CR: Chapter 291

TL: It seems some people are confused about the game. It’s a very popular game in China which is probably why the author didn’t explain all the rules. You can think of it as similar to Mafia (if you’ve played that game) although there are many extra identity cards and skills.

Basically, every day the werewolves can kill people at night. Then during the day, every person will get a chance to speak once. If their turn is over and someone accuses them later, they won’t be able to speak to defend themselves so they have to speak well the first time. Once everyone has a chance to speak, they will vote on the person they find most suspicious and that person will be eliminated. Only the first day is different, since a sheriff is elected. The sheriff gets an extra vote and kinda controls the rhythm of the game. The process of the election is that only those who sign up for sheriff can speak and it is just once.

As for the conditions to clear the game, they just have to meet one of the three conditions and the whole team will clear the instance. However, since they couldn’t communicate with each other, they can’t decide on a unified goal and might work against each other. This might end up with none of the conditions being met and the team failing.

A total of nine people participated in the election for sheriff. They were No. 1, 3, 13, 17, 20, 22, 29, 31 and 34.

There were 27 people who didn’t participate in the election and could vote.

The village chief said, “No. 34 will start speaking and then rotate counterclockwise.”

No. 34 was a very cheerful looking young man. He stood up and cleared his throat before saying, “I am the prophet. I checked No. 6 last night. Why? It is very simple. The number 6 looks auspicious and I found he was a good person. No. 6, I can only talk to you now. You are my golden water. You are a good person so you should keep this golden water medal.”

“There should be some adorable new people who don’t know how to play so I will explain some professional terms. Golden water is a good person checked by the prophet and can be understood as the good person card. Silver water is the person saved by the witch with the antidote. The proof of golden water is greater than silver water because the person rescued by the witch at night might be a werewolf killing a teammate or committing suicide to waste the antidote. Meanwhile, the good person tested by the prophet won’t be false.”

“Since I am the first to speak, I can’t talk about whether someone else’s speech is good or not. I can only talk about my own logic. Tonight, I will test either 18 or 19. It is because there is a high probability of the middle position being a wolf. I revealed myself as the prophet because there is a high probability the wolf will kill me tonight. Guard brother, please protect me tonight and let me report the result of the inspection tomorrow.”

The real prophet Xiao Lou was sitting in the audience and watching this young man brag so much. He couldn’t help feeling amused. No. 34 was quite playful. He was either a werewolf deliberately pretending to be the prophet to confuse people or a villager or celestial making trouble. His acting skills were pretty good.

After that was No, 31, a sexy beauty with blonde curly hair who spoke calmly. “I listened to No. 34’s words just now. You give No. 6 the golden water but this proof isn’t very strong. No. 6 can’t speak to certify it. I still doubt the identity of the prophet and want to see if any other prophets appear. I am a civilian and it is my habit to run for sheriff when playing the Werewolf game. It is because I don’t like standing in the audience and voting. It is very hard if I vote incorrectly.”

No. 29 said, “No. 34 issued a good person card to become sheriff. It is indeed impossible to tell if it is true or false but his speech is smooth and he doesn’t seem to have a guilty conscience. I will stand aside and watch the follow-up speech. As for the No. 31 beauty, I see you also have a preference for identity.  Every time I play Werewolf, I have the same mentality as you. I don’t like voting when I get the villager’s card. Voting can always end up on the wrong side which is too difficult. I want to be a sheriff’s candidate to speak. I will die if I can’t speak for a day.”

The No. 22 girl with the high ponytail spoke loudly, “No. 34, why are you pretending? I am the prophet! No. 34, you must be the werewolf! I checked No. 20 last night and I am sure that No. 20 is a good person. No. 20 can look at your ID and pick up my golden water. I checked No. 20 because I don’t like to check neighbors. I usually skip my neighbor and checking someone in the 20s is easier to remember. I guarantee with my personality that I am the true prophet. Everyone, vote for me as sheriff. Tonight, I’ll check candidates 29 or 31 who participated in the sheriff’s election. I feel that the two of them are werewolves who likely went to be a sheriff candidate to canvass for votes. I’ll check in the evening.”

