CR: Chapter 292

[You are the dreamer. Please choose where to activate the skill.]

Shao Qingge thought carefully and chose No. 17 to enter the sleepwalking state. In his opinion, No. 34 was likely to be the hunter and No. 17 had been helping 34. He was probably a teammate of 34 and had a certain understanding of 34. He knew that 34 was a good person. Then tonight, the wolves might aim the knife at No. 17. He would use the dream to protect 17.

[Spirit wolf, please act. You have learned the skill of the flower butterfly. Please choose whether to activate it or not.]

Qu Wanyue chose ‘no.’ The flower butterfly’s skill could be activated twice at most and it wasn’t the right time yet.

[Fire wolf, please act. Your wolf teammate has died. Do you want to use rage to make one of them completely lose their skills?]

This was a limited skill that could only be used once per game. The fire wolf chose ‘no.’

[The wolves’ communication channel has been established.]

Due to the exit of No. 3, there were only 10 players left in the wolves team tonight. Her death also made it impossible for the big wild wolf to use his killing skill. Yu Hanjiang calmly said, “Big wild wolf, tell me who you chased and killed last night. What happened?”

No. 3 made up that she was the witch and saved No. 2. Other people might believe it but he definitely didn’t believe it. Since the big wild wolf’s extra action was after the other werewolves closed their eyes, none of them knew who he had killed.

No. 14, the big wild wolf whispered, “I saw that you killed 6 and 16 so I chased and killed 26 last night. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed. 26 didn’t die.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and analyzed it. “As long as the witch’s thinking is normal, it is impossible to use the precious antidote on the first night for an unknown stranger. There are three possibilities for why No. 26 didn’t die. First, he is a guard and he protected himself on the first night. Second, he is an elder. The elder is automatically immune the first time they are killed by a werewolf and will die the second time. Third, the dreamer just happened to make No. 26 sleepwalk. The probability of this coincidence is very low. I prefer 26 to be the guard or elder.”

The big wild wolf also agreed with Yu Hanjiang’s point of view. “I feel that 26 should be the elder and automatically immune to my attack. Of course, the guard protecting themselves on the first night is also regular gameplay. I can’t rule out that he is the guard. My killing skill might’ve been invalidated but we blindly met a key card like a guard or elder. It isn’t a loss.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Yes. It doesn’t matter if he is a guard or an elder. He must die tonight.”

Who was the other one to be killed?

Qu Wanyue suggested, “Kill No. 31. I just learned the skill of 31. She is the flower butterfly. If we kill the real one, I can pretend to be the flower butterfly if necessary.”

Yu Hanjiang spoke simply. “Okay, kill 31 and 26. Let’s see if the witch will save them.”

He paused and glanced over at his wolf teammates. “Let’s talk about tomorrow’s plan. If the true prophet appeared then No. 22’s identity won’t be preserved. Vote 22 out. 22 is the wolf beauty and can charm away a person. Changing one for one isn’t a loss. If the prophet doesn’t appear then 22 will continue to wear the clothes of the prophet. Pick a person and say they are the werewolf. Guide everyone to vote for them. If we can eliminate one more then we will have more of an advantage.”


It was dawn.

[Last night, No. 31 and No. 26 were brutally killed!]

The survivors came to the square in the middle of the village. At present, 3, 6, 16, 26, 31 and 34 were all out.

Only No. 3 was a werewolf. The others were all good people. On the first day, the hunter deliberately attracted firepower in order to do a hidden task. As he was thrown out, he took a wolf away with him. At present, it seemed the wolves had the advantage by killing five good people. However, the hunter’s approach had invalidated the wolves’ powerful ‘big wild wolf’ card.

As long as any wolf teammate died, the big wild wolf wouldn’t be able to use his killing skill. This was very detrimental to the wolves.

Yu Hanjiang looked around and spoke casually, “Speak in a counterclockwise order.” Xiao Lou was No. 11 and would speak later if it was the counterclockwise order. He could listen to Xiao Lou’s statement first and then make a decision when it came time for voting. The two of them hadn’t exchanged any words so far and he needed to reach a unified strategy as soon as possible.

No. 36 was a middle-aged old man. It was his turn to speak and his voice was full of confusion. “I am still at a loss. I don’t even know the identity cards for this Werewolf killing game. I will go along with the team. I am just an ordinary villager.”

This uncle shouldn’t be very good at playing. His words had no analysis at all.

