CR: Chapter 334

Liu Qiao hid in the pocket and listened to the gossip. After listening for more than an hour, she finally sorted things out.

It turned out that Cheng Shaoyu’s mother was born from a famous and rich family. She had always had business relations with the Cheng family. Unfortunately, she wasn’t in good health. Father Cheng and her had a business marriage and their relationship wasn’t deep. He cheated on her with a third party within a few years of marriage and secretly had another son. The original wife had heart problems and died of anger after hearing this.

Cheng Shaoyu was 10 years old at the time and knew the cause of his mother’s death. The third party successfully entered the door to become Mrs Cheng along with her illegitimate son, Cheng Shaofeng. Cheng Shaoyu held a grudge against this mother and son. From an early age, he tried every means to bully his younger brother and stepmother. He made full use of his heart disease, pretending to be sick at every turn to make the mother and son helpless.

Cheng Shaofeng was admitted to medical school when he grew up. Chen Yehua was the school flower of the academy of fine arts. The two schools happened to be next door and often held social activities. In their freshman year, they met in a social activity, fell in love at first sight and became a couple.

Chen Yehua’s parents were dead and she had been raised in her uncle’s house since young. Her experience of relying on someone else’s charity for over 10 years made her very introverted. Cheng Shaofeng might have a cheerful personality but he was actually very lonely inside. His mother was a third party and he hadn’t met his father until he was 8 years old and followed his mother to the Cheng house. He was unfamiliar with this life and was bullied by his brother. His grandfather didn’t approve of his mother and even Cheng Shaofeng wasn’t welcomed by the family. They only had the oldest son of the Cheng family, Cheng Shaoyu in their hearts.

At that time, the shares of the Cheng family were in the hands of the grandfather. Cheng Shaofeng’s father favored his eldest son in order to please the grandfather even more. His mother was Mrs Cheng but she was actually just a canary in a cage. There was no freedom.

The two people lacked parental care when they were young and shared a lot of common language. They were just like two abandoned little animals hugging each other to keep warm. After being together for a long time, their relationship got better and a sexual relationship naturally occurred. However, Cheng Shaofeng’s contraceptive measures were always in place because he didn’t want his girlfriend to conceive a child at this time.

During a holiday that year, Chen Yehua was 19 years old. In order to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday, Cheng Shaofeng booked a luxury hotel suite and wanted to have a romantic candlelit dinner with his girlfriend. As a result, Cheng Shaoyu used superb means to lure the tiger away from the mountain. When Chen Yehua entered the room, she was forced by Cheng Shaoyu.

The next morning, Cheng Shaofeng hurried to the hotel and opened the door to see his girlfriend and brother sleeping on the same bed!

Cheng Shaofeng’s eyes were about to pop out. He was so furious he almost stabbed Cheng Shaoyu to death. Chen Yehua also collapsed and almost jumped off a building to her death. The matter was so turbulent that Elder Cheng finally came forward to deal with it. The old man gave Chen Yehua a large sum of money and told her to leave the Cheng family’s young master. Chen Yehua was forced to break up with Cheng Shaofeng and left. She only returned to the city in the last two years due to work reasons.

If it wasn’t for her daughter’s heart disease, she would’ve never wanted to see Cheng Shaofeng again.


Liu Qiao had a headache as she listened. She analyzed the storyline from the quarrel between the two of them and it was even more terrible than the domineering CEO novels she had read. Cheng Shaoyu’s mother died from anger and he had good reasons to hate his stepmother and younger brother. However, Chen Yehua was innocent. Wasn’t it too much to act against his younger brother’s girlfriend?

What type of brain circuits did he have to sleep with his brother’s girlfriend? Liu Qiao couldn’t understand it. The poor and innocent Chen Yehua had a psychological shadow and her daughter died of a heart attack.

Liu Qiao listened to Chen Yehua’s cries and didn’t know what to say.

Cheng Shaofeng took her shoulders and whispered, “Ah Hua, I came to see you to take you away. Let’s run away together, okay? I will tell you a secret. My brother… that animal Cheng Shaoyu, something might’ve happened to him.”

Chen Yehua was slightly stiff and asked coldly, “Something happened? He insulted a girl again and was accused?”

“Cough, that’s not it.” Cheng Shaofeng wiped his face with embarrassment and spoke mysteriously, “He might be dead.”

“What?!” Chen Yehua’s eyes widened instantly. “D…Dead?”

“Yes, I wanted to go to his house to discuss the company’s affairs but once I got there, I saw a man in a black raincoat carrying a black garbage bag while leaving. I thought he was a cleaner and didn’t pay attention to it. Then I entered the yard, knocked and found my brother wasn’t home. No one answered the phone. I thought he went out to fool around and sent him a message asking him to contact me. But he didn’t contact me for several days in a row and I couldn’t get through to him. He was also absent from the company’s important shareholders meeting. I think something must’ve happened to him.”

“You mean, there was a problem with the person with the trash bag?” Chen Yehua trembled. “It is likely that your brother’s body was taken away in the trash bag?”

