CR: Chapter 293

At this time, Yu Hanjiang was also carefully analyzing Xiao Lou’s thinking.

The first day, Xiao Lou didn’t appear as the prophet. Obviously, Xiao Lou had checked Yu Hanjiang’s identity and found that he was a werewolf. It wasn’t good to jump out and let everyone kill Yu Hanjiang. Therefore, Xiao Lou just hid for a day.

The next day, he jumped out as the prophet. First, he debunked the false prophet No. 22’s lie. Then he reported his own investigation, stating that No. 13 was a werewolf. No. 13 was indeed a werewolf but he definitely wasn’t verified by Xiao Lou.

It was because the identity of No. 13 was the ghost knight. The ghost knight possessed the anti-injury skill at night. If the prophet examined him then the prophet would be directly killed. Xiao Lou must’ve checked another teammate last night, either Ye Qi or Qu Wanyue. He couldn’t guide everyone to kill his teammate so based on his own analysis and reasoning, he concluded that No. 13 was a werewolf.

The words of No. 13 were indeed like a werewolf. On the first day, he helped canvass votes for his No. 22 werewolf. The next day, he targeted No. 34 who claimed to be the hunter. Thinking about it carefully, he could definitely be judged as a wolf.

As long as Xiao Lou checked either Ye Qi or Qu Wanyue, he could guess who the three wolves in the team were. Then he could deduce the three celestials. It was because Long Sen and Old Mo already revealed their civilian status. The remaining three celestials were natural. They were Xiao Lou, Shao Qingge and Liu Qiao.

From Yu Hanjiang’s point of view, the team configuration was already very clear. It was just that Xiao Lou only knew Yu Hanjiang was a wolf and Long Sen and Old Mo were civilians. He needed to test another teammate to confirm it.

Today, Yu Hanjiang believed Xiao Lou would have the team’s information.

Then he revealed himself as the prophet to guide public opinion to vote for the No. 22 wolf beauty. After that, he pointed the spear at No. 13 who looked most like a werewolf. Obviously, he was covertly protecting his wolf teammates Yu Hanjiang, Ye Qi and Qu Wanyue. He was throwing out the werewolves of other teams first.

Thinking back to the statements made by Long Sen, Old Mo, Liu Qiao and the others…

Old Mo and Long Sen had said, “Drive all the werewolves out of the village and the good people will win.”

Liu Qiao had said, “ I only know that the good people need to ensure that more than half of us survive to win. As long as everyone unites and casts the werewolves out, it isn’t difficult for half of us to live.”

Yu Hanjiang had received the goal to slaughter the village and kill all the good people.

People of different identities had different tasks.

Old Mo and Long Sen were ordinary villagers and needed to drive out all the werewolves to protect the safety of the village. Long Sen, Xiao Lou and Shao Qingge were in the celestial camp. Celestials didn’t have such strong feelings for the village and didn’t need to expel all the werewolves. They could win as long as they protected the lives of half their teammates. Meanwhile, werewolves had the highest difficulty mission. They needed to kill all the villagers and celestials.

The mission objections of his teammates were contradictory. How to choose?

It was very difficult for the villagers to win. It was because the villagers and celestials didn’t know each other’s identities. They were bound to mistakenly injure their own camp when voting. It was impossible to vote for a werewolf every day for eight days. In addition, the use of the celestials’ skills might not necessarily kill werewolves accurately. They needed to drive out 12 werewolves in eight days. This wasn’t possible unless God wrote a script for everyone.

The celestial camp was the easiest to win. They just needed to protect half their teammates. To ensure this, they just had to make sure the people who left every day were from different teams. For example, the four teams A, B, C and D participated in the game. Kill a member of team A tonight, team B tomorrow night and people from different teams every night. It was easy to do if the wolves discussed it well. There was also the protection of the witch, guard and dreamer and ensuring half the team lived to the end was very simple.

Due to its simplicity, the victory of the celestial camp definitely wasn’t a ‘perfect clearance.’