The young man in the 35th spot did a lot of analysis. “No. 34 next to me jumped out as the prophet during the first round of the election and then he said he was a hunter as his last words? I’m really full of question marks. He said that he has a hidden mission. Do you believe it? Don’t forget, the hunter might be able to shoot when voted out but there is another card that can shoot people out of the game—the wolf king! Don’t forget the wolf king! I don’t believe that the wolf king didn’t go to be sheriff on the first day. Perhaps No. 34 was the wolf king. He didn’t succeed in pretending to be the prophet and once out of the game, he shot No. 3…”

Yu Hanjiang looked calm as he listened to the analysis. There were no waves in his heart.

In the game where the hunter and wolf king existed at the same time, the hunter and wolf king’s death activated skills were the same. They were both prompted to shoot so it was difficult for others to 100% determine the identities of these two people. It was a pity that he suspected the wrong person. The wolf king did go to the election and became the sheriff.

After No. 35 excitedly analyzed it for a while, No. 33 simply said, “I don’t understand the analysis of No. 35. Let me listen to the prophet’s speech and see if the prophet has verified anyone last night.”

The arguments of No. 32 and No. 33 were largely the same. They said they wanted to hear from the prophet. Xiao Lou glanced at the two people. It wasn’t possible to infer their identities for the time being.

Once it was the turn of No. 30, Xiao Lou heard a familiar voice. It was Old Mo. He coughed and spoke sincerely. “I am getting older and this is indeed the first time I have come in contact with this game. I have never heard of witches or hunters before. As an ordinary villager, I only know that our mission goal is to expel all the werewolves from the village. I think the good camp has a numerical advantage and we should unite as soon as possible to find the werewolves and cast them out. My vote will go with the majority.”

After he finished speaking, he returned to the stone bench and sat down. His eyes were straightforward and honest. This passage from Old Mo might sound unsatisfactory but from Xiao Lou’s point of view, Old Mo had revealed very crucial information.

First, Old Mo was a villager. This was something he shouldn’t be lying about. Second, Old Mo’s task goal was to evict all werewolves from the village. When he said these two points, he was actually hinting to his teammates.

Mo Xuemin finished his speech and No. 29 and 28 followed him. “I am a good person. I want to cast the werewolves out”. Their speeches were in this vein and were very simple. They followed the trend and didn’t mention anything else. From his point of view, Xiao Lou couldn’t hear anything wrong.

No. 27 was Long Sen. He stood up and scratched the back of his head. “I have never played Werewolf. Now No. 6, 16, 26 and 31 have been killed, 34 was voted out and 3 was taken away. This leaves 30 players remaining. As long as we drive all the wolves out of the village, everyone can win. I remember that No. 3 said she was a witch and saved No. 2. I personally think the witch wouldn’t use the antidote on the first night. There is only one bottle of antidote and it must be reserved for a key person, right? Therefore, the credibility of No. 3 being the witch is very low.”

Xiao Lou heard this and his heart was clear. Long Sen and Old Mo had the same goal which was to drive all the wolves out of the village. These two people should be villagers. He looked at Qu Wanyue. Long Sen was No. 27 and Qu Wanyue was No. 25. Since No. 26 was killed, Qu Wanyue spoke after Long Sen.

Qu Wanyue stroked her long hair slightly before standing up with a smile. “This big brother’s words just now make sense. I am just an ordinary villager with voting rights and I can’t activate any skills at night. I can only follow everyone’s thinking. It is recommended that those who drew a celestial card carefully consider how to use their skills so the good camp can establish a numerical advantage as soon as possible. When voting during the day, we should try to vote for players who speak like werewolves. In this way, the more time that passes, the greater our advantage. This time, I also want to hear the speech of the No. 22 prophet.”

Xiao Lou heard this and immediately judged that Teacher Qu was lying.

She first agreed with Long Sen and said ‘This big brother’s words just now makes sense.’ However, everyone in the team knew that she and Long Sen were a married couple. She never called Long Sen ‘big brother’ because they were the same age.

The other teams couldn’t hear it and thought she was just being polite but her teammates would definitely hear that something was wrong if they were careful. She could call Long Sen ‘this gentleman’. There was no need to call him ‘big brother’. The first that she called him ‘big brother’ meant: don’t believe a word of the nonsense I will speak next.

Qu Wanyue must have a special identity. She was either a wolf or a celestial. She absolutely wasn’t an ordinary villager. Judging from how she voted for a random stranger instead of Yu Hanjiang during the sheriff election, it could be inferred that she was likely to be a wolf. She didn’t vote for Yu Hanjiang to deliberately avoid suspicion.

