon as possible to open the metal door.”

Xiao Lou was worried. “Is Xiao Ye familiar with the route of the labyrinth? What if he gets lost?”

Ye Qi didn’t have the confidence to navigate the labyrinth alone. He didn’t have the Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings channel to contact Shao Qingge and his phone had been taken. He might’ve become the bug king and had his physical abilities improved but if the opponent used fire, Ye Qi could be in danger alone.

Xiao Lou wouldn’t allow such an ‘in case’ situation to happen. He looked back at Yu Hanjiang and asked, “Is Xiao Ye’s Bug card still in your hand?”

“Yes.” Yu Hanjiang took out the card and handed it to Xiao Lou.

A full level Bug card could release three bugs at the same time. Xiao Lou fixed one of them to Yu Hanjiang and handed the corresponding earpiece to Ye Qi. The other bug was placed on Ye Qi and the earpiece given to Yu Hanjiang. In this way, once a person spoke, the other person could hear it through the bug. This was equivalent to establishing the fastest voice channel. The remaining one was handed to Yu Hanjiang so he could eavesdrop on the enemy’s movements when necessary.

Ye Qi praised it. “Great, the Bug card can still be used like this!” His Bug card was usually used to eavesdrop on others. Now they both wore one and it became like a dial-free walkie-talkie.

Xiao Lou said, “Go ahead and pay attention to safety. I will wait for your news.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and left the Peach Blossom Spring with their two teammates. The three of them came to the forked road. The area to the left had the surveillance destroyed by Yu Hanjiang previously. He looked up at the dim light on the roof and said in a low voice, “Xiao Ye, turn right and lead the killers away. Old Mo and I are wearing invisibility cloaks and we will find the location of the control room as soon as possible.”

“Understood!” Ye Qi heard this and immediately shot forward like the wind.

Ye Qi had the abilities of the bug king and was extremely agile. The height of a 7 year old child also added together to make him very flexible. In the blink of an eye, he climbed along the wall to the forked path and moved to the right according to Yu Hanjiang’s instructions. There was surveillance in every corner. Ye Qi looked at the flashing red camera in the corner, jumped to it and reached out his hand to smash it in an instant!

In the central monitoring room, the two people saw the little boy appearing again and looked at each other. The yellow-haired man’s voice trembled. “Is this kid not afraid of poison? He actually crawled through the poisonous fog!”

The short-haired woman’s expression changed slightly and her voice was cold. “Brother Rong is right. These people really have special abilities.” She picked up the walkie-talkie and ordered decisively, “The little boy went to Area C. The people over there, deal with him immediately!”

The woman just finished speaking when a door in the corner of the corridor in front of Ye Qi opened and a tall man walked out. The moment Ye Qi turned the corner, he saw a black gun aimed at him. Before he could react, the man pulled the trigger. There was a bang and Ye Qi’s chest was smashed. A bloody hole suddenly appeared!

Ye Qi’s heart trembled with fright. If this was a normal situation, this shot would’ve killed him! However, the chest wound soon healed at a rate obvious to the naked eye, leaving only glaring blood stains on the clothes.

The man who came to hunt him saw that the child was shot but didn’t die. He frowned and raised the submachine gun with both hands to fire ferociously at Ye Qi. For a while, there was only the sound of piercing gunshots in the entire corridor. The floor was almost turned into a sieve by the bullets! It was like a rain of bullets.

Ye Qi’s senses returned and he hurriedly climbed to the ceiling to avoid the bullets. Still, this was the first time he faced such a dangerous situation. No matter how fast, he couldn’t dodge that many bullets. He was hit many times in the blink of an eye and blood flowed from his body. It was just that the bug’s magical healing ability meant his actions weren’t affected at all and he didn’t feel any pain.

The gunshots transmitted from the bug card were deafening and Yu Hanjiang hurriedly said, “Xiao Ye, keep turning left in front of you. I’ll meet you!”

Ye Qi crawled along the wall like lightning. After turning left, it happened to be a place where the surveillance and lighting had been destroyed by Yu Hanjiang. He entered a dark corridor and the bug’s vision in the dark was improved. Only a human’s vision would be affected. Ye Qi was slightly relieved and said, “Group Leader Yu, I’m fine. The injuries have healed.”

“Be careful. Go ahead and destroy the lights as well as the surveillance so they can’t lock onto you.”


