CR: Chapter 333

Yu Hanjiang assigned the different tasks to his teammates and everyone went to work diligently.

In the afternoon, Shao Qingge returned home with the driver sent by his father and immediately started investigating the reason why Uncle Zhong resigned. His character in this secret room was set up as the second generation of a wealthy family. His father was a business tycoon who opened a real estate company. He was busy every day with meetings. His mother was a gentle and virtuous housewife.

The Shao family lived in a single family villa on the outskirts of the city that was more than 500 square meters. Shao Qingge lived on the third floor which belonged entirely to him. Shao Qingge was also a rich second generation in reality. He was very familiar with such an environment and wasn’t surprised with the set-up. Once he got home, we went to his bedroom and changed into home clothes. Since his father was in a meeting at the company, he took the opportunity to search for clues in his father’s study.

Shao Zhengyang’s study was full of books on business management and economics. There was nothing special on the bookcases. The desk had three drawers. There was some company information in the top two drawers and the bottom drawer was locked.

Shao Qingge opened the lock with the Master Key. There was a paper bag in the drawer containing three printed documents. They were a consent form for a kidney transplant, a waiver of liability and a nondisclosure agreement.

Shao Qingge quickly took photos with his phone and sent the documents to the WeChat group. [This is from my father’s desk drawer but the person who signed the consent form was Zhou Yong, a death row prisoner, not Wang Wei.]

Yu Hanjiang confidently said: [It is a fake.]

Xiao Lou also said: [Chief Shao’s kidney’s genes are exactly the same as Wang Wei’s and it is certain that it comes from Wang Wei. This non-disclosure agreement was signed by the death row prisoner, Zhou Yong. There are two possibilities. The first is that the organ trafficking organization concealed the truth and told Uncle Zhong that the kidney was donated by the death row prisoner Zhou Young. The second possibility is that Uncle Zhong and the organization joined forces. He knew the source of the kidney is illegal and forged the agreement to deceive your father.]

Yu Hanjiang: [The second possibility is greater based on Uncle Zhong’s unexplained resignation.]

[I also think that Uncle Zhong has a problem. I’m looking up information about him but there are no other clues in my father’s study. I’ll go downstairs and ask my mother later.]

Just then, a gentle voice entered his ears. “Qingge, come to eat. I made your favorite fish porridge.” Shao Qingge called out in response, put away his phone and headed downstairs quickly.

This mother was arranged by the keeper and wasn’t Shao Qingge’s real biological mother. However, the keeper had instilled a lot of memories in him. Therefore, Shao Qingge couldn’t help feeling kind when he saw this gentle, middle-aged woman.

He sat down at the table and smiled at the woman. “Mom, why are you working so hard and cooking by yourself?”

The woman gently held Shao Qingge’s hand and spoke in a distressed manner, “Blame me for being bad. I was in poor health when I was pregnant and you were born with so many diseases. You just had a kidney transplant last year and this time it was a myocardial infarction. I was almost scared to death when you fainted that day. Fortunately, you came back or else…”

Her eyes were red as she said this. Shao Qingge held her hand and comforted her, “Mom, it’s okay. The heart stent operation was very successful and the doctor said the problem isn’t big.” He served her rice while changing the subject. “By the way, for the kidney transplant, Uncle Zhong found the kidney, right?”

The woman wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and nodded. “Old Zhong knows a lot of people. He used connections with friends to find the right type of kidney for you.”

“Is this kidney really a gift from a death row inmate?”

“Yes. He was in good health and didn’t have a disease. He was willing to donate his kidney to you before execution, which was considered a good deed. After your successful operation, I got Uncle Zhong to visit his family members to give them extra money. It is said that the man has a 16 year old son. He wanted his son to grow up, study and become a useful person.” The woman’s voice was gentle.

“You gave them extra money?” Shao Qingge raised his eyebrow with surprise. “How much did you give?”

“50 million gold coins.” Mother Shao smiled. “He can save my precious son. I think this isn’t enough.”

“……” The gold coins mentioned by Mother Shao was equivalent to 500,000 yuan. This was enough for a rich lady to buy one or two limited edition bags but for ordinary people, it was an astronomical number. Shao Qingge rubbed his forehead helplessly. His mother was too gentle and kind. She not only gave the other party 200,000 yuan as stated in the contract but also gave an extra 500,000 as thanks after her son had a successful operation. Even if the organs were bought from the black market, a kidney wasn’t so expensive.

