CR: Chapter 322

In the afternoon, Long Sen went to complete the discharge procedures. The doctor didn’t know that Long Sen’s broken leg was healed and suggested he shouldn’t be discharged for the time being. Qu Wanyue was in the active stage of her illness and also shouldn’t be discharged. The two of them used the excuse of ‘there is an urgent matter at home to deal with’ and were stubborn. Finally, they signed the consent form stating they would ‘bear the consequences if there was danger after discharge’ and completed the discharge procedures.

Ye Qi hadn’t recovered yet. The doctor told him to have his parents come over before he could be discharged… Ye Qi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. The keepers were only responsible for making him smaller. They didn’t seem to have arranged parents for him? Ye Qi had no choice but to ask Yu Hanjiang to be his father.

It just so happened that Yu Hanjiang was about to come to the hospital to find Xiao Lou so he helped Ye Qi with this favor.

The 7 year old Ye Qi pointed to Yu Hanjiang and seriously told the doctor, “This is my father.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang, “…….”

The doctor found that the police officer in front of him was handsome and looked nothing like the cute little Ye Qi. However, Ye Qi said this was his father and the other party didn’t deny it. The doctor had to warn, “Your son’s inflammation might be better but it is still dangerous when leaving the hospital. Have him take the medicine on time and keep him warm. Don’t let him catch a cold again.”

Yu Hanjiang simply replied, “Yes, I will pay attention.”

Ye Qi seized the initiative to hold Group Leader Yu’s hand. “Dad, let’s go. I don’t want to stay in the hospital.”

Yu Hanjiang seriously signed the consent letter and left the pediatric ward with Ye Qi.

Xiao Lou couldn’t help laughing. “Xiao Ye, you are really smooth when saying ‘Dad’.”

Ye Qi immediately retracted his hand and looked up at Yu Hanjiang in an embarrassed manner. “Hehe… there is no way. I wanted Chief Shao to pretend to be my father but he can’t get up from the hospital bed! Brother Long and Sister Wanyue don’t look like a couple who can have a 7 year old son. I can only wrong Group Leader Yu.”

Yu Hanjiang replied casually, “It’s fine. Let’s go see Old Mo.”

What about being a father? He was going to be a son!

Old Mo had to be signed out by a family member if he wanted to leave the hospital. After all, he had just completed an intestinal obstruction surgery and it was very dangerous. The doctor didn’t know that Old Mo’s wound had been healed. After Yu Hanjiang impersonated Ye Qi’s father, he continued by impersonating Old Mo’s son.

The man spoke solemnly, “My father wants to go home to recuperate. His current state is stable and the hospital environment will just make him feel depressed and anxious. Rest assured, I will ask a special family doctor to take care of him.”

Old Mo smiled. “Yes yes, my son is very filial.”

Yu Hanjiang glanced at him and asked, “Dad, how do you feel about your recovery?”

“I can get out of bed and walk now…”

The two people acted together and the doctor was helpless. He had to sign the discharge consent form. After leaving the ward, Ye Qi couldn’t help joking, “A grandfather, father and son, all three generations are complete.”

Yu Hanjiang, who became a father and a son, felt helpless. Fortunately, they got Old Mo and Ye Qi discharged from the hospital. He glanced at Xiao Lou and suggested in a low voice, “We should have a meeting to exchange information. Then go and investigate in groups. I will meet up with the people who have been discharged from the hospital. You, Chief Shao and Liu Qiao continue to stay at the hospital. We will see you in the Peach Blossom Spring at midnight tonight.”

Xiao Lou nodded and watched them leave.

Yu Hanjiang temporarily settled Long Sen, Qu Wanyue, Old Mo and Ye Qi in a nearby hotel. At midnight, Xiao Lou opened the Peach Blossom Spring’s teleportation and the team members arrived in order. Liu Qiao also returned to her normal appearance.

Seeing Chief Shao safe and sound, everyone was relieved.

This combination of old, weak, sick, disabled and pregnant really wasn’t easy. They had to fight with wits and courage against the doctors and nurses every day. However, what was waiting for them next might be even more sinister.

Yu Hanjiang looked over his teammates and spoke calmly. “I will first summarize the clues for everyone so we can have a comprehensive understanding of the case.”

At present, only Xiao Lou knew all the clues. The others were still in a state of confusion so they pricked up their ears to listen seriously.