The killer found that the little boy was running away and hurriedly chased after him. He walked around the corner and found there were no lights. The man frowned and walked forward alertly. Then in the darkness, a white blade flashed before his eyes. Before he had time to react, a sharp blade cut his throat!

The man stared in disbelief and fell straight down.

Old Mo was in Yu Hanjiang’s pocket. He saw Group Leader Yu simply cut the throat of a person and couldn’t help being frightened. Yu Hanjiang calmly put away the knife. He walked forward quickly and asked Old Mo, “What is the route?”

Old Mo took a deep breath. “This labyrinth is twice as big as the one we encountered in Antai Garden. If we repeatedly search through it, we might not be able to find the control room in 10 minutes.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “What are your thoughts?”

Old Mo thought carefully. “Judging from the route we took just now, this labyrinth is still made up of countless ‘回’ shaped corridors. We were detained in the eastern area and they were all rooms with iron doors. No special rooms were found. The control room should be in the central or western region. Let’s try to take shortcuts instead of detours. Go in a straight line to investigate!”

Yu Hanjiang believed in Old Mo’s judgment and told Ye Qi, “Xiao Ye, you are now in the northernmost corridor. Go straight ahead. Don’t take any forks in the road and observe if there are any abnormalities in the rooms in the corridor. In addition, pay attention to safety.”

Ye Qi’s clear voice came from the bug. “Okay!”

The three of them divided the path. Ye Qi crawled along the longest passage in the north while Yu Hanjiang and Old Mo went along the south side passage all the way to the west. They didn’t turn when encountering a forked road and went forward at the fastest speed.

In the blink of an eye, the three of them arrived at the far west. There was only a wall in front of them and no other path.

Yu Hanjiang followed Old Mo’s instructions and went north a certain distance. Then at the fork in the road, he turned and headed east.

This course of action pointed out by Old Mo was equivalent to going one path all the way to the end and then taking another path all the way to the end in the opposite direction. This wouldn’t make people dizzy and the speed of investigation would be the fastest.

There were many surveillance cameras in the area where Ye Qi appeared and killers kept coming out. Fortunately, he learned his lesson and destroyed all the lights along the way as well. In the dark, it was difficult for these killers to target him accurately. He swiftly climbed the walls, crushing the cameras and light bulbs on the ceiling.

The surveillance screens in the control room turned black one after another. The killers moved but it was hard for them to find Ye Qi. Seeing the child quickly sabotage a large area of surveillance, the yellow-haired man felt horror. “This child isn’t afraid of poison or bullets? He was shot so many times and his entire body is bloody yet he isn’t dead. What is his origin….”

The short-haired woman spoke coldly. “It seems the final plan has to be used.”

The man asked curiously, “Sister Qing, what is the final plan?”

There were buttons of different colors on the console. The first blue button was to lower the metal wall. The second green button activated the poisonous fog, allowing the corridors to be filled with a highly toxic fog. It wasn’t known what the third red button was for.

The woman took a deep breath. “Brother Rong told me to press the red button if the poisonous fog isn’t enough to deal with these people. This will start the final plan. I don’t know what it is but Brother Rong said it can definitely kill them.”

The yellow-haired man exclaimed, “Then why aren’t you pressing it? Press it!”

The woman didn’t speak. Her slender finger was gently placed on the red button as she frowned thoughtfully.


Meanwhile, under Old Mo’s guidance, Yu Hanjiang had checked half the area of the labyrinth at the fastest speed. However, most of the labyrinth contained empty rooms. They had been away from the Peach Blossom Spring for five minutes and the vaccine only worked for 10 minutes. If the control room wasn’t found before the vaccine ended, they would never be able to go out again.

Yu Hanjiang stared at the seemingly endless corridor in front of him and a sharp light flashed in his eyes. He ordered in a deep voice, “Faster.”

His speed had actually reached its limit. In his pocket, Old Mo felt like he was on a plane and felt dizzy. Recognizing the direction in such a situation was a challenge for Old Mo. Just then, Ye Qi’s voice entered Yu Hanjiang’s ear. “Group Leader Yu, I found a file room full of cabinets!”

Yu Hanjiang told him, “Go in and take a look. If it is useful information then take it away.”

Ye Qi responded positively and climbed flexibly down from the wall into the room.