Yu Hanjiang was slightly pleased in his heart. Thankfully, No. 22 was indeed a master. The werewolf who jumped out as the prophet spoke in a confident and upright manner. She was also guaranteed with her personality. Her acting skills were indeed superb. The first step was to become angry with No. 34, the next step was to send a good person to the stranger at No. 30 and pull them to stand with her. The third step was to say she would check 29 and 31. Both of them spoke well and participated in the election, which meant they might be werewolves. She verified there was nothing wrong with the logic of the two people.

The players listening were a bit confused. Both 34 and 22 claimed to be the prophet. Who was real and who was false. Xiao Lou heard this and was very clear. Both were false. Still, the No. 22 girl was quite clever. She sent the golden water to No. 20 who happened to be running for the election.

Sure enough, No. 20 immediately followed up. The man smiled and said, “I will accept 22’s golden water. I am indeed an ordinary villager who joined in the election. The 22nd beauty, you said you checked me last night. Maybe you really are the prophet who happened to find me or maybe you are a wolf. Seeing that I can talk, you deliberately sent me the golden water to pull me to your side. I’m not so naive. In my opinion, the two who jumped out as prophet aren’t particularly credible. I’ll see what the following people say first.”

No. 20 was quite sensible. The most taboo thing about Werewolf was to get a golden water card and then brainlessly stand in support of this person. In fact, a werewolf had a clear perspective. Apart from their werewolf teammates, all others were good people. The werewolf couldn’t make a mistake when sending the golden water.

Sometimes, werewolves would deliberately give stupid villagers the golden water to let them follow the trend and vote. The reasoning of No. 20 won the favor of many people. From Xiao Lou’s perspective, No. 20 should be a good person.

The next No. 17 smiled. “At present, No. 22 and No. 34 have claimed to be the prophet and each has their own reasons. I personally prefer No. 34 to be true. Just now, he spoke with a smile on his face and was very confident. He didn’t seem guilty at all. There is no loophole in his logic. Meanwhile, the 22nd beauty was a bit excited and almost every sentence ended with exclamation marks. I stand with 22. This is just people. The people who are voting for the sheriff can think carefully about the attitude of the two people when speaking. No. 34 is calmer.”

The feminine-looking No. 13 refuted it. “Friend 17, your speech is too subjective. What expression? He was confident and smiling? He spoke calmly? Don’t you know that in addition to many logical reasoning Werewolf experts, there are also experts in Werewolf who have exquisite acting skills? You can judge by expression and speech alone but I don’t agree. In addition, you said that 34 is very confident while 22 is a bit excited? If 22 is the prophet, can she not be excited if someone else is pretending to be the prophet? Excitement is normal? Based on the logic of their speech, I believe in 22.”

The players present had a headache. No. 17 supported 34 while No. 13 supported 22. Why don’t they team up for a fight?”

The next to speak was the sweet-looking No. 3. She said weakly, “Hello everyone, I don’t know how to play Werewolf that well. I went back to the wooden house last night and saw the 36 cards on the card wall. I only got three minutes to see the skill and I was dizzy reading them. Please forgive me if I don’t speak well. I’m an ordinary villager and just wanted to join in the fun. I will stand with the No. 34 brother. I think he speaks better. I will return the water later.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

The girl’s voice trembled slightly and she seemed a bit nervous. She emphasized that she couldn’t play and was pretending to be weak to gain sympathy. Then she stood by No. 34. Yet she knew the professional term ‘return the water’?

Returning the water referred to the practice in which someone raised their hand to participate in the sheriff’s election only to abandon the campaign. The No. 3 girl could definitely play. She probably had the habit of saying ‘return the water’ and was too nervous so she didn’t pay attention to the details of her words.

Finally, the No. 1 Yu Hanjiang spoke.

Yu Hanjiang stood up. His eyes swept over the audience as he spoke calmly. “I am an ordinary villager. I stood up to run for sheriff just to speak my opinion on the first day. The key to this game is to learn from the language of other people. Final the logical loopholes to analyze if the speaker is a good person or a werewolf. If you are dizzy and can’t judge the identity of the other person then you can also abstain during the voting phase.”

“Let me analyze the few people who spoke just now.”

“First is No. 34. In my opinion, 34’s speech is clearly organized. He sent the golden water to No. 6. No. 6 isn’t participating in the election and can’t speak or prove his identity. The credibility of 34 as the prophet is compromised. However, the prophet verifies people in advance after all. He doesn’t know if the person he checked will participate in the election the next day. By chance, he checked on No. 6. It is understandable and he isn’t just sending the golden water to pull people to his side. Therefore, the logic of 34 has no problem.”

