CR: Chapter 338

Ye Qi and Old Mo’s invisibility cloak has a duration of 30 minutes. Ye Qi hid while listening to He Rong and Uncle Zhong talk about the details of the 60th birthday. He Rong leaned against the sofa and said with a smile, “Uncle, this 60th birthday will definitely be beautiful. I have booked the best hotel and arranged a banquet. Invitations have been sent to all your old friends. This is the finalized menu. Take a look.”

Uncle Zhong smiled as he took the menu and scanned it. “You are arranging it and I can rest assured. Still, don’t be too extravagant.”

He Rong patted his chest. “Don’t worry Uncle. I will definitely arrange it well…”

The two people started to chat. Ye Qi listened to them while Old Mo quickly moved around Uncle Zhong’s home. Thanks to the invisibility cloak Old Mo could move freely around the house. He wrapped his feet in it so he wouldn’t leave any footsteps and was like a floating ball of air.

The more he explored, the more startled he became. How was this an ordinary residence? It was almost like a villa.

There were numerous rooms. In addition to the presidential suite bedroom with an area of 60 square meters, there was a study room, a chess room, a tea room, a guest room, a children’s room… there was even a 100 square meter gym with various high-end equipment. The balcony of the gym alone consisted of an entire wall of French windows with a width of more than 10 meters.

Such a big house was comparable to a maze. People who didn’t know the way might become dizzy when entering.

Fortunately, Old Mo did interior design and was very sensitive to space. He quickly drew the floor plan of Uncle Zhong’s house in his mind and unexpectedly discovered that this wasn’t a simple multi-bedroom house. It was three apartments joined together.

In other words, someone bought three apartments on this floor and opened up the walls between the three of them. The three apartments were combined into one, becoming a maze-like luxury house that was over 400 square meters in size.

Seeing that the 30 minutes of invisibility was ending, Old Mo returned to Ye Qi and whispered in his ear, “Xiao Ye, quickly withdraw.”

Ye Qi replied softly, “Yes, I will follow you.”

A television program was being played in the living room and Uncle Zhong and He Rong were chatting. They didn’t notice the weak sound in the room.

Ye Qi and Old Mo sneaked into the gym, opened the window and flew out with the teleportation card. They leaped continuously and stopped on the roof of a building in a distance before taking off their invisibility cloaks. Old Mo took out his mobile phone, drew the floor plan in his mind and sent it to the group. [Group Leader Yu, this is the place where Uncle Zhong lives.]

Xiao Lou soon understood. [Three houses are joined together to form one set?]

Based on the floor plan, the middle was a small apartment while the left and right were large apartments that were mirrored and symmetrical. Part of the walls might’ve been smashed for renovation but the outline of the three apartments was still relatively obvious.

[It seems he bought the entire 16th floor? He lived secretly in the building, buying three apartments to make a mansion. It is indeed much more low-key than living in a villa.] Yu Hanjiang paused before asking: [How many floors does this building have in total?]

[There are 18 floors and it is the king of the entire community. I saw the renovations of Uncle Zhong’s house and it must’ve cost several million. The gym was very luxurious with one wall consisting entirely of windows. It is almost comparable to a professional fitness club.] Old Mo was emotional. [The entire house is twice as expensive as his son’s house.]

Everyone, “……”

Buying an entire floor and spending millions on decorations. It seemed that Uncle Zhong’s wealth had been underestimated.

[Group Leader Yu, you checked Uncle Zhong and he didn’t have these three properties right? Could it be that He Rong bought them?] Old Mo asked doubtfully.

Yu Hanjiang typed: [I’ll look into it. Any other clues?]

[I just heard Uncle Zhong and his nephew talking. Uncle Zhong will have his 60th birthday on the weekend. His nephew has prepared a birthday banquet and booked the banquet hall of the only five-star hotel in the town. There are still three days before the birthday banquet. Should Old Mo and I stay here to check it out?] Ye Qi suggested.

[Yes.] Then Yu Hanjiang @ed all the members. [Go to bed first. Tomorrow, Ye Qi and Old Mo will wait for my notice. Teacher Qu and Long Sen will go to ‘Fukang Medicine’ Pharmacy. Liu Qiao, rest for a day. Xiao Lou will continue to follow Cheng Shaofeng’s line at medical school.]

[Okay, good night.] Xiao Lou sent this message and returned to the duty room. It was already 2:30 a.m. and everyone would only be able to get a few hours of sleep. They set an alarm clock to get up at 8 o’clock in the morning.

