CR: Chapter 336

It was already dark by the time Ye Qi and Old Mo arrived at the hotel. There weren’t many pedestrians on the street but the two of them didn’t want to sleep all night and miss this opportunity. What if the murderer moved faster than them and directly killed Uncle Zhong? The lesson from Liu Qiao’s incident couldn’t be forgotten.

After discussing it, the two of them decided to act together at night to first scope out the terrain of the town.

According to the address given by Shao Qingge, Uncle Zhong’s home was in a community called ‘Nanfu Jiayuan’ in the south of the town. The housing price of this community was medium level and they were all seven storey buildings. The management at the gate of the community wasn’t strict. The two of them followed the residents of the community inside, pretending to be taking a walk after dinner as they strolled around the community.

Mo Xuemin brought Ye Qi to the square of the community and saw some old men and women dancing a square dance. Old Mo was now a 66 year old man. He followed the customs when he arrived and quickly integrated into the square dance team, dancing with them. Ye Qi resisted the urge to laugh and stood waiting for him while watching the pedestrians around him.

The square dance performed by the elderly was simple and Old Mo quickly learned the dance. Halfway, there was a song change and Old Mo pretended to sit down to rest. He chatted with an old man resting beside him. “Oh, I can’t dance any longer. My back hurts just dancing for a while.”

The old man felt the same and sighed. “I am also getting older and my back is becoming worse. How can I keep up with exercising?”

Old Mo casually asked, “By the way, where is Old Zhong of Building 7? Why haven’t I seen him these days?”

“You are asking about Old Zhong? What building are you from? I haven’t seen you before.”

“I only recently came back here. My son and daughter-in-law are busy at work and there is no one to take care of my grandson. They don’t feel relieved leaving him to a babysitter so they asked me to help look after the child. Isn’t it winter vacation? I just took my grandson to my hometown for a few days.” He beckoned as he spoke and Ye Qi immediately ran over. “Grandpa.”

“Is this your grandson? He’s so cute.” The old man smiled and touched Ye Qi’s head.

“Grandpa, isn’t Grandpa Zhong at home?” Ye Qi asked seriously.

“Old Zhong hasn’t been back here in half a year. I heard he moved with his wife to the most expensive neighborhood in town. He worked as a housekeeper for the rich for many years and he must have earned a lot of money.” The old man was envious. “Every time he came back, he drove a luxury car. He moved half a year ago and even left all the furniture to the renter.”

“Do you know where he moved to? Old Zhong and I have been old friends for many years and I want to see him.”

The old man answered, “Building 11 of Jinxiu Villa. It is the king of buildings. The lighting is very good and the price is frighteningly expensive.”

“……” Old Mo and Ye Qi exchanged glances. Unexpectedly, the address that Shao Qingge received had expired. Uncle Zhong had moved early. The strange thing was that Yu Hanjiang had checked Uncle Zhong’s bank records and real estate records. Uncle Zhong only had the place in Nanfu Jiayuan under his name. He never bought a new house. His son’s property was a 200 square meter house in the city center and there were no houses under his name in this town.

He moved to the best residential area in town. Who owned the house?

The two of them were puzzled and stood up tacitly. Ye Qi pulled Mo Xuemin’s hand. “Grandpa, let’s go home. It is too cold outside.”

“Yes, let’s go back.” Old Mo took Ye Qi around the square and left the community through the side door.

The town wasn’t big and they soon found the high-end residential area ‘Jinxiu Villa’. It was a pity that this residential area was strictly regulated and entry wasn’t allowed without an access card. Ye Qi thought of a way. He and Old Mo hid behind a tree and put on the invisibility cloaks. Once a vehicle entered or exited through the gate, they used the teleportation to enter.

The community should’ve been newly built in recent years. The buildings were neatly arranged and the greenery of the community was also excellent. Building 11 was indeed the king of buildings. The distance between the different buildings was more than 70 meters and there really was very good lighting.

Ye Qi and Old Mo went to the property center first and searched the owner’s register for a long time without finding Uncle Zhong’s name. The two of them had to go to Building 11 to look for him floor by floor. However, a lot of people’s doors were closed and it wasn’t easy for them to forcibly enter. If it really didn’t work, Ye Qi planned to let Group Leader Yu investigate…

Just as the two of them came to the 16th floor, a person suddenly came out of the elevator. The man was wearing a leather jacket with a cigarette in his mouth and had a black snake tattoo behind his ears. He walked to the door of room 1604 and knocked on it.

