CR: Chapter 294

Since No. 2 was killed, the wolves infected him and had him join the wolves. Therefore, No. 2 didn’t die. As for No. 4, he killed No. 13 in the duel yesterday. It was very likely that the dreamer had him sleepwalk or the guard protected him last night. The wolves’ knife was offset by the dreamer/guard and No. 4 didn’t die.

This was why a relatively harmonious ‘Christmas Eve’ was formed on the surface.

Yu Hanjiang looked at everyone. “Speak counterclockwise.”

There were 23 players remaining and their numbers were: 35, 32, 29, 28, 25, 24, 23, 21, 19, 18, 17, 15, 14, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 5, 4, 2 and 1.

Speaking counterclockwise, No. 35 was the first to stand up.

This man looked gentle and elegant and his previous speeches analyzed things well. He should be part of the good camp. At this time, he took a deep breath and abruptly said, “The prophet is fake. I am the grave keeper.”

Xiao Lou was slightly surprised. Yesterday he deliberately guided everyone to vote for No. 20, stating that 20 and 22 cooperated and were wolf teammates. He vowed that he verified the identity of No. 20. His nonsense could fool all neutral players who knew the truth but he couldn’t fool the grave keeper.

Only the grave keeper could check the tombstone of a person who died during the day and figure out if they were good or bad. He must’ve turned over the tombstone of No. 20 last night, proving that 20 was a good person.

No. 35’s expression was very calm. He stared at Xiao Lou, his eyes as sharp as a sword. “You say that you are the prophet and checked that No. 20 is the werewolf. You analyzed that No. 20 and 22 are acting together? I turned over the tombstone of No. 20 last night and found that he died unjustly. He is really a good person and was thrown out of the game by you. It is impossible for the prophet to have a verification error. There is only one explanation. No. 11, you are impersonating the identity of the prophet!”

There was an uproar the moment this was said! It was now the fourth day and everyone’s trust in Xiao Lou was very high. They didn’t expect No. 35 to jump out as the grave keeper and say that the prophet was fake. If the prophet was fake then wasn’t everyone completely driven to vote incorrectly by him?

Many people cast mixed glances at Xiao Lou. Xiao Lou’s psychological quality could be called very good. His face still had a personable smile and he even took the initiative to meet No. 35’s sharp eyes without any anger from the accusation.

No. 35 continued. “I will give you the detailed logic. Three people, numbers 27, 30 and 33 died last night. You analyzed that two were killed by the wolves and one by the demon hunter. I agree with this but the point is here. In the daytime, the prophet suddenly aimed a knife at No. 20 saying that he checked 20 was a werewolf and calling for everyone to vote for 20. At the time, No. 20 issued the last words that he was a good person and even swore. I felt weird so in the evening, I turned over the tombstone of No. 20. The result really surprised me. No. 20 is indeed a good person.”

The man stared straight at Xiao Lou. “If you are the prophet then why did you guide everyone to kill a good person? I personally think that the prophet was probably killed on the first day. The following prophets are all fake, including No. 22 and the current No. 11. Keep your eyes open and cast out No. 11. He must be a werewolf. Don’t let him control the rhythm!”

The grave keeper returned to his seat.

Xiao Lou was nervous but he maintained a polite smile on the surface.

After No. 35’s speech, the players were obviously a bit confused. After all, everyone had always believed in Xiao Lou but now it was revealed that Xiao Lou was a false prophet. Should they believe it or not?

No. 32 who was after 35 always had no opinion. He said weakly, “This… No. 35 suddenly jumped out as a grave keeper and talked a lot. I don’t know how No. 11 will explain it?”

No. 29 was also very dumbfounded. “If the grave keeper is real then No. 11 must be a werewolf pretending to be a prophet. I will keep this vote first and wait for the people after me to finish speaking.”

No. 28 scratched the back of his head. “I’m dizzy… so the conclusion is that No. 11 is a werewolf? In fact, I can’t completely believe No. 35’s statement. We should listen to No. 11’s explanation. I will keep this vote first and then vote according to the situation.”

After him was No. 25, Qu Wanyue. Qu Wanyue was very beautiful and her voice was also very gentle. She came forward with a smile. “No. 35, don’t pretend. You are definitely a werewolf.”

As a result, the scene once again became confused. Everyone looked at Qu Wanyue with surprise.

