CR: Chapter 332

Yu Hanjiang stayed with Group Leader Lin all morning. He only returned to the criminal investigation police team after understanding all of Yu Fugui’s circumstances.

He first called the telecom operator and asked the other party to provide the base point location of Yu Fugui’s mobile phone signal as well as his call records for the past six months. However, the other party replied, “In our system records, Yu Fugui hasn’t purchased any phone cards.”

Obviously, the mobile phone number Yu Fugui used wasn’t under his own name. His anti-surveillance awareness remained outstanding even after his release from prison.

Then Yu Hanjiang went to the food delivery company and asked about the whereabouts of Wang Wei and Yu Fugui. The company replied that Wang Wei resigned in November last year. Yu Fugui resigned in April last year and he only worked in the company for half a year.

However, the director of the company also provided an additional piece of information. From January to April last year, Wang Wei and Yu Fugui were responsible for takeout orders at the farmer’s market in the western district at the same time. The two of them were in the same group and knew each other for certain.

From this point of view, Wang Wei probably got in contact with the organ trafficking organization due to Yu Fugui.

The two of them were in the same group. Apart from the breakfast, lunch and dinner rush, the delivery staff were more leisurely. They usually gathered in the square of the food street downstairs to chat. Wang Wei might’ve complained about his mother having stomach cancer and how he was planning to marry his girlfriend, but lacking in sufficient savings. This might’ve been remembered by Yu Fugui. Then at the most suitable time, Yu Fugui introduced the topic of ‘selling kidneys’ to Wang Wei.

An introduction from an acquaintance made it easier for people to relax their vigilance. This way, Wang Wei was hooked.

Yu Hanjiang also checked Yu Fugui’s bank records. Before June last year, his bank card had a fixed income from his delivery man salary every month and commission income from orders. Then after resigning in April, his bank card didn’t record any income for the entire 10 months to February this year. His consumption record was very normal and he previously just bought some daily necessities with this bank card.

There was only a bit of change left on his bank card.

Yu Hanjiang had wanted to rely on the mobile phone signal or bank card records to find Yu Fugui’s location. He didn’t expect that the person he encountered this time was an anti-surveillance expert. He didn’t manage to find Yu Fugui’s number and his card wasn’t swiped for a full 10 months. Who knew if he would still use the remaining change?

Yu Hanjiang frowned and sent an emergency notice to the bank that issued the card. “Please lock in on Yu Fugui’s bank card. The moment there is any record on this card, you must notify the police as soon as possible!”

After completing all these investigations, Yu Hanjiang changed into plain clothes and went to the hospital.

Xiao Lou was having lunch with Chief Shao and Liu Qiao in Shao Qingge’s VIP ward. After two days of rest, Shao Qingge had crawled back from the line of life and death and seemed to be in good spirits. His physical condition was much more stable and he could get out of bed without sudden heart palpitations. His face wasn’t as pale as it was in the beginning and he had recovered some vitality.

According to Dr Zhao Sen’s assessment, Shao Qingge’s heart stent operation was very successful. He could be discharged from the hospital after another two days of observation.

Shao Qingge saw Yu Hanjiang and couldn’t help saying, “Group Leader Yu, can I apply for early discharge? You are all busy working on the case and I’m lying alone in the ward.”

He used to lie down to win but he couldn’t do that this time, right? If Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang weren’t alert enough then he wouldn’t have woken up. Moreover, there was a clue from the Shao family that Shao Qingge needed to check in person.

Yu Hanjiang looked at Xiao Lou and asked, “Has Chief Shao’s situation reached the discharge standard?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “I saw the results of his blood tests from the past two days. All his physical indicators are back to normal. If he takes medicine on time after his discharge, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Shao Qingge sighed with relief. “Then I will go through the discharge procedures. The hospital ward makes me uncomfortable.”

Thanks to Xiao Lou’s help, Shao Qingge’s discharge procedures went smoothly. His father called and told him, a driver would pick him up at 3 p.m. Shao Qingge was finally relieved.

Yu Hanjiang sat on the sofa and told his teammates about the results of the current investigation. At the same time, he sent messages to Ye Qi, Old Mo, Long Sen and Qu Wanyue so they would also know the progress of the case.

Ye Qi sent a row of thumbs up. [The girl from 201 left such an important clue before she died! If we follow Yu Fugui then we can definitely find out the details of the mysterious organization.]

Qu Wanyue added: [I didn’t expect Yu Fugui and Wang Wei to have a direct connection. From this point of view, we can clearly sort out Wang Wei’s line. We can form a complete set of buyer, intermediary and seller.]

Shao Qingge joked, “As a buyer, I was almost killed by Wang Wei’s girlfriend. It was a real shock.”

Wang Wei’s line was indeed figured out but a connection still couldn’t be found with the remaining dead: Qi Zhaoming, Chen Yuqing and Liu Renyuan.

Liu Qiao made a guess. “Qi Zhaoming had no income in his bank card for three years and he had no organ transplant wounds. This organization is characterized by cash transactions. Could Qi Zhaoming be an intermediary of the organization? He lives alone and has no relatives or friends. I think his income definitely isn’t from a legal source.”

Yu Hanjiang also thought of this possibility.

In Wang Wei’s case, Shao Qingge was the ‘buyer’, Yu Fugui was the ‘intermediary’ and Wang Wei was the ‘donor’ and the ultimate ‘victim’. This was a complete business chain.

Then would the remaining dead follow this rule?

Xiao Lou said that Qi Zhaoming never had an organ transplant and he had no heart, liver or kidney problems that required buying organs to continue his life. He died from a lumbar spine surgery. This didn’t need a transplant since an artificial disc replacement could be done directly. So if he wasn’t ill but was still involved in the case, it was most likely as an intermediary.

