CR: Chapter 330

Xiao Lou perceived Yu Hanjiang’s anger and also felt uncomfortable.

He thought that the black market organ trafficking couldn’t be as bad as he imagined but facts proved… these cold-blooded people who only cared about profit and didn’t know how to respect life were countless times worse than he imagined! They weren’t worthy of being called people at all. They only deserved to be called butchers.

Doing organ transplants in such a dirty, chaotic and poor environment? It was unknown how many people died there in secret.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath, calmed down and asked Yu Hanjiang, “Is there any written information at the scene?”

Yu Hanjiang also quickly calmed his emotions. “They cleaned this place up well when they left. The office computers have been moved, not a single document is left and fingerprints are also difficult to collect. However…”

Yu Hanjiang looked around as he remembered the rooms just now. “I can extract blood. The blood stains were treated by luminol. The DNA shouldn’t be destroyed and it can be extracted for identification. In room 201, the girl had a dispute with another person as she ran away. Perhaps she left some DNA clues.”

Xiao Lou encouraged him. “Bring back all the bloodstains that can be extracted. This time it won’t be fruitless.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and turned back to room 201. He used the things he brought with him to extract the suspicious blood.


By the time they left the basement, it was already 2 o’clock in the morning. Yu Hanjiang stopped a taxi and asked his other four teammates to go directly to the hotel to rest. Meanwhile, he took the taxi to the hospital to find Xiao Lou. Xiao Lou couldn’t sleep so he was waiting at the hospital.

Yu Hanjiang arrived while Xiao Lou, Chief Shao and Liu Qiao chatting. Shao Qingge couldn’t sleep either because he was connected to Ye Qi and Ye Qi told Shao Qingge about the progress at the scene.

The teammates were investigating the scene while Xiao Lou and Shao Qingge analyzed the case.

Once Yu Hanjiang arrived outside the general surgery department, Xiao Lou used his access card to pick him up. They headed into Chief Shao’s VIP room and locked the door. Xiao Lou took the initiative to pour a cup of hot water and handed it to Yu Hanjiang. “It was hard work tonight. Drink some hot water to warm your stomach.”

It was winter and the middle of the night. It could be imagined how cold the basement was.

At this time, Yu Hanjiang’s entire body was chilly as if he had been frozen.

Xiao Lou was distressed for him and worried about the health of his teammates. He typed in the group chat: [Everyone, go back and take a hot bath. Drink a cup of water and sleep. It is best to plug in the electric blanket. If you have a cold then come and ask me for medicine tomorrow. In particular, the elderly, the child and the pregnant Qu Wanyue should pay more attention. Your current physical condition isn’t like normal.]

Everyone replied that there was no problem.

In fact, everyone’s illnesses hadn’t been completely cured and it was very tiring to follow Yu Hanjiang to investigate the case. However, the one who was the most tired was actually Yu Hanjiang who hadn’t slept for two consecutive days. Other people didn’t dare complain in front of Yu Hanjiang’s dedication.

Hard work was nothing. They just had to solve the case as soon as possible. Everyone wanted to leave this secret room earlier. Yu Hanjiang took a sip of the water that Xiao Lou handed him and warmth rose in his heart. He turned and sat on the sofa, taking out the photos of the scene to show them. Hearing the description and seeing it with their own eyes was completely different.

Xiao Lou and Shao Qingge couldn’t help getting the chills when they saw the gloomy morgue with lots of blood stains. Shao Qingge held his pained temples. “No wonder Xiao Ye’s mental waves fluctuated so much. This is really like the shooting scene of a horror movie…”

Yu Hanjiang suggested, “It is late at night and no one is working in the forensic center of our police station. If I bring the blood collected at the scene there, can you find a way to test it Xiao Lou?”

“As long as there is the equipment,” Xiao Lou answered. “Take me to the police station and open a laboratory of the forensic appraisal center. I should be able to use the equipment there.”

“Yes.” Yu Hanjiang immediately stood up. “Let’s start as soon as possible.”

Shao Qingge advised, “Pay attention to safety.”

“Chief Shao, your heart surgery has just been completed. You should go to bed first.” Xiao Lou smoothly turned off the lights.

Yu Hanjiang used the copy of Light as a Swallow and the two people simply went out the window. Yu Hanjiang gently hugged Xiao Lou’s waist and led him to jump quickly on top of the buildings. They moved like they were flying and arrived on the roof of the police force building within 5 minutes.

They successfully entered the forensic appraisal center. Yu Hanjiang opened the laboratory and let Xiao Lou analyze the blood.

Xiao Lou was a forensic scientist and it was really easy for him to use the laboratory equipment. He soon got a result. “The blood extracted had the DNA of two people mixed in with it. I have printed the data and it is one female and one male. If you check the DNA database, you might be able to find these two people.”

Yu Hanjiang opened the computer and compared the DNA. The female DNA was consistent with the only female DNA among the corpses he found in the garbage dump on February 1st. However, this girl’s DNA couldn’t be found in the police database.

