CR: Chapter 254

Upon seeing the messages in the group, Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou immediately turned on their computers and searched the Internet for the start-up ceremony of the TV drama Twin Flowers. In order to gain popularity, the producer specifically invited media reporters to broadcast the opening ceremony live.

This drama was adapted from a best-selling romance novel and it had many fans of the original work. In addition, the leading actors were Qiao Xuening and Cheng Yu, two high-profile stars attracting a lot of traffic. The number of online viewers for the opening ceremony soon exceeded a million. The topic #Twin Flowers Opening Ceremony# also went on the hot search due to fans and the purchased water army.

It was as Old Mo said. Cheng Yu and Qiao Xuening didn’t appear unusual at the opening ceremony. They smiled brightly when facing the media.

Qiao Xuening said, “I like the original novel of Twin Flowers very much. I am honoured to be the heroine of this adaptation. I will try my best to interpret this role.”

The reporter asked, “Miss Qiao, I heard that when you were previously shooting a movie, you accidentally fell off a horse and injured your leg? How is your injury now? I think that your fans are very concerned about your physical condition.”

Qiao Xuening replied honestly, “I did accidentally fall off a horse during a running scene and fractured my left calf. However, it wasn’t serious. After treatment and rehabilitation for a period of time, it has now fully recovered. Please don’t worry.”

The live broadcast was filled with fans writing things like ‘distressed for the goddess’ and ‘filming a drama when her leg injury just recovered, Sister Qiao is really dedicated!’

Xiao Lou heard this and couldn’t help asking, “Do we need to verify her injury?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Let’s have Shao Qingge check.” Then he @Shao Qingge in the group.

Shao Qingge quickly replied with the result: I checked and Qiao Xuening’s injury is real. Three months ago, she treated her leg injury at a rehabilitation hospital. Due to this incident, the heroine of Twin Flowers was almost changed but Qiao Xuening said she was fine.

Xiao Lou thoughtfully said, “She ran to the crew soon after she was discharged from hospital. If her leg was injured then will it be okay to film a dance scene?”

Yu Hanjiang told him, “It might be that the private photos leaked back then hit her too hard. She doesn’t dare to rest for long. The dance scene depends on how it is filmed. The director doesn’t have to shoot her legs. He can shoot her upper body and then the legs don’t require too much movement.”

Xiao Lou agreed. “Yes, it can be shot like this. This Qiao Xuening seemed like a very dedicated actress.”

On the screen, the reporter asked, “We all know that the heroine of Twin Flowers is a ballerina. Miss Qiao doesn’t have a professional dance foundation. Do you have the confidence to control the dance-related scenes?”

Qiao Xuening smiled and replied earnestly, “I might not be a professional dancer but I have learned dance for a few years when I was a child. I have some basics. I signed up to learn ballet last month and my agent also invited the famous teacher Qu Wanyue to guide my dance movements. I will definitely study with Teacher Qu to ensure the standard of my movements.”

Qu Wanyue stood under the stage and typed in the WeChat group when she heard this: She does have a basic dance foundation. Her movements are very standard and her leg injury doesn’t seem to be a major problem.

Yu Hanjiang: Teacher Qu, you continue to observe Qiao Xuening and tell us if something is wrong.

Qu Wanyue made an OK sign.

The reporters turned their questions to Cheng Yu. “Cheng Yu, I heard that you are a cheerful and lively person. This is the first time you are acting as the protagonist of an idol drama with a cold personality. What did you think when you accepted this role?”

Cheng Yu smiled brightly. “I wanted to challenge myself and try different types of roles.”

The reporter asked, “You and Qiao Xuening will act as lovers in this drama. I don’t know what your personal relationship is like. There is an age difference between you. Will this affect filming?”

The two of them looked at each other before Cheng Yu replied with a smile, “Sister Xuening is an actor I respect very much. It was through this drama that I became familiar with her.”

Qiao Xuening nodded. “Yes, we only met when we joined the crew yesterday. In the original novel of Twin Flowers, the female protagonist is a few years older than the male protagonist. I think the image of the two of us should be in harmony with this, right?”

Cheng Yu nodded. “I also feel that it is quite agreeable!”

The two of them smiled at each other. Then Cheng Yu looked at the reporter. “Sister Xuening works very hard. I hope she can give me more guidance during the filming process. I also want to learn a lot from her.”

Qiao Xuening followed up, “You are too polite. I don’t dare be a guide. Let’s work hard together. I hope this cooperation can go smoothly.”


Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou watched the entire live broadcast and admired the two actors.

