CR: Chapter 318

It had only been two days since Yu Hanjiang’s surgery. It was reasonable to say that he shouldn’t be discharged from hospital. However, Yu Hanjiang recovered well thanks to Chief Shao using the healing ability of the Bug King card and could get out of bed and walk around. Secondly, he still had a homicide case on his hands so he had to return to the team to investigate as soon as possible. Thirdly, Xiao Lou was the doctor in charge of him. He signed that Yu Hanjiang could leave the hospital and no one else could say anything. The director of the department just spoke a few kind words out of courtesy before letting Yu Hanjiang go.

In order to rescue him a few nights ago, his bloody clothes were cut to pieces by the nurse. Yu Hanjiang couldn’t wear a checkered hospital gown while investigating. Fortunately, a colleague from the police force cleverly sent him a new set of clothes after receiving news that he was discharged from the hospital. Yu Hanjiang changed in the bathroom before going to the nephrology department on the 17th floor with Xiao Lou.

After putting on the police uniform, Yu Hanjiang returned to his former look. His handsome and serious appearance made people feel afraid of the consequences at first sight, not to mention his tall and straight figure that gave people a strong sense of oppression.

Professor Qin Changming might be a prestigious old expert but even he was very hospitable to Yu Hanjiang and took the initiative to pour water for him. “Officer Yu, I heard you were injured and sent to our hospital for rescue while investigating a case. You were discharged so quickly? You should pay attention to your health!”

Professor Qin Changming, director of the nephrology department of Incheon Hospital. His hair was grey, his figure slightly plump and he had a very amiable smile.

Yu Hanjiang spoke casually, “Professor Qin, my injury isn’t serious and I have almost recovered. Excuse me for disturbing you today. I have some questions I want to ask. I hope Professor Qin will cooperate.”

Qin Changming smiled. “Of course, it is our citizen’s duty to cooperate with the police. What does Officer Yu want to ask?”

Yu Hanjiang asked bluntly, “You are the one who performed Shao Qingge’s kidney transplant, right?”

Qin Changming looked calm. “It was me. Shao Qingge is the only child of my old classmate, Shao Zhengyang. Since the child isn’t in good health, Old Shao asked me to perform the operation on his son. I naturally couldn’t refuse. The operation went well. Why are you suddenly asking about this?”

“Do you know where the kidney came from?”

“I don’t know. It was bought by Old Shao and the donor didn’t want to be named.”

“You dared to use an unknown kidney for a transplant?”

“Officer Yu, you might not know but it is common for people who donate organs to want to be anonymous. Of course, in principle, our hospital will help find organs for every person but it isn’t so easy to find. Sometimes, family members have a way to find a suitable kidney. As long as we check the function of the kidney, we can do the transplant. After all, we can’t just watch as a patient dies, right?” Qin Changming smiled.

“In the past three years, how many kidney transplants have you done? Can you provide the information for all the cases?” Yu Hanjiang asked.

“Not much. It adds up to around 10 cases.” Qin Changming turned on the computer. “A kidney transplant requires a lot of money after all and ordinary people can’t afford it. They will have to give up on treatment. In addition, those who can afford it might not be able to find a suitable kidney.”

He brought up the cases where he did a kidney transplant and added, “If Officer Yu needs it, I can copy the data of these patients to you.” Qin Changming quickly compressed and packaged the data and Yu Hanjiang stepped forward to copy it on a USB flash drive.

“By the way, why are you suddenly checking for kidney transplants? Is there something wrong?” Qin Changming looked at Yu Hanjiang suspiciously. “Our operations were all performed according to regulations. The 10 surgeries I did were also very successful. There should be no problems?”

“I’m sorry, it isn’t convenient to disclose the reason for the investigation at the moment.” Yu Hanjiang unplugged the USB flash drive and spoke politely. “Thank you Professor Qin for your cooperation. If there are any questions in the future, I might come to trouble you again.”

