CR: Chapter 296

Xiao Lou’s speech was very logical and he spoke warmly and sincerely without showing any guilty conscience. Everyone thought about it carefully and felt that his words were reasonable. The prophet usually didn’t survive for three days but this was in traditional 12 player games.

Now it was a 36 player game and the wolves had too many cards that could be used to deal with the prophet. The nightmare wolf’s fear and the fire wolf’s rage could make the prophet lose his skills. For this reason, the wolves didn’t need to rush to kill the prophet. On the contrary, keeping the prophet as a hostage prevented the witch from using the antidote rashly. The wolves could dispose of other cards first and build up a numerical advantage faster.

Xiao Lou finished speaking and it was No. 9’s turn.

No. 9 was a werewolf. He acknowledged Xiao Lou’s analysis and then pointed the finger at No. 23 who was the first to question Yu Hanjiang. “I don’t think No. 23’s questioning has any evidence. Just because the sheriff isn’t dead, you say that the sheriff is a wolf? What if the werewolves want to kill celestial cards first? They think the sheriff is a civilian and have decided to keep him for now. In any case, I personally believe in the sheriff. After all, he does have a righteous face and doesn’t seem like a liar.”

Yu Hanjiang glanced at this person, the expression on his face not changing. The other wolf teammates couldn’t help admiring the wolf king’s excellent psychological quality. No. 8 was a man wearing glasses. He didn’t speak much and didn’t clearly state who he supported or doubted. He simply didn’t contribute.

Next was No. 7 Ye Qi and he looked at the rest of the speakers. There were only four people left who hadn’t spoken. In addition to him, there was the No. 5 Chief Shao, the No. 2 wolf teammate who was infected and the No. 1 Yu Hanjiang. It could be said that the rest were all his team.

In this round, the demon hunter didn’t reveal their identity. Would the demon hunter continue to hunt werewolves tonight? Looking at the players alive, there were 17 players. Out of these 17 players, the numbers 28, 25, 15, 9, 7, 2 and 1 were werewolves.

This meant there were currently seven werewolves alive and 10 good people. On the surface, the good people had the upper hand but Professor Xiao, Liu Qiao and Shao Qingge had already united with the wolves. The wolves had as many as 10 votes. Even if the good people united, there were only seven votes.

In this situation, hadn’t the werewolves almost won?

Ye Qi spoke solemnly. “I am the grave keeper. I turned over the tombstone of No. 35 who was thrown out yesterday and it turned out he was indeed a werewolf! He deliberately poured dirty water on the prophet and guided everyone to get rid of the prophet. It is really heartbreaking!”

Shao Qingge, “……”

He would’ve almost believed it if he hadn’t known that Ye Qi must be a werewolf. Xiao Ye had such superb acting skills. Maybe he could get a best actor award in the future when he went into the entertainment industry?

Ye Qi continued to speak with righteous indignation. “The wolves have collapsed now and are trying to attack the good people using all means! I will give you a careful analysis of the situation. In the first round, the No 34 hunter died and he took away No. 3 who is a wolf. In the second round, the No. 22 wolf beauty was eliminated. In the third round, the demon hunter killed the No. 33 wolf and the No. 13 wolf was killed in the duel. Everyone voted for the No. 20 wolf who was killed. In the fourth round, everyone voted for No. 35. I turned over his tombstone last night and confirmed he is a werewolf. In the fifth round, the witch poisoned No. 10 and the demon hunter killed No. 32. Two wolves died. No 22, 33, 13, 20, 35, 10, 32… they are all werewolves. In other words, eight werewolves have died so far and there are only four left!”

Hearing Ye Qi’s words, the eyes of some good people who didn’t know the truth brightened. There were only 12 people in the werewolf camp. If it was according to what he said and all these wolves were eliminated then there were indeed four wolves left.

Ye Qi pretended to be excited. “There are still 17 people alive and four of them are werewolves. The good guys can win by lying down! In this round, directly vote for No. 23. He questioned the No. 1 sheriff and it is obviously to intentionally confuse us. No. 21 also followed his words to question the prophet. He must be a wolf teammate. The four wolf pits are well lined up and we should first get rid of the two most obvious ones!”

Ye Qi’s analysis was very clear. However, his analysis was based on the premise that Xiao Lou was really helping the good camp.

