CR: Chapter 320

The ones who reported it this time were an elderly couple who worked at the garbage collection station all year round.

The garbage collection station at the outskirts of the city had a history of many years. Urban garbage would be transported here first for sorting and recyclable garbage was sent to a professional garbage disposal company to be recycled. Hazardous garbage was sent to another garbage treatment plant for complete destruction.

Yu Hanjiang walked over and questioned those who reported it. “How did you find these corpses?”

The old lady stood there with her head lowered. She was afraid to speak and was obviously horrified by the terrible scene.

The old man coughed and spoke in a trembling voice. “We both drove the garbage truck this morning and came to work as usual. The garbage over there was piled up. We wanted to load the garbage into the truck as soon as possible. I didn’t pay attention at all. It was my wife who suddenly screamed and said there was a hand in the garbage dump. I looked over and sure enough, there was indeed a dark hand!”

The old lady thought of this scene and shivered. “Yes, it was a burnt hand and obviously didn’t belong to a small animal. It had five fingers and looked like a human hand. I looked through the trash bin and found another hand! My legs weakened in fright and I didn’t know what to do. My husband responded quickly and told me to call the police.”

The elderly couple were obviously passersby who had nothing to do with the case. They accidentally came across the dismembered corpses in the garbage dump and were so scared that they were still shaking.

Yu Hanjiang wrote it down while asking, “How often is this garbage collection station cleaned up?”

The old man replied, “Around every three days. The city has too much garbage. If it isn’t sorted and cleaned up in time then there would be no room.”

“In other words, this rubbish was delivered within the last three days?” Yu Hanjiang frowned slightly. He was shot three days ago. Was it a coincidence or was the organ trafficking organization suddenly disposing of the corpses after detecting that something was wrong?

“It should be?” The old man spoke uncertainly. “We cleaned this area three days ago and no dead bodies were found. It was only when we came this morning that we found it. This batch of garbage should be newly delivered within the last three days.”

“Can you tell where the garbage came from?”

“It’s too difficult.” The old man frowned in a distressed manner. “The rubbish from all the communities, streets and schools will be sent here and piled together. It is hard to identify what is from where.”

All the garbage from the city was gathered here so the specific source of the corpses was indeed difficult to trace.

Yu Hanjiang endured the pungent smell in the air and took a breath. Then he crouched down and examined the pile of garbage carefully. In addition to the burnt corpse parts, there was also a large amount of garbage such as rotten vegetable leaves, peels, takeout lunch boxes and other household waste.

His keen eyes found a takeout box with the words ‘Good Taste Porridge Store’ on them as well as disposable plastic chopsticks and paper towel packaging bags with a small yellow man and the words ‘Spicy Rice Noodles’ on them.

He stood up and asked the colleague next to him in a low voice, “Where is the largest vegetable and fruit warehouse in our city?”

The male colleague answered, “I remember there is a farmer’s market in the west of the city. Vegetables and fruit are sold in boxes there and it is especially cheap. The city’s vegetables and fruits should be purchased from there?”

Another female colleague whispered, “Group Leader Yu, do you suspect the corpses came from a vegetable market?”

“No.” Yu Hanjiang’s expression was cold. “For this batch of corpses, it seems they were hurriedly processed. There are burn marks on the corpses. The other party wanted to cremate the corpses and burn them to ashes without leaving any evidence. There might’ve been an accident during the cremation and the corpses weren’t completely burned. Therefore, they hurriedly threw the body parts into the trash can where they were transported by the garbage truck here.”

Yu Hanjiang pointed to the large amount of vegetable leaves and fruit peels in the garbage dump. “There should be a large farmer’s market near the trash bin where they threw the corpses. It is difficult for urban residents to produce this much vegetable leaves, fruit peels and other garbage in three days. In addition, there are cartons, woven bags and other garbage that are also used for the vegetables and fruits at the farmer’s market.”

His colleagues listened to his analysis and nodded in agreement.

The forensic doctor accompanying them spoke bitterly. “Group Leader Yu, these body parts are too fragmented and burned. It will be difficult to determine the time of death and manner of death. I don’t even know how many are dead. I will have to take back the corpses for DNA testing and compare the genetic data to missing people. The results will be given to you tomorrow at the latest.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Thank you everyone, you’ve worked hard. Let’s call it a day.”

Today’s criminal police officers were a bit of a mess. They followed Yu Hanjiang to search through the entire garbage dump looking for corpses and everyone smelled very bad. After returning to the police station, they went to take a shower and change clothes.

Yu Hanjiang took advantage of his time in the shower to continue communicating with Xiao Lou. “I’ve locked onto a suspected area. It is the farmer’s market distribution center in the west of the city. If we can find the ‘Good Taste Porridge Store’ and ‘Spicy Rice Noodles’ store within 5 kilometres, the trash bin nearby is the most likely place where it was thrown. The organ trafficking organization might be around there.”

Xiao Lou was surprised by the efficiency. “You even found specific stores?”

Yu Hanjiang explained, “The takeout boxes for these two places were found in the garbage dump.”