Qu Wanyue calmly told them, “I will report my identity. I am the flower butterfly. As long as the flower butterfly hugs a person at night, that person will lose all their skills. If I happen to hug a werewolf, the wolf team will collectively lose their ability to kill. Last night, I chose number 35 for a simple reason. I didn’t think there would be only one wolf among the seven people numbered 30-36. The people in this area are almost dead and in every round, No. 35’s speech was very long. If he is a good person, why didn’t the wolves kill him and instead killed people like 31 and 30? It is very likely that 35 is actually a werewolf.”

She stared straight into No. 35’s eyes. “Therefore, I tried it last night and used the flower butterfly’s skill to hug you. As a result, there was a Christmas Eve last night. How can this be explained? The possibility that 35 is a werewolf is very high because once the flower butterfly hugs a werewolf, the werewolves can’t kill people that night. It will definitely be Christmas Eve!”

The group listened to her analysis and looked at each other. The wolf teammates silently praised Qu Wanyue’s acting skills.

No. 35’s forehead veins bulged. ‘F*k, did they receive money to splash dirty water? This isn’t the Werewolf killing game but an acting competition, right? One by one, no one was telling the truth?’

Qu Wanyue finished speaking and it was No. 24’s turn to speak.

No. 24 was a young man with glasses who smiled. “I am a melon eater. I am unsure of the identity of the No. 35 grave keeper and the No. 25 flower butterfly. I will wait and see what the prophet says. No matter whether he is the real or false one, we always have to give people a chance to argue, right? Pass.”

Both 23 and 21 indicated their ignorance.

Then No. 19 spoke seriously. “Last night was Christmas Eve. It is a possibility that the flower butterfly happened to hug a werewolf. As long as the flower butterfly hugs a werewolf, it will indeed prevent the wolves from killing. However, there is another possibility. It is the guard or dreamer protecting the people the wolves were about to kill, their shields offsetting the wolves’ swords. Or perhaps the witch used the antidote?”

He smiled at everyone. “We can’t listen to the word of the wolves. The identity of the flower butterfly is still a question mark. Although the logic for you to hug No. 35 makes sense, I always feel that you are deliberately dragging No. 35 into the water. Of course, this is just my personal feeling.”

He passed the turn and it was Liu Qiao’s turn.

Liu Qiao stepped forward with calm eyes. “I am the witch. Last night was Christmas Eve and the wolves didn’t kill anyone. The flower butterfly said she hugged No. 35 who happened to be a werewolf. This can be believed.”

“Let me report the wolves’ killing style. In the first round, the wolves actually killed three people. They were No. 6, 16 and 26. I didn’t prescribe the antidote but the ones who died in the end were 6 and 16, not 26. My guess was that he should be the elder or guard. It is because the elder is automatically protected from being killed the first time while the guard will often protect themselves at night.”

“The next day, the wolves aimed at 31 and 26. I didn’t save them because on the first day, 26 didn’t say anything useful. I guessed he was the elder. Once the elder is thrown out by a good person, all the celestial cards will lose their ability. In my opinion, the best result was for the elder to be eliminated by the wolves. There was no need to waste my antidote since it must be left to save the prophet.”

“In the third round, the wolves killed 27 and 30. As for 33 who died as well, it should be the demon hunter who acted. I didn’t use the poison. During the day, I also analyzed that the demon hunter probably calculated it based on probability and cooperation with his teammates to directly kill the No. 33 werewolf.”

“In the fourth round, last night, the system gave me a notification that no one was killed. This is exactly the same as the inference that the flower butterfly hugged a werewolf and caused the wolves to lose their skills. Therefore, No. 35 is a werewolf and No. 11 is a good person in my opinion. As for why the wolves didn’t kill the prophet? There is the guard and the witch still has the antidote. They definitely won’t be able to kill the prophet. It is a waste of a knife. it is better to kill other people to quickly gain the numerical advantage. This way, the wolves will be able to kidnap the votes. For example, isn’t it perfect to pretend to be a good person and vote out the prophet like No. 35? It is a pity that your wishful thinking was wrong. You probably didn’t expect that the flower butterfly had long doubted you?”