For example, in the third round, Xiao Lou sent the knife to No. 20 but in fact, 20 was a good person. In the fourth round, everyone voted for No. 35 when he was actually the real grave keeper. In the fifth round, five people died overnight and four of them were actually good people.

It was just that the good camp didn’t know this. Who would’ve thought that the prophet would join forces with the wolf king?

Ye Qi finished his speech and Shao Qingge chuckled while touching his nose. “In fact, I am the dreamer. In the past few days, the subjects of my dreams were people who preferred to speak during the day. I listened to No. 7’s analysis and agree that the wolves might’ve collapsed. Their thinking is obviously messy.”

Shao Qingge narrowed his eyes and scanned the audience. “I suggest that you cast out No. 23 or No. 8 in this round… I found that No. 8 not contributing is a bit strange. If we vote them out today and tomorrow then the good people should be able to win.”

The dreamer also appeared and the situation on the field became clearer.

Shao Qingge finished speaking. The No. 2 newly infected voice spoke in a slightly less confident voice that was shaky, “Since we all feel that No. 23 is questionable, I will vote with everyone.”

It was Yu Hanjiang’s turn to summarize things. He looked at No. 23 and his voice was very calm. “No. 23 questioned the identity of the sheriff. In fact, it is reasonable. After all, the sheriff’s vote is equivalent to 1.5 votes. The threat is still quite big. However, that is in a 12 player game where every vote is important. Currently it is a 36 player game. The wolves can act in a group to vote. It is necessary to worry about the sheriff’s 0.5 votes? In a multiplayer game, the priority of the sheriff actually isn’t that big. The wolves didn’t even kill the prophet. I feel that there must be a problem with the command and internal chaos.”

He retracted his gaze and continued. “I suggest voting for 23 in this round. It isn’t because he questioned me. It is because when I looked at him, he would avoid my gaze like he had a guilty conscience. There is obviously a ghost in his heart.

No. 23, “……”

Hearing this, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. It wasn’t that he deliberately avoided No. 1’s gaze. It was that the man’s eyes were too deep. Just looking at him caused a chill to go down his spine, as if… he had committed a crime? Few people here could keep looking at No. 1 for a long time, right? It was a pity that No. 23 had already spoken and he couldn’t say anything else. He could only swallow down his grievances.

After Yu Hanjiang’s speech, the voting began on the spot. Out of the 17 people, 13 voted for No. 23. The remaining four people who abstained were No. 23, No. 21, No. 12 and No. 8.

[No. 23 is out. Please make a last statement.]

The young man scratched his head helplessly. “I have the ominous feeling that the wolves are in control. I am a good person and it is very likely that it is the good camp who collapsed in this game. I hope the remaining good people will keep their eyes open!”

It became dark.

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 6: Night]

[The werewolves’ voice channel has been established.]

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over the card wall. Several rounds of the game had passed and there were only 16 players left in the 36 player melee. Among the people who were still alive, numbers 5, 8, 11, 12, 17, 18, 21, 24 and 29 were all part of the good camp. The remaining seven people were in the werewolf camp. It seemed that the ratio of good people to werewolves was 9:7 but in fact, the werewolves were already in control.

It was because the No. 5 dreamer Shao Qingge, the No. 11 prophet Xiao Lou, the No. 18 witch Liu Qiao and the No. 24 Cupid would definitely stand on the side of the wolves. These four votes could be included with the wolves.

The biggest threats at the moment were the demon hunter and bewitcher.

The bewitcher wasn’t easy to kill. He could confuse a person to substitute for him. Therefore, the No. 17 player would be kept first. As for the demon hunter, it wasn’t known if his teammate had given him insufficient hints or he was insistent on leading the good camp to win.

He had been hunting werewolves at night for the past few rounds. If he killed Yu Hanjiang tonight… there was no way to change the outcome of the wolves’ victory but in this way, Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou wouldn’t be rewarded for the hidden mission.

However, Yu Hanjiang wasn’t worried about this. It was because Liu Qiao helped him block the knife.

Recalling Liu Qiao’s speech during the day, her words were wrong. She said she poisoned No. 10 when in fact, she poisoned the good person No. 32. The No. 10 werewolf was killed by the demon hunter! Liu Qiao said she poisoned No. 10 and the demon hunter killed No. 32. Once the demon hunter heard Liu Qiao’s words, they would know she was lying.

