CR: Chapter 337

Meanwhile, Xiao Lou was on the night shift at the hospital and came to the cardiac surgery department. He checked the schedule and Zhao Sen was also on the night shift today. Xiao Lou walked to the doctor’s office and saw Zhao Sen wearing silver-rimmed glasses while writing medical records at his desk.

Every time Xiao Lou saw Zhao Sen, he couldn’t help thinking of the scene where Zhao Sen calmly chopped up his cousin’s body in 2 of Hearts. Xiao Lou endured the discomfort in his heart and walked over with a smile. “Dr Zhao, are you also on duty tonight?”

Zhao Sen replied indifferently, “Dr Xiao, are you looking for me?”

Xiao Lou placed a fruit basket on Zhao Sen’s table. “Qingge has recovered very well after being discharged from hospital. He asked me to thank you since you are the reason his surgery was successful. This is a part of his token of gratitude. He entrusted it to me to give to you.”

Shao Qingge wouldn’t thank Zhao Sen. He thought it was already considered lucky if his heart didn’t stop beating out of fear of Zhao Sen.

Of course, Xiao Lou bought the fruit basket with the red envelope issued by Chief Shao and borrowing Shao Qingge’s name was only natural. Otherwise, Zhao Sen would definitely doubt it if Xiao Lou just randomly found him.

Sure enough, Zhao Sen saw the fruit basket and smiled while pushing the glasses up the bridge of his nose. “Mr Shao is too polite. This is what I should do. Although the surgery was very effective, he can’t be careless. Remind him to take his medicine on time. The medicine prescribed to him are all medicines that control blood vessel hardening and thrombosis. They must be taken for a long time.”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Of course. I’ll remind him.”

Zhao Sen was probably hungry during the night shift. He opened the fruit basket, washed some fruits and took a few to the girls at the nurse’s station. It was late at night and the area was unusually quiet.

Xiao Lou sat in the office, eating fruit while chatting with Zhao Sen. “You have to work the night shift every two days in the cardiac surgery department. It must be very hard.”

“It isn’t comparable to you. Don’t you work night shifts every day?”

“There is no other way.” Xiao Lou smiled bitterly. “Every doctor has to pass this test and it will be fine after a year. My work and rest schedule is completely messed up and I rest when I have time. I just slept for two hours this afternoon and I’m in high spirits now. I’m not disturbing you, am I?”

“It’s fine.” Zhao Sen closed the medical records and spoke while eating grapes, “I have already handled everything.”

The two of them silently ate fruits for a while. Xiao Lou organized his thoughts and pretended to casually talk. “Right, it is only when Qingge was discharged from hospital that I found he and Young Master Cheng were also friends. You know Cheng Shaoyu, the one you and Director Lin performed the heart transplant on? He seems to have a younger brother called Cheng Shaofeng. He studied medicine only to later abandon it and go into business. Do you know him?”

“Cheng Shaofeng?” Zhao Sen looked over quickly.

The man’s glasses reflected a cold light under the incandescent lights. Facing this sharp gaze, Xiao Lou’s heart trembled slightly and the hairs on his back went up. He resisted the urge to escape and continued, “I heard Qingge say that the relationship between those two brothers doesn’t seem to be very good. However, Cheng Shaofeng used to go to the medical university and you were alumni…”

Xiao Lou felt numb due to the stare but he pretended to be calm on the surface, maintaining a polite smile on his face. “Ah, I’m just asking casually. You weren’t in the same year so you probably don’t know each other.”

“Oh, I know him.” Zhao Sen honestly admitted it in an indifferent manner. “During our time in school, we worked together on a scientific research project. At that time, Cheng Shaofeng wanted to take the post-graduate entrance examination and applied for my tutor. My tutor appreciated him very much and he called me ‘senior brother’ every day. Then later, he suddenly gave up on the postgraduate entrance examination and said he wanted to go home to help with the company. It was only at that time that I found out he was a rich second generation.”

“It turned out to be like this…” Xiao Lou thoughtfully touched his chin. “Why did he suddenly give up on the postgraduate entrance examination? Did he think that making money is more fun than studying medicine so he abandoned medicine to go into business?”

“That isn’t it. I could see that he really liked studying medicine. He even published a few good papers when he was in school. He suddenly gave up because something happened at home. His father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease that year. If he didn’t go back, his brother wouldn’t let him have a single coin.” Zhao Sen smiled coldly. “Compared with billions in family assets, a hobby isn’t worth mentioning.”

Alzheimer’s disease was a degenerative change in the human brain that was difficult to treat. A person who was sick would gradually forget the past and not even know their relatives.

