CR: Chapter 279

Ye Qi watched the replay of the entire plot and had a complicated expression. He wanted to say, ‘Your entertainment circle is really messy.’

In fact, Qiao Xuening had also acted unscrupulously in order to become famous. It was just that in the struggle between her and Lin Yiyan, she was about to surpass Lin Yiyan when she was kicked into the ice cellar and hidden by snow. In the end, she became psychologically distorted and killed Lin Yiyan, covering the body with ice. The two of them played sisters at the beginning but they couldn’t continue their roles and Qiao Xuening ended up killing the other person with a knife…

Liu Qiao concluded, “It is terrible.”

Shao Qingge smiled and asked, “Xiao Ye, after experiencing this case, do you still want to enter the entertainment industry?”

Ye Qi was firm. “This is just an individual case. There are also many people in the entertainment industry who are serious when it comes to acting and singing. We can’t generalize. I just know that if I go into the entertainment industry, I definitely won’t recognize anyone as a brother or sister.”

Shao Qingge nodded. “Yes, it is the good brothers and sisters who are likely to stab you in the back.”

Yu Hanjiang put away the plot card and glanced over at A of Hearts. “Are there other rewards?”

A of Hearts smiled. “Of course. This time, you can all get a special function card.”

The group was excited when they heard this and immediately opened their card packs to check.

[Function Card: Disguise Technique]

[Rarity: A

Description: A 9 of Hearts secret room limited card. It is made by Miss Qiao Xuening and can be obtained after a perfect clearance.

Restrictions: Can be used in all types of secret rooms except for the Hearts room.

Number of Uses: This is a special function card. It will disappear after one use.

Effect: By using the Disguise Technique card, you can temporarily change your appearance and become an imaginary character. The disguise will last for four hours. P.S: You can also become Qiao Xuening.]

Ye Qi saw this and couldn’t help getting goosebumps. “Who would want to become Qiao Xuening? I’m afraid that I would have a nightmare when I sleep! I don’t want to see Qiao Xuening’s eerie smile behind me when I look in the mirror.”

Everyone was so flustered by Ye Qi’s words that they ignored the last description of the card.

Xiao Lou told them, “The difference from Liu Qiao’s transformation card is that her card can become any person or animal she has seen for 10 minutes. The Disguise Technique card can become an imaginary person but it can’t become an animal. The duration also isn’t the same.”

Liu Qiao’s card was an S-grade card that couldn’t be damaged but the duration was short. The Disguise Technique card lasted for four hours but would disappear after one use.

Yu Hanjiang added, “The range of the disguise card is wider and you can even become an idol star. The only drawback is that it is a one time disposable card.”

Long Sen was excited. “For example, Jordan who is very good at playing basketball. I just need to think of him and I can change into him with the Disguise Technique card?”

A of Hearts smiled and nodded. “Yes, it can only be used once so find the right opportunity. The Disguise Technique card only changes your appearance. You don’t inherit their ability. Don’t think that you can play basketball like Jordan if you disguise yourself as him.”

Long Sen laughed. “I’m just giving an example.”

Xiao Lou put the card away and looked at Yu Hanjiang. “In fact, this card can be used for undercover work, especially in the later Clubs room. If we can’t beat the hunters then we can become them and confuse them.”

Ye Qi laughed. “Previously, it is to run away if we can’t beat them. Now it is to hide among them?”

Everyone, “……”

If they couldn’t beat the opponent then just disguise as them. This was a new idea provided by Qiao Xuening. Each member had a disguise card. If they became the same person then the Hunter’s League would probably be very confused. Why were there eight people who looked exactly the same?

This time, the strength of the Hearts secret room fixed reward wasn’t low. Yu Hanjiang put it away and asked, “Can we draw the cards?”

A of Hearts placed two treasure chests in front of them. “Please.”

Last time in the Spades secret room, Shao Qingge had contributed the most by becoming the bug king and all the rewards were drawn by him. This time, Shao Qingge took the initiative to speak. “I didn’t help much. Let Group Leader Yu and Professor Xiao do it.”

The other team members had no objections.

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou looked at each other. “One each?”

Xiao Lou replied, “Okay, let’s draw it together.”

The two of them put their hands into the treasure chest at the same time.

[Weapon Card: Hand Grenade]

[Rarity: S

Description: There is a chance of obtaining it from the lucky draw after getting a perfect clearance and S-grade evaluation.

Number of Uses: The S-grade card won’t be destroyed after use but in each secret room, only five hand grenades can be used. Once the number of uses is up, it will enter the cooldown and refresh in the next secret room.

Effect: Throw the hand grenade to the designated area to produce a large-scale explosion. You can blow up buildings, clear obstacles or throw other control cards into the enemy group. Please figure out the specific uses yourself]

Yu Hanjiang was satisfied. “This card is good. It is a weapon of mass destruction.”

Ye Qi was excited. “Combined with my musical instruments capable of group control, you can instantly kill dozens of enemies!”

Previously, the melee weapons, sniper rifle and other guns were all single-target weapons. They killed one at a time and sometimes couldn’t keep up with a large number of enemies. However, the hand grenade was excellent when encountering a large number of enemies. For example, the last bug secret room. He just needed to throw a few into the swarm of bugs to create a fire. Then the difficulty would be much lower.

Everyone was very happy that Group Leader Yu was able to draw such a useful weapon card and they turned to Xiao Lou. “What about Professor Xiao?”

Qu Wanyue joked, “Surely Professor Xiao won’t draw any poets this time, right?”

Xiao Lou helplessly turned over the card in his hand.

[Summoning Card: Lu You]

[Rarity: S

Description: There is a chance of obtaining it from the lucky draw after getting a perfect clearance and S-grade evaluation.

Additional Skill 1: Rainstorm on the 4th of the Eleventh Month

Deep at night I listen to the wind and rain, the armored horses and glacier enter my dreams.

One of the masterpieces written by Lu You. Whenever the time of the secret room is the ‘fourth day’ or at ‘4 o’clock in the morning’, you can choose a place to summon Lu You. The area will flash with thunder, wind and rain. All the enemies in the area will fall into a state of fear and can’t attack. It lasts 10 minutes.

Additional Skill 2:  Ode to the Plum Blossom

Not envious to claim spring for herself, she endures the envy of other flowers. Her petals might be crushed in mud but her fragrance remains the same.

In this poem, Lu You praised the noble character of plum blossoms. Even if the plum blossom is crushed in the dust, it can exude an elegant fragrance.

Summon Lu You and specify an area of 500 square metres. It will fill with plum blossoms, forming a beautiful plum blossom forest. The elegant plum blossoms scent will confuse enemies and cause all enemies in the area to fall into a state of illusion for up to 10 minutes. Can only be used once every 24 hours.]

Ye Qi couldn’t help praising it. “Two super powerful group control skills!”

The previous card group control skills were relatively short while Lu You’s card duration was quite long. The first skill could only be used on the fourth day or at 4 o’clock in the morning while the second skill could only be used once every 24 hours. The advantage was that the control time was very long. 10 minutes of group control was enough to cover the retreat of the team members at a critical moment.

Xiao Lou held his head helplessly. Surely he had almost summoned all the famous poets, right?

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