Therefore, compared to Xiao Lou’s reasonable logic and Yu Hanjiang’s face of justice, Liu Qiao’s lies were very obvious from the perspective of the demon hunter. If the demon hunter suspected she was a werewolf then she would be hunted tonight.

Once a demon hunter killed a good person by mistake, the demon hunter would die.

Therefore, Liu Qiao’s trick of ‘leading the snake out of the hole’ was actually very smart. If the demon hunter was a bit careless and killed Liu Qiao tonight, they would also be out due to wrongfully killing a good person. This would make it easier for the wolves to win.

Of course, the demon hunter might be a bit smarter and saw that Liu Qiao was the witch but she was standing by the wolves’ side. They wouldn’t risk killing the witch. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter which way the demon hunter took. The outcome of the wolves’ victory couldn’t be changed by one or two people.

It was the opposite of Ye Qi’s daytime analysis. It wasn’t that the wolves had collapsed… but the good camp that had collapsed.

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over the scene. “Kill No. 29 and 21. No. 17 temporarily can’t be killed. He will just find a replacement to die for him instead. The dreamer and Cupid are both on the wolves’ side and they can be resolved at the end.”

No one had any objections to Yu Hanjiang’s decision and their knife pointed straight to 21 and 29. Immediately after this, Ye Qi suggested, “Or should I directly explode once it is dawn?”

He had already seen that the wolves had established a sufficient numerical advantage. There were currently 16 surviving players. Nine were good people and seven were werewolves.

After tonight, two more good people would be killed, leaving only seven people. This included Xiao Lou, Shao Qingge, Liu Qiao and Cupid who stood with the wolves. They could directly control the seventh and eighth rounds and cast out the good people.

As the apostle of the bloody night, Ye Qi had another advantage after self-explosion. It was to seal all the skills of the celestials so that the demon hunter couldn’t hunt and the bewitcher couldn’t find a substitute. These two hunters could be resolved tomorrow night.


At this time, the demon hunter’s perspective.

[Choose who you want to hunt.]

The man stared at the numbers on the card wall and smiled. “No. 25.”

[Congratulations, you have successfully hunted a werewolf and can live until tomorrow.]

It was dawn.

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 6: Day]

[Last night, No. 21, No. 25 and No. 29 were brutally killed.]

Liu Qiao couldn’t help being stunned when she saw this. Qu Wanyue was No. 25. The wolves couldn’t have killed Qu Wanyue so she must’ve been killed by the demon hunter. Liu Qiao originally took the initiative to jump out to attract the attention of the demon hunter but they didn’t fall into the trap. Instead, they hunted Qu Wanyue?

Qu Wanyue’s performance had no obvious flaws unless…

The hunter guessed that Qu Wanyue’s flower butterfly was a fake.

In the fourth round of Christmas Eve, it wasn’t caused by Qu Wanyue hugging a werewolf. On second thought, when No. 35 jumped out to question Xiao Lou, Qu Wanyue was the first to speak for Xiao Lou. She said she was the flower butterfly and she hugged No. 35, so that the wolves couldn’t kill. Perhaps at that time, the demon hunter was already suspicious of her identity.

The most likely thing was that the demon hunter and the dead flower butterfly were teammates. So from the demon hunter’s perspective, Qu Wanyue pretending to be the flower butterfly meant she was definitely a wolf. It didn’t matter how he analyzed it. Hunting Qu Wanyue last night didn’t have much of an effect on the big picture.

Yu Hanjiang, Xiao Lou and the others soon calmed down. Before anyone had time to speak, several prompts appeared in their floating boxes.

[The No. 7 apostle of the bloody night has exploded so we will immediately enter night.]

[All the celestial skills will be sealed.]

The werewolves knew that Ye Qi was going to explode today but for the good people, this news was like a bolt from the blue! No. 7?! The one who analyzed and vowed yesterday that the wolves had collapsed?

He jumped out to claim the identity of grave keeper, saying that the tombstones of No. 20 and 35 had ‘werewolf’ written on them, indignantly scolding others for slandering the prophet. This No. 7? He was actually the apostle of the blood moon? Then everything he saw before was false and it was actually the opposite?

Then it was very likely that No. 20, 35 and 23 voted out by everyone were good people. It wasn’t the wolves but the good camp that collapsed… the good people who had this thought felt complicated and that they were fools.