“The logic of 22 is also complete. She sent the golden water to 20 and 20 says he is a good person, but didn’t stand with her. This is the more sensible approach among the good people. Judging from the speeches, 20 and 22 don’t seem to be teammates who have met each other before. From the perspective of 22, 34 is a wolf who jumped out to be the prophet. There must be two werewolves who came to the election to help him speak. It is also normal to test two sheriff candidates, 29 and 31 tonight.”

“The speeches of both prophets are fine, regardless of whether it is true or false. The logic is clear and I won’t stand on a team for the time being.”

“Then let’s talk about No. 3. You can see that No. 3 is very nervous and didn’t pay attention to the details of her speech. You said you can’t play but in the end, you used the professional Werewolf term ‘returning water’? I hope you can speak better next time. At the very least, No. 3 doesn’t have an ordinary villager card. She either has a celestial card or a werewolf card.”

“Taken together, it is hard to distinguish between the two prophets. I am an unskilled villager. If everyone can’t determine who is the real prophet then you can vote for me and let me lead the team. I have some experience playing Werewolf and I will try my best to help the good people win. There are 24 good people and we have the advantage in number. As long as there is no infighting, our chances are still very good. That is all I will say.”

The village chief smiled and touched his beard. “The people participating in the election have expressed their opinions. Next is the voting session. If you want to give up on the election then please put your hand down.”

No. 3, 13, 17, 20, 29 and 31 all put their hands down. Only 1, 22 and 34 still insisted on running.

It was too difficult to distinguish between 22 and 34 who both claimed to be prophets and Yu Hanjiang’s final summary was clear. Yu Hanjiang had a natural face of righteousness and he was calm and sonorous when speaking. It was easy to get the favor of passersby. Many of them voted for Yu Hanjiang and in the end, Yu Hanjiang got 15 votes. This far surpassed the votes for No. 22 and 34.

The village chief told him, “Congratulations on being elected as the sheriff. Please take your badge.”

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 1: Exile Voting Stage]

[Unfortunately, last night No. 6 and 16 were cruelly killed by the werewolves!]

[No. 6 and 16 are out. Please give your last words.]

Those killed on the first day were allowed to say last words. From the second day on, there would be no last words when they were killed at night, only when they were killed during the day.

No. 6 smiled bitterly. “It seems the wolves don’t like the number 6? They killed 6 and 16 in a row. I have nothing to say.”

No. 16 was next. “I don’t know what to say. I was killed on the first day. I am an ordinary villager and perhaps I’m just more unlucky. I’m cheering for my teammates.”

The two of them turned and left the village. Everyone looked at their backs with mixed feelings. As the sheriff, Yu Hanjiang decided to let people speak clockwise.

The first to speak was No. 17. Xiao Lou remembered him. He helped 34 during the election just now, saying that 34 was smiling and didn’t seem to have a guilty conscience. This time, he helped 34 again. The man carefully analyzed it. “The situation should be clear now, right? Out of 34 and and 22, 34 issued the golden water to No. 6. Facts have proved that the golden water issued by 34 isn’t wrong. The number of wolves is inherently smaller and it is impossible to commit suicide on the first day to try and deceive the antidote. It is because there is the identity card of ‘big wild wolf’ among the werewolves. Once a wolf dies, the big wild wolf’s killing skill will be invalidated. Therefore, No. 34 is the true prophet and No. 22 is the werewolf!”

No. 18 was Liu Qiao and she spoke calmly. “It is really impossible for the wolves to kill a teammate on the first day since they can’t guarantee the witch will save someone. If a teammate really dies then the big wild wolf’s killing skill is invalidated. This is undoubtedly a huge loss for the wolves. There is no need to take such a big risk. Therefore, the identity of No. 6 as a good person can be determined. However, can this be used to deduce that No. 34 is the prophet? Not necessarily. No. 34 claimed to be the prophet and happened to pick No. 6. The wolves also killed No. 6. I personally don’t believe in so many coincidences. It is also possible that he is a werewolf who deliberately pretended to be the prophet and reported a good person who was killed.”

