CR: Chapter 308

Xiao Lou took the elevator back to the general surgery department on the 7th floor.

It was already 1:30 p.m. He had been worried about Yu Hanjiang’s situation last night and only napped by the bed. After waking up in the morning, he first did a round of the ward with the doctors in the general surgery department. Then he went to the endocrinology department to consult with Old Mo before going to pediatrics, hematology and the rheumatology immunology department to find his teammates. He had been so busy that he didn’t even have time to drink water.

Xiao Lou was so tired that he gasped and had a dry mouth. After entering the duty room, he immediately found a disposable cup and poured some water to drink. As he was drinking, Yu Hanjiang’s voice rang in his mind. “Xiao Lou, come to my room to find me.”

Xiao Lou thought that Yu Hanjiang wasn’t feeling well so he hurriedly put down the water glass and headed to the VIP room. The VIP room was spacious and Yu Hanjiang was leaning against the head of the bed while reading through information. The warm sun shone on his face and his profile became handsome and tough.

Yu Hanjiang’s expression was calm and the data on his monitor was normal. Xiao Lou relaxed a bit and walked to the bedside. He asked. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell or is there a clue to the case?”

Yu Hanjiang looked up at Xiao Lou with gentle eyes. “Neither.”

Xiao Lou was puzzled. “Then why did you call me?”

Yu Hanjiang simply ordered, “Eat.”

He stretched out his long arms and took a delicate lunch box from the bedside table next to him. Then he propped up the small table on the bed and put the lunch box on it. At the same time, he spoke in a low voice, “You have been busy all morning and haven’t had lunch yet. I ordered takeout for you using my mobile phone.”

Don’t talk about lunch. Xiao Lou hadn’t even eaten breakfast and he was really hungry.

Xiao Lou sat by the bed and took the chopsticks handed over by the other person. He opened the lunch box and saw fried snow peas, fish-flavored shredded pork, braised chicken wings and pumpkin soup with vegetables. They were all very rich and included his favorite dishes.

Xiao Lou’s heart warmed looking at this lunch and he whispered, “Thank you. “What about your lunch?”

Yu Hanjiang answered, “I just had surgery and can’t eat. The IV gave me some nutritional fluids and I don’t feel hungry.”

Xiao Lou nodded. “After the operation, you really have to wait for your gastrointestinal function to recover before eating… so I’ll eat alone?”

Yu Hanjiang’s lips curved up slightly. “Yes, eat quickly while it is hot.”

The fragrant lunch was placed in front of him. Xiao Lou was indeed hungry and started eating. Yu Hanjiang found that Xiao Lou’s eating movements were very gentle and it was pleasing to the eye when he chewed food.

Xiao Lou’s ears became slightly hot as he was watched by Yu Hanjiang’s gentle gaze. Therefore, he quickly ate the lunch and changed the subject. “You should know that Teacher Qu is pregnant?”

“Yes, I heard your conversation with Long Sen.”

“This time in the secret room, our team has become a combination of old, young, sick, disabled and pregnant. What do you think will happen next?” Xiao Lou sighed slightly, his expression helpless.

Yu Hanjiang felt that Xiao Lou was on the verge of collapse and comforted him. “Don’t worry, the situation of our teammates isn’t optimistic but we still have Chief Shao. Don’t forget that the Bug King card can restore wounds. As long as Chief Shao is fine, Long Sen’s broken leg can recover and my surgical wound will also heal. All of us can immediately regain mobility.”

However, the Bug King card could only treat injuries. For example, Liu Qiao’s blood disease, Teacher Qu’s immune disease and Old Mo’s intestinal obstruction could only be treated by medicine.

Ye Qi’s pneumonia had been brought under control. He might’ve become a seven year old child but he wasn’t affected. Today in the pediatric ward, Ye Qi had run all the way over when he saw Xiao Lou. He was bouncing around and full of vitality.

As long as Shao Qingge was found, at least Yu Hanjiang, Long Sen, Xiao Lou and Ye Qi could move freely. If Qu Wanyue dragged it out and didn’t receive surgery then she could also act since she was only two months pregnant.

At present, the biggest fear was that something happened to Shao Qingge and he couldn’t use his cards.

The first time he entered the second room, Xiao Lou had checked his pockets and didn’t find a card pack. on him. However, he could activate the cards that belonged to him directly as long as no outsiders were around. This time, everyone’s card packs had become invisible and couldn’t be transferred to teammates for use. Therefore, Shao Qingge’s cards could only be activated by Shao Qingge.

They had to find Chief Shao and have him use the Bug King card to cure the injuries of several teammates in order to be able to handle any unexpected situations.