Xiao Lou glanced at Qu Wanyue. She happened to meet his gaze and smiled slightly at him.

The speeches of No. 24 and 23 after Qu Wanyue were meaningless. They just repeated the same things as before. Once it was the turn of No. 22, everyone pricked up their ears.

No. 22 had long straight hair and a cold voice. When running for sheriff on the first day, she directly jumped out as the prophet so people had a strong impression of her.

She stood up and spoke calmly. “I am the prophet. Yesterday when running for prophet, No. 34 also claimed to be the prophet and everyone doubted our identities. I can understand if you didn’t vote for me. However, don’t make the same mistake again! Last night, I checked No. 23 next to me. This is a werewolf! Wasn’t it too obvious just now? What is ‘I’ll vote for whoever you vote for’? Do you have any calculations in your heart? First, cast out No. 23 today. I am absolutely right. No 23 is definitely a werewolf!”

Everyone at the scene became suspicious at her words. No. 23 had already spoken. The content was very brief and there was indeed a suspicion of making no contribution. The prophet happened to check this person last night. Was it credible?

For the next few speakers, No. 21 was skeptical and expressed the desire to listen to others. No. 20 expressed support. He thought that No. 22 was the prophet and her words were reliable. No. 19 also said he would listen and watch before voting.

It was Liu Qiao’s turn as No. 18. She stood up calmly and said, “I’ll sort out the logic. Yesterday during the day, both 34 and 22 claimed to be prophets. From our perspective as onlookers, both their speeches were good and we couldn’t tell who was real or fake. Everyone voted for the neutral No. 1 so that he got the sheriff badge. Later when No. 34 was cast out, he suddenly said he was a hunter. I was fascinated by his actions and perhaps he really has a hidden task.”

“No. 34 left and used a skill to take away No. 3. There are two possibilities.”

“The first possibility is that No. 34 does have a hidden task and he needed to take away a werewolf on the first day. The probability of blindly shooting a werewolf on the first day is too low so he decided to run for sheriff. He pulled the firepower to himself and let everyone throw him out. He analyzed the loopholes in people’s speeches and found the one most likely to be a werewolf. As he was thrown away, he shot the opponent so he could complete the hidden mission. This makes sense logically.”

“The second possibility is what No. 35 mentioned. No. 34 is actually the wolf king. He failed to pretend to be the prophet so he disguised himself as a hunter and pulled someone else with him. Both the wolf king and hunter have the ability to shoot before they die and we can’t tell if he is a hunter or wolf king. However, we can trace the events backwards.”

“Let’s look at No. 3; No. 34 shot No. 3 and took her away. No. 3 previously jumped out as the witch. How reliable is it? I think anyone who has played this game knows that the witch shouldn’t use the antidote on the first night to blindly rescue people. The witch’s precious antidote is generally reserved for people with an important status. This is the case for the 12 player game, let alone a 36 player game? The witch didn’t save the antidote for the prophet but saved an unknown person on the first night? I don’t believe it. No. 3’s witch identity is too fake, not to mention that there are too many loopholes in her speech. Since No. 34 took No. 3 away, I think No. 34 is a hunter and No. 3 is a wolf. This inference is the most reasonable.”

“No. 2 was issued with the silver water. Was it No. 3 making an identity for her wolf teammate or No. 3 randomly picking one? In this round, I have to listen to No. 2’s words. I don’t know the mission of the wolves. I only know that the good people need to ensure that more than half of us survive to win. As long as everyone unites and casts the werewolves out, it isn’t difficult for half of us to live.”

Liu Qiao finished her speech and calmly returned to her seat. Xiao Lou couldn’t help feeling admiration when he heard her speech. Xiao Liu seemed to be a master at the Werewolf game. Her analysis showed a very clear logic.

No. 17 was after Liu Qiao. “The No. 18 sister makes a lot of sense. Do you still need to doubt that No. 34 is the hunter? The No. 3 he took away with his death is definitely a werewolf! There are too many loopholes and the logic of claiming to be the witch doesn’t make sense. She is definitely a werewolf. No. 34 took away No. 3 with his death. If 34 is the wolf king, how could he take away his wolf teammate?”

Xiao Lou, “……”

Did No. 17 have true love for No. 34? He helped speak for No. 34 two rounds in a row…

It was No. 15’s turn to speak and the girl with the baby voice directly said, “I don’t understand. I will vote with everyone.” Then it was over.