The task of the werewolves was very difficult but they knew each other’s identities and could cooperate with each other. They could also cooperate with their teammates on the contract book. It could actually be completed and was a perfect clearance.

He had to convey this to Xiao Lou as soon as possible.

Yu Hanjiang thought up to here and was decisive. “Kill No. 27 and 30.”


[You are the witch. No. 27, 30 and 33 have died tonight. Do you want to use the antidote?]

Liu Qiao was stunned when she saw the news.

27 was Long Sen and 30 was Old Mo. How could two teammates die suddenly? Was it a coincidence?

She quickly rejected the idea of it being a coincidence because there must be three werewolves in their team. It was impossible for these three people to remain indifferent when seeing Long Sen and Old Mo being killed at the same time. These three people had to agree that Long Sen and Old Mo were out or—perhaps they deliberately let Long Sen and Old Mo be eliminated to convey a message to the remaining teammates!

The more Liu Qiao thought about it, the more she felt it was the latter.

In a 36 player game, the wolves could randomly kill two people at night. It was the night of the third round and Long Sen and Old Mo were out at the same time. When they spoke yesterday, they both mentioned the task. Obviously, their werewolf teammates were conveying important information using this method so she couldn’t rashly use the antidote.

As for how 33 died, it was likely that the demon hunter shot and killed a werewolf!

She currently had both medicines in her hand but her antidote had to be used to save the most critical Xiao Lou. Professor Xiao was the prophet and couldn’t be killed. Liu Qiao took a deep breath and spoke calmly, “I won’t use the antidote.”


As ordinary villagers, Long Sen and Old Mo woke up from their sleep and found they were actually locked in a small, dark room, They immediately guessed they were killed by the werewolves. It seemed the players who were killed at night were locked in a small, dark room alone, unable to know the situation outside.

The narrow and dark environment could make people feel anxious. They could do nothing but wait for the result of the game in this dark room. This was undoubtedly a type of psychological suffering.

Long Sen walked around the small room, praying to give his teammates a bit of strength at this time. Meanwhile, Old Mo was thinking that after he went back to reality in the future, he should learn how to play Werewolf with his daughters.


It was dawn.

[Last night, No. 27, No. 30 and No. 33 were brutally killed!]

In the square in the middle of the village, the surviving players gathered again. The wolves could kill two people every night and three people died last night. Obviously, a celestial card was used.

The village chief stated, “Sheriff, please lead the villagers to find the lurking werewolves as soon as possible and drive them out of the village.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Today, speak counterclockwise.”

The players who were currently out included 6, 16, 3 and 34 on the first day. 26, 31, 22 and 36 were eliminated on the second day and 27, 30 and 33 were eliminated on the third day.

On the third day of speaking, it went counterclockwise as usual and the first to speak was No. 35.

The man spoke calmly. “Last night, 27 and 30 were killed. Listening to their speeches, they should be ordinary villagers. Meanwhile, 33’s death is a bit strange. I remember that No. 33 is a girl and there is nothing remarkable about her speech the other day. The main thing is that she is suspected of being lazy and not contributing. The witch shouldn’t use an antidote for players with such a low sense of existence, right? Yesterday, the No. 11 prophet clearly pointed out that No. 13 is a wolf. If the witch wanted to poison someone, it is right to take away No. 13 by poisoning. Why did No. 33 die instead? Thinking about it, I feel the biggest possibility is that the demon hunter shot someone. If this is the case, isn’t the demon hunter’s intuition too accurate? After all, the risk of a demon hunter is quite high. If you kill the wrong person, you will die. Everyone later should analyze it.”

Since 36, 34, and 33 were all dead, the next one to speak was No. 32.

No. 32 still had the same style from the first day when he ran for sheriff. His speech was simple and he didn’t put forward his own point of view. “The analysis of the player next to me makes sense. It is better for me to listen to the speech of the No. 11 prophet. I am an ordinary villager and I believe that the No. 11 prophet is real. It is better to follow the prophet’s ideas.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

It seemed that the situation in the past few days made this villager dizzy and he simply gave up on thinking.

