CR: Chapter 295

It was dark and Shao Qingge received a prompt. [You are the dreamer. Please choose the target you want to sleepwalk tonight.]

Shao Qingge thought about it before answering, “No. 4.”

Last night, he dreamed of the No. 4 knight. The knight had driven out the No. 13 werewolf with a duel during the day and his identity exposed. Shao Qingge had been worried the werewolves would kill the knight at night so he gave the knight a shield.

Tonight, he would continue to shield No. 4. If he dreamed of the same person for two consecutive nights then they would die.

When speaking today, Liu Qiao, Qu Wanyue and Ye Qi all stood up to help Xiao Lou speak. In the eyes of other passersby, it was because No. 35 jumped forward and led to the counterattack of the witch, flower butterfly and grave keeper…

Meanwhile, Shao Qingge could see that his teammates were collectively maintaining Xiao Lou.

Obviously, his teammates had reached a consensus. Liu Qiao was the witch, Xiao Lou was the prophet and Shao Qingge was the dreamer. Long Sen and Old Mo were villagers. Then according to the team configuration, Yu Hanjiang, Qu Wanyue and Ye Qi must be werewolves.

Ye Qi’s grave keeper ability must be fake and the No. 35 grave keeper was real. He was right that No. 20 had died unjustly. In other words, it was likely Xiao Lou had chosen to stand with the wolves and help the wolves kill.

Since Professor Xiao wanted to help the werewolves, Shao Qingge had to do his part and kill the No. 4 knight.


At the same time, the werewolves’ voice channel.

No. 2 was pulled into the wolf pit and his chin almost fell off. “Um… why am I here? The sheriff is actually a werewolf?” He was wondering why he was in the wolf channel with the wolves and thought it was a bug.

No. 9 smiled. “No. 2, we killed you last night and infected you. You have become a werewolf and joined the wolves. You will fight alongside us.”

No, 2, “……”

It was terrible!

Not only was the No. 1 sheriff a werewolf but the No. 25 flower butterfly and No. 7 grave keeper who spoke for the prophet during the day were both werewolves! These wolves, weren’t their acting skills too great? The No. 2 wolf was just pulled into the wolf team and was dazed.

Yu Hanjiang told him, “No. 2, you aren’t familiar with the previous actions of the wolves. You can just vote with us during the day.”

No. 2 immediately promised. “I understand. I am also a werewolf from now on and I will follow you.”

Someone wondered, “Is No. 11 really a prophet? Why do I think he has been helping the wolves?”

This question immediately caused controversy.

“I also think it is strange. On the third day, he said that No. 20 is a werewolf but he obviously isn’t one. On the fourth day, No. 35 claimed to be the grave keeper. As a result, the prophet called for everyone to vote for 35. Voting for two good people two days in a row? How can there be such a prophet?”

“Yesterday, No. 10 also jumped out as a prophet. He said that 17 and 19 are wolves he checked. It is clear from our perspective that 17 and 19 aren’t our teammates. I’m a bit dizzy. What is going on.”

Then someone pointed a finger at Yu Hanjiang. “I think there is also a problem with the No. 1 wolf king. Do you know No. 11? Everyone, can we trust the wolf king so much? Are you letting your teammate complete the task, deliberately bringing the rhythm of the wolves to kill the members of other teams? Half of my team has been killed!”

This was No. 28 whose identity was the fire wolf. He said that half his team was killed so it was likely that four of the people who were killed or voted out in the last few days were his teammates. In that case, it was natural for him to be nervous.

Yu Hanjiang replied calmly. “You are right. I do know No.11 but I didn’t deliberately lead you to kill other team members. The No. 27 and 30 that I asked you to kill on the third day are my teammates.”

Hearing this, the other werewolves looked at each other. Actually letting everyone kill two teammates overnight?

Yu Hanjiang continued, “If you don’t believe me, other people can come forward and speak. Does anyone else know No. 27 and 30? Are they members of your team?”

It was silent. It was because No. 27 Long Sen and No. 30 Old Mo were indeed not members of their team. It was obviously true that the wolf king had killed his teammates.

No. 28 who questioned Yu Hanjiang just now gave a light cough. “Sorry, I just felt doubts. Then what do you mean? You are working with No. 11?”

Yu Hanjiang explained. “No. 11 is indeed the prophet. On the third and fourth days, he called on everyone to vote for a good person. The intention is obvious. He is showing his position. He wants to stand by the wolves and help us complete the task.”

Hearing this, the other wolf teammates were very surprised. The prophet was standing with the wolves?