Yesterday, they were investigated by the police due to Lin Yiyan’s death. Today, they talked and laughed like nothing happened. Of course, they couldn’t shed tears for Lin Yiyan’s death at a start-up ceremony. They were public figures after all.

Did the two of them really not care about Lin Yiyan’s death or were they controlling their emotions and pretending to be relaxed? No one knew what they were thinking inside.

Xiao Lou looked at the computer screen and frowned in confusion. “Do they really not know each other in private? Why do I feel a tacit understanding between them when they answered the reporters’ questions?”

Yu Hanjiang told him, “The two of them looked at each other three times while answering the reporters’ questions.”

Xiao Lou was surprised. “What do you mean?”

“Two stars who have never worked together came on stage to cooperate with each other. There are often embarrassing moments when one person is looking at the other person while that person is looking at the audience. However, every time Cheng Yu looked at Qiao Xuening, Qiao Xuening would also look at Cheng Yu. They have a high degree of understanding. The first time they met was when they joined the crew yesterday? I don’t believe it.”

Xiao Lou carefully recalled the details of the interview just now and his eyes lit up. “They did look at each other and smiled several times. Is it possible that the two of them had an affair?”

Yu Hanjiang held his aching head. “If the two of them really had an affair, Cheng Yu is a rich second generation worth billions and he wouldn’t kill one woman for another… unless his brain is flooded with stupidity. Meanwhile, Qiao Xuening has an alibi. The entire variety show cast and crew can testify for her.”

Xiao Lou was helpless. “This is really difficult to explain. Let’s look again. The murderer will always leave a trace.”

Yu Hanjiang hummed in agreement and stood up. “Let’s check Qiao Xuening’s injury first and see if there are any clues at the hospital.

Xiao Lou immediately got up and followed Group Leader Yu to the rehabilitation hospital mentioned by Shao Qingge.


The opening ceremony ended smoothly. The entire crew became busy and the director started filming the first scene. Today, almost all the solo scenes belonged to Cheng Yu. His sets were designed and built by Old Mo himself.

Cheng Yu was playing a cold male god with a successful career. He was the founder of a company.

He changed into a suit and soon entered the role. Old Mo and Liu Qiao were watching him act from the side. He obviously wasn’t in the right state today and missed his lines many times. The director called several cuts and frowned as he guided Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu listened with an embarrassed expression. After filming one scene five times, his agent immediately said, “It is hard on everyone. Xiao Cheng has just arrived and he might not be used to it…”

Director Zhang spoke coldly. “Get used to it as soon as possible. I don’t want to waste time on such simple scenes!”

The agent hurried away with Cheng Yu.

As Cheng Yu’s side was busy shooting this single scene, Qiao Xuening took the time to confirm the dance actions with Qu Wanyue. She put on a white dance suit with fiery red patterns. This suit was specifically designed for her by the costume designer. Being reborn from the ashes was an important scene. She would put on this suit and dance a solo dance to conquer the judges and the audience.

Qu Wanyue’s eyes lit up when she saw this outfit and she praised it. “The clothes are well designed.”

Qiao Xuening smiled, walked to Qu Wanyue and spoke politely, “Teacher Qu, let’s check the actions in this scene.”

The agent next to her was worried. “Xuening, is your leg really okay?’

Qiao Xuening gave her a reassuring look. “It’s fine. I know my limits in my heart.”

Qu Wanyue heard her say so and deliberately added two somewhat difficult actions to observe her legs. Qiao Xuening’s leg movements showed no signs of stiffness.

Qu Wanyue had graduated from a professional dance academy. She would definitely be able to see it if Qiao Xuening’s injury hadn’t fully recovered. However, Qiao Xuening’s performance when dancing was no different from ordinary people. She rotated and stepped in an elegant and flexible manner.

After Qu Wanyue taught the movements, she expressed her doubts in the group: Qiao Xuening’s leg has completely recovered. She wasn’t affected at all while dancing. I could see that she wasn’t gritting her teeth. It really doesn’t hurt.

Yu Hanjiang said: Xiao Lou and I are checking her hospital records.

Xiao Lou followed by sending an image of an X-ray to the group: Based on the X-ray provided by the hospital, Qiao Xuening had a fracture of the left tibial plateau and no fragmented bones were found around it. Fractures around the tibial plateau will heal faster than fractures of the tibial shaft. Adults can heal in around three months.

Ye Qi came out and asked in a puzzled manner: What is the tibial plateau?

