CR: Chapter 348

Yu Hanjiang left the room where Xiao Lou was being held and immediately started looking for Ye Qi and Old Mo.

The basement was very similar to Antai Garden. There were numerous ‘回’ shaped corridors connected together to form a large labyrinth. Fortunately, Yu Hanjiang’s sense of direction wasn’t too bad. Previously, he had walked through the labyrinth of Antai Garden with Old Mo and was familiar with the structure. Therefore, he didn’t get lost.

Just after passing two corridors, Yu Hanjiang suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from the other side of the corridor. The other party was groaning softly as if enduring extreme pain. “Oh… my stomach hurts… it hurts so much… ugh…”

Yu Hanjiang quickly headed toward room 301. Through the window of the iron door, he could see a gray-haired old man lying on his side. His entire body was tied, his legs were bent and he was frowning. His face was cold and sweaty while he kept groaning. He seemed to be in a lot of pain—It was Old Mo!

Yu Hanjiang knew with one glance that Old Mo was acting. This person deliberately made a sound because he guessed his teammates would come to rescue him after midnight. He wanted to lead his teammates over using sound.

The iron door was locked tightly and the room was monitored. Yu Hanjiang couldn’t open the door rashly to save him. Coincidentally, Li Ran actually walked over after hearing the sound. He frowned and looked inside the room, speaking coldly, “Stinky old man, what are you calling out for?”

Old Mo’s voice trembled slightly and his body kept shaking. “My stomach hurts… oh… it hurts!” This acting was really superb. He had a weak and trembling appearance as he perfectly acted out a ‘sick, old man in pain’.

Li Ran opened the door with a calm face and walked up to carefully check the rope that bound Old Mo. Then he tied an extra knot at Old Mo’s wrist and opened the collar. “Don’t pretend. In any case, you aren’t far from death. You’ll be happy later!”

After checking the rope, Li Ran turned around. He picked up a walkie-talkie and asked, “Hey, are they coming soon?”

A clear voice was heard in reply. “There are 10 minutes remaining. Get ready to act.”

“I understand. I’ll make the arrangements.” Then Li Ran turned and left, completely unaware that in the seconds when he opened the door, checked the ropes and closed the door, Yu Hanjiang had flashed into the room and cut the rope tying Old Mo’s hand. At the same time, he whispered in Old Mo’s ear, “This is like the underground labyrinth of Antai Garden. After three minutes, escape and put on the invisibility cloak. Go out and turn right three times. Wait for me at the door of 201.”

Old Mo heard Yu Hanjiang’s deep voice and finally relaxed. He moved his fingers to show his understanding.

Yu Hanjiang quickly left the room before the door was closed. Another gust of wind blew by Li Ran’s side. He was startled and scratched his head doubtfully. “How is there wind in the basement?”

He turned and looked behind him. The old man in the room was still curled up on the ground in pain with no signs of struggling. Li Ran let go of his worries and walked around the corner. Yu Hanjiang simply followed him. This person should be going to check on Ye Qi next.

Sure enough, Li Ran passed by a few corners before stopping in front of an iron door. He opened the door with a key and walked into the room.

In a corner of the room, a little boy was curled up, blindfolded and motionless. Chief Shao hadn’t been able to get in contact with Ye Qi using the Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings before midnight. This indicated that Ye Qi wasn’t conscious yet. Yu Hanjiang came closer to find that Ye Qi was unconscious and had many bruises on his skin.

Li Ran walked over and touched the artery on Ye Qi’s neck. There was blood flowing under the warm skin, proving that the child was alive. Li Ran smiled and squeezed the boy’s face. “It seems to be an overdose of anesthetic seeing as you still haven’t woken up. But it is useless even if you wake up. Who told you to know too much? We won’t spare you even if you are a kid.”