Yu Hanjiang said, “Don’t forget. Everyone’s mission is different in this secret room. If everyone is focused on completing their own tasks then it is likely no one will be able to complete it in the end.”

Everyone carefully considered today’s speech and their brains finally turned.

The No. 15 girl said, “In other words, we should find a unified goal as soon as possible and everyone will cooperate to complete the task? Or else the good people camp will keep obstructing us from slaughtering the village while the celestial cards will keep saving people and our wolf team’s task won’t be completed?”

Blocking each other, dragging each other back until finally everyone was eliminated… A of Spades’ trap was very deep.

“The villagers’ mission is to expel all werewolves from the village.” Yu Hanjiang analyzed in a low voice. “It is only eight days and there are 12 werewolves.  Even if one is thrown out accurately every day, how can the remaining four werewolves be solved? As long as one person lives to the end, the good people can’t drive out all the werewolves. The task of the villagers can only be completed in theory and it is too difficult in practice.”

The demon hunter had to accurately hit the werewolves at night and the witch had to poison a werewolf, which couldn’t be repeated. As long as one of the 12 werewolves hid deeply, the villagers’ mission would fail. Moreover, the werewolves could vote with each other and cover each other. The villagers didn’t know each other’s identities and their hearts weren’t aligned. They might not be able to vote for the werewolves during the day.

The villagers could only achieve the perfect ending if the director wrote the script in advance.

Yu Hanjiang followed up. “Think carefully. The first time you entered the secret room, there was a reminder in your floating box. As long as the wolves slaughter the village, it is a perfect clearance. Don’t you want the rewards for a perfect clearance?

Yes, a perfect clearance. Yu Hanjiang’s words made the werewolves come to a realization.

No. 28 exclaimed, “So the mission of the villagers is almost impossible to complete while the mission of the celestials is relatively simple but isn’t perfect. Only the werewolves mission is considered a perfect clearance?”

The No. 15 girl added, “Us wolves can communicate with each other by voice chat at night. We can cooperate and vote as a group. So everyone should choose the mission of the werewolves and fight for the perfect clearance?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “There are already some people who have understood this, including the No. 11 prophet and No. 18 witch. Up to now, the No. 18 witch hasn’t poisoned any werewolves. This is a gesture.”

The wolves were finally convinced of Yu Hanjiang’s theory. There was an S-grade card given as a reward for a perfect clearance. Who didn’t want it? Now there was a chance to get a perfect clearance. It was natural to work together.

No. 28 had just been questioning Yu Hanjiang. At this time, he changed his attitude. “Everyone, listen to the command of the wolf king. Who should we kill next?”

“Someone just asked why No. 10 suddenly claimed to be the prophet. It is very simple. He is the prophet of the werewolves, the hidden gargoyle. He appeared at this time, sacrificing himself to give his teammates a knife. He said that 17 and 19 are werewolves, which actually means they are key celestial cards he had checked. We should give priority to handling them.”

No. 15 agreed. “I thought No. 10 was the gargoyle when he jumped out. His claim to be the prophet was too false. He didn’t explain at all and just pointed to 17 and 19. I think the two he pointed out are likely to have key celestial cards such as the guard, dreamer or demon hunter.”

The gargoyle could find out the specific identity. For the previous three days, he had been hiding in the dark to check people silently. Now he jumped out on the fourth day. He must’ve found a key card.

The witch and prophet had already identified themselves. The key cards he found were likely powerful cards with protection and killing skills such as the guard, dreamer or demon hunter.

Yu Hanjiang simply said, “So we won’t waste our gargoyle teammate’s sacrifice. We will kill 17 and 19 tonight. Do you have any opinions?”

No one objected. The wolves’ knife pointed at No. 17 and No. 19.


At the same time, Liu Qiao received a prompt. [No. 17 and No. 19 were killed tonight. Do you want to use the antidote?]


[Do you want to use the poison?]

Liu Qiao thought about it. “Yes, poison No. 32.”

In her analysis about why the demon hunter suddenly killed No. 33, Liu Qiao used the probability theory to calculate that there must be a wolf in the 30-36 section. Four of them were out. The demon hunter killed 33 and didn’t kill 32. Obviously, the demon hunter was a teammate with 32 and confirmed the identity of the teammate as friendly.

Liu Qiao was now standing with the wolves so she had to try her best to help the wolves kill the good people. If she poisoned No. 32 then she could help the wolves build their numerical advantage.


It was dawn.

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 5: Day]

[The ones who died last night were No. 4, No. 10, No. 14, No. 19 and No. 32.]