The door opened and an old man came out, his voice hoarse. “Ah Rong, why are you here?”

It was Uncle Zhong!

“Uncle, I came to see you.”

He said as he entered the house. Ye Qi immediately used the teleportation card to follow them inside. There was 30 minutes remaining with the cloak and he wanted to hear what the two of them were talking about. As a result, there were just some trivial polite remarks. This person’s name was He Rong and he was Uncle Zhong’s nephew. He came to visit his uncle because his uncle’s 60th birthday was approaching and they were discussing how to celebrate.


Meanwhile, Yu Hanjiang, Long Sen, Qu Wanyue and Liu Qiao were sorting out information at the hotel.

10 people whom Yu Fugui had close contact with in prison were finally screened out. Several of them had names with the word ‘Rong’ in them. Since Cheng Shaofeng mentioned ‘Brother Rong’, Yu Hanjiang focused on them.

The first one was Nie Rong.

Nie Rong was imprisoned for an economic crime. He embezzled public funds and was sentenced to three years in prison. After being imprisoned, he and Yu Fugui were in the same cell. The two of them had a good relationship and happened to be released one after another.

Once released from prison, Nie Rong had already been dismissed from his public office and had to do business by himself. He rented a store in the city center and opened a clothing store. The Cheng family happened to be the leader of the clothing industry and his business had a close relationship with the Cheng family. Perhaps he got to know Cheng Shaofeng from here.

Qu Wanyue wondered, “Could he be the Brother Rong that Xiao Qiao heard?”

Yu Hanjiang looked closely at the man’s information.

Nie Rong attended a key high school and was admitted to a first-class university. He majored in accounting. After graduation, he successfully applied for a job in a company and soon became a financial director of the company. He was well appreciated by the leaders.

Such an excellent accountant had a promising future. However, he was blinded by money and secretly opened his own account to embezzle the company’s public funds. Since the amount he embezzled wasn’t the same every time, the company leaders didn’t find out. He used the public money to buy a car for his wife, sent his children to the most expensive kindergarten and bought a villa in the name of his parents…

He often walked by the river so how could his shoes not become wet? Once the company checked the accounts, they finally found what he was doing. They carefully calculated the amount and it was an astonishing figure. Thus, they took him to court…

Yu Hanjiang couldn’t help frowning when he saw this. “This individual might have the name ‘Rong’ but he didn’t interact with Cheng Shaofeng before going to prison and he doesn’t seem to be a powerful person with the background to form an organ trafficking organization. His occupation isn’t suitable unless the organization hired him as a financial officer.”

Liu Qiao said, “He has a record of embezzling the company’s money during his accounting period. Such a person isn’t very reliable when seeing money. I think it is unlikely that the organ trafficking organization would find such a person as an accountant, right?”

Yu Hanjiang thought about it. He put this person’s information aside for now and continued to look at the rest. One of them was called Rong Cheng, another was Li Rong and there were two brothers named Xie Rongyao and Xie Rongguang…

Qu Wanyue saw this and didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. “We just screened out this list and it is quite strange. Among the prisoners with a close relationship with Yu Fugui, how could there be so many with the word ‘Rong’ in their names? Now it seems that Cheng Shaofeng’s Brother Rong is a key clue so the keepers deliberately created some distractions.”

Long Sen complained, “The keepers won’t let us lock down the core character too quickly. We have to check all these Rongs!”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Yes, none of these people should be missed. In addition, those without a ‘Rong’ should still be carefully investigated. Cheng Shaofeng’s Brother Rong might not be the same person Yu Fugui knows. It might be someone Cheng Shaofeng knows but Yu Fugui doesn’t know.”

Cheng Shaofeng was a rich young master and had a wide network of contacts. People he knew with the name ‘Rong’ had to be paid attention to. The scope of the investigation was getting wider and the workload was heavy.

The four of them stayed up late to 3 a.m. when they finally screened out two key suspects.

One of the suspects, Rong Cheng, was the boss of a pharmaceutical company. He was in jail for selling fake and inferior medicines. Two years ago, many patients with diarrhea were admitted to hospital and it seemed like a mass food poisoning incident. The doctors questioned the patients and found that everyone had taken cold medicine from this company. They reported it to the Drug Administration and the police opened a case for investigation. It was determined that the medicine he was selling was a low-quality product so he was arrested and imprisoned.