No. 29 was excited. “At present, only the identity of the No. 11 prophet is confirmed. I don’t understand why the wolves didn’t kill the prophet last night and instead killed the civilians 27 and 30. Perhaps it is due to the guard or dreamer protecting the prophet? As for the No. 13 werewolf that the prophet pointed out, why didn’t the witch poison him? I don’t understand. The witch should have two medicines in their hands right? What is the situation where none of them have been used? In any case, since 13 is the werewolf, we should first throw out No. 13!”

The moment these words finished, the village chief suddenly announced, “No. 4, our heroic knight has decided to launch a duel against No. 13!”

Everyone, “……”

This No. 4 person had quite a brash personality. He didn’t wait for the end of the speeches and directly dueled No. 13. Since No. 13 was indeed a werewolf, he failed the duel with the knight and was expelled from the village.

Knights could initiate a duel with a player at any time before voting during the day. This was a powerful celestial card. If the target of the duel was a werewolf then the opponent was out. If the duel was with the wrong person, the knight was out.

Based on his own reasoning and the testimony of the prophet Xiao Lou, No. 4 decisively took away the No. 13 werewolf. This further expanded the numerical advantage of the good camp.

The speeches continued.

No. 28 said, “I want to give the knight brother a thumbs up. His duel took away the No. 13 werewolf. I will listen to the speech of the prophet. If a werewolf was found last night, the prophet can point it out and one more wolf can be thrown out. Add the wolf killed by the demon hunter last night and three werewolves will be driven out in one day! The celestial cards are too powerful. We are one step closer to our main goal!”

This person was actually part of the wolves team and he was pretending to be a good person.

The No. 25 Qu Wanyue knew everything but she didn’t reveal it. She stood up and followed the trend. “I am an ordinary villager. I think the good people camp has a huge advantage now. According to the original schedule, one werewolf was killed in each round. Yet today, the demon hunter killed one and the knight dueled another. We have already taken away two werewolves which is considered over-fulfilling our task. I am also waiting to hear the results of the prophet’s inspection.”

The few people after that didn’t put forward any new points and just said that the celestial cards were very strong.

The boy in the 20th spot had always been very rational. “This round might’ve taken out two werewolves using the celestial cards but everyone shouldn’t be blindly optimistic. The knight’s skill is a limited skill and can only be activated once. After he dueled No. 13, his skill is no longer available. There is only one bottle of witch’s poison and it can kill one wolf at most. The demon hunter can kill a wolf at night but they will die if they kill the wrong person. Therefore, there aren’t many skills available for the celestial cards. The number of good people might be superior now but I think it is wise to analyze it carefully in order to not make a mistake when voting.”

No. 19 was calm. “The worry of the player next to me is reasonable. If we want to use the numerical advantage of the good people, everyone must work together at the voting stage. Wolves can vote as a group. Once the wolves have established a numerical advantage, they can directly kidnap the vote. They can’t be taken lightly. In this round, I will also listen to the result of the prophet’s investigation. I hope that the prophet has found a werewolf so that our advantage will be greater.”

It was Liu Qiao’s turn. “Let me analyze the three people who died last night. Based on their speeches, No. 27 and 30 were villagers. There are no obvious loopholes and no reason for the demon hunter and witch to attack them at night. They must’ve been killed by wolves. I think everyone can agree with this.”

Liu Qiao looked at the empty stone bench in the distance. “The key is No. 33. This person has barely spoken for two consecutive rounds. She did nothing and followed the trend. The witch can’t waste a bottle of poison to inexplicably kill her. Meanwhile, the demon hunter can hunt and kill werewolves every night. Why did they dare to kill No. 33? if they killed a good person by mistake then won’t they die?”

The demon hunter might be able to kill a werewolf at night but they will be punished and killed immediately if they killed the wrong person. Therefore, in the absence of certainty, the demon hunter wouldn’t dare to act rashly.

