CR: Chapter 310

Yu Hanjiang’s words made his teammates feel cold. Then they thought about it again. This was a linked Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs secret room. Hearts was mainly based on solving cases. Since they were forced into the environment of a ‘hospital’, there would definitely be a case in the hospital.

Ye Qi thought of Chief Shao in the ICU and couldn’t help feeling anxious. “Will Chief Shao have an accident? He is under Zhao Sen’s care and I can’t rest assured! Zhao Sen is a murderer! Will the case in the hospital have something to do with Zhao Sen?”

The team members didn’t react at first to the name Zhao Sen until Liu Qiao wondered with a blank expression, “Zhao Sen? The one who killed two people in 2 of Hearts Rose Funeral?”

Liu Qiao had perfectly cleared 2 of Hearts and gotten the plot card. However, Qu Wanyue, Long Sen and Old Mo hadn’t perfectly cleared 2 of Hearts. They had some impression of the name Zhao Sen but they didn’t know he killed two people.

Long Sen couldn’t help feeling curious. “Killed two people? Didn’t Zhao Sen just kill his wife?”

Old Mo added, “I remember that too. He placed his wife on a bed covered with roses.”

Yu Hanjiang saw the confused eyes of his teammates and simply activated the Rose Funeral Plot Card, playing it for everyone to see. The full murder scene was projected on a big screen. The faces of the group became uglier when they saw Zhao Sen slowly chopping up his cousin’s body.

Qu Wanyue felt nauseous and resisted the urge to vomit. She spoke with a pale face. “It turns out there is such a hidden plot… Xiao Ye just said that Zhao Sen is in the hospital now? What does it mean that Chief Shao is under his care?”

“Chief Shao is unconscious and living in the ICU of the cardiac surgery department. Zhao Sen is the doctor in charge of him.” Ye Qi’s fists clenched and his heart hung in the air like it was hung by a rope. He thought of Shao Qingge lying in bed under Dr Zhao Sen’s care and immediately wished to go through the window and take Chief Shao away by teleportation.

The other team members looked nervous hearing Ye Qi’s words. Qu Wanyue glanced at Yu Hanjiang anxiously. “Doesn’t this mean Chief Shao completely doesn’t have the ability to resist?”

Long Sen was also worried. “He is also unconscious. Even if he has the Bug King card, it can’t be used.”

“First of all, don’t panic.” Yu Hanjiang interrupted everyone’s anxiousness and remained calm. “Zhao Sen might be the murderer in 2 of Hearts but he isn’t necessarily the murderer in this secret room. Don’t forget, he killed his wife and cousin in 2 of Hearts meticulously and left no evidence. It isn’t in line with his style to rashly kill people in the hospital.”

“Group Leader Yu, do you mean that Zhao Sen is just an interference item? He is placed here deliberately to make us panic?” Long Sen was nervous.

“It is very likely that this is the case.” Yu Hanjiang handed the summarized case information to his teammates. “Look at this first.”

“The deceased is Cheng Shaoyu and his body parts haven’t all been found yet. The prime suspect is his brother Cheng Shaofeng who is now missing?” Liu Qiao couldn’t help frowning. “Group Leader Yu, do you think the case investigated by the police is related to the hospital?”

“Yes.” Yu Hanjiang’s expression was determined. “I was injured and sent to the emergency department of this hospital due to this case. If they just wanted me to be admitted to hospital then they could arrange something like a car accident or falling from a building. They could even arrange direct hospitalization like the rest of you instead of giving me a gunshot wound and such detailed case information.”

“Guns in this world should be regulated and most people won’t have guns right?” Old Mo thoughtfully touched his chin and spoke in an old, hoarse voice. “Since Group Leader Yu is hospitalized with a gunshot wound and has such detailed case information, this case is definitely linked to the hospital. A dismembered corpse case and a hospital… will the body parts of the deceased be hidden here?”

“Should we go to the hospital morgue to find the body parts?” Ye Qi suddenly interjected. Since he became a child, his height was only up to everyone’s waist and it was easy to ignore his existence when everyone was discussing.

Their expressions changed again when they heard Xiao Ye’s words.

“Going to the morgue to find body parts?” Qu Wanyue’s stomach churned. She was prone to nausea and vomiting due to her forced pregnancy and the topic of dismembered corpses discussed today was really unfriendly to pregnant women. Her face shifted between pale white and green.

“Perhaps the morgue is haunted?” Ye Qi guessed.