Everyone was shocked to see this. The wolves were surprised because they obviously killed 17 and 19. Why didn’t 17 die? The good people were surprised. How did five people die last night? Wasn’t five kills too fierce?

Yu Hanjiang thought it over and quickly figured it out.

17 should be the bewitcher celestial card. The bewitcher could appoint a target at will at night. If they were killed, the target they appointed would die on their behalf. In other words, a ghost was chosen to replace the bewitcher. Out of the five people who died, one of them must’ve been chosen by No. 17 to replace him.

No. 10 should be killed by the demon hunter. Out of the remaining two, it was likely that Liu Qiao used poison? He just didn’t know which one Liu Qiao poisoned.

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over the group. There were only 17 players still alive. He once again chose to speak counterclockwise. 30~36 were all dead and 29 was the first to speak.

No. 29 seriously analyzed it. “Five people died last night. I think No. 10 was killed by the demon hunter. His claim yesterday about being the prophet was too fake. Obviously, he was likely to be the wolf team’s prophet i.e. the gargoyle. Therefore, the demon hunter killed him last night. As for the remaining four… how can so many people die? I think I should listen to the witch.”

No. 28 said, “The speech next to me is rather one-sided. I want to add that No. 10 might’ve been shot to death by the demon hunter or poisoned by the witch. After all, his actions yesterday were too strange. He was obviously a wolf. The demon hunter or witch likely dealt with him last night. As for how the remaining four died, I am also a bit confused. I will let everyone analyze it.”

The next to speak was No. 25 Qu Wanyue. Her voice was solemn. “I am the flower butterfly and I didn’t activate my skill last night. It is because I couldn’t think of anyone who seemed to be a wolf. I was worried that if I hugged the wrong person, the celestial cards couldn’t be used. I didn’t expect so many deaths last night… Just now, the previous two people have analyzed that No. 10 was killed by a celestial card. This should be the consensus. There are four people remaining. I need to wait for the witch’s report from last night to determine what happened.”

Qu Wanyue finished her speech and the No. 24 young man stood up. His eyes were slightly narrowed and there was an innocent smile on his face as he spoke loudly, “At present, it is recognized that No. 10 was killed by a celestial card, right? I agree with this inference. After all, his actions yesterday were so weird that he almost wrote the word ‘werewolf’ on his forehead. He was either hit by the demon hunter’s arrow or the witch’s poison. As for how the remaining four died? I’m here to clarify your confusion.”

The teenager paused and looked around at everyone before declaring earnestly, “I am Cupid. In fact, on the first night of the game, I connected numbers 4 and 14, making them a couple. So if the wolves killed No. 4 or 14 then the other person will die. That is why there were so many deaths last night.”

Everyone was surprised when they heard this. They didn’t expect Cupid to be the reason why so many people died last night!

Meanwhile, Xiao Lou was sighing with relief. Cupid jumped forward. This was the best because Xiao Lou had a unified front with Yu Hanjiang and Cupid. They had the same hidden mission—to live until the last day. If Cupid couldn’t play, spoke too loudly and was thrown out or was killed by the wolves then the hidden mission of Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang wouldn’t be completed.

No one knew the real couple except for Yu Hanjiang, Xiao Lou and Cupid. Therefore, only Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou knew that Cupid was lying.

Cupid revealed himself at this time while also expressing his stance. He supported the true couple No. 1 and No. 11. As for 4 and 14 who died for love, this statement was to confuse the audience and let everyone lower their doubts regarding Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou.

This Cupid was quite capable of playing and there were no logical loopholes in his speech. After all, there were too many deaths last night. If one of them was a couple then it was easier for people to accept.

The teenager’s eyes were also calm when he spoke. Obviously, many people at the scene believed Cupid’s words.

After Cupid’s speech, No. 23 suddenly said, “Cupid stated that 4 and 14 are lovers. I believe this for the time being. If this is the case, it can better explain how five people died last night. The thing I find strange is why nothing happened to the sheriff? I’ve played many Werewolf games and most of the sheriffs survive less than three days. Then have you noticed? No one seems to question our sheriff at all. Don’t think that this big brother looks righteous on the surface. Is he actually righteous? Have you never thought it was possible that a werewolf is the sheriff? Have we met a wolf sheriff?”

Many people shifted their gazes to Yu Hanjiang. Yu Hanjiang was quite calm and his expression didn’t change. He even cast an encouraging look at No. 23 as if to say, ‘You continue.’