Since Ye Qi exploded, it directly entered the night and sealed the celestial card skills. The wolves could easily kill two more to stabilize victory.

Yu Hanjiang glanced at the card wall. There were still 5, 8, 11, 12, 17, 18, 24…

The No. 24 Cupid and No. 11 Xiao Lou had to be kept until the last day. He wasn’t in a hurry to kill the No. 5 Shao Qingge and No. 18 Liu Qiao. Among the remaining 8, 12 and 17, No. 17 was the bewitcher. Who was the demon hunter out of No. 8 and 12?

He had to choose one. He thought carefully about the speeches of these two people but almost all of it was no contribution. In fact, it didn’t matter who they killed. They could kill one at night and cast one out during the day.

Yu Hanjiang made a decision. “Kill 12 and 17, vote out 8.”

Since Ye Qi’s self-explosion caused all celestial skills to be sealed, the bewitcher couldn’t find a substitute and could only die.


It was dawn.

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 7: Day]

There were only 10 surviving players left. They were numbers 1, 2, 5, 8. 9, 11, 15, 18, 24 and 28. Apart from No. 8, all those who remained were werewolves or those standing with the werewolves.

Yu Hanjiang looked at everyone. “Speak counterclockwise.”

No. 28 passed on the turn. No. 24 Cupid passed it on and the other people passed the right to speak continuously. In the current situation, the werewolves had crushed the opponent. There was no need to waste time with acting and they could just cast out No. 8. It wasn’t until No. 8’s turn to speak that the man stood up and smiled. “It looks like I’m alone among the wolves now?”

The others cast sympathetic gazes at him.

The man told them, “I am the demon hunter. In fact, I saw something was wrong on Christmas Eve in the fourth round. The No. 25 flower butterfly must be fake because the real flower butterfly is No. 31, my teammate who was killed by the wolves in the second round. Then I found that the prophet had been guiding everyone to vote the good people out and that the witch was also standing with the prophet… I realized that your goal was probably to slaughter the village so I didn’t expose the prophet.”

“After all, it is too difficult to bring the good camp to victory with my strength. On the contrary, the wolves can communicate with each other and you have a higher rate of winning. Later, I killed 33 and 10 and finally 25 last night in order to complete my hidden task. The demon hunter had to hunt at least three werewolves at night. This is my hidden task.”

He calmly retreated. “There isn’t much to say. Vote me out.”

Then he smiled and glanced at Yu Hanjiang. “The wolves’ commander is very great. This time, all our teams should be able to get a perfect clearance. If I guessed right, No. 1 and 11 are true lovers?”

The demon hunter was also a very good player. He killed three wolves on his own. It was just that it was too difficult to bring the good camp to victory. Everyone would question each other’s identities. They weren’t a team so there was no way to achieve absolute trust…

This was unlike the werewolves who could speak at night without any identity concerns.

In fact, in the beginning, the good camp had the advantage in terms of number of people and cards. The biggest advantage of the werewolves was unity. Some werewolves guided their teammates to their side so the wolves finally controlled the game.

No. 5 and No. 2 didn’t speak. Finally, Yu Hanjiang stated calmly, “No. 8 demon hunter, you did your best.”

He did his best. If he came forward to expose Xiao Lou’s lie then the chaotic situation would ensure that neither the werewolves nor the good camp could win. Therefore, he chose to be patient when he saw that Xiao Lou, Liu Qiao and Ye Qi were cooperating to speak nonsense. This was the smartest way.

Everyone voted for No. 8. Even No. 8 voted for himself and was out.

It became dark.

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 8: Night]

There were nine people left. Five wolves and four good people. The four good people were Shao Qingge, Liu Qiao, Xiao Lou and Cupid.

Yu Hanjiang ordered, “Kill No. 5 and No. 18.”

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 8: Day]

[Last night, No. 5 and No. 18 were brutally killed!]

[The No. 1 wolf king chose to explode and shot to take away No. 24. No. 11 died for love.]

[The good people are gone and the game is over.]

The wolf king self-destructed to kill Cupid and the prophet died from love. The couple lived with Cupid until the eighth day and the hidden mission was successfully completed.


All the people locked up in the small black rooms were released by the keeper. A prompt appeared on each of their floating boxes.

[The werewolves successfully slaughtered the village and killed all 24 good people. They reached the perfect clearance conditions.]

[You will leave the village in 10 minutes.]