After getting up the next day, Long Sen and Qu Wanyue went to investigate Zhu Qingrong according to Yu Hanjiang’s arrangement.

Zhu Qingrong had his doctor’s license revoked for manslaughter. After he was released from prison, he went to his relative’s pharmacy, ‘Fukang Medicine’, to help out. The pharmacy was close to the hotel they were staying at. It was only one street away.

Long Sen and Qu Wanyue had breakfast. Then they walked arm in arm and pretended to go to the pharmacy to buy medicine.

After entering the pharmacy, they saw a man in a white coat sitting at the cash register. He had clear eyes, white skin and long and clean fingers. He wore a pair of silver-framed glasses and a white coat, making him look gentle but a bit cold.

It was Zhu Qingrong. His first impression was pretty good and they were completely unable to associate him with the word ‘prison’. It wasn’t known what happened that year to cause him to make such a serious mistake in the operation, resulting in the death of the mother and child and himself being arrested.

Qu Wanyue and Long Sen exchanged looks before walking in. Long Sen came directly to Zhu Qingrong and asked politely, “Hello Doctor, my wife has been experiencing diarrhea these days. Can you recommend a medicine for it? By the way, she is pregnant. Will the medicine affect the fetus?”

Zhu Qingrong looked at Qu Wanyue and asked, “How many months are you pregnant?”

“Two months.”

Zhu Qingrong got up and walked to the shelf. He found a box of medicine and handed it to her. “This is Chinese medicine and the ingredients won’t cause side effects to the fetus. You can take it with confidence. Three times a day with warm water. In addition, pay attention to having a light diet. Drink some nutritious porridge these days and don’t eat spicy or stimulating things. It causes too much of a burden on the stomach and intestines.”

“Yes, thank you Doctor.” Qu Wanyue took the medicine box and asked casually, “By the way, what time does your pharmacy open? I recently moved here and I will come to you to buy medicine if I have a headache.”

“Our pharmacy is open 24 hours.” Zhu Qingrong’s voice was still calm and cold.

“Thank you.” Long Sen and Qu Wanyue paid for the medicine. They couldn’t stay here any longer so they turned and left the pharmacy.

Zhu Qingrong sat down again. Qu Wanyue turned to look at him after going out. Through the glass window, she could clearly see the man’s side profile. Zhu Qingrong’s head was lowered as he held a tablet and seriously read the news.

Long Sen lowered his voice and whispered in Qu Wanyue’s ear, “The members of the organization have all withdrawn yet he is still staying in the pharmacy. He doesn’t seem like a cold-blooded, brutal guy. The manslaughter case might just be an accident. What do you think?”

Qu Wanyue gently shook her head. “I also don’t think he is that bad but the investigation requires evidence. Many suspects will pretend to be innocent. We will report the results to Group Leader Yu and let him check it in detail.”

“Yes, I’ll send a message.” Long Sen nodded in agreement. He took out his phone and reported Zhu Qingrong’s situation to Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang was slightly surprised that Zhu Qingrong hadn’t run away and was still working in the pharmacy.

In his opinion, this Zhu Qingrong was very suspicious. This person saved Yu Fugui in prison and this met the conditions for pulling Yu Fugui to join the organization. Secondly, he had his doctor’s license revoked due to manslaughter and was a doctor in obstetrics and gynecology. He was very likely to join an illegal clinic to make money by doing egg retrieval operations.

However, if he was a member of the organization then the money he earned from the illegal clinic would be ten times higher than the salary of the pharmacy. Why waste his time sitting in the pharmacy? Moreover, the police’s investigation into Cheng Shaoyu had already alarmed the organization, making them evacuate from Antai Garden. Zhu Qingrong didn’t hide and was sitting so openly in the pharmacy. Was he so confident that the police wouldn’t get anything on him? Or was he innocent?

Yu Hanjiang frowned as he thought about it.

Soon, his colleague whom he asked to check the real estate information sent him the results. “Group Leader Yu, you asked us to check Jinxiu Villa in Qingshui Town, Building 11 apartments 1601/1602/1603. All three properties belong to He Rong. In addition, I also found that He Rong has a sea-view villa under his name.”

On the other side, the colleague investigating He Rong’s profession also sent a message. [Group Leader Yu, He Rong’s current profession is the boss of the Tianya Club. The entertainment club he opened in Qingshui Town is very large with three floors. It includes foot washing, bathing and massage services.]

The colleague checking the background reported: [Both of He Rong’s parents died when he was a child. He was raised by his uncle Zhong Yongqiang. After graduating from high school, he was admitted to medical school. However, he didn’t become a doctor after graduation. He abandoned medicine and went into business.]