The No. 14 man smiled. “Have you noticed that 17 has been helping 34? it is true love! If it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t die when 34 died, I would suspect that 17 and 34 were lovers appointed by Cupid! In this round, let’s vote for 17. I think his identity is a problem. 34 is the wolf king and 17 and 18 are his wolf teammates. The two of them have been whitewashing the wolf king. It is really obvious. The regular method for the witch is to not prescribe the antidote on the first night but No. 3 said her winning rate is less than 40%. What if a rookie got the witch card on the first night? Can you completely deny this possibility?”

No. 13 also agreed, stating that 17 and 18 were working together to whitewash 34. They were much like werewolf teammates.

No. 12 spoke innocently. “The werewolves know each other and will definitely cooperate to cover each other. 17 and 18 could be whitewashing 34 but the two of you could also be pouring dirty water on 34. 17 and 18 think that 34 is a hunter while 13 and 14 think that 34 is the wolf king… both make sense. In fact, it is very simple. Is 34 a good person or a bad person? The grave keeper just needs to look at the tombstone to see his identity. If 34 is a good person then it proves the analysis of 17 and 18 are correct and 13 and 14 are wolves. On the contrary, if 34 is a wolf then 17 and 18 are whitewashing their wolf teammates. Shouldn’t the grave keeper jump out? As long as the grave keeper can prove the identity of 34, we can find at least two werewolves, right?”

The identity of No. 12 should be a good person. Xiao Lou judged that he was a villager who was good at playing. His analytical ability was quite strong. He finished speaking and it was the turn of No. 11, Xiao Lou.

Xiao Lou stood up and his teammates looked at him. Yu Hanjiang was also staring at him. Xiao Lou took a deep breath, sorted out his thoughts and smiled. “Hello everyone, I am the prophet.”

Everyone, “……”

Why did another prophet appear!

Xiao Lou spoke calmly. “The usual game of Werewolf consists of 12 people. Four are wolves, four are villagers and four are celestials. However, today we are playing a game with 36 people. There are more identities, increasing the difficulty and the situation will be different. It will be more chaotic.”

“In eight days, it is possible to expel the 12 werewolves. You can calculate it yourself. If we vote for one werewolf every day, we can only vote eight werewolves out in eight days. A witch poisons one, a hunter takes one with him when he dies, the demon hunter kills several at night, a knight duels one to the death and the dreamer can possibly kill four. In other words, it is possible for 12 werewolves to be expelled from the village in theory. It is just that the actual operation is very difficult. It is because the werewolves know who their teammates are. They can vote as a group and guide public opinion. The good people have never seen each other and can’t trust each other absolutely. It is easy to be tricked in the voting stage. It is only when the villagers and celestials unite that we can expel all werewolves.”

“Why didn’t I jump out as the prophet on the first day?”

“It is because the game has eight days and it is easy for me to die at night if I jump out on the first day. If both the witch and guard are alive, there might be the situation of them both defending and saving me, wasting a skill. In addition, I checked a good person on the first day. It didn’t make sense for me to appear. Thus, I decided to hide for a day and reveal myself the next day after finding a werewolf. That way, I can take a werewolf with me even if I die, so that the good people can gain an advantage.”

Xiao Lou looked at the No. 22 curly-haired woman. “No. 22, when you were running for sheriff yesterday, you said you checked No. 20 who was a good person. No. 20 happened to be a player who participated in the election and spoke after you. In this way, he was likely to help you when speaking. Today, you picked up No. 23 and said she was a werewolf. She has already spoken and there is no way to refute you. Every time you check a person, you can find the most favorable position for you. Isn’t this too coincidental?”

Facing Xiao Lou’s gentle gaze, the smile on the woman’s face became slightly stiff but she still tried her best to keep calm.

Xiao Lou continued. “In addition, you made an obvious mistake. When you spoke yesterday, you said you would check either 29 or 31 in the evening. Then today, you said that 23 is a werewolf. Since you aren’t the prophet, you were busy discussing who to kill with your teammates last night and forgot the people you said you wanted to check. This is a contradiction. The true prophet would have a very clear idea in their heart about who to check. They wouldn’t change targets indiscriminately like you.”

No. 22, “……”

The people at the scene heard Xiao Lou’s analysis and collectively glanced at No. 22. This was a loophole! There were so many people who spoke yesterday yet he could clearly remember what everyone said. Xiao Lou’s memory impressed everyone at the scene.