“You’re welcome. Feel free to come at any time.” Qin Changming sent Yu Hanjiang away with a smile.

Yu Hanjiang came out and Xiao Lou was waiting for him in the corridor. The two people looked at each other and Xiao Lou spoke through the mind channel, “Do you suspect this Qin Changming?”

“He was very calm when he spoke and seemed completely unaware. It is very likely that he only performed the surgery on patients in need of a kidney transplant and isn’t directly involved in the organ trafficking.” Yu Hanjiang walked forward quickly while speaking. “I feel that your speculation is more reasonable. The real ones involved in organ trafficking is likely to be an illegal clinic. However, it still needs to be investigated if this hospital is an intermediary or is really unaware of it.”

“Chief Shao said his parents are here. Do you want to question them?”

“Yes.” Yu Hanjiang paused. “Zhao Sen is in the cardiac surgery department and I am wearing a police uniform right now. It might alarm this murderer. You should take Shao Qingge’s parents to your office and I will talk to them.”

Xiao Lou nodded and separated from Yu Hanjiang at a fork in the corridor.

By the time he came to the ICU of the cardiac surgery department, Shao Qingge’s parents had already visited and were in the corridor to confirm the details of the operation with Zhao Sen and sign the letter of consent. Xiao Lou walked over and spoke politely. “Hello, Uncle Shao. I am Shao Qingge’s friend, Xiao Lou.”

Shao Zhengyang’s eyes were warm. “Hello, I heard Qingge say that you cared for him during his hospital stay and came to visit him everyday. Thank you.”

“This is what I should do. Uncle, why don’t you come to my office to sit after you finish this? There are some things I have to hand over to you.”


He signed the informed consent form that Zhao Sen gave him and turned to follow Xiao Lou to the general surgery department. To his surprise, a tall and handsome police officer was standing in the office, eyes as sharp as a sword. The other person spoke calmly. “Hello Mr Shao. I am Yu Hanjiang, the group leader of the city’s criminal investigations police team. I have a few questions to ask you.”

Shao Zhengyang glanced at Xiao Lou and the latter smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry Uncle Shao. I didn’t mean to deceive you. Officer Yu had me call you over.”

“Oh? Why are you looking for me?” Shao Zhengyang frowned. “I have been doing business in accordance with the law over the years and haven’t done any tax evasion. Besides, tax matters shouldn’t be investigated by a criminal investigations police officer, right?”

“It isn’t a tax issue.” Yu Hanjiang stepped forward and calmly looked at Mr Shao. “It is about your son’s kidney. Mr Shao, do you know where this kidney comes from?”

“I had someone buy it.” Shao Zhengyang spoke indifferently. “It might be cold-blooded to say this but some people regard money as more important than their health. As long as people are willing to give a high price, they will be willing to sell one of their kidneys. Qingge is the only son of the Shao family and I will do whatever it takes to save him. Besides, this kidney wasn’t expensive. It only cost 20 million gold coins. I don’t know exactly where it was bought from. My assistant was responsible for this but he resigned six months ago and returned to his hometown. You can contact him if you want to know the details.”

“Aren’t you afraid that the kidney from an unknown source was obtained illegally?” Yu Hanjiang asked in a deep voice.

“I don’t care about this. I just know it can save my son.” Shao Zhengyang spoke coldly. “Is it illegal to buy a kidney to save my son? If one day you are a father and your son becomes ill, won’t you also save him at all costs?”

“……” Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other, feeling helpless in their hearts. Chief Shao’s ‘father’ was very difficult to deal with. It seemed that they had to find the missing assistant to investigate the kidney matter. This clue probably needed Shao Qingge to check.

Yu Hanjiang temporarily sent away Mr Shao and after saying goodbye to Xiao Lou, he returned to the police force to go to work.

Xiao Lou continued to check the information. He downloaded the information of all doctors who did organ transplants in this hospital, stored them in the mailbox and sent them to Yu Hanjiang. After a busy day, a lot of data had accumulated and it was difficult to lock onto the suspect.