Yu Hanjiang frowned and asked: [Medical school? Which one and which major?]

[The anesthesia major in the same year as Cheng Shaofeng.]

The colleague in charge of investigating the bank account also sent a message: [Group Leader Yu, we found that He Rong doesn’t have any record of bank loans. In the past few years, his private bank account has recorded many large transactions, all of which are real estate transactions. In November last year, a woman called Song Xiaoqing bought his two old houses in a small town at a high price. The price was much higher than the average market price. I will send you the transfer information from the Real Estate Bureau. In addition, nothing abnormal has been found in his company’s business flow. There is no tax evasion.]

Yu Hanjiang looked at the four messages and his eyes narrowed slightly.

He picked up his mobile phone and summarized the results in the group. [He Rong doesn’t have any loans in his name. He is the legal owner of the Tianya Club and the monthly turnover in the company account is around 1 million yuan. After deducting expenditures and employee wages, the net profit is around 300,000 yuan. In other words, he can make a net profit of over 3 million a year by relying on this high-end club alone. The house price of the town’s most high-end residential area, Jinxiu Villa is around 3 million yuan for one apartment. Based on his income, it isn’t surprising that he can buy three apartments and one private villa.]

[He Rong is rich!] The team members sighed.

[Is there a problem with the Tianya Club?] Xiao Lou thought for a moment. [I have never been to this type of place but every time I pass by the door in reality, there are luxury cars always parked outside. There should be many big bosses, right?]

[Yes, this type of VIP membership system is indeed a favorite for big bosses. In name, it is for bathing, massages, singing and entertainment. Who knows what the transactions actually are once the door is closed?] Yu Hanjiang was calm.

[Will there be… a physical transaction?] Xiao Lou was curious.

[I will leave this to a colleague from the anti-vice and illegal activities office to investigate. The focus of our investigation is He Rong’s financial situation. It is too late if I rush to the small town now. Xiao Ye and Old Mo, Tianya Club should be very lively at night. After your skills are refreshed at midnight, use the invisibility cloak to find out what’s inside.]

[Understood!] Ye Qi and Old Mo replied at the same time.

[From the perspective of He Rong’s income in recent years, it isn’t surprising that he can buy so many houses. The strange thing is that he bought three apartments and specifically built and renovated it into a single luxurious place. Why should he let his uncle live there?] Yu Hanjiang quickly typed. [Second, did He Rong and Cheng Shaofeng meet during their medical school studies? Third, he had many real estate transactions in the past few years. What is going on with this? Simple real estate speculation or money laundering? Fourth, he is an orphan with no parents and was raised by his uncle. He opened such a high-end club but never borrowed money from a bank. Where did he get his initial capital?]

Yu Hanjiang pointed out some problems and the team members exchanged fearful looks.

[He Rong’s suspicion has risen sharply! The source of funds is unknown and it should have something to do with Uncle Zhong and Cheng Shaofeng. Uncle Zhong clearly knows the source of Chief Shao’s kidney…] Ye Qi scratched his head for a moment before speculating: [Can it be that Uncle Zhong secretly relied on organ trafficking to make money? Then he gave the money to his nephew and laundered the illegal money through the Tianya Club?]

[It is possible.] Xiao Lou agreed. [This would explain why He Rong bought an entire floor and turned it into a luxurious place for his uncle Zhong Yongqiang to live in. It is because the money was given to him by his uncle. However, his uncle worked as an assistant in the Shao family and his income is limited. It will be less noticeable if his nephew buys a house.]

[One more thing.] Yu Hanjiang looked at the information in his hand. [In November last year, this is the critical period of time when Liu Renyuan and Chief Shao’s kidney operations were performed. During this time, He Rong’s private bank card suddenly gained a large amount of money. Someone bought several of his houses in the country at a price that was several times higher than the average market price.]

[Houses in the country? Are the real estate transactions complete?] Xiao Lou wondered: [Who is the buyer?]

[It was a private transfer transaction to a woman called Song Xiaoqing. I will have my colleagues check her information.] Yu Hanjiang paused before saying: [At present, we will focus on He Rong and Zhong Yongqiang first. Xiao Ye and Old Mo will go to the Tianya Club to investigate. I will arrange things in the afternoon and rush over as soon as possible to be there for his 60th birthday party.]

Yu Hanjiang was silent for a moment before typing: [I have a hunch that Zhong Yongqiang knows a lot of inside information. Something is likely to happen at this Uncle Zhong’s 60th birthday party.]

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