After confirming Ye Qi’s condition, Li Ran got up to leave the room. He made a phone call and said respectfully, “Brother Rong, the three people are under control. The remaining five will arrive at Qinghe Village in 10 minutes. I have already made arrangements here. Should I deal with it directly or…”

It wasn’t known what the other party said but a hint of surprise flashed in Li Ran’s eyes. A few seconds later, he nodded solemnly. “Yes, I understand.”

Seeing Li Ran turn to leave, Yu Hanjiang immediately contacted Shao Qingge through their heart connection. “Chief Shao, where are you?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been driving according to the other party’s instructions and the car has just driven onto a country road. It is raining heavily outside and the road is muddy. The chassis of my car is very low and I can’t drive quickly at all. My car should be monitored by them…” Shao Qingge paused before adding, “Just now, that person sent me a message again and told me to turn left at the road ahead.”

Yu Hanjiang remembered that on the country roads, the left turn of the last fork led to Qinghe Village. Obviously, this group wanted to lead Shao Qingge’s group of five to Qinghe Village to catch them all.

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes narrowed. “I have confirmed the safety of Xiao Lou, Ye Qi and Old Mo. Your car shouldn’t drive too fast and wait for me before taking action.”

Shao Qingge nodded. “No problem.”

Yu Hanjiang notified Shao Qingge and took advantage of the time when Li Ran hadn’t closed the door yet to pick up Ye Qi and cover the boy’s body with the invisibility cloak. Then he quickly moved behind Li Ran and simply struck the back of Li Ran’s neck with his hand!

Li Ran had lowered his head to close and lock the door. Suddenly, a strong wind blew by his ear. He reflexively reached out to block but Yu Hanjiang had received professional combat training and his movements were lightning fast! Li Ran hadn’t clearly seen what was going on when there was a sudden pain at the back of his neck. The force almost broke his neck! Li Ran was dizzy and collapsed straight to the ground.

In the central monitoring room, the companion responsible for surveillance saw Li Ran falling down and immediately pressed the alarm, speaking into the walkie-talkie, “Alert, alert! Someone has broken into the base!”

A harsh alarm immediately sounded through the underground labyrinth. Yu Hanjiang issued a reminder to Xiao Lou. “Run!”

At the same time, he told Shao Qingge, “Be prepared to abandon the car at any time!”

The rope binding Xiao Lou’s hand had already been cut. He heard Yu Hanjiang’s voice and immediately activated a card to put on the invisibility cloak.

Old Mo had received a notice from Yu Hanjiang telling him to run away in three minutes. Three minutes had passed and piercing sirens suddenly rang through the basement. Old Mo knew that Group Leader Yu’s rescue must’ve been discovered. He hurriedly removed the already cut rope, took out the key card to open the metal door, put on his invisibility cloak and slipped away without a trace.

He followed Group Leader Yu’s instructions and turned left three times in a row. Old Mo came to the door of 201 and happened to collide with Xiao Lou who stood outside.

The two of them couldn’t see each other but the invisibility cloak only hid them from the vision of others. It didn’t make the person wearing it completely disappear. The human body still existed. Old Mo seemed to feel something hitting his shoulder and lowered his voice, “Professor Xiao?”

Xiao Lou whispered, “It’s me.”

The alarm ringing in the basement was deafening. The two of them leaned against a wall and waited for Yu Hanjiang to appear.

Yu Hanjiang rushed to 201 with Ye Qi in his arms. Although they were wearing invisibility cloaks and couldn’t see each other, Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang could feel each other through the Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings. Yu Hanjiang wondered, “Is Old Mo here?”

Old Mo’s voice sounded from beside him. “I’m here.”

Xiao Lou asked, “Where is the exit?”

Yu Hanjiang answered, “Turn around, go right, left and then right. There will be a big iron door… hurry!”

Xiao Lou and Old Mo immediately turned around and quickly followed Yu Hanjiang. Xiao Lou asked softly, “Where is Xiao Ye?”