Yu Hanjiang spoke softly, “There is the ‘Cheng Shaoyu dismembered body’ case. The deceased Cheng Shaoyu is a rich second generation and his family has tens of billions in assets to inherit. His younger brother Cheng Shaofeng is a half-brother and they have a competitive relationship. At present, Cheng Shaoyu’s torso hasn’t been found yet.

“Then there are the three deceased in the hospital. The first is Qi Zhaoming, an unemployed person with no income in his bank card but he can maintain daily expenses for up to three years. The source of cash is unknown and there are no surgical wounds. It is not yet certain if he is related to the organ trafficking case.”

“The second is Chen Yuqing, a 7 year old girl who died of a heart attack. Her mother Chen Yehua is an illustrator and took out 200,000 yuan in cash. The destination of the cash is unknown. Moreover, her mother might’ve concealed her medical history. Further investigation is needed to determine if this is related to the organ trafficking case.”

“The third person is Liu Renyuan, a security guard at Jincui Community. He is the main subject of suspicion. His medical records don’t show the scar on the right kidney side but during an autopsy, Xiao Lou found that his right side was missing a rib and his right kidney was removed. Liu Renyuan suddenly received a large sum of money in November last year and was spending lavishly. Connect it to his missing right kidney and it is likely that he sold a kidney last year and got a large amount of cash. The kidney removal operation was very unprofessional and damaged the pleura and ureter. This wasn’t done by the same person who did Chief Shao’s kidney transplant. Therefore, we can reasonably speculate that there might be an illegal clinic where unprofessional doctors are secretly performing organ harvesting operations on people to make huge profits.”

“The dismembered body parts of the five murdered people found today were burned. Four of them couldn’t be found in the DNA database and didn’t match the DNA of any missing people. There is one person identified through fingerprint comparison. A takeout deliveryman named Wang Wei. The cause of his death is unclear.”

The team members all had a headache listening to Group Leader Yu’s clues.

The scope of this case was far greater than the previous Hearts cases. There were already nine dead people! Moreover, many of the corpses discovered by Group Leader Yu today couldn’t even be identified, let alone be used to lock onto a suspect.

Ye Qi asked curiously, “The source of Chief Shao’s kidney couldn’t be found?”

Xiao Lou answered, “Chief Shao’s father said his assistant was in charge of this matter. One of the people we need to investigate is this assistant.”

Shao Qingge thought about it carefully. “I remember that his assistant’s surname is Zhong. I always call him Uncle Zhong. He had been with my father for many years but soon after my operation last year, he quit and returned to his hometown. He said that his daughter-in-law gave birth to a boy and he wanted to go home to look after his grandson.”

Yu Hanjiang instructed, “Chief Shao, please check the assistant. We must know the source of the kidney.”

Shao Qingge nodded. “No problem.”

Xiao Lou glanced at Liu Qiao. “What about the nurse Xu Fangfang? Did you find any clues?”

Liu Qiao told everyone about the unreasonable situation of the WeChat record being pinned that she discovered. Then she added, “After Xu Fangfang fell asleep, she kept calling out someone’s name—Wang Wei. This should be her ex-boyfriend that she can’t give up on.” Liu Qiao looked at Yu Hanjiang and asked, “Isn’t this the name of the deliveryman that Group Leader Yu mentioned?”

Liu Qiao’s discovery shocked Yu Hanjiang.

If Wang Wei died due to an organ transplant and Xu Fangfang knew that Shao Qingge was the beneficiary of the organ transplant and hated Shao Qingge, then everything would make sense. The source of Shao Qingge’s kidney had to be quickly investigated and they also had to continue investigating Xu Fangfang. Where did she learn about Shao Qingge’s kidney transplant record? There might be someone behind the scenes advising her.

Yu Hanjiang instructed, “Xiao Liu is responsible for watching Xu Fangfang. Xiao Lou, continue to collect the medical records of all organ transplants in the hospital. Tomorrow, Long Sen, Teacher Qu, Old Mo and Ye Qi will join me in going to the farmer’s market in the west of the city. If I’m right, the den of this organization is near the farmer’s market!”

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1 year ago

I almost forgot that it was still only one day since the farmer’s market find, so many cluuuues rubs hands

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Useful facts: If for some reason you want to get rid of a body or a part of it, one of the best ways is to give it to pigs.
They eat EVERYTHING, there have been cases of pigs eating the farmer by accident. In addition they do not leave anything, only clothes, and it can be burned.

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aku pun tahu ini, di film “project wolf hunting” orang orang yang mati karena eksperimen mereka secara berkala di jadikan makanan babi