The area of this room was larger than the ordinary rooms. There were three walls of filing cabinets and each cabinet was densely packed with documents. Ye Qi intuitively felt that these documents were related to the organization’s organ trafficking so he hurriedly opened one. He saw that the front page had these words written: Informed consent form for a heart transplant.

Sure enough! This was the base camp of the organization. Ye Qi immediately reported it to Yu Hanjiang. “It is likely to contain the patients’ information. There are too many of them! I can only use the teleportation card to move them and pass them to Professor Xiao!”

Ye Qi usually used his teleportation card to carry his teammate but in fact, this card didn’t have a limit on what to carry. There was only a limit on the weight. He could teleport up to 100 kilograms.

There might be many documents but they were all paper and the total amount didn’t exceed 100 kilograms. It was just that it was difficult for Ye Qi to teleport so many file cabinets in the narrow corridors. He thought of a way to bring the file cabinets with the teleportation card. Xiao Lou transferred him back to the Peach Blossom Spring so that he could bring the documents into the Peach Blossom Spring. Then they would be handed over to Shao Qingge who also had a teleportation card.

This reached Xiao Lou’s mind through the Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings connection and he immediately summoned Ye Qi back. The team members discovered that Ye Qi appeared in the Peach Blossom Spring with three file cabinets large enough to crush him. The time was urgent and Ye Qi couldn’t explain in detail. He just told Shao Qingge, “This is information I found. I’ll leave it to you, Chief Shao!”

Then he disappeared before everyone’s eyes and entered the maze again.

However, Shao Qingge clenched his fists. He saw that Ye Qi’s body was covered with blood! It wasn’t known how many bullets Ye Qi had in his body but his clothes were red with blood and his face was covered with blood drops. His expression showed he didn’t feel any pain but Shao Qingge felt a strong heartache.

His body in this secret room originally had a weak heart and the pain in his heart was magnified a hundredfold, making him unable to breath for a while. Xiao Lou was about to look through the files when he found that Shao Qingge’s face was extremely pale. He couldn’t help asking in concern, “Chief Shao, what’s wrong?”

Shao Qingge glanced at Xiao Lou with clenched fists. “The bug king effect only lasts 24 hours. The injuries caused by bullets can be healed but the bullets are still left in Ye Qi’s body.”

Xiao Lou was stunned. He hadn’t expected this but Shao Qingge had used the Bug King card himself and even before obtaining it he had been a bug himself, so he should know the function of this card best. Xiao Lou trembled. “Do you mean that the bug king’s healing ability won’t remove the bullets in his body? Then Xiao Ye…”

Shao Qingge’s expression was very ugly. “At first, I thought the bug queen was immune to bullets and she was only afraid of fire. Now it seems that bullets can be shot into the bug’s body without causing pain to the bug and the wound can heal immediately. However, Ye Qi isn’t a true bug after all. The transformation only lasts 24 hours. The bullets that have been shot into the body can’t be removed. Only the trauma is healed.”

Shao Qingge paused before enunciating clearly, “After 24 hours, Ye Qi will turn back into an ordinary person and the bullets left in his body will kill him!”

In other words, they didn’t only need to leave the basement covered in explosives in 10 minutes. They also needed to clear this secret room within 24 hours. Xiao Ye had been hit multiple times and had bullets in many places inside his body. Once he changed back to an ordinary person, the consequences would be disastrous!

Xiao Lou thought of the little child covered in blood and felt incomparable regret. “We were careless. We shouldn’t have let Xiao Ye take such risks…”

The blue veins on Shao Qingge’s hands bulged and his eyes were dark and murky. He spoke in a low and hoarse voice, “Unfortunately, this is the only way. These assassins have machine guns and the invisibility cloak can’t block bullets. If Group Leader Yu and Old Mo are shot then they will die on the spot! Ye Qi can lure them away from Group Leader Yu. We can only pray that Group Leader Yu will find the control room as soon as possible.”

Otherwise, all the team members would be buried together.

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1 year ago

Isn’t it stupid to no realize in the first place that the bullets will remain the body..

1 year ago
Reply to  Wonton

I think they thought the card would be like a reset of the body conditions before it was hurt if the wound wasn’t like a disease or head cut off. That’s why no one expected the bullets to stay inside. Another thing is that it’s a really stressful environment and no one have the time to think abt the debt of how much the card heal them I think.
(Or I’m just coping)

11 months ago
Reply to  Wonton

In the spade secret room they didn’t need to think about it so naturally they didn’t know this information