“Yes!” Cheng Shaofeng nodded vigorously. “Cheng Shaoyu has offended many people. I have a hunch he has been killed by someone. Otherwise, why can’t he be contacted? He has been fighting with me for so many years. It is impossible for him to be absent from such an important shareholders meeting.” Cheng Shaofeng paused and lowered his voice. “I drove home two days ago and found a police car at the gate of the community. The police came to see me because my brother had an accident. I quickly turned around and ran away. I have been hiding in the countryside these days while preparing to take you away.”

Chen Yehua wondered, “You didn’t kill him. Why did you run when the police came?”

Cheng Shaofeng coughed slightly. “Ahem, I didn’t kill him but my company’s accounts aren’t clean. If the police check carefully, it is possible for them to find something. I’ve transferred 80% of the assets of my father’s company and it is enough for us to live for a lifetime. Pack your things quickly and come with me. My private jet is at the airport. We can go abroad and be at ease. We will no longer have to care about the Cheng family.”

He pulled Chen Yehua’s hand as he spoke. Chen Yehua stiffly took a step back and asked coldly, “Why should I go with you?”

Cheng Shaofeng grabbed her shoulders anxiously. “Ah Hua, let’s forget the past, okay? You had a daughter with that beast Cheng Shaoyu but I don’t mind. It isn’t your fault. You came to me and I contacted Brother Rong, asking him to find a suitable heart for Yuqing. I used all my contacts but still couldn’t find a suitable heart! You didn’t want to ask for money but now your daughter is gone. You are alone and helpless. Just go with me. Did I ever say I wouldn’t marry you? We can have another daughter later or a son is fine as well. I don’t have a heart disease and it can’t be inherited…”

“I won’t go with you! Some things have already happened and it is impossible to forget.” Chen Yehua interrupted him and shook off his hands. “Both of you make me sick. My daughter is gone. Let me live quietly by myself…”

Before she could finish, Cheng Shaofeng suddenly reached out and knocked her out using his elbow. Liu Qiao was in Chen Yehua’s pocket and it wasn’t good for her to go out now. Besides, she wanted to continue following Cheng Shaofeng.

Cheng Shaofeng directly picked up Chen Yehua and carried her all the way to the underground garage. He stuffed her into the back of the car and immediately started the vehicle while calling the airport to get the plane ready. He drove so fast that he was on the airport expressway in the blink of an eye.

If he escaped then it would be hard to continue the investigation. After thinking a bit, Liu Qiao dared to crawl out of Chen Yehua’s pocket. She found Chen Yehua’s phone and moved it under the clothes. Then she secretly lifted Chen Yehua’s finger and unlocked the phone using her fingerprints.

Liu Qiao remembered Xiao Lou’s phone number. She struggled to enter his number on the phone and sent a short message. [Cheng Shaofeng is going to take Chen Yehua to escape. Intercept him at the airport! License plate number Bin A-67158. Liu Qiao.]

Cheng Shaofeng was driving. He noticed in the rearview mirror that the phone in the back was lit up but since he thought it was just due to Chen Yehua’s body touching the phone, he ignored it. He didn’t notice the thumb-sized girl who was hiding beneath Chen Yehua’s clothes, struggling to press characters on the phone screen. After sending the message, Liu Qiao sighed with relief and continued to hide in Chen Yehua’s coat.

Xiao Lou received the message and immediately forwarded it to the group. Yu Hanjiang made a decisive choice. [I will personally intercept him.]

Cheng Shaofeng was the key figure in the organ trafficking case. He absolutely couldn’t escape!

Yu Hanjiang left the job at hand, letting Long Sen and Qu Wanyue continue to sort out the information. He personally drove the car toward the airport. At the same time, he called the airport’s high-speed toll booth and asked them to intercept a black private car with the license plate of Bin A-67158.

In the car, Liu Qiao pricked her ears to listen to Cheng Shaofeng’s call.

Cheng Shaofeng made two calls. The first one was to a Brother Rong. Liu Qiao couldn’t hear the other person’s words but she heard Cheng Shaofeng’s voice very clearly. “Brother Rong, I’m on my way to the airport… no one is following. It was to pick up Chen Yehua. Cough, I know I was reckless. Don’t worry, I guarantee that no one knows about this matter. Once I get there, I will tell her to shut up and not reveal a thing… okay, see you later.”

Then he called his secretary and explained some company affairs.

Liu Qiao memorized his words without missing anything. After shrinking down, this car was like a house to her and it was also moving at high speed. Liu Qiao felt dizzy like she was riding a roller coaster.

Just then, she heard a loud bang in her ear!

Cheng Shaofeng’s car seemed to have hit something. The violent impact catapulted the whole car off of the highway and it fell beneath the bridge with a deafening bang! Liu Qiao’s body was almost crushed by Chen Yehua who fell from her seat!

Before Liu Qiao was able to react in any way, the car’s fuel tank exploded and the window glasses shattered.

The car was burning in a terrible fire and Liu Qiao couldn’t possibly save anyone in this situation, so her only choice was to save herself by escaping through the window. Just as she was using Light as a Swallow to escape, the car exploded—

As she flew into the sky, she saw Cheng Shaofeng’s bloody head and Chen Yehua’s pale face as she lay unconscious in the back seat.

Liu Qiao landed on a branch and stared blankly at the scene. An accident? Or was this deliberately killing people?!

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