Qu Wanyue simply wanted to give Liu Qiao a round of applause. She had thought of a script in a hurry and poured a basin of dirty water on No. 35 while clearing Xiao Lou’s suspicion along the way. Unexpectedly, Liu Qiao received the script well and directly jumped out as the witch to confirm Qu Wanyue’s identity.

The witch was more convincing than the flower butterfly and she was also a watch with two medicines in hand. Once she appeared, everyone at the scene finally felt things becoming clear. In addition, Liu Qiao reported the correct killing style from beginning to the present time. Her persuasive power rose in a straight line.

Qu Wanyue wanted to give Liu Qiao a hug but on the surface, the two of them didn’t even make eye contact. Liu Qiao finished speaking and returned to her seat. The two of them didn’t seem to know each other.

The witch’s testimony made Xiao Lou’s suspicion drop instantly.

The next players 17-12 didn’t put forward new opinions. Everyone felt that since the flower butterfly and witch both confirmed that No. 35 was a wolf, the possibility that he was a wolf was higher than the possibility that No. 11 was a wolf. If there was no one else who claimed to be a witch then they would believe in No. 18.

Once it was Xiao Lou’s turn, he smiled politely at No. 35. “The wolves might be trying to kill me but they are afraid that the guard and witch will save me. Therefore, they want to use the daytime vote to splash water on me and guide everyone to vote me out… I have to say, this strategy is very clever.”

No. 35 met his gentle smile and he almost vomited blood.

‘Your acting skills are brilliant. You are speaking nonsense with open eyes!’

Xiao Lou continued. “Everyone has seen No. 35’s acting. It is very realistic but things are clear. I don’t need to explain anything to you since it should already be explained by the witch. It was Christmas Eve last night because the werewolves couldn’t kill. I checked No. 5 last night and he is a good person. No. 5 is my golden water.”

Shao Qingge raised his eyebrow. He was No. 5 and Xiao Lou definitely didn’t check him. It was because the configuration of three wolves, three celestials and two civilians in their team was already very obvious. Xiao Lou didn’t need to waste this opportunity to check people.

Xiao Lou had only one reason for saying he checked Shao Qingge. It was to wake up Shao Qingge. If he was a celestial with skills then he should activate the skill as soon as possible to assist his teammate. If it was a celestial card that couldn’t be activated then hide it first. Shao Qingge understood and smiled.

Xiao Lou kept talking. “Today’s vote should go directly to No. 35. There is no need to worry about it. The witch still has her two medicines and I am very confident in the good people’s camp. The guard might’ve protected me. If I am killed tonight, I am asking the witch to help me. It is now the fourth day and the process is just over halfway. There are five werewolves out of the game and seven are left. After 35 is voted out, there will be six wolves. The good people camp must continue to work hard.”

The calmer Xiao Lou appeared, the more false the accusation against him seemed. Many people had already started to waver. They felt that Xiao Lou, who had a gentle attitude and calm eyes, seemed more credible?

To everyone’s surprise, after Xiao Lou’s speech, No. 10 suddenly jumped out. “I am the prophet and I checked that 17 and 19 are werewolves. I have been dormant for a few days because I was afraid of being killed. Now it is okay. Many werewolves have been cast out and the good people have a great advantage. I don’t need to worry about it and can come forward.”

Everyone, “………”

What was this person doing? Inexplicably claiming to be the prophet at this time?

Yu Hanjiang narrowed his eyes slightly. There were actually two prophets. One was the prophet of the good people camp, who could check people every night. The results of the check only showed if the person was good or a werewolf.

The other was the prophet of the werewolves. He was the gargoyle and he didn’t act with his teammates. He could check people every night. The result of the check would show the specific identities such as guard, villager, witch etc.

Obviously, No. 10 was the werewolves’ prophet, the gargoyle. He could see that the werewolves were cooperating and the true prophet was on the side of the wolves. Thus, he jumped out and pointed the knife. The No. 17 and 19 he mentioned must be crucial celestial cards. He was telling his wolf teammates to kill the two of them as soon as possible.

Many people present didn’t have Yu Hanjiang’s reasoning ability and they were full of disbelief when they heard No. 10’s words. Claiming he was the prophet with such a simple sentence? What about his logic? What about the mental journey? What about the results of the check over the last few days? It was like he was playing around…

The people around him looked at him with complicated expressions. Sure enough, No. 9 and 8 after him both said, “Brother, are you here to be funny?”

