CR: Chapter 331

Yu Hanjiang hadn’t closed his eyes for two days and two nights. Xiao Lou saw that it was past 3 o’clock in the morning and urged him to rest first. Yu Hanjiang was indeed exhausted so he simply listened to Xiao Lou’s words and fell asleep in his clothes on the sofa in his office at the police station.

Xiao Lou took a taxi back to the hospital and slept for a few hours in the duty room.

The sky was bright when Yu Hanjiang was suddenly awakened from a nightmare. He dreamed of the cruel scene in 201. He might not be able to see the girl’s face clearly but he could vaguely hear the two men and one woman arguing in the room. He was immersed in the dream and saw the cold environment of the basement, the blood everywhere and the girl’s desperate tears.

He seemed to be floating in the air as he watched a cruel movie.

He didn’t witness what happened in room 201 at the time. Everything in the dream was just theoretical speculations based on the traces at the scene. However, Yu Hanjiang believed that his speculation wasn’t wrong. The other person’s DNA detected in the blood could never come from a victim.

Yu Fugui was the key suspect who needed to be investigated.

Yu Hanjiang washed his face with cold water to wake himself up.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, the police officers from various departments started to come to work one after another. Yu Hanjiang came to the civilian police office in the next building. He found an old policeman in his 40s and asked, “Group Leader Lin, do you still remember Yu Fugui? You handled his robbery case that year, right?”

Last night, he downloaded Yu Fugui’s file from the police database and saved it on his phone. Now he turned on his phone and showed it to the other person. Officer Lin quickly remembered. “I remember, I took people to capture him back then! This guy was a habitual offender. He stole from several nearby residents before I finally caught him.”

Officer Lin recalled the past while pointing to the 20 year old Yu Fugui in the photo. “This person was very energetic and tall. It was a pity he didn’t do proper work and did some sneaky business. I gave him a good lesson at that time.”

“I read that his parents were divorced a long time ago?” Yu Hanjiang pulled over a chair and sat in front of Officer Lin, asking in detail about this person. Officer Lin called for a young intern to pour a glass of water for Yu Hanjiang and asked curiously, “Group Leader Yu, why are you suddenly interested in this person? You are a group leader of the criminal investigations police force. Did this guy… kill someone?!”

“He is related to a murder I’m investigating.” Yu Hanjiang didn’t elaborate. “I want to know more about his experience and whether he has any family members or friends.”

“Oh, then you were right to find me.” Officer Lin smiled. “In order to catch him back then, I even checked his seventh and eighth distant aunts. This boy’s life was actually quite poor. His father used to run a hardware store but he lost all his money in the business. He often got drunk and hit his wife. Later, Yu Fugui’s mother couldn’t stand it. She left her child and ran away secretly. His father started to turn to theft. Yu Fugui learned from his father as a child and his technique was outstanding. He stole from five families in a community and completely avoided surveillance. If it wasn’t for the head of the family suddenly coming back during the sixth robbery and encountering him, we might not have caught him.”

“Avoided all surveillance?” Yu Hanjiang raised an eyebrow slightly. “Then his anti-surveillance awareness is quite strong.”

“Yes, why be a thief? I think he has a talent for being a detective!” Officer Lin sighed lightly. “Once I caught him, I educated him. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. I heard from the prison guards that he was okay in prison. He was very diligent, got along with the inmates and even read some books.”

“Group Leader Lin, do you know where he went once he got out of prison?”

“It seems to be the farmer’s market in the west of the city. I think he worked as a takeout delivery man for a while.” Officer Lin paused before saying confidently, “Yes, a prison guard I know said he once ordered takeout and happened to meet Yu Fugui delivering the meal. He was very pleased and said that this boy finally stopped being a thief and found a formal job after getting out of prison.”

“……” Yu Hanjiang was slightly startled. They were both delivery men and delivered food in the same area. Then this Yu Fugui had a great chance of knowing Wang Wei. Perhaps it was from him that Wang Wei learned he could get a lot of money from selling his organs?

“Does he have any relatives?” Yu Hanjiang asked.

“His mother ran away a long time ago and didn’t care about him. His father was a habitual thief. Later, he climbed upstairs to steal something and accidentally fell to his death. Yu Fugui was in prison for 10 years and no one visited him. His aunts and uncles aren’t willing to acknowledge him.” Officer Lin sighed emotionally. “Their family is too weird and no one dared to interact with them. After all, they are a gambler, drunkard and habitual thief. It would just cause trouble to have such relatives.”

“That’s true.” Yu Hanjiang nodded in understanding before asking, “I heard he had a girlfriend?”