She gave the money to Uncle Zhong, asking him to transfer it to the son of the executed prisoner. In reality, the executed prisoner didn’t save Shao Qingge at all. The kidney wasn’t his and his son had nothing to do with the Shao family. What happened to those 50 million gold coins? They must’ve been taken by Uncle Zhong, right?

Shao Qingge continued to ask, “By the way, why did Uncle Zhong resign? I remember that he has been with Dad for many years and Dad has always trusted him.”

“He is old. He was your father’s assistant in name but in fact, he was more like a housekeeper to both of us. This was really tiring.” Mother Shao sighed lightly and explained. “Moreover, his son married and had a child last year. He wanted to go back and look after his grandson. We couldn’t force him to stay. Your father gave him a sum of money and let him return to his hometown to enjoy his old age.”

“Uncle Zhong’s days must be very leisurely after he resigned.” Shao Qingge stroked his chin and smiled.

“Do you know where his hometown is? If I have a chance, I want to see him. After all, he is considered half my lifesaver as well.”

“His hometown is in a remote place…” The woman wrote down an address for Shao Qingge. While she went to bring out fish soup from the kitchen, Shao Qingge secretly took a photo of the address and sent it to the group. [Uncle Zhong’s address. In addition, my mother gave him an extra 50 million gold coins to transfer to the organ donor’s family. I suspect that he has embezzled the money.]

[Received. I will arrange for some people to investigate it.] Yu Hanjiang immediately called Uncle Zhong’s bank to check his account. He also checked Uncle Zhong’s son and the results surprised Yu Hanjiang.

Uncle Zhong’s son was an ordinary member of a company and his daughter-in-law was a kindergarten teacher. Both of them were working-class employees and their salary was at an ordinary level. Their wedding was very simple. One year after marriage, they gave birth to a son. Strangely, at the start of this year, the two of them suddenly bought a 200 square meters double-storey house in the city center. They paid it off in one lump sum without a loan.

The price of this house was far from what their salary could afford.

Uncle Zhong’s cash flow was clean. The Shao family paid him wages every month. As the housekeeper of the Shao family, his salary was three times that of his son but he couldn’t afford buy a 200 square meters house in the city center at once. Even if he didn’t eat or drink for 10 consecutive years, he wouldn’t be able to save enough money.

His son and daughter-in-law had no channels for additional income and this Uncle Zhong’s financial source was definitely questionable.

Xiao Lou speculated: [Uncle Zhong might also be a member of the organ trafficking organization. Didn’t he say that he knew a lot of people? If he doesn’t know anyone from the organization, how could he help find a suitable kidney for Chief Shao so quickly?]

Shao Qingge also felt that Xiao Lou’s speculation was reasonable. His impression of Uncle Zhong was a slightly overweight, always smiling and very kind uncle. He had done his duty in the Shao house for all these years and he would pick up the child Shao Qingge from school every day.

As for whom Uncle Zhong was associated with, Shao Qingge had no idea.

Shao Qingge asked: [Do you want me to go and check his hometown?]

Yu Hanjiang immediately stopped him. [No, if Uncle Zhong is really a member of the organization, he knows you. It will be dangerous for you to check him suddenly. Let’s do it this way. Old Mo and Xiao Ye will take a trip to Uncle Zhong’s hometown. You are an old man and a child, so it’s easy to avoid suspicion.]

Old Mo replied: [No problem. We will set off tonight. I see his hometown is a place with beautiful mountains and clear waters. I and Xiao Ye will use travel as an excuse to explore the place.]

Ye Qi joked: [It is public travel. Will Chief Shao reimburse our travel expenses?]

[Okay.] Shao Qingge directly sent 100 red envelopes with the largest amount into the group. [If you need money then come and get it.]

Everyone, “……”

It was the first time they saw so many red envelopes in a group chat. Everyone was almost knocked unconscious by the rain of red envelopes. Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou also snatched a few. The rich person was sending out red envelopes, this opportunity couldn’t be wasted.

Shao Qingge’s information was helpful for the progress of the team’s investigation, so Old Mo and Ye Qi immediately set off.

Good news soon came from Xiao Lou. He sorted out the cases of kidney transplants in the hospital. After comparing them through the DNA, he finally found where Liu Renyuan’s kidney had gone.

Xiao Lou said: [Liu Renyuan’s right kidney was transplanted to a woman called Luo Yuwei.]

Yu Hanjiang had some doubts. [Can the kidneys of men and women be mixed?]