There were too many departments involved in organ transplants. In addition to kidneys, there were also heart transplants, liver transplants and even corneal transplants.

Corneas were also difficult to obtain. After all, people who donated their corneas would be blind. Generally, only people who were dying would donate their corneas. However, cornea matching was easier and had high adaptability. Therefore, the organ trafficking organization was most likely a group of ‘money first’ people. They could kill one person and sell the heart, liver, kidney and corneas to gain the maximum benefits.

This was a bit scary. Humans were like livestock in their eyes who could be sold at will! Once again, Xiao Lou wasn’t able to sleep well this night.

Ye Qi also didn’t sleep well. Shao Qingge used the Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings with him and joked, “I will have an operation tomorrow morning. Dr Zhao will operate on me personally.”

Ye Qi was scared to death. Chief Shao hadn’t seen the plot card and didn’t know Zhao Sen’s cruelty. Ye Qi had seen the scene of Zhao Sen chopping up a corpse with his own eyes and spoke nervously, “Or perhaps you shouldn’t have the operation. Should I take you away overnight?”

Shao Qingge laughed. “Don’t be afraid, I’m very lucky. Moreover, Xiao Lou will personally be an assistant and watch Zhao Sen.”

Ye Qi wasn’t reassured. “I also want to watch your surgery. Can I go in wearing the invisibility cloak? Or let Liu Qiao turn me into the size of a thumb so I can enter Professor Xiao’s pocket? By the way, Liu Qiao still has a bottle of antidote. Take it for insurance.”

Shao Qingge listened to his flustered voice and calmed down instead. He spoke softly, “Okay, I shouldn’t tease you. Don’t be nervous. I won’t have an accident. If I am killed directly by Zhao Sen on the operating table then this secret room would have an SS grade difficulty, not A grade. Besides, Zhao Sen isn’t operating on me alone. There are many doctors and nurses.”

Ye Qi’s face was bitter. “Okay, Chief Shao. Take a break earlier. I hope that everything goes well.” Ye Qi paused before speaking excitedly. “By the way, I will put a bug in the operating room. Once Zhao Sen dares to move against you, I will kill him immediately.”

Shao Qingge, “……”

He heard the 7 year old child’s voice in his ear and couldn’t help smiling. He knew that tomorrow’s surgery was extremely dangerous but he wasn’t alone. He had his teammates.


Early the next morning, Xiao Lou woke up and hurriedly washed his face and brushed his teeth. Then he casually ate breakfast.

He was just about to head to the cardiac surgery area when he received news from Yu Hanjiang. The man’s low voice was heard in his mind. “My side has a new discovery. There is another dismembered corpse case reported to the police by an old lady in a residential building. She only found the deceased’s limbs but no torso. This modus operandi is very similar to Cheng Shaofeng’s case. There is too much information to investigate. Let Long Sen and Old Mo be discharged first to help me while you take care of Chief Shao.”

Xiao Lou took a deep breath and calmly said. “Rest assured, I will protect Chief Shao. I will go to the operating room now.”

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1 year ago

im usually wrong.. but isnt zhao zens motive when killing to chop people up? the way the bodies being found leaves me to believe its because people are killing and cutting up the body to traffic the organs. i think zhao zen might be a clue because it said.. he learned from doctor li right? and while doctor li is on buisness right now, that hasn’t exactly been confirmed yet. maybe hes killing and trafficking bodies for the hospital?

1 year ago

Maybe they are still alive? Or were alive when they were taken away from the crime scene. And then they cut out organs from a living person so organs stay fresh longer

1 year ago

Nothings more terrifying than murderers who are surgeons.
Those people are always the unhinged, psycho mfs, and the fact that they know the body better than anyone else 😰
They haunt my worst nightmares

10 months ago

Maybe they work together, after all they are teacher/student.

One is killing and one is doing doctor work.