Yu Hanjiang analyzed it. “Rong Cheng is the big boss of a pharmaceutical company and he must have many friends in the medical industry. He is capable of finding some people to carry out organ trafficking. Moreover, he doesn’t care about the safety of patients and sold counterfeit products in order to make money. This proves he has long lost his humanity and can do anything for money. He was ruthless enough to sell fake medicine so he can naturally sell organs and kill people.”

The team members all felt that forming an organ trafficking organization wasn’t something that an ordinary person could do. They must have a wide network of connections, strong capital and relevant medical knowledge. Rong Cheng met all three conditions.

Moreover, while serving his sentence in prison, he lived next door to Yu Fugui. According to the records of the prison guards and some surveillance footage, it could be found that he and Yu Fugui often talked together.

Liu Qiao asked, “Where did he go after getting out of prison? Can you find out?”

Yu Hanjiang pointed to the blank record on the computer. “This is the strangest thing for me. He was released from prison two years ago and disappeared after he came out. The last time he showed up was at the airport, taking a flight to a foreign country. There are two possibilities. First, he relied on his contacts to get a job abroad, developing his career there. Second, he pretended to go abroad and disappeared. Meanwhile, he actually returned to China secretly by private jet using a fake ID card and participated in the management of the organ trafficking organization.”

This individual actually disappeared from the police database which was indeed very suspicious.

Qu Wanyue analyzed, “Perhaps he started preparing for this organ trafficking scheme from before he went to prison? After all, he was the boss of a pharmaceutical company and had the channels and financial resources to form such an organization. He can harvest human organs and use humans to test the new drugs developed by his company.”

Long Sen felt numb thinking about it. “Does he treat people as guinea pigs?”

Liu Qiao’s expression was ugly. “This person’s background isn’t simple. It will probably take a lot of effort to find him.”

Yu Hanjiang put away this person’s information and opened another folder. “There is also this person.”

The second key suspect was called Zhu Qingrong. His name was very literary. He wore a pair of silver-rimmed glasses and looked gentle in the photos. No one would associate him with a prisoner. Zhu Qingrong was a medical student and saved the life of Yu Fugui while serving his sentence in prison.

According to the records sent by the prison guards, one time Yu Fugui suddenly collapsed while participating in the prison’s labor reform. It was Zhu Qingrong who performed CPR to save him. Yu Fugui was very grateful and often ate with him. However, Zhu Qingrong had a cold and indifferent character. He rarely talked with inmates and appeared quite mysterious.

Yu Hanjiang focused on this suspect because he was jailed for manslaughter.

He used to be an obstetrician but during an operation, his negligence resulted in the deaths of both the pregnant woman and the fetus. Her family took him to court, his doctor’s license was revoked and he was imprisoned. Since his behavior wasn’t intentional homicide, he was sentenced to manslaughter and got seven years in prison.

Liu Qiao murmured, “This man was previously an obstetrician. He was imprisoned for manslaughter and his license revoked. He can no longer apply for employment at a formal hospital. After being released from prison, it was likely he joined an illegal clinic to perform operations on people. Moreover, Professor Xiao’s original conclusion from the autopsy is that the surgeon doing the organ transplant isn’t an expert in this area. He matches this characteristic!”

Qu Wanyue also felt that he was very suspicious. “He is an obstetrician and should’ve worked in the reproductive center for a while. He should be very familiar with female egg retrieval operations. Didn’t Professor Xiao speculate that the girl who died in Room 201 of Antai Garden died from bleeding during an egg retrieval operation? Is Zhu Qingrong the one who performed the operation?”

Yu Hanjiang Road: “He was released from prison two years ago, the girl in room 201 died a week ago, it is possible for him to be the person who did the operation. However, according to the information recorded by the police, he did not continue to practice medicine after he was released from prison because he had his doctor’s license revoked, but went to his relative’s pharmacy to help, that pharmacy is called ‘Fukang Medicine’ and we can check it tomorrow.”

The others with the word ‘Rong’ in their name had close contact with Yu Fugui in prison but their profession wasn’t right or they had found a stable job after being released from prison and hadn’t resigned yet.

Their suspicion couldn’t be completely ruled out but it was relatively low compared to the two people Yu Hanjiang focused on.

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