Xiao Lou explained: [Kidneys aren’t reproductive organs. People’s kidneys look the same. If they are a similar age and a matching type, a man’s kidney can be transplanted into a woman and vice versa. The important fact is the matching blood type.]

Yu Hanjiang: [Very good. New progress has been made with Liu Renyuan’s line. I will immediately arrange for someone to investigate this woman who has received the kidney transplant.]

Xiao Lou asked: [How is the situation at your side? Are there any suspicious people who have been in contact with Yu Fugui in prison?]

Qu Wanyue and Long Sen were helping organize the information about Yu Fugui. After all, there were too many people in prison at the same time as Yu Fugui. It was necessary to organize their time in prison, what crimes they committed and their relationship with Yu Fugui during their sentence.

The thick stack of information was enough to make the three people dizzy.

Yu Hanjiang: [There are no clues right now. There are too many criminals who have a good relationship with Yu Fugui. He committed the crime of burglary and most of them locked up with him were robbers and burglars, as well as some economic crimes prisoners. The inmates in the prison were highly mobile in these 10 years and their backgrounds are very complex. I only included those who were released from prison within the last few years and those with simple family backgrounds. This reduced the range of suspects to 50.]

Shao Qingge had a headache when listening to this. It wasn’t a simple matter to find out which of these 50 prisoners were closely related to Yu Fugui and introduced Yu Fugui to the organ trafficking organization. Group Leader Yu would be really busy.

Yu Hanjiang wondered: [Where is Liu Qiao? @Xiao Liu]

It was getting dark and only Liu Qiao hadn’t reported on her progress. Yu Hanjiang mentioned her in the group chat but Liu Qiao didn’t reply. She was hiding in Chen Yehua’s pocket at this time.

The body of Chen Yuqing had been left in the morgue before. This afternoon, Chen Yehua finally found someone from a funeral home to take her daughter’s body. Liu Qiao had stayed in the pediatrics department in advance. The moment Chen Yehua came out, she turned herself into the size of a thumb and used Light as a Swallow to fly at lightning speed into the pocket of her coat.

Chen Yehua followed the funeral home’s car to the crematorium first and Chen Yuqing’s body was cremated. Immediately afterward, she returned to the arranged mourning hall with her daughter’s ashes. In the black and white photo on the wall, the seven year old girl’s face was particularly dazzling. The entire mourning hall was empty. Chen Yehua walked into it step by step, standing in front of her daughter’s photo and weeping silently.

She cried for a long time. Liu Qiao didn’t dare move in her pocket. She pricked up her ears to listen carefully. Suddenly, Liu Qiao heard the sound of footsteps outside the door. They were leather shoes and should belong to a man.

Chen Yehua turned her head and screamed when she saw the other person. “It’s you? You scumbag, you dare to come here? Do you still have the face to see me and my daughter? Yuqing is only 7 years old yet she left like this!”

The woman’s hoarse scream was particularly harsh.

The man hugged her hard. Liu Qiao in her pocket was almost squeezed into a meat pie. She immediately moved aside and listened to the man’s soft voice. “Sorry, Ah Hua. I know I owe you and Yuqing. I didn’t expect that a suitable heart would be so difficult to find…”

Chen Yehua had obviously lost her mind. She waved the man’s hand away and interrupted him. “Don’t say it. There is nothing good about your Cheng family…”

The man spoke in a deep voice. “The things that happened back then weren’t my fault. How could I know that Cheng Shaoyu would be such a brute that he wouldn’t even let go of my girlfriend? He never regarded me as his brother just because I was born to his stepmother!”

The man’s anger overflowed when he mentioned this matter. He lowered his voice and growled, “What can I do? Can I choose my own birth? He relied on the fact that he is the first son to fight me everywhere. He has a congenital heart disease and I didn’t dare resist for fear he would have a heart attack and my father would skin me! I’m also very unlucky to have a brother like this. I couldn’t wait for him to have a heart attack one day and just die!”

Liu Qiao, who heard big gossip from her hiding place inside the pocket, “……”

It seemed that Chen Yehua was originally the girlfriend of the younger brother Cheng Shaofeng. As a result, the older brother was shameless and raped her. She gave birth to a daughter who inherited his heart disease… it was really a drama full of dog blood.

The man who appeared in Chen Yuqing’s mourning hall was the person the police had been unable to find—Cheng Shaofeng!

However, Liu Qiao currently couldn’t send a message to Xiao Lou. She could only minimize her presence, acting as a melon eater in this woman’s pocket as she continued to eavesdrop on the conversation between the two.

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