“There was an overdose of anesthetic and he hasn’t woken up yet. I am carrying him.”, Yu Hanjiang answered in a similarly low voice.

The three people came to the end of the corridor according to Yu Hanjiang’s memory. They turned right, left and then right…

On the surveillance, the corridor was obviously empty but the door of the rooms holding the three hostages had been opened and the hostages disappeared simultaneously, as if they used some magic. The face of the woman in the monitoring room changed. “Activate the emergency system. Don’t let them run away!”

The three of them were close to the labyrinth exit when there was a loud sound in their ears. This was followed by a heavy iron door immediately falling down and blocking the passage ahead!

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “Not good!”

The exit was sealed off.

The heavy metal door was like a wall. There wasn’t a lock so it naturally couldn’t be opened with a key. The people in the monitoring room had obviously discovered they were escaping and activated a mechanism to block them with this metal wall. This wall must be invulnerable and couldn’t be shot through with bullets. It could only be controlled by a mechanism and the mechanism for this wall must be in the monitoring room.

Yu Hanjiang’s voice was solemn. “We can’t get out as long as this wall isn’t opened. It seems we have to go to the monitoring room.”

Xiao Lou’s voice was soft. “There should be many people in the monitoring room with weapons. It will be very dangerous to go directly.”

However, they couldn’t just sit back and wait. The invisibility cloaks lasted for 30 minutes. The surveillance currently couldn’t see their location but once the invisibility cloak’s duration ended, their movements would be clear to the opponents and it would become more difficult to escape.

Yu Hanjiang thought about it before whispering in his mind, “Take care of Ye Qi.”

He asked Xiao Lou to open a corner of his invisibility cloak and handed over the sleeping Ye Qi. Then he turned quickly and left. As he walked to the corner, he left a sentence for Xiao Lou. “I’m going to sabotage the surveillance. You pick me up.”

Xiao Lou responded, “Understood, pay attention to safety.”

Three seconds later, a gunshot came from a corner of the corridor! Xiao Lou’s heart was almost in his throat. Fortunately, Yu Hanjiang had extremely precise marksmanship. In the dim corridor, the small surveillance camera was shot and destroyed by him!

In the blink of an eye, Yu Hanjiang walked from corner to corner. The sound of gunshots continued in his ears and sparks splashed in the corridor. The infrared surveillance cameras installed on the ceiling were hit by Yu Hanjiang one by one!

In the central monitoring room, a man slapped the table hard. “F*k! Someone is destroying the surveillance cameras!” The surveillance wall in front of him showed that eight screens were completely black. The man narrowed his eyes. “The surveillance of area A was destroyed. He is in area A!”

“Don’t worry, they can’t escape as long as the door isn’t opened.” The woman picked up the walkie-talkie and gave orders. “Area A, the third corridor to the left. Stop them straight away!”

The woman had just spoken when Yu Hanjiang heard a rush of footsteps. He leaned back against the wall and listened carefully. Two people were walking in a fast and steady manner. They should be professionally trained killers.

The footsteps were getting closer to him. The next moment, there was the deafening sound of gunfire in the corridor.

Bang bang bang bang!

The two professional killers held machine guns in their hands. They faced the corridor where Yu Hanjiang was located and fired ferociously!

The long and narrow corridor would change the trajectory but the two men were guarding the front and back exits of the corridor and cooperating tacitly. Yu Hanjiang might be wearing the invisibility cloak but such large firepower coverage was enough to shoot Yu Hanjiang into a sieve!

Yu Hanjiang held his breath and immediately fell down the moment the guns aimed at the corridor. A large number of bullets dangerously passed by his ears. However, this corridor was sealed. Even if Yu Hanjiang could avoid the first round, it was difficult to avoid the second wave of bullets.

He frowned. Before he had time to ask Xiao Lou for help, a powerful force like a whirlpool suddenly sucked him away. It was a collective transmission to the Peach Blossom Spring.

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