His father got this disease. If Cheng Shaofeng didn’t return to the Cheng house, he might be kicked out by his brother. Before his father completely lost his memories, he had to fight for his own rights. It was understandable to give up on the postgraduate entrance examination and rush home.

“Cheng Shaofeng was a doctor. Is it possible to go back and do business?” Xiao Lou was puzzled. “Did he take a course in economic management when he was in school?”

“Yes, he is a very smart person. The medical school courses were so heavy yet he could still take courses in economics. It is true that he was interested in medicine but he probably used going to medical school as a tactic to get his brother to relax his vigilance. Once he graduated, he could have had a double degree of a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Medicine, but he only took the medicine one.”

Zhao Sen paused before giving a smile that wasn’t a smile. “He is the son of a wealthy family but he had many small calculations in his heart. In the beginning, he called me Senior. After graduation, he didn’t contact me for many years. As a result, his older brother was going to receive a heart transplant. He knew our hospital is the best and started calling my ‘senior brother’ again.”

“……” This type of person was quite common in reality. They wouldn’t contact a person at all and only pretended to be affectionate when help was needed. Xiao Lou believed that Zhao Sen’s words weren’t false.

It seemed that Zhao Sen didn’t know about Cheng Shaoyu and Cheng Shaofeng’s deaths. He also didn’t seem to know about the existence of the organ trafficking organization. Otherwise, he wouldn’t follow along with Xiao Lou’s topic and say so much about Cheng Shaofeng.

“Do you know who Cheng Shaofeng had a better relationship with when he was in school?” Xiao Lou pretended to be curious. “Would such a rich person make friends with his classmates?”

“Oh, there is one. Lin Rongrong had a special relationship with him.”

“Lin Rongrong?” Xiao Lou wondered. “It sounds like a girl? Was she his girlfriend?”

“It is a boy in my year. He was Cheng Shaofeng’s senior brother. Cheng Shaofeng wanted to take two professional courses at the same time. When the courses conflicted, he would go to the school of economics. Lin Rongrong would give him notes for the courses of the medical school. He studied the notes and could get high scores in the exams.”

“It seems that Lin Rongrong helped him a lot…”

“Yes.” Zhao Sen stopped and looked at Xiao Lou questioningly. “Why are you suddenly so interested in Cheng Shaofeng?”

“No reason, I just heard Qingge say that Cheng Shaofeng is quite good and he used to study medicine. I was curious and asked.” Xiao Lou smiled awkwardly. “Am I too gossipy? I’m usually tired from working the night shift and like to find some casual topics to talk about.”

“Oh.” Zhao Sen spoke calmly, “I don’t know much. Cheng Shaofeng worked on one project with my tutor and left after only half a year.” Just then, Zhao Sen’s phone rang. There was a patient in the department of obstetrics and gynecology who had a heart attack. A consultation was needed. Zhao Sen stood up and put on a white coat. “I’m busy and will be going first.”

“Yes, I should go back to the general surgery department as well.” Xiao Lou looked at his hurried back with a complicated mood.

The clues provided by Zhao Sen must be useful. Coincidentally, a senior who had a particularly good relationship with Cheng Shaofeng also had ‘Rong’ in his name. Liu Qiao just heard him saying ‘Brother Rong’ and didn’t know the specific character for it.

This Lin Rongrong was also very suspicious.

Back in the duty room, Xiao Lou told Yu Hanjiang the results of his investigation. At the same time, he downloaded Cheng Shaofeng’s photos from the school website and sent them to the group.

Yu Hanjiang locked onto the suspect Lin Rongrong instantly. His name was like a girl’s and he was very white and delicate. He was thin, around 1.8 meters tall and weighed around 60 kg. Yu Hanjiang could send him flying with one kick…

Would such a frail-looking boy be behind the ferocious and brutal organ trafficking organization?

In the group, Ye Qi also sent a message. [Group Leader Yu, I have a new discovery! Uncle Zhong has a nephew called He Rong. I don’t know if he is related to the organization. In addition, we found that Uncle Zhong lives in a highly luxurious house. The ownership isn’t in his name. Group Leader Yu, can you check it out?]

Yu Hanjiang replied: [Yes.]

The nephew of Uncle Zhong, He Rong, the accountant Nie Rong who lived in the same cell as Yu Fugui in prison, the boss of a pharmaceutical company Rong Cheng, the obstetrician whose medical license had been revoked Zhu Qingrong and the senior who helped Cheng Shaofeng in medical school, Lin Rongrong.

There were so many people with the name ‘Rong’. In the end, who was the ‘Brother Rong’ mentioned by Cheng Shaofeng?

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