“……” Ye Qi’s excessive imagination made Yu Hanjiang frown. “Don’t talk nonsense. How can a haunted morgue appear? This isn’t a supernatural world.”

“Cough.” Ye Qi lowered his head in an embarrassed manner. “I was just making a guess.”

“Don’t make wild guesses.” Yu Hanjiang’s cool eyes swept over his teammates. “Ye Qi is right about one thing. The morgue is most likely to be related to the dismembered corpse. Since we are at the hospital and the dismembered case I’m investigating hasn’t had all the body parts found yet, perhaps we can go to the morgue to find clues.”

A night visit to the morgue sounded thrilling. This stimulating activity wasn’t suitable for the participation of children, pregnant women, the disabled or the elderly.

Liu Qiao glanced at her teammates and said, “I’ll go.” She just had a blood disease and wasn’t restricted in her movements. Moreover, she was a medical student and wasn’t afraid of the morgue’s environment.

Yu Hanjiang had always known that Xiao Liu was very bold and calm. She took the initiative to volunteer and he let go of his worries. “Okay, Xiao Liu. Go back to sleep and keep your spirits up. Tomorrow, you will go to the morgue to look for clues with Xiao Lou…”

Then he heard a familiar, gentle voice in his ears. “Don’t go tomorrow, go tonight.”

Everyone looked back to see Xiao Lou wearing black pants and white shirt. Although he was thin, he was slender and well-proportioned. He was the only normal one among the group of old, young, sick, disabled or pregnant teammates. It was just that it was hard to conceal the tiredness on his face. The dark circles under his eyes were obvious and he didn’t seem to be in good spirits.

Seeing him appear, Yu Hanjiang strode up to him and asked softly, “Why did you wake up?”

Xiao Lou stared at the other person in a puzzled manner. “I also want to ask you something. Why didn’t you call me for the meeting?”

Yu Hanjiang explained. “You haven’t rested for 30 hours and your body is overworked. I wanted you to have a good night’s sleep so I didn’t call you. In any case, you have already seen the information about the case. It doesn’t matter if I arrange the tasks for everyone.”

Xiao Lou’s heart warmed and he spoke softly, “I’m just a little tired but it doesn’t matter. At least I can move freely. In comparison, everyone who has a variety of illnesses has it harder. You don’t need to give me special treatment.”

Yu Hanjiang understood Xiao Lou’s meaning and nodded. “Yes, I will call you for future meetings.”

The others couldn’t hear them clearly when they were talking.

Even so, everyone was relieved by Xiao Lou’s presence. After experiencing many secret rooms, they all felt that Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou were perfect partners. If both people were present then everyone’s odds of winning would increase a lot.

Xiao Lou walked to his teammates and asked in a concerned manner, “Are you okay? You are all sick. If you feel uncomfortable then you should see a doctor right away.”

Old Mo smiled bitterly. “I might’ve become an old man but my body feels okay. There is just some pain from the surgery and I can’t eat these days. I can only rely on the nutritional liquid IVs.”

Long Sen continued, “Professor Xiao, don’t worry. I feel fine apart from having to move around in a wheelchair.”

Qu Wanyue, Liu Qiao and Ye Qi also said there were no major problems.

Xiao Lou relaxed and glanced at Yu Hanjiang. “Do you think there will be clues in the morgue?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “The torso of the deceased Cheng Shaoyu hasn’t been found and the most suspicious one, Cheng Shaofeng has disappeared. During my investigation of Cheng Shaofeng’s villa, I was shot. The person who shot me wasn’t Cheng Shaofeng.”

He paused and explained his inference to his teammates carefully. “The heir of the Cheng family’s assets hasn’t been determined yet. Cheng Shaoyu and Cheng Shaofeng are half brothers and have a conflict of interest. So the moment we found out that the deceased was Cheng Shaoyu, we locked onto his younger brother as a suspect and came to investigate.”

“His brother is dead. If Cheng Shaofeng really killed Cheng Shaoyu then he will be the only heir to the Cheng family after his father dies. The smartest thing he can do is clear his suspicion, keep his inheritance rights and separate himself from the murder of his brother not shooting the police officer who came to investigate. Besides, our investigation was kept confidential and no one knew in advance that I would go to Cheng Shaofeng.”