No one believed he was the prophet.

Once it was No. 7’s turn, Ye Qi abruptly said, “I’m sorry, I’m the grave keeper. No. 35 should be a werewolf. The wolves want to deliberately pour dirty water to guide everyone to kill the prophet. He said that No. 20 killed by the prophet yesterday is a good person? I checked his tombstone. How could it show a werewolf? Does he have two different tombstones?”

The people around him were amused by Ye Qi’s words.

Ye Qi stared at No. 35 earnestly. “Listen to me, the real grave keeper. I will tell you the results of the verification. No. 34 was cast out on the first day and the tombstone showed he was a good person, indicating he was the hunter. On the second day, the tombstone of No. 22 showed a werewolf. She used a charm skill to take away 36 when she died and should be the wolf beauty. On the third day, No. 20’s tombstone showed that he was also a werewolf. No. 22 and 20 were indeed teammates helping with each other’s identity. No. 35, you jumped out as the grave keeper and said that 20 is a good person. Obviously, you are also a wolf teammate. The prophet threatens you too much. Your method to kill the prophet was really clever. It is a pity that the witch is still here and exposed your lies.”

Ye Qi claimed to be the grave keeper. His speech was serious and his clear eyes were full of sincerity.

Shao Qingge thought, ‘Why sing? With your acting skills, you might even get an Oscar if you go to acting.’

It was Shao Qingge’s turn to speak. He smiled and spoke briefly. “…The prophet sent me the golden water and I’ll pick it up. I am indeed just an ordinary villager and will follow everyone to vote. The sheriff will sum it up.”

No. 4 and No. 2 didn’t say anything usually. Yu Hanjiang finally concluded as No. 1, “Today’s speeches had many reversals. First, No. 35 claimed to be the grave keeper and identified 11 as a false prophet. This was followed by No. 25 saying she is the flower butterfly. She said that the wolves couldn’t kill anyone because she hugged 35 last night. Then the witch revealed herself, indicating there was indeed no wolf killing last night… I personally think that the logic of the flower butterfly and witch is more believable.”

He paused and his sharp eyes stared directly at No. 35. “No. 35, you said that the prophet was probably killed on the first day and all the prophets after that are false. Your logic actually has a very big hole in it. Do you remember the last words of No. 6 and 16 who were killed on the first day? Did they say they are the prophet?”

The group thought about it and it dawned on them. Yes, if the true prophet had been killed then he should reveal his identity and say, ‘I am the prophet and I was killed.’ This would prevent others from pretending to be him and deliberately driving the rhythm.

However, 6 and 16 were obviously passersby. They were killed and their speeches were just about ‘why was I killed’ and ‘I am unlucky’. There was no mention about the prophet. Therefore, No. 35’s speculation that the prophet was killed on the first day and everyone else after that was fake was unreasonable.

The prophet wasn’t killed on the first day and No. 22 was proven to be false. Then wasn’t the true prophet No. 11? As for No. 10 who suddenly jumped out today, no one took his words seriously. Thinking about it this way, everyone felt No. 11 was the true prophet and No. 35 was a wolf.

Yu Hanjiang’s voice rang out. “Needless to say, vote for No. 35 today.”

The sheriff’s statement sentenced No. 35 to death. Apart from No. 35 who voted for No. 11, almost all of them voted for 35. No. 35 was cast out. Before leaving, he expressed his last words. “All of you are awesome and should go to be movie emperors. I don’t want to say anything else. Continue to be led by No. 11!”

It became dark.

Xiao Lou returned to his personal cabin and looked at the number plates left on the blackboard with relief. He could live thanks to his teammates’ continuous nonsense! The strength of the team was the most powerful thing.

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poor No. 35 hahahaha!! Thanks for the translation!

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continuous nonsense, lol

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XDDD they are acting to pit everyone together

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I’m not sure if I understood this right – they need half of their team to survive for them to win? So the whole wolves vs good people is just there to confuse everyone and they should chose one objective they can achieve. I have to say that the team has to be really close and the members should know each other very well for them to be able to understand the clues they’re receiving from their teammates and communicate theirs in turn. It helps that the main two people (XL and YHJ) do understand each other and know their teammates well.

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this is hands down the funniest arc omg XD thank you for translating!!!