Once again, everyone gathered in the village’s central square. This time, everyone’s chests contained their identity cards and they could clearly see everyone’s identities. People returning from the small dark rooms were stunned by the result.

No. 6 and 16 who were out of the game on the first day said, “We were too comfortable lying down and winning, right?”

No. 26 who was killed the next day said, “I am the elder. I didn’t have time to play when I was killed the next night… is my luck good or bad?” It was bad but then he got a perfect clearance? There were so many people yet the wolves blindly killed him on the first night. After losing his immunization, he was killed on the second night?

No. 20 stared at Xiao Lou. “You really are the prophet! Then why send a knife to me? I am a good person. How did you check that I am a werewolf?”

His teammate next to him patted his shoulder. “Don’t you understand? The prophet and wolf king are lovers. Lovers just want to be together. The prophet has long been in the arms of the wolf king.”

There was a burst of laughter around them. Then No. 10 said, “I am the werewolves’ prophet but I feel that No. 11 was more like the werewolves’ prophet. He helped the werewolves so much.”

The No. 28 fire wolf joked. “No. 11, I was really convinced by your acting skills. What was that about the fire wolf’s rage permanently making you lose your skills? My god, I hadn’t done anything to you. Your ultimate act of trying to scam me made me stunned! By the way, did you graduate from an acting school?”

No. 35 walked up to Xiao Lou in a dumbfounded manner. “I was wondering why it was so strange. Why do your votes always get good people out? I thought you were a fake prophet. As a result… you and the wolf king were lovers and you were helping the wolves!”

The people around them joked, “No. 11 says that my love is a werewolf. All you good people must die.”

Someone told the No. 24 Cupid, “Your Cupid’s arrow is really magical. You not only helped the werewolves win the game but all of our teams managed to pass the level perfectly!”

The group had a lively conversation.

Xiao Lou was surrounded by everyone and was a bit embarrassed. He shook his fist at them apologetically.  “Sorry everyone, I couldn’t do anything else. Cupid connected the wolf king to me on the first day and I could only help the wolves.”

People recalled the many details of what happened. The more they thought about it, the more they felt that the command of the wolf king, the logic of the prophet and the cooperation of the other werewolves and some celestial cards was really too magical.

There was a discussion and the players selected the most outstanding players in this game.

First place at opening his eyes and speaking nonsense: No. 7 Ye Qi. That righteous indignation and vowing. He pretended to be a good person only to blow himself up?

The reversal king: Yu Hanjiang. Obviously, he was the wolf king but he became the sheriff of the good camp. No. 23 and 21 questioned him and he stared at them for a few seconds. On the contrary, the two people felt a strong sense of guilt and that they were at fault?

Fishing in troubled waters: Witch Liu Qiao. When speaking, truth and lies were mixed and it was difficult to distinguish the truth from the lies. Many people listened in a daze.

The strongest logic: Xiao Lou. This was the first time they had seen a prophet who could persuade people with every ‘wrong’ theory.

The most helpless person: No. 8 demon hunter. He had long seen that the group of people were acting but there was nothing he could do to reverse the situation. He could only accompany them in their acting.

The luckiest person: Cupid.

It was a magical arrow. Not only did he complete the hidden task, he also allowed all teams to get the perfect clearance achievement.

Seeing that the 10 minutes were almost up, the strangers who gathered together said goodbye to each other. The No. 24 young man came over and shook hands with Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang respectively. He said with a smile, “As a couple shot by my arrow, the two of you have a tacit understanding that is even better than a couple. It surprised me!”

Other people also came over to shake hands with them. “Thank you, you are the best prophet I have ever seen.”

“We passed the level perfectly thanks to you.”

”I look forward to meeting you again in the future. Good luck!”

”Jiayou everyone, I hope you complete the level perfectly!”

After these goodbyes, the people gradually disappeared from in front of them. The first time they entered the Werewolf instance, everyone was afraid they would be eliminated. In the end, after everyone’s analysis and reasoning, the unanimous goal was quickly achieved: the wolf team had to slaughter the village.

It wasn’t only the credit of Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang that they could pass the level perfectly. There were also great players such as Cupid, the demon hunter, the gargoyle, etc. Although it was the first time many of them had met today, Xiao Lou believed that the blessings they gave when they parted were true.

‘Whether or not we see each other in the future, I hope you can also get the perfect clearance results. Good luck.’

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