Xiao Lou continued, “I will report the record of who I checked. The first day, I checked No. 30. I checked 30 because an integer is easier to remember. As a result, 30 is a good person and received my golden water. This is why I didn’t reveal myself on the first day. It is meaningless to find a good person and it is easy to be killed by a werewolf. Last night, I checked No. 13 and he is a werewolf.”

In fact, Xiao Lou checked Yu Hanjiang the first night and he was a werewolf. The second night was No. 7 Ye Qi who was also a werewolf. No. 13 and No. 30 weren’t checked. He gave golden water to No. 30 because 30 was Old Mo and he knew that Old Mo was a villager. The killing vote was sent to No. 13 because he judged that 13 was definitely a wolf.

Looking back at the speeches made during the election yesterday, No. 22 and 34 jumped out as the prophet. 17 repeatedly helped 34 speak. Xiao Lou speculated that these two were real teammates and had a tacit understanding. However, the reason 13 supported 22 wasn’t very good. Since 22 was a werewolf pretending to be a prophet, 13 had a high probability of being a wolf teammate who helped her get votes.

What’s more, today 13 stood up again to pour dirty water on 34, leading public opinion to say that 34 was the wolf king who took away the No. 3 witch… for two consecutive days, his actions didn’t seem like a good person. 14 was also suspected of being a werewolf but 13 was more suspicious. Xiao Lou saying that No. 13 was a wolf wasn’t nonsense.

Seeing everyone’s eyes on him, Xiao Lou spoke calmly. “To sum it up, No. 22 is a werewolf pretending to be a prophet. I have already mentioned the inconsistencies in her speech. No. 13 is the werewolf I have found. No. 14 is also very suspicious but he can be left to later. I suggest you vote for 22 today and cast out 13 or 14 tomorrow. I have a high probability of being killed tonight. I want to trouble the guard to protect me. The witch’s antidote can be kept first. Of course, if you don’t believe me then you can watch me be killed. Even if the prophet is dead, there are cards such as demon hunter and knight. The good people have an advantage. The key is calmness and unity.”

Then Xiao Lou smiled. “I’m done.”

Many of the people present threw admiring glances at Xiao Lou. This man was handsome, out-spoken, calm-looking and polite when he spoke.

He said a lot and the amount of information was large. A slower mind might not remember his long analysis. It was just that Xiao Lou felt trustworthy and his attitude was very sincere. Those who didn’t know how to play would believe him. They would listen to his logic and think it made sense.

No. 22 and No. 11, two people claimed to be prophets but No. 11 was more believable.

The public opinion that followed was almost one-sided. In addition, Shao Qingge and Ye Qi expressed their belief in the No 11 prophet who appeared the next day Yu Hanjiang naturally gave his vote. “There isn’t much to say. Since the real prophet has appeared, we should vote for No. 22 who is inconsistent and pretended to be the prophet.”

In this vote, apart from 22 who abstained, 80% of the remaining people voted for 22. No. 22 was out. To everyone’s surprise, the moment No. 22 left the village, the No. 36 old man straightened from his seat. He followed No. 22 like he had been bewitched. The old man followed the long-haired beauty out of the village like a puppet. This scene caused a chill to go down everyone’s spine.

It became dark.

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 3: Night]

[You are a prophet. Please choose the identity of the first player to check.]

Xiao Lou went to the blackboard and touched his chin while thinking.

In the first round, No. 6 and 16 were killed at night. During the day, Yu Hanjiang ran for sheriff. No. 34 pretended to be the prophet and then claimed to be the hunter, taking No. 3 with him. Many good people were still struggling with the identity of No. 34 but Xiao Lou was certain he must be a hunter because Yu Hanjiang guided everyone to vote No. 34 out. No. 34 must not be Yu Hanjiang’s wolf teammate.

In the second round, No. 26 and 31 were killed at night. No. 22 was thrown out during the day and took away the innocent No. 36. Just now, the old man followed her in a daze. It was obviously the bewitchment skill. No. 22 must be the wolf beauty.

Xiao Lou looked at the remaining 28 cards on the blackboard and his back suddenly became cold.

On the first day, three good people and one werewolf died. On the second day, three good people and one werewolf died. The game time was eight days. If this rhythm continued, the wolves could kill 3 x 8 for a total of 24 good people in eight days!

The werewolf team had 12 people. They could use the method of ‘self-sacrifice to lead people’ and drag the good people into the water. As long as there was a wolf alive in the end, the wolves could win. There was no doubt that the commander of the team was Yu Hanjiang who had become the sheriff. He was leading the rhythm and in this way, he revealed important information to Xiao Lou.

The task of the wolves was to slaughter the village.

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