CR: Chapter 324

The two of them found a bun store to sit down and have breakfast. During the meal, they took out their mobile phones to send a message to Yu Hanjiang.

Old Mo said, “Group Leader Yu, we spent half an hour in the farmer’s market. We happened to find the cart handling the garbage for the morning market. Xiao Ye and I followed and found the place where the farmer’s market usually throws their rubbish.”

Ye Qi sent a photo.

It was a large trash bin located at the back of the farmer’s market. At this time, the trash bin was full of rotten vegetables and fruit. The amount of trash in the morning market was so much. It could be seen that the vehicles transporting trash in the city should clean up the farmer’s market once a day. Otherwise, the trash bin would simply be full.

The time could be narrowed down further.

Yesterday on February 2nd, the elderly couple made a report and Yu Hanjiang led his team to find the body parts. Therefore, the garbage truck should’ve taken away the garbage from the farmer’s market two days ago, which was February 1st.

According to the action route on the map, if the garbage truck was going to the garbage station on the outskirts of the city, it should first go to the farmer’s market to load the garbage from the vegetables and fruits. Then it should continue to collect garbage along the main road, the roadside and the residential areas.

If the illegal clinic threw the body parts in a garbage bin of a residential area and it was found by the cleaning aunt, it would be easy to find the source. Therefore, the best way to deal with the corpses was to burn them and sprinkle the ashes. If an accident occurred during the incineration process, the best place to throw the body parts was the huge trash bin in the farmer’s market.

The farmer’s market was full of good and bad people and a lot of garbage was generated every day. If body parts were buried by a lot of vegetable leaves and fruits then it wasn’t easy to attract the attention of the cleaners. The location of the trash bin that Ye Qi found was very critical. Yu Hanjiang judged that the illegal clinic rushed to dispose of the corpses because there was an incident during the incineration process. The burn marks on the body parts also proved this.

Ye Qi sent another photo. “I found black ashes in a hidden corner next to the trash bin. I don’t know if it is ashes left by burning the corpses. I collected some and will send it to the police for professional testing.”

Yu Hanjiang praised him. “Good work. Are there any other clues?”

Old Mo and Ye Qi glanced at each other and decided to tell Yu Hanjiang about their encounter with the suspicious person. “We met a man as Xiao Ye and I were searching for evidence near the trash bin. He is around 1.85 meters in height and was neither fat nor thin. He wore sunglasses, a hat and black clothes. He stared at us but stayed silent. I’m not sure if it is related to the case but I think this person is a bit strange.”

Ye Qi agreed “Yes, it is early in the morning and most of the people who go to the farmer’s market are nearby residents and some restaurant workers picking up fresh vegetables. This man was dressed strangely and also wore a hat and sunglasses. He didn’t fit in with the surrounding environment. We didn’t dare take the initiative to chat with him in case he really is a member of the organization. If he has a gun then Old Mo and I might not be able to deal with it.”

Xiao Lou replied immediately after seeing the messages. “You did the right thing. The members of this organization are cruel. Group Leader Yu was shot and almost died. If you encounter suspicious people then try not to stir the grass to startle the snakes.” After a pause, he added, “Ye Qi is a child and Old Mo is over 60 years old. Even if that person is a member of the organization, he shouldn’t doubt you.”

Ye Qi replied, “Yes, he didn’t follow after we left.”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “What is the situation on your side, Liu Qiao?”

Liu Qiao told them, “Xu Fangfang guarded her grandfather all night. In the morning, she went to sleep. Before that, she heard from her grandmother that someone would come from the funeral home at noon to take away her grandfather’s body. During the conversation, I found out the cause of her grandfather’s death. Last year, a brain tumor was found and surgery wasn’t possible. The family members were already mentally prepared and there should be no doubts about her grandfather’s death.”

Yu Hanjiang told her, “Okay, I’m going to Xu Fangfang’s house right now.”

Someone from the police force drove while Yu Hanjiang sat in the back, opened his laptop and called up a map of the city.

The triangular area determined by Long Sen and Qu Wanyue was of great significance and could narrow the scope of investigation. The trash bin found by Old Mo and Xiao Ye at the farmer’s market further shortened the time.

On January 31st, the criminal police force locked onto Cheng Shaofeng as a suspect in the death of Cheng Shaoyu. Yu Hanjiang went to the villa where Cheng Shaofeng lived (Jincui Villa) and was shot. He was sent to the hospital to be rescued and this was also the starting point of the secret room.

On the same day, someone ordered takeout from the ‘Good Taste Porridge Store’ and ‘Spicy Rice Noodles’. After eating the takeout, they threw the boxes into the trash. The people who ordered the takeout were within the ‘triangular area’ drawn by the Long Qu couple or they worked within that area.

That night, the organ trafficking organization suddenly started to dispose of the corpses in large quantities. They burned the corpses near the garbage bin to the rear of the farmer’s market. An accident happened midway and the corpses weren’t burned cleanly. They had to hurry to dispose of them. The corpses were thrown into the trash bin and covered with vegetable leaves and fruit peels.

On the morning of February 1st, the garbage truck cleared all the garbage from the trash bin at the farmer’s market, drove down the road and collected all the garbage on the road (causing the takeout boxes of the ‘Good Taste Porridge Store’ and ‘Spicy Rice Noodles’ to be mixed in). The garbage in the truck was transported to the garbage collection station on the outskirts of the city.

On February 2nd, yesterday morning, the elderly couple found a human hand while sorting the garbage. They called the police in a panic. Yu Hanjiang led the police over and searched the garbage collection station. After the corpses were taken back for testing, they found the DNA of five people but four couldn’t be identified. One hand had a fingerprint intact. The fingerprints database was checked and it was confirmed to be the deliveryman Wang Wei.

Yu Hanjiang sorted out his thoughts while drawing a 3D simulation on the computer.

There were several communities near the farmer’s market and located within the triangular area drawn by the Long Qu couple. The nearest community that met the three conditions of ‘low population density, poor security management and location secrecy’ was…

Antai Garden.

This community was an old building with a history of 10 years. The tallest building was only 7 floors. There were no elevators and no entertainment for young people nearby such as movie theaters or KTV. There was only a farmer’s market to buy vegetables.

Due to the poor environment and poor public security in the area, most of the residents were elderly. Some of the elderly people’s children would pick them up after buying a house in the urban area. Naturally, there would be a large number of unused rooms in the community.

This type of community which had no surveillance at the entrances and exits and no elevators, had low housing prices and low rents. People who ran small businesses liked to rent here. Therefore, the entire community had good and bad people mixed in. There were likely to be some criminals among them.

Yu Hanjiang searched the Internet and found many rental advertisements for Antai Garden. Nearly half the houses were rented out and even the basement could be rented for a very low price. It could be imagined how messy the tenants would be.

The evening of January 31st, Antai Garden.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Yu Hanjiang accurately pinpointed the time and location. He called his colleagues on the police force and ordered, “Call the traffic police to check the surveillance of all intersections of the farmer’s market in the west district from midnight January 31st to 9 a.m. on February 1st. In addition, look for garbage trucks, freight trucks and high-end private cars that passed by that area in this period. Note their license plate numbers and check them one by one!”

It was this mysterious organization that hurt Yu Hanjiang. They knew that the police were investigating Cheng Shaoyu’s case and were worried they would be involved, so they rushed to deal with the corpses.

The people of the mysterious organization must’ve already run away. They wouldn’t wait in place for Yu Hanjiang to find them. However, Yu Hanjiang believed that they couldn’t run from the long arm of the law. Even the most shrewd criminals would leave traces behind!

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