Liu Qiao analyzed it. “I think the demon hunter is actually very smart. Let’s take a look at area 30-36. At present, numbers 30, 31, 34 and 36 are all out. 34 is the hunter and 30 and 31 were killed by wolves. 36 was bewitched and taken away by the wolf beauty. These four people are all good people. In terms of probability, there must be a wolf among the remaining 32, 33 and 35?”

Probability. The world that Liu Qiao mentioned was very important.

Old players of the Werewolf game sometimes judged werewolves based on experience and probability. For numbers 30-36, there were seven people in a row and it was impossible for all seven to be good people. Among these seven, there must be at least one wolf!

Liu Qiao continued, “Excluding the four good people, who among the remaining 32, 33 and 35 are wolves? In my opinion, 35 has always been a good speaker and he will analyze it carefully every time. One out of 32 and 33 must be a wolf. The demon hunter killed 33 quietly last night. I think that the demon hunter and 32 are teammates on the same contract book and they figured out 32’s identity through eye contact. I don’t know if my analysis is correct?”

Liu Qiao said this while looking around. She wanted to find the demon hunter who acted at night. This person posed a great threat to the wolves. Unfortunately, except for a few people who showed surprised expressions because of her analysis, the others were relatively calm. It seemed that the demon hunter’s psychological quality was pretty good. They were punctured by Liu Qiao but were still silent.

Liu Qiao concluded indifferently, “I hope the demon hunter will continue to work harder. If you can hunt and kill a werewolf every night then the good camp has a great chance of winning.”

Then she went back and sat down. Yu Hanjiang heard Liu Qiao’s words and knew that she understood their intentions and was helping to find the demon hunters for the wolves.

The existence of the demon hunter was indeed a great threat to the wolves. Last night, the demon hunter killed the No. 33 werewolf according to probability, analysis and knowledge of teammates. If the demon hunter killed a werewolf every night then the wolves would definitely lose.

Of course, if the demon hunter was strong enough then they could lead the villagers to win based on the condition of ‘expelling all werewolves.’ However, Yu Hanjiang didn’t want to bet on a demon hunter he didn’t know at all. If the other person dropped the ball, wouldn’t everything end up as a tragedy? Yu Hanjiang still hoped to control the situation by himself.

Yu Hanjiang focused on the speeches of the people after Liu Qiao.

No. 17 agreed with her speculation. “The probability theory is useful. The probability of there being seven consecutive good people is really too low. Exclude the four people who were out and find the wolf among the remaining three. I think this idea is okay. The No. 18 sister has made a reasonable analysis. As for whether the demon hunter reasoned it out like this, only the demon hunter knows. In any case, there is a powerful demon hunter in our camp. This is a good thing.”

Next, the people from 16 to 12 followed suit and didn’t say anything new. Once it was Xiao Lou’s turn, all eyes fell on him. Xiao Lou stood up and spoke in a friendly manner. “Thank you for believing in my identity as the prophet. The werewolves didn’t kill me last night. It is probably because they think the guard will protect me and didn’t want to waste this chance to kill? Let me talk about the inspection results last night. I checked No. 20 last night and proved that he is a werewolf.”

Since No. 20 had already spoken, it was really hard to argue against Xiao Lou designating him as a werewolf. His words just now were quite calm and he sounded like a good person. Unexpectedly, the prophet said he was a wolf?

In fact, Xiao Lou didn’t check 20.

He knew that No. 20 was a good person. It was just that he had decided to help Yu Hanjiang and the wolves complete their task. Therefore, he had to guide everyone to vote for the good people during the day or the werewolves would lose.

The good camp had to rely on the demon hunter to win. Xiao Lou wasn’t very confident in the demon hunter. After all, he didn’t know this person. It was too risky to hand over his fate to someone he didn’t know. He was more confident in Group Leader Yu.

Xiao Lou thought up to here and continued talking calmly. “Everyone can recall the sheriff election on the first day. 22 pretended to be the prophet and gave the golden water to No. 20. No. 20 said he wouldn’t blindly stand by No. 22. The next day, I stepped forward as the true prophet and the false prophet’s lies were revealed. She was voted out and used her skill to take No. 36 away.”