No. 23 was startled by the calm gaze but kept talking. “Of course, I have no evidence. I just have a reasonable question. This is too strange. It is the fifth day of the game and the sheriff is still alive. Moreover, the prophet is still alive. He revealed himself on the second day. Why haven’t the wolves killed him despite it being the fifth day? This is too unreasonable.”

He paused before adding, “If the wolves tried to kill the prophet and he was rescued by the witch or protected by the guard then it makes sense. However, look at what happened the last few nights. On the third night, the wolves killed 27 and 30 after the prophet was revealed. The fourth night was a Christmas Eve because the flower butterfly said she happened to hug a werewolf, so the wolves couldn’t kill. On the fifth night, five people died. Two of them must’ve been killed by the wolves. So why didn’t they kill the prophet?”

“In other words, it isn’t the witch or guard saving the prophet. It is that from beginning to end, the wolves never moved against the prophet. Isn’t it strange?”

People turned to look at Xiao Lou. Xiao Lou smiled slightly, as calm as Yu Hanjiang. However, once the seeds of doubt grew in the bottom of the heart, these doubts would only become bigger and bigger, growing like a vine. Everyone thought about it carefully and it was indeed not right.

No. 11 revealed himself on the second round during the day. That night i.e. the night of the third round, the wolves killed 27 and 30 while ignoring the prophet. The fourth night was Christmas Eve. The fifth night, five people died but the wolves still didn’t do anything about the prophet. Why? The prophet was a great threat to the wolves. There was no reason for the wolves to keep him alive, right?

No. 21 immediately expressed doubts. “I also feel that something is wrong. In principle, the werewolves should’ve killed the prophet by the fifth night. At least, it can use up the witch’s antidote. Or the wolf king can blow himself up and take the prophet with him right? Yet last night, the wolves didn’t do anything against the prophet or even the witch with two medicines?”

“I’m surprised. Last night the numbers 4, 10, 14, 19 and 32 died. Excluding No. 10 who was killed by a celestial card, the remaining four shouldn’t have as high a priority as the witch and prophet, right? Why aren’t they acting against the witch and prophet and are instead killing those who are more invisible?”

“I have a strange feeling like the prophet is being protected by the werewolves. Think about it carefully. Every time the sheriff votes, doesn’t he follow the prophet? I guarantee that they must be teammates. Perhaps No. 35 in the previous round is the real grave keeper and there is indeed a problem with the No. 11 prophet. The No. 1 sheriff is also likely to be a wolf! It is recommended to vote out No. 11. A prophet who messes with the rhythm can’t be allowed to stay!”

Two consecutive people questioned the prophet and many people at the scene cast doubtful glances at Xiao Lou. This was also expected by Xiao Lou. After all, it was the fifth round of the game and the prophet was still alive.

Anyone who could get to this level wasn’t stupid. If they couldn’t see that he was cooperating with Yu Hanjiang then if they went to the high level Hearts room, forget catching the murderer. They wouldn’t even be able to find suspects.

How should he resolve the current situation?

The person after No. 21 happened to be Liu Qiao and Xiao Lou turned his attention to her.

Liu Qiao stood up and opened her mouth. “Why didn’t the werewolves kill me and the prophet? I don’t know. I only know that the prompt I received last night was that No. 19 and No. 17 were killed. I didn’t save them using the antidote.”

“I will give you a careful analysis. Out of the five people who died last night, No. 10 must be a gargoyle. He abruptly claimed to be the prophet and pointed out 17 and 19. This is obviously to tell his wolf teammates to take care of these two key cards first. Facts proved that my speculation was correct. The prompt I received was that the wolves killed 17 and 19 so I poisoned No. 10.”

“Yet 17 didn’t die? There is only one possibility. No. 17 is the bewitcher. He can choose a person to be his stand-in at night. He chose either 4 or 14 and this triggered the couple chain effect, so that 4 and 14 died together.”

“The remaining No. 32 should be killed by the demon hunter or dreamer? Why did they kill 32? In my opinion, 32 did nothing during several rounds of speeches. Perhaps the demon hunter or dreamer thinks he is a wolf and killed him?”

Liu Qiao looked at the man next to her. “No. 17 is my silver water. He avoided the knife last night. As long as no one throws him out during the day, he won’t die at night. I suggest that No. 17 chooses a werewolf as a stand-in so that our good camp has a greater chance of winning.”

“As for the two people questioning me and the prophet just now, I don’t know why the wolves didn’t kill me and the prophet. Perhaps it has something to do with the wolves’ mission or perhaps the wolves deliberately didn’t kill us to confuse people.”