Next, the topic of 22 and 34 was hotly debated. Some people believed No. 34 was the prophet. It was too much of a coincidence if he happened to pick No. 6 and then No. 6 was killed. Others thought No. 22 was the prophet and 34 was lying. He was actually a werewolf. He knew No. 6 was killed and deliberately gave the golden water to No. 6.

Once it was the two people’s turn to speak, No. 22 continued to insist she was the prophet but No. 34 suddenly changed his words. “In fact, I am the hunter. I jumped out on the first day to find the werewolf who ran for sheriff. If I die tonight, I will definitely take away the werewolf I was looking for. This is my purpose. No. 3 is the most suspicious person here. She said she can’t play yet she used the professional term ‘returning the water. She was deliberately canvassing votes and is too fake! Everyone, vote for No. 3 in this round! There is also No. 13 who obviously helped 22. I think there must be a werewolf among the sheriff candidates. The identity of No. 13 is also in doubt. You can focus on these two.”

The No. 3 girl retorted, “I was a bit nervous. I played the mobile version of Werewolf but my win rate is relatively low, so I don’t know how to play. This is a relatively modest way of speaking. Of course, I know professional terms such as returning the water and golden water. In fact… I am the witch!”

The girl suddenly became serious. “In the 12 person game, you can claim to be the witch. However, this is a 36 player game and I was a bit confused as to whether to reveal myself or not. The wolves killed No. 6, 16 and 2 last night. The system asked me if I wanted to use the antidote and I used it on No. 2. That is why No. 2 didn’t die. No. 2 is my silver water. Today, only 6 and 16 died. Believe me, I’m really the witch. If the witch dies then it will be very difficult for the good person camp to play.

The other people listened to her hard-working explanation and didn’t know who to believe.

However, the wolves had the big wild wolf and it was reasonable to say they could kill three people. Only two died on the first day instead of three. It was indeed possible that the witch used the antidote. If the witch was out then it would be a great loss to the good camp. The winning rate of No. 3 might not be high but she knew how to grasp the mentality of the good people.

During the final stage of the voting, the sheriff Yu Hanjiang spoke calmly, “No. 22 still insists she is the prophet while No. 34 and No. 3 have changed their words. No. 34 says he is the hunter and No. 3 says she is the witch. They can’t be completely trusted. In this round of elections, we started with No. 34 and he claimed to be the prophet. Since a prophet appeared later, why continue to insist on continuing the election as a prophet? Once you didn’t become the sheriff, you changed your words to say you are the hunter. In my opinion, your logic is completely unreasonable. If you are really the hunter then you are messing around and causing chaos.”

Yu Hanjiang’s extra vote played a certain role and in addition, No. 22 was the wolf beauty. The wolves naturally wouldn’t vote her out. The final result was that 34 got 16 votes and was cast out.

[Please choose whether to activate the skill or note.]

[No. 34 has activated the skill and shot No. 3.]

This result made the players stare at each other.

[Please say your last words.]

No. 34 smiled. “I really am the hunter. I had a hidden mission. If I take out a wolf on the first day, I can get an extra reward after the game ends. No. 3 is indeed a wolf in my opinion. I don’t believe the witch will be so stupid as to use the antidote on the first night. The witch only has one bottle of antidote and it must be reserved for the important prophet. No. 3 claiming to be the witch is too false. That’s it. I’m going first…”

His last words surprised Xiao Lou. It seemed many of the celestial cards received hidden missions, just like him and Yu Hanjiang who had to survive along with the cupid until the eighth day. The addition of hidden tasks would make the situation more confusing. The last words of No. 34 ended and it became dark.

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 2: Night]

[Please select a player to verify their identity.]

Xiao Lou thought about it carefully. During the sheriff election, Xiao Lou abstained from voting. Shao Qingge, Long Sen, Old Mo and Liu Qiao voted for Yu Hanjiang but Ye and Qu Wanyue abstained.

He couldn’t rule out that Yu Hanjiang’s wolf teammates helped him gain votes but it was also possible that Ye Qi and Qu Wanyue deliberately abstained from voting for Yu Hanjiang. Xiao Lou decided to check Ye Qi first tonight. He opened the number 7 sign on the blackboard.

[No. 7’s identity: Werewolf.]

Xiao Lou, “……”

It was really accurate. Xiao Ye was also a werewolf!

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