Xiao Lou couldn’t help thinking of the thrilling moment when he rescued Yu Hanjiang and he couldn’t help sweating. “You mean that it isn’t Cheng Shaofeng who shot you but someone who wanted to kill Cheng Shaofeng? They happened to meet you so they simply took care of you?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Yes, Cheng Shaofeng shouldn’t shoot just because he saw the police. I had no evidence at the time and just listed him as a suspect for a preliminary investigation. Shooting me would be like digging his own grave which doesn’t fit his motive for murder. I’m more inclined to believe that Cheng Shaofeng isn’t the one who killed his brother or shot me.”

Yu Hanjiang took out Cheng Shaofeng’s personal profile and handed it to everyone. “There is another reason why I want to check the hospital’s morgue. This Cheng Shaofeng once studied in medical school and got a degree at the age of 24. It is only after graduating that he decided to abandon the medical field to become a businessman.”

“Abandoned the medical field to become a businessman?” Ye Qi’s eyes widened. “He used to study medicine so his classmates should be working in the hospital now? Perhaps Zhao Sen knows him. Then Zhao Sen isn’t a murderer in this case but a witness?”

Although such a change in identity was absurd, Ye Qi’s speculation wasn’t impossible. After all, Zhao Sen’s murder was in the second level. This was the 10th level and Zhao Sen was arranged in front of everyone to create panic. As a result, Zhao Sen became a witness instead?

It seemed that the Hearts case this time was inextricably linked to the hospital. Xiao Lou thought of this and immediately made a decision. “Go back to your rooms first. Liu Qiao and I will go to the morgue.”

Ye Qi raised his hand. “I also want to go. I have no restrictions in my movements.

Xiao Lou rationally stopped him. “Your pneumonia hasn’t healed and it will be difficult for you to control your cough. In addition, it will be hard to explain why a child is in the morgue. Liu Qiao and I will go.”

Yu Hanjiang originally planned it this way and he glanced at Xiao Lou. “Listen to Xiao Lou’s arrangements. You will have other tasks. It is 12:30 in the morning. You should go back and have a good night’s sleep to keep up your energy. Once you wake up tomorrow morning, find a way to write down the information of all the medical staff and patients in your ward. You should pay close attention to those who are seriously ill.” Yu Hanjiang’s eyes flashed with a cold light and his voice was deep. “Tell Xiao Lou the moment anyone in your ward dies.”

Everyone nodded to express their understanding.

Xiao Lou asked Yu Hanjiang to take everyone out of the Peach Blossom Spring.

The entrance of the Peach Blossom Spring was the VIP ward on the 7th floor. Therefore, everyone came to the ward where Yu Hanjiang was located after coming out of the Peach Blossom Spring. This card allowed for a collective summoning and teleportation but the disadvantage was that it couldn’t send everyone back to their positions before the summoning.

At this time, all the wards were closed. Ye Qi and Qu Wanyue could use cards to go out the window and return to their rooms. Long Sen and Old Mo’s movements were inconvenient and it was difficult for them to go back alone. Regarding this, Xiao Lou often used the Tao Yuanming card so he had long thought of a way.

He went to the duty room to find a clean nurse’s uniform for Liu Qiao to put on. Then he put on his white coat, had Old Mo lie on a spare hospital bed and the two of them calmly sent Old Mo back to the endocrine department. Long Sen followed in his wheelchair.

Xiao Lou was the chief resident so his access card meant they were unimpeded the entire way. It was normal for doctors and nurses to send patients back at night. If the nurse on duty in the ward expressed doubt, Xiao Lou said he was the chief resident of the general surgery department and took the patient to do some data registration.

The identity of chief resident could indeed provide a lot of convenience for his teammates. After sending back Old Mo and Long Sen, Xiao Lou and Liu Qiao took the elevator downstairs to the morgue. The morgue of the hospital was far from the inpatient building.

It was one in the morning and the road was deserted. They occasionally encountered medical staff coming and going but there were no doubts after seeing Xiao Lou’s white coat and Liu Qiao’s nurse uniform.

The two of them moved quickly and soon came to the door of the morgue. The silver metal door isolated another world. Inside this door were all dead bodies.

Xiao Lou asked Liu Qiao softly, “Are you afraid?”

Liu Qiao’s expression was calm. “What is there to be afraid of the dead? Living psychopaths are more terrible.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

This girl was indeed a medical student. She could speak such calm words at the door of the morgue. Xiao Lou gave Liu Qiao a thumbs up with a smile and stepped forward to open the door of the morgue.

There was a blast of cold air that caused the two of them to shiver at the same time.

Liu Qiao followed Xiao Lou in without changing her expression. Xiao Lou lowered his voice. “Look separately.”

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