He paused slightly and looked calmly at No. 20. “I paid attention to No. 20 at the time because I suspect that No. 22 gave him golden water to help her teammate gain an identity. According to normal logic, the werewolf who pretends to be a prophet will randomly give a good person the golden water to get their vote. It is this type of thinking that can easily be used by the wolves to give the golden water to their teammate. In case they are out of the game, their teammate can continue to wear the clothing of the golden water to confuse people. That’s why I checked No. 20 last night. I didn’t expect it to be as I guessed. 20 is indeed a wolf. 20 and 22 played a good show on the day of the election. No. 20 pretended to be a good person and didn’t stand by No. 22. I have to say that your acting skills are very good.”

Player 20, “????”

A black question mark face?

‘Your acting skills are outstanding. The dirty water was splashed mercilessly while every word was reasonable. If it wasn’t for my identity card clearly stating that I’m a good person, I would’ve believed you!’

There was no way for No. 20 to speak and at this time, he was feeling very bitter.

Xiao Lou concluded it. “In this round, I originally wanted to cast out No. 13 and No. 14 who followed him the entire time. However, the knight dueled and eliminated No. 13. I just doubt No. 14’s identity and I’m not certain, so I suggest you vote for 20 first. After all, 20 is the werewolf I have checked. In addition, the werewolves will definitely try to kill me tonight. I’m asking the witch to save me while the guard can protect other focus cards tonight. If I live one more day then I can provide more information to the good people. Thank you.”

Xiao Lou’s speech was really convincing.

After all, it was determined that 22 was a werewolf. She gave a golden water to 20 and 20 said he wouldn’t stand beside him. The two of them did seem like they were acting out a show. In addition, the prophet said that 20 was a wolf. Therefore, everyone decided to vote 20 out.

It was finally Yu Hanjiang’s turn. He glanced across the square and spoke indifferently. “Since No. 22 acted so hard in order to help her No. 20 werewolf teammate, we will vote for 20 in this round and let him accompany his good teammate.”

No. 20, “……”

There were 23 people left. No. 20 got 15 votes and was voted out.

Before leaving, No. 20 gave his last words. “I’m really speechless! No. 11, I really admire your acting skills. You must be in the entertainment industry in reality, right? You speak in an amazing manner and your words are very organized. I almost believed your nonsense but my identity card is indeed a villager. Please note that this prophet might also be fake! Don’t be misled by him! I’m a f*king good person!”

He ended up using swear words at the end. He was obviously very angry. Facing his angry eyes, Xiao Lou just smiled slightly and remained calm. Sorry, in order to win, he could only cooperate with the show.

It became dark.

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 4: Night]

Night fell once again.

[The werewolves’ voice channel has been established.]

Who was going to be killed tonight? The wolves looked at Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang ordered, “Kill No. 2 and 4. We can’t always aim at the people in the back row. The demon hunter calculates things according to the position. Combined with everyone’s speech and it is quite easy to find a werewolf.”

No. 4 was a knight and No. 2 had nothing to say. He should be a villager or a celestial hiding deeply.

Yu Hanjiang continued. “If we kill these two then the witch definitely won’t save them. The witch’s antidote must be left to the prophet. If we want to slaughter the village, we must establish a population advantage as soon as possible. Seed wolf, infect No. 2 and pull him into the wolf team.”

[Do you choose to infect the killed No. 2 or No. 4 during the werewolves’ action round?]

[Select No. 2.]

[It is the witch’s action round. No. 2 and No. 4 were killed last night. Do you want to use the antidote?]


[Prophet, please check a person’s identity.]

This time, Xiao Lou chose to check the middle position No. 15. The result was: a werewolf.

Xiao Lou, “……”

He really checked it again today.

It was dawn.

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 4: Day]

[Last night was Christmas Eve. No one was killed!]

This notice stunned everyone, especially those in the good people camp. How could no one be killed?

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