Liu Qiao mixed truth with lies, making people confused. In fact, what she said in the first half was true but she didn’t poison No. 10 last night. The innocent No. 32 was killed by her poison. However, only the demon hunter knew this. Once the demon hunter found out that No. 10 was a werewolf, they killed No. 10 immediately.

At this point, the demon hunter had two choices.

The first choice was to jump out and expose Liu Qiao’s lie, confirming that No. 10 was killed by the demon hunter. The witch must’ve poisoned a good person and there was a problem with the witch. At the same time, if the demon hunter revealed himself then the wolves would get rid of him tonight. It was because the existence most threatening to the wolves was the demon hunter.

The second option was to not act for the time being. They would act according to their own analysis, continuing to hunt and kill the werewolves at night to help the good people. Liu Qiao released a hook to help the wolves find the demon hunter. It depended on the demon hunter if the hook was grabbed or not.

Liu Qiao finished her speech and No. 17 continued to speak. He confirmed Liu Qiao’s words. “I am indeed the bewitcher. I bewitched No. 14 last night because I think he is a wolf. On the day No. 13 ran for the sheriff election, he helped speak for the false prophet No. 22 and No. 13. They must’ve met at night and knew each other. These two should be wolf teammates. This is the reason why I chose No. 14 last night.”

This was right. The wolves killed 17 and 19 last night and 17 bewitched 14, making 14 his surrogate. 4 and 14 were killed due to Cupid’s connection and they both died for love. The remaining 32 was killed by the demon hunter.

On the surface, this logic chain was okay. Only the demon hunter knew that the witch was lying.

The next No. 15 and No. 12 all acknowledged the inference of the five kills in one night. After all, there were testimonies from Cupid, the witch and the bewitcher. No one thought that the witch would lie.

It was Xiao Lou’s turn and he stood up calmly. “Some people questioned why the witch and prophet weren’t killed. I will explain it to you. On the day when I revealed my identity, I was prepared to be killed on the third night. However, I mentioned in my speech for the guard to protect me.”

“I explicitly asked the guard to protect me. Wouldn’t it be stupid for the wolves to kill me knowing that that guard would give me a shield? It would be better to choose two other people to kill. After all, the more good people that die, the greater the advantage of the wolves. In addition, they have other ways to deal with the prophet. For example, make the prophet lose his skills.”

“The fourth round was Christmas Eve. The wolves couldn’t do anything even if they wanted to. The flower butterfly happened to hug a werewolf.”

“As for the fifth round, why didn’t the wolves kill me? I can tell you the reason. It is because I lost my skill last night.”

Everyone, “……”

Xiao Lou still looked calm as he glanced at the two players who questioned him earlier. “The prophet is really easy to die in a 12 person game because there are no skills to target the prophet. However, this is a 36 player game. Don’t forget, the wolves had the nightmare to fear the prophet and stop the prophet from testing people at night. There is also the fire wolf. In the event that a wolf teammate dies during the day, the fire wolf’s anger can cause someone to permanently lose their skill.”

A look of helplessness flashed across Xiao Lou’s face. “It is a pity that the wolves dealt with me by letting me lose my skill and making me a useless person instead of rushing to kill me. I have to say that the commander of the wolves is very clever. He knows that if they kill me, the witch will save me. If they keep me as a hostage then the witch won’t dare to use her antidote.”

“Now I have been influenced by the fire wolf’s anger and I have completely lost my skill. I am no different from an ordinary villager. That is why they found other celestial cards to kill last night. The witch definitely wouldn’t save those cards and it is the best of both worlds.”

“If I was the commander of the wolves then I would do the same. It is because this can ensure that the wolves can kill more people and maximize the benefits, building up a numerical advantage in the quickest time. Do you understand?”

The group was stunned. They didn’t expect there to be this type of routine. Take the prophet hostage so that the witch wouldn’t use the antidote on others. At the same time, use the fire wolf’s rage on the prophet so that the prophet lost his skill.

It was amazing.

Meanwhile, the wolves’ reaction was: Why didn’t we think of this? Isn’t the prophet more like a werewolf than the actual werewolf?

The  No. 28 wolf was even more wronged. ‘I didn’t use rage, you didn’t lose your skill—I didn’t, I didn’t, don’t try a scam!’

Xiao Lou definitely hadn’t lost his skill. He just found the most reasonable explanation for the current situation.

Besides, it didn’t matter if he checked people or not. The werewolves were gradually becoming dominant. The next home game could be handed over to Yu Hanjiang. He raised his head to look at Yu Hanjiang. This man was staring at him with a faint smile in his deep gaze as if telling him, ‘Rest assured. The next thing, leave it to me.’

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