Xiao Lou thought up to here and went to the window. He opened the window, summoned Li Qingzhao and used the skill Who Sent the Brocade from Beyond the Clouds. He wanted to send a letter to Shao Qingge to inform him to stay awake at midnight tonight and accept Xiao Lou’s Peach Blossom Spring transmission.

However, the pigeon had just flown out when it returned to Xiao Lou’s hands less than a minute later.

[The other person can’t receive the letter.]

Xiao Lou saw this reminder and couldn’t help worrying. “Chief Shao can’t receive the letter What happened?”

There were two situations where the letter couldn’t be accepted. The first was that the other person was in a completely closed environment where Li Qingzhao’s pigeon couldn’t fly in. The second was that the other person lost consciousness and couldn’t receive and read the letter.

Xiao Lou recalled the scene where Yu Hanjiang was sent for rescue last night and his back became cold. “Could it be that something has happened to Chief Shao? Is he in a coma right now?”

Yu Hanjiang had a solemn expression. “It is possible.”

Apart from Xiao Lou who was a doctor and could move freely, all the rest of their teammates were patients.

Xiao Lou had long felt that the keepers wouldn’t be so kind as to let Shao Qingge be a rich boss. This secret room had a hospital background and Shao Qingge was likely to have a serious illness and was unconscious. Otherwise, Shao Qingge had the Qin Guan card and could connect with Ye Qi at any time. Yet after a whole morning, Shao Qingge hadn’t contacted Ye Qi.

Xiao Lou became more anxious as he thought about it. “Will Chief Shao be sent for rescue like you?”

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “Check again to see if you can find his case.”

Xiao Lou had checked the case at the doctor’s office in the operating area around 10 o’clock and there was no record at the time. It was three hours later. Perhaps Shao Qingge was hospitalized during this time?

Xiao Lou had this thought and hurried back to the duty room. He turned on the computer and logged into the hospital staff system. He brought up the case query interface again and entered the patient’s name: Shao Qingge.

He still didn’t find any records.

Xiao Lou’s mood was low and Yu Hanjiang whispered in his mind, “Chief Shao shouldn’t have had an accident before meeting us. My guess is that he is temporarily unconscious and can’t receive letters or use cards to contact us. Since the background of the secret room is a hospital, I believe he will come to the hospital and meet us soon.”

Normally, saying a person would go to the hospital soon felt like a curse. Yet in this moment, Xiao Lou preferred for Chief Shao to come to the hospital as soon as possible. At least in the hospital, he could freely enter and exit all the wards and pay attention to Chief Shao’s safety at any time. Outside the hospital was beyond Xiao Lou’s reach.

He was silent for a moment before he returned to the VIP room and looked at Yu Hanjiang. “Did you find out anything about the case you were investigating?”

Yu Hanjiang handed the information to Xiao Lou and gave a brief introduction. “The deceased is Cheng Shaoyu, 28 years old. He is the oldest son of the rich businessman Cheng Jianqiang. The Cheng family has been in the clothing business for generations and created their own clothing brand. There are many shopping malls under the Cheng family and their assets exceed 10 billion yuan. Cheng Shaoyu was the general manager of the sales department of the Cheng Group. The ones who reported this case were garbage dump workers. A severed human hand was found in the garbage dump.”

Xiao Lou was surprised. “The dismembered body case you mentioned… you didn’t find the rest of the body?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Only the severed hands and feet were found in the garbage dump. Genetic testing was used to determine Cheng Shaoyu’s identity. The rest of the body hasn’t been found yet. After investigating the social relations and personal assets, we came to the conclusion that Cheng Shaoyu had no emotional disputes or debt disputes. His colleagues have a good evaluation of him and he didn’t seem to have a deep hatred with anyone.”

Xiao Lou was filled with alarm. “Do you have a suspect?”

“At present, the most suspicious one is Cheng Shaofeng, 26 years old and the half-brother of the deceased. We suspect him because Mr Cheng’s health has been worsening in the past two years but no will has been made to declare his heir. If Cheng Shaofeng kills his brother, the entire Cheng family’s assets will be his. There is sufficient motive for committing the crime.”

Xiao Lou recalled Yu Hanjiang’s experience last night. “You were shot when you went to Cheng Shaofeng’s home to investigate?”

Yu Hanjiang’s face was calm. “That’s right. I went to his villa and was shot by someone hiding in the darkness as soon as I entered the yard. This case is more complicated than I thought. This morning, my colleagues came and told me that the suspect Cheng Shaofeng has disappeared and Elder Cheng is unconscious. No clues can be found.”

Only a psychopath or someone with deep hatred would dismember the body of the deceased.

Cheng Shaoyu’s body parts were found in the garbage dump. What was the relationship between the murderer and Cheng Shaoyu? What was the reason for the sudden disappearance of the most suspicious brother? Everyone was forced to enter the hospital. Would there be deaths in the hospital?