The DNA data registered by the police were generally for criminals with criminal records or missing people. Ordinary people only registered their fingerprint information when applying for ID cards, not DNA.

This was why Yu Hanjiang had the DNA of five people but only identified Wang Wei. Wang Wei’s fingerprints were complete and a fingerprint match came out. The other four victims were still unidentified. The certain thing was that the bloodstains of the girl in room 201 belonged to the only female among the five dead.

Then Xiao Lou detected male DNA that didn’t belong to the five bodies. Yu Hanjiang took the DNA and compared it to the police database…

The result was that this person was really found in the DNA database.

This person was Yu Fugui. When he was 20 years old, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for ‘robbery with a knife and injuring the house owner’. Two years ago, he was released from prison after serving his sentence.

This information made Xiao Lou’s eyes shine. “This person shouldn’t be a victim but a member of the organization!”

“I think so too. His DNA wasn’t among the dead.” Yu Hanjiang agreed with Xiao Lou’s speculation. “A few days ago in room 201, an unknown girl had a dispute with a man. Perhaps during this dispute, she broke the skin of the other person and blood flowed.

Evidence was also left. Perhaps this was the only thing the girl could do for herself before she died. She tried her best to grab the other person’s hand and left the police an important clue! Such a hidden clue was caught by the rigorous Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou.

Yu Hanjiang spoke with a calm face, “Yu Fugui should’ve run away with the members of the organization. Tomorrow morning, I will investigate his social relationships and lock onto his mobile phone location. Perhaps we can follow this line and find the real lair of the organization!”

The basement of Antai Garden was just a place where they performed operations and killed people. The organization’s real lair shouldn’t be a cold, damp basement. It should be an extremely luxurious resort villa or hot springs villa. After all, they made so much money by selling organs. How could they be willing to treat themselves badly?

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes narrowed as he quickly formulated a plan for the next day in his mind.

Xiao Lou wondered, “The girl’s identity is still unclear and her family hasn’t reported her missing. Could she be an orphan without any parents, close friend or boyfriend so that no one noticed her disappearance?”

If such a person went missing, it would indeed give the police a huge headache. She had no lover, no friends and no one to know if she disappeared or where she ended up. Still, Yu Hanjiang believed that any person who existed in society would definitely leave a trace. The DNA database couldn’t determine her identity but there was always a way to find her origin… for example, her missing organ?

Yu Hanjiang said, “Organ transplantation requires matching. She struggled with strength and definitely didn’t experience a heart transplant. If it is a kidney transplant or liver transplant, we can focus on cases where the source is female kidneys or liver.”

Xiao Lou frowned and thought about it. Then he suddenly shook his head. “It isn’t necessarily an organ transplant. If girls want to make money, there is a faster and safer way than organ selling. Most girls, no matter how poor they are, will rarely fall back on selling a kidney.”

Yu Hanjiang was startled. “A more profitable way?”

Xiao Lou looked serious as he clearly enunciated, “They can also sell eggs.”

Yu Hanjiang, “……”

The black market sold eggs. These illegal transactions had been very popular recently.

There was only one kidney in a person. If one was removed, they had to worry about side-effects. Selling eggs was more acceptable to girls. After all, they ovulated once a month. If they didn’t become pregnant then those eggs were wasted anyways.

A girl could shed nearly 400 eggs in a lifetime. It only took one to give birth to a child. If a girl didn’t want a child for a time being, why not sell the extra eggs? Did it matter? Moreover, the eggs sold could help infertile couples have their own babies which was a good deed. This was the most commonly used brainwashing rhetoric for black market sales.

In fact, selling eggs required ‘ovulation stimulation injections’ to force girls to shed more than 10 or 20 eggs at a time. This was equivalent to making them age by two or three years. Of course, they could ignore the passing of a few years of youth. The biggest risk of selling eggs on the black market was that the procedure wasn’t standard and it could easily cause ovarian stimulation syndrome and even infertility!

If a regular hospital that did IVF took the eggs using the standard procedure, the damage to women was minimal.

However, the black market didn’t care about the doctor’s skill and the operating environment. Some even practiced medicine without a license. There was a lot of news on the Internet about girls selling eggs on the black market who almost died.

Then the blood in room 201 at the time…

Xiao Lou speculated, “This organization is likely to be engaged in the business of selling eggs as well and deceived some pretty girls to sell their eggs. The process of collecting the eggs might’ve caused heavy bleeding in the girl. Egg retrieval doesn’t require general anesthesia and she was still conscious at the time. She struggled to escape when she noticed something wrong and was blocked by someone. She caused one of them to bleed in despair, leaving his blood behind. In the end, she bled to death in room 201…”

Xiao Lou’s speculation was reasonable. The benefits of selling eggs on the black market wasn’t as good as selling kidneys but it was more acceptable to girls compared to selling kidneys. Postoperative bleeding was also a common complication of improper egg retrieval.

A young life disappeared just like this. The crimes of the underground illegal organ trafficking organization were too numerous!

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