“He had a girlfriend before he went to prison. She worked in a clothing factory. However, she never went to visit Yu Fugui in the 10 years he was in prison. It is estimated that she had broken off contact with him. For a normal girl, it is impossible to wait for a man for 10 years. She was 20 years old and would be 30 when she finished waiting.” Officer Lin smiled. “As for whether he found himself a girlfriend after being released from prison, I don’t know.”

“Group Leader Lin, can you tell me the details of the crimes he committed that year?” Yu Hanjiang wanted to understand as much as possible. Officer Lin was responsible and gave him a description of Yu Fugui’s methods of stealing.

Yu Fugui eyed the chaotic residential areas. Many of the neighbors in such a community didn’t know each other. He would pretend to be a resident of the community, walk around the community every day and familiarize himself with the surroundings. Then he would accurately pinpoint targets who were going on business trips or traveling abroad. Once the family left, he avoided the surveillance cameras to sneak in late at night and steal from them.

His lock picking skills were first-rate (his father taught him personally) so he stole without leaving any traces on the door lock. If a neighbor saw him opening the door, they would just think the owner was home. After all, he had the key!

He mainly stole women’s jewelry. Few people now left cash at home and a woman’s necklace was worth thousands. Earrings, rings and all types of jewelry could be sold for a lot of money. His hands and feet were extremely clean and he would restore the scene when he left, unlike some thieves who entered and left things a mess.

Thus, some women returned from the business trips or travels and found their jewelry missing but just thought they lost it. Only those who had an excellent memory and were sure they put the jewelry in the drawer would report the crime and suspect a thief had been in the house. Unfortunately, Officer Lin couldn’t find any clues at all.

This was simply a thief with a king’s ranking.

Later, he was caught because the police found that a community had lost several valuable pieces of jewelry in a row. They secretly set up surveillance cameras in the community. In addition, the head of the family suddenly came back when Yu Fugui was robbing the place. Yu Fugui was nervous and stabbed the owner before running away with the knife. The head of the family called 120 and an ambulance, describing what Yu Fugui looked like. The police accurately locked onto him through the surveillance videos and arrested him within three days.

Officer Lin gave a vivid description of the serial thefts that year. After listening, Yu Hanjiang asked in a low voice, “The community where things were continuously stolen was Antai Garden?”

“That’s right!”

In this way, Yu Fugui had a very good understanding of the situation of Antai Garden. Perhaps the organ trafficking organization chose this place because of Yu Fugui. He wasn’t an insignificant little fish but a big fish in the organization!

However, Yu Fugui was imprisoned for 10 years and was released only two years ago. In other words, it had only been two years since he re-entered society. It was impossible for him to build such a large organ trafficking organization in this short period of time.

Organ trafficking was an illegal activity and was very dangerous. Everything was done in secret. Moreover, this organization had completely developed the distribution of personnel and benefits. For example, who was invited to perform the operations? The person not only needed to have relevant medical skills but also guarantee they wouldn’t leak the secret. Who pulled people into the organization? Who took care of the aftermath? Who found buyers and sellers and how should the specific profit share be calculated?

Such a complex organization should’ve been established for more than two years.

In the two years since Yu Fugui was released from prison, he couldn’t suddenly come into contact with the organ trafficking organization while delivering food. The organization wouldn’t trust a stranger and the possibility of pulling him into the group was close to zero. In order to pull people into a group, the organization had to check them again and again. Otherwise, if there was a betrayal, they risked being caught by the police.

So how did he join the organization in two years?

Yu Hanjiang thought carefully and suddenly found a key point.

10 years! Yu Fugui was in prison for 10 years!

Could it be that he came into contact with the top of the organization during prison? The other person knew he had excellent anti-surveillance capabilities and was a habitual thief who could open various locks, so he was introduced to the organization? After being released from prison, he didn’t need to go through the organization’s checks and directly became a full member, helping organize the lair at Antai Garden?

Yu Fugui thought up to here and said, “Group Leader Lin, can you help me get in touch with the guards during Yu Fugui’s sentence? I need the information of all prisoners who were there during the same period!”

There were quite a few inmates during this period and the scale of investigation was very large. Perhaps this time, they could catch a big fish!

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2 years ago

Yu Fugui thought up to here and said, “Group Leader Lin, can you help me get in touch with the guards during Yu Fugui’s sentence? I need the information of all prisoners who were there during the same period!”

It should be–> Yu Hanjiang thought up to here and said, “Group Leader Lin, can you help me get in touch with the guards during Yu Fugui’s sentence? I need the information of all prisoners who were there during the same period!”