Yu Hanjiang paused, washed away the shampoo foam on his head and continued, “My colleagues are all from the secret room. I don’t know if having them investigate might inadvertently alert the enemy. Therefore, I think it is better for our teammates to come and help as soon as possible. They aren’t the police and don’t need to do too many disguises. It is convenient for them to visit as ordinary people.”

Xiao Lou nodded. “I will let Old Mo, Long Sen, Qu Wanyue and Ye Qi come to help you. Old Mo and Ye Qi can be a grandfather and grandchild. It isn’t easy to suspect old people and children. The Long Qu couple will act as themselves and it is more convenient for them to go to the farmer’s market to buy vegetables.”

Yu Hanjiang naturally agreed with Xiao Lou’s arrangement. He thought the same.

Xiao Lou continued, “After Chief Shao is discharged, should I have him go to check his father’s side?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Mr Shao doesn’t seem to know the source of the organ and he said it was all done by his assistant. The assistant who resigned and left needs to be investigated. This person probably knows the contact information of the organ trafficking organization. Moreover, this person resigned half a year ago… half a year was just around the time of Shao Qingge’s operation. The assistant suddenly resigning is a bit strange.”

“Okay, I will think of a way to let Chief Shao leave the hospital as soon as possible so he can go home and check the assistant.”

Yu Hanjiang noticed that Liu Qiao wasn’t mentioned. “For Xiao Liu, are you arranging her to stay and help you?”

“Yes.” Xiao Lou explained, “Liu Qiao’s anemia is more serious. Her condition is in the progressive stage and she can’t go too far. I want to keep her in the hospital. I personally think the suspicion of Zhao Sen, Qin Changming and the other doctors isn’t big but it can’t be completely ruled out. It is necessary to find all the cases of organ transplants in the last few years and organize the detailed information for you.”

Xiao Lou’s words once again coincided with Yu Hanjiang’s thoughts. The man smiled with relief and said, “Okay, we will work together. Pay attention to your safety.”

Xiao Lou was silent for a moment before suddenly wondering, “There is a problem I have been unable to figure out. You found dismembered body parts in the garbage dump. All the body parts are limbs and the torso is missing. The torso is where the organs are located so it was processed separately. It is likely that this dark organization grabbed people, removed their organs and threw away the corpses. Then… why Cheng Shaoyu?”

Cheng Shaoyu was the first deceased in this case and a rich second generation.

Xiao Lou wondered, “Cheng Shaoyu was the beneficiary of an organ transplant. Someone else transplanted the organ into him and there is no such thing as an illegal clinic taking his heart and throwing his body into the garbage dump. So why was he dismembered?”

The organ trafficking organization secretly removed people’s organs and threw away their corpses. This was the most reasonable speculation at present. Cheng Shaoyu obviously didn’t belong to this column.

Yu Hanjiang spoke calmly. “Have you heard of a retaliatory imitation crime?”

Xiao Lou was stunned and didn’t understand Yu Hanjiang’s meaning for a while. Yu Hanjiang explained in a low voice, “A used a certain method to kill B’s dear relative or loved ones. B took revenge and deliberately chose the same method to kill A. From the perspective of criminal psychology, doing so will make them enjoy it more.”

Xiao Lou understood. “You mean that Cheng Shaoyu received a heart transplant. This heart came from another person and that person died after losing their heart. Once a relative learned about this, they retaliated against Cheng Shaoyu and killed Cheng Shaoyu with the method of dismembering the body?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “This speculation is reasonable. Cheng Shaoyu’s method of being dismembered is very similar to the body parts that were found in the garbage dump. It is obviously an imitation. The people from the organ trafficking organization are murderers and have killed many people for years. Among those who were killed, a relative found out the truth and took revenge on the recipient of the organ. Cheng Shaoyu was retaliated against.”

This made sense? Why else would Cheng Shaoyu, the beneficiary of a heart transplant, be dismembered? Perhaps it was the relative of the deceased retaliating against him.

Xiao Lou was shocked. “This is bad. Chief Shao also had an organ transplant. What if someone retaliates against him?”

Yu Hanjiang also thought of this and immediately said in a deep voice, “Go and see Chief Shao as soon as possible and determine the source of his kidney!”

Xiao Lou’s heart was about to stop. He immediately took a deep breath and headed to the ICU ward.

He had always been worried that Zhao Sen would do something to Chief Shao during the operation and completely ignored that Chief Shao might be retaliated against by a family member after the surgery. After all, Shao Qingge also ‘bought’ someone’s kidney.

The door of the ICU ward was closed tightly. Xiao Lou asked the head nurse to open the door and found a young nurse standing by the bed, smiling lightly at Shao Qingge. She was grabbing Shao Qingge’s wrist as if to give him an injection, but there was no infusion bag in her hand.

Was she going to inject air into Shao Qingge’s blood vessels?!

Xiao Lou’s heart was going to explode. He quickly walked over and asked in a harsh voice, “What are you doing?!”

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This arc gives me so much Silent Reading vibes with all the hidden organisation stuff!

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Do the keepers have something against Chief Shao 😭 DUDE IS BEING SENT TO DEATHS DOOR LIKE AN AMAZON PACKAGE

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Probably because he lay down and won in the previous hearts /j.