Xiao Lou couldn’t figure it out so he had Yu Hanjiang rest first. At present, the most urgent task was to find Shao Qingge. Xiao Lou always felt uneasy at being unable to find him.

In the afternoon, Xiao Lou went to several departments to take a look at the situation of his teammates.

Ye Qi was called back to his room by a nurse for an injection, Liu Qiao was lying in bed to rest, Qu Wanyue and Long Sen’s emotions had stabilized and Old Mo’s anesthetic had worn off. After waking up, his wound hurt and he couldn’t move from the bed…

Xiao Lou observed his sick and disabled teammates before returning to the duty room to inquire about Shao Qingge’s information again. He still didn’t find anything.

The on-duty phone rang and there were various consultation calls in the hospital, causing Xiao Lou to be overwhelmed. Not only did he have to pay attention to the situation of his teammates, he also had to do a good job with his hospital work. Other departments called for consultation and he had to rush over as soon as possible.

Xiao Lou was as busy as a spintop. He was busy until dark when he returned to the general surgery ward again. The physical and psychological exhaustion made Xiao Lou’s footsteps unusually heavy as he walked. He wanted to fall asleep but he didn’t dare. He forced himself to stay awake and typed Shao Qingge’s name into the computer again.

He thought that there would once again be no result. However, the moment he clicked the mouse to refresh, a new case appeared in the window. Xiao Lou’s eyes lit up and he immediately opened the case with trembling fingers.

Shao Qingge, male, 31 years old. Admission diagnosis: acute myocardial infarction. He was unconscious when arriving at the hospital and was admitted to the ICU. Past medical history: 80% stenosis of the left anterior descending coronary artery and circumflex coronary artery, 85% stenosis of the right circumflex artery…

The line of black words on the computer interface stabbed at Xiao Lou’s eyes. Chief Shao’s situation was the most serious one!

He had an acute myocardial infarction and was directly sent to the ICU. The stenosis of three major blood vessels of the heart was more than 75%. This was already an indication for surgery. He required stent implantation or coronary artery bypass surgery or else there would be a large number of ischemic necrosis of myocardial cells and it would be hard to save him.

The more Xiao Lou looked at the case, the more frightened he became.

Yu Hanjiang’s voice rang in his mind. “Go and see him. Chief Shao is currently unconscious and the myocardial infarction is something that can’t be healed using the Bug King card. We can only rely on the doctors in the hospital.”

Xiao Lou immediately stood up. He took a deep breath and headed to cardiac surgery. If he remembered correctly, the cardiac surgery department was on the 8th floor, upstairs from general surgery.

Xiao Lou didn’t want to delay time by waiting for the elevator. He headed straight to the stairs and used his long legs to take two steps at a time, quickly reaching the 8th floor. It was currently 8 o’clock in the evening and family visits were prohibited in the ward. It was already a semi-closed state. However, Xiao Lou was the chief resident of the general surgery department and could directly open the doors of the surgical departments.

He swiped the card to open the door and strode the nurse’s desk. The nurse knew him and greeted him. “Doctor Xiao.”

Xiao Lou asked bluntly, “Did the cardiac ICU just receive a patient called Shao Qingge?”

The nurse nodded. “Yes, it has been less than 10 minutes.”

“I want to know about this patient’s condition. Can I ask about his attending doctor…”

He was speaking when a voice was heard behind him. “It’s me.”

Xiao Lou looked back. The moment he met these eyes, he felt like all the blood in his body was frozen. He was frozen in place and couldn’t move even a finger. The man in front of him was half a head taller than Xiao Lou and wore a pair of silver-rimmed glasses.

He pushed up his glasses and smiled. The smile gradually overlapped with one in his memory.

The 2 of Hearts secret room, Rose Funeral.

The plot card received after a perfect clearance replayed the entire case. Doctor Zhao Sen killed his wife and put her on a bed of roses. Then he chopped up the body of his cousin and placed the body in a suitcase. As he left the villa with the suitcase, he stopped at the door and smiled strangely at the surveillance camera.

At this time, Zhao Sen stood in front of Xiao Lou and smiled at him. This familiar smile gave Xiao Lou the creeps!

Xiao Lou’s back was cold and his head seemed like it was going to explode. After all, he had witnessed the bloody scene where Zhao Sen killed his wife and chopped up the body of his cousin. This was the first case he experienced after coming to the Card World and he had a deep impression of this ‘double kill’ murderer.

Seeing Xiao Lou’s stiff body, Zhao Sen smiled slightly. “Don’t worry Doctor Xiao. I am Shao Qingge’s attending doctor. The patient is in my hands and I will take good care of him.”

Xiao Lou, “………”

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