Xiao Lou said, “We did an autopsy of his corpse and there were no suspicious wounds. He died of complications after the lumbar spine surgery. I checked the information and the success rate of intervertebral disc replacement surgery is quite good. There are no problems with his surgical record. Qi Zhaoming was relatively unlucky and happened to get an infection after the operation. His death is likely to be an accident.”

Liu Qiao wondered, “What about the 7 year old Chen Yuqing?”

“She should be the buyer.” Yu Hanjiang calmly answered. “Her mother suddenly withdrew 200,000 yuan. It was such a large amount of cash at one time and Chen Yuqing has a serious heart disease. It is likely that her mother wanted to buy a heart for her daughter on the black market.”

Xiao Lou agreed. “This will connect all the dead to the organ trafficking case. It is just that Chen Yuqing’s mother is an illustrator. Will she have a channel to get a heart transplant? Cheng Shaoyu also had a heart transplant. Does she perhaps know Cheng Shaoyu?”

Yu Hanjiang speculated, “Cheng Shaoyu and Cheng Shaofeng are unmarried rich people. Chen Yuqing is 7 years old. The older brother is 28 years old and the younger brother is 26 years old. Chen Yehua is a single mother and there is no record of her daughter’s biological father in the household registration data.”

Xiao Lou was startled and glanced at him. “You mean, Chen Yuqing’s father is probably Cheng Shaoyu or Cheng Shaofeng?”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “Can a heart disease be inherited?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Some heart diseases are inherited through the family.”

Liu Qiao suddenly realized. “In this way, Chen Yuqing is probably the illegitimate daughter of the first deceased, Cheng Shaoyu right?!”

Ye Qi agreed in the group chat. [The rich second generation Chen Shaoyu had a relationship with Chen Yehua when he was young and she ended up giving birth to a daughter. However, he couldn’t marry Chen Yehua who has no family background. Chen Yehua can only raise her daughter alone. This is why the household registration management department has no record about the girl’s father?]

Xiao Lou followed this line of thinking. “Cheng Shaoyu has a heart disease and passed it onto his daughter. Chen Yehua knew her daughter’s heart disease was getting worse and had no choice but to find Cheng Shaoyu. He successfully had a heart transplant before and perhaps he told Chen Yehua about the channel to buy a heart on the black market. Chen Yehua suddenly took out 200,000 yuan to buy a heart for her daughter. As a result, the matching wasn’t a success or it failed for some other reason. The little girl failed to get a heart transplant and eventually died of the heart disease.”

Yu Hanjiang grabbed a piece of paper and quickly wrote on it with a pen. All the people who appeared in the organ trafficking case were finally connected in theory.

The first line was Cheng Shaoyu (deceased in the dismembered corpse case, heart buyer, beneficiary) – Chen Yuqing (7 years old, illegitimate daughter, died of a sudden heart attack) – Chen Yehua (lover, strange bank record, wanted to buy a heart) – Clear Sky (WeChat profile picture was a blue sky and white clouds, probably related to Cheng Shaoyu’s heart donor victim, killed Cheng Shaoyu and dismembered his corpse for revenge)

The second line was Shao Qingge (kidney transplant buyer, beneficiary) – Uncle Zhong (assistant who resigned and returned home suddenly, insider on the kidney source) – Wang Wei (right kidney donor, dead) – Xu Fangfang (Wang Wei’s girlfriend, knew Clear Sky, almost killed Shao Qingge in retaliation) – Yu Fugui (kidney transplant introducer) – unknown female (probably a victim of egg sales, left Yu Fugui’s DNA behind before she died)

The third line was Liu Renyuan (first deceased person found in the morgue, missing right kidney) – Qi Zhaoming (suspicious deceased found in the morgue, possibly an intermediary for the organ trafficking organization).

The teammates looked at the three lines compiled by Group Leader Yu and felt things clearing up.

The mysterious organization responsible for the organ trafficking must be a very complex and huge organization. They should have a powerful backing. However, if they peeled the cocoon step by step, they could always find clues.

Yu Hanjiang tapped several names with a pen. “The focus of the first line is to check Chen Yehua and Clear Sky. Clear Sky only has a WeChat profile picture. I will ask operators to lock onto his location but I don’t think this person will be so stupid to bind his WeChat account with his ID card. He might change his WeChat ID every day.”

“As for Chen Yehua, is her daughter really Cheng Shaoyu’s illegitimate daughter? How much does she know about organ transplants? This investigation task will be handed over to Xiao Liu, since she has the Thumbelina card and it is easier for her to get close to Chen Yehua. This woman is very wary and she might not speak if I go directly to interrogate her. You can use your method to investigate.”

Liu Qiao nodded. “Yes!”

Yu Hanjiang spoke to the group. “For the second line, Chief Shao will follow up with Uncle Zhong. Find your father’s assistant as soon as possible. He must know where your kidney was bought.”

Shao Qingge answered, “I understand.”

“I, Xiao Ye, Old Mo, Long Sen and Qu Wanyue are responsible for the line about Yu Fugui. The people he had contact with in prison and in reality might be important senior executives or members of the organ trafficking organization. They need to be investigated one by one.”

The four people sent ‘OK’ emojis in the group chat.

Yu Hanjiang’s pen stayed on the third line and he looked back at Xiao Lou. “This line is still incomplete. Liu Renyuan had a kidney removed. Where was it transplanted to? Can I leave this for you to check?”

Xiao Lou seriously answered, “Yes, I will compare Liu Renyuan’s kidney genes with all those who had kidney transplants. I have compiled the information and should soon get a result.”

Once all three lines were found out, the mysterious organ trafficking organization would naturally emerge. Yu Hanjiang had a hunch that they were getting closer and closer to the day when the truth was revealed.

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