Xiao Lou kindly drew a circle around it: Here, the traces of the fracture aren’t very obvious. Her injury wasn’t serious.

The team members all professed that it was more convenient to understand with a doctor!

Xiao Lou added: Qiao Xuening has been in hospital for 100 days. In theory, her fracture has indeed reached a level of complete healing and there will be no problems when walking. However, it is a bit suspicious that she can move freely when dancing.

Yu Hanjiang: Yes, after an athlete is injured, it will take some time for them to adjust and return to the field. Some people will even feel fear. Her leg has just healed. How can she dance normally?

Long Sen immediately agreed: I once strained a ligament while running. After I recovered, I stood on the track and couldn’t help sweating and shaking. This Qiao Xuening moved freely when dancing and her face was normal. Is her psychological quality really so good?

Everyone was puzzled but they couldn’t give a reason.

Xiao Lou made a guess: It might be that she recovers faster than an average person or it might be that her psychological quality is really strong. In short, this Qiao Xuening isn’t as simple as she seems. Teacher Qu, pay close attention to her movements.

Qu Wanyue replied: Okay, don’t worry.

Yu Hanjiang asked in the group: Xiao Ye, you still have time to look at WeChat. How is the concert over there?

Ye Qi answered: It starts at 8 o’clock in the evening. It is only seven right now and the venue is full. The fans bought a lot of posters. It is spectacular. I took a photo for you to see!

He sent a sneak peek of the venue.

The stadium that was large enough to hold tens of thousands of people was full. Fans bought posters of the members of the girl group, various light sticks and support balloons. The scene was extremely lively.

Ye Qi saw this scene from a crack in the backstage door with envy on his face. His dream was to hold a concert like this. He wondered if there would be a chance to realize it? As a temporary guest, performing on stage today could be considered an indirect realization, right?

Ye Qi couldn’t help getting excited by the thought. In any case, he had to sing well when he took to the stage later. Just then, a staff member beside him whispered, “Chief Shao is here.”

Ye Qi immediately sat upright. Teacher Tony had already styled his hair.

Under Ye Qi’s strong request, Teacher Tony finally gave up on the idea of putting his hair up with hairspray. He gave Ye Qi a simple and refreshing hairstyle, making him look like a lively and handsome young man.

Shao Qingge’s eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Ye Qi. He praised, “Yes, very handsome.”

Ye Qi glanced at him in the mirror and pretended to be shocked. “Chief Shao, why are you here?”

Shao Qingge, “……”

Didn’t he say he would come to the concert? This guy was quite immersed in acting.

Shao Qingge suppressed his smile. “Oh, I just want to see how well the concert is being prepared. The company has invested a lot of money this time. I hope that the concert for the 505 female group will be successful.”

Agent Yun Lan hurriedly greeted him and spoke respectfully. “Chief Shao, don’t worry. We have hired the most professional planning team for the concert and we will definitely give the audience the ultimate audiovisual enjoyment.”

Shao Qingge nodded. “Then I will go to the VIP seats and wait to see it. You should be ready as soon as possible.”

Once he left, Ye Qi tried out the feel of his guitar and wondered, “Sister Yun, when will I go on stage?”

Yun Lan told him, “You practice the guitar here first. I’m going next door to see how they are preparing. Don’t run around, understood? I will call you in advance when it is time for you to play.”

Ye Qi joked, “Okay Sister Yun, don’t worry. I’ll be here waiting for your call.”

Yun Lan patted him on the shoulder and turned away.

There was no one else in the dressing room and Ye Qi was a bit nervous. After all, this was his first time participating in such a grand concert. The idle and bored Ye Qi took out his phone and sent a message in the group: Chief Shao is in the audience. I’m on standby backstage.

Yu Hanjiang questioned him: Have you been in contact with the 505 girl group these days? Have you found anything?

Ye Qi: I asked my agent. Lin Yiyan might be a star of our company but she developed in the movie industry and doesn’t have much intersection with the 505 girl group who is in the music industry.

He paused and then said: Today I was cheeky and went to exchange a few words with the captain of the 505 girl group, Zhao Yuxin. I pretended to be a fan of Lin Yiyan. As a result, Zhao Yuxin said she has never met Senior Lin Yiyan. Some of the girls in the group have never even seen her. The music and movie industries aren’t a single circle.

Xiao Lou: Xiao Ye, there might be clues linking this girl group and Lin Yiyan. Don’t worry and look around backstage. If there are any suspicious people then tell us immediately. In addition, pay attention to safety.

Ye Qi sent an OK sign, put down the guitar and secretly left the dressing room.

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