CR: Chapter 251

After leaving Qiao Xuening’s residence, Yu Hanjiang immediately called the program team of Close Your Eyes When it is Dark to confirm it.

The director said that the show was indeed shot in the mountains. In order to create an atmosphere of horror, he chose to shoot at night. However, the security measures of the program were sufficient and security guards were placed all around them. During the shooting process, they also issued uniform down jackets and hand warmers. The invited stars had a good time.

The entire recording process lasted one day and one night, during which no one asked for leave. Yu Hanjiang looked at the list of stars who recorded the show. Among them, only Qiao Xuening knew Lin Yiyan. None of the other stars had interacted with Lin Yiyan.

According to the director’s description, Qiao Xuening’s performance wasn’t unusual in this recording. She drew two policemen, two civilians and one killer. It was just that she wasn’t very good at playing this game. She lost all four rounds. It was only once when she was the civilian that she was taken by the police to lie down and win.

After the recording, her agent came to pick her up and bought small gifts for the entire crew.

The director’s evaluation of Qiao Xuening was quite high. Yu Hanjiang confirmed that Qiao Xuening’s testimony was correct. Only then did he return to the crew with Xiao Lou and joined Old Mo, Qu Wanyue, Long Sen and the others. He explained the current situation to his teammates.

In this way, Cheng Yu, Qi Ming and Qiao Xuening all had alibis. Was the killer someone else?

Xiao Lou leaned against the wall and thought for a moment. He asked Yu Hanjiang, “Group Leader Yu, do you think that Qiao Xuening’s words are credible? She has a good relationship with LIn Yiyan and I always feel that she is hiding something.”

Yu Hanjiang replied, “She recorded the program in the mountains that night. Many people can testify for her.  She should have nothing to do with Lin Yiyan’s murder. However, she thought of something before stopping, especially when I asked her who has a grudge with Lin Yiyan. She dodged my gaze and answered too hastily. She seems guilty. She should know something but she can’t say it.”

Xiao Lou glanced at Qu Wanyue. “Teacher Qu, you have been in contact with her these days. Have you noticed anything?”

Qu Wanyue said, “Qiao Xuening is indeed not easy. It is said that she had a relationship and later broke up because it was long-distance. After her ex-boyfriend knew she was a star, he actually released her scandalous photos on the Internet to get revenge. Although she won the lawsuit and the photos were deleted, this incident was a big blow to her. After she came back, she was more cautious and polite with everyone. A big star is talking to me but she is even more polite than my students.”

Qu Wanyue thought carefully and described it. “She gives me the feeling that she is walking on thin ice and is being cautious with her words and deeds. So she might know something but she doesn’t dare say it because she doesn’t want to offend others.”

Xiao Lou nodded in understanding. “She might be afraid so she doesn’t dare talk nonsense.”

Long Sen scratched his head and asked in a dazed manner, “So it seems that the three people we are currently in contact with—the agent, the little new star and the best friend are unlikely to be murderers?”

Old Mo laughed. “Based on the description of Group Leader Yu, Cheng Yu left the villa at 3 o’clock in the morning. The agent left at 3:40 and the best friend was recording a show in the mountains. The car of the deceased left at 4 o’clock and the person driving the car is likely to be the murderer. These three aren’t in line with the time.”

Liu Qiao thoughtfully touched her chin. “Could it be a two-person crime? For example, one person killed Lin Yiyan while the other arranged the ice cubes at the scene and drove Lin Yiyan’s car away?”

Xiao Lou looked at her warmly. “We have also considered this which is why the agent is still in custody. His suspicion can’t be completely ruled out. After all, he entered the villa and had a dispute with Lin Yiyan. If he killed Lin Yiyan and another person handled the corpse and drove away the car then it would also make sense. However, Qi Ming is unlikely to join forces with others to commit the crime. His feelings for Lin Yiyan don’t seem to be a pretense. We think it is more likely that the person who killed Lin Yiyan entered the villa after Qi Ming.”

Liu Qiao coughed lightly. “I’m just guessing… the person who entered the villa after 3:40 should be familiar with Liu Qiao? Otherwise, it would be impossible for Lin Yiyan to open the door for a stranger in the middle of the night.”

Yu Hanjiang told her, “Of course. That is why we will check her friends in the circle one by one.”

Just then, Yu Hanjiang’s mobile phone suddenly received an anonymous text message.

The text message was sent from an unfamiliar number and was a long message: Lin Yiyan and Zhou Yuanyuan have a grudge. Last year, the ancient costume super IP World of Mortals was launched and the producer originally decided that the protagonist would be Zhou Yuanyuan. Suddenly, he changed to Lin Yiyan for unknown reasons. Zhou Yuanyuan’s team was ready to sign the contract but Lin Yiyan cut them off. It is said that Zhou Yuanyuan was so angry that she had a car accident on the way to the airport and her face was disfigured. This piece of gossip was raised by an old classmate during a private gathering and the authenticity isn’t guaranteed.”

Yu Hanjiang quickly read the information on his phone and handed it to Xiao Lou.

Xiao Lou took a closer look. “This anonymous message should be from Qiao Xuening?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “It is obviously her. She didn’t want to tell us in front of the agent because she was afraid it would be nonsense. Therefore, after we left, she cautiously sent an anonymous report.”

Xiao Lou looked at Yu Hanjiang with admiration. “Did Group Leader Yu realize that Qiao Xuening didn’t dare to speak in front of her agent? Is that why you left her your business card? If we left directly then we wouldn’t have known this clue.”

“I did see that she was hiding something.”

Fortunately, Yu Hanjiang left his card behind. Qiao Xuening was afraid of taking responsibility and could only report the suspect through an anonymous text message. Lin Yiyan snatched the role of heroine through not never clean means. This caused Zhou Yuanyuan to get into a car accident…

The key was the disfigurement. There was no need to talk about the importance of appearance for a female star. This was a deep hatred! Zhou Yuanyuan had ample reasons to act against Lin Yiyan.

She had been disfigured and her future was bleak. Maybe she was frustrated and just wanted to kill Lin Yiyan to drag her down as well. At first glance, this murder was carefully planned. The murderer and Lin Yiyan had a deep grievance. Lin Yiyan took Zhou Yuanyuan’s role and caused Zhou Yuanyuan to be disfigured in a car accident. This happened last year. One year was enough time to prepare.

After investigating three key witnesses, the suspect with the most motivation in this case finally appeared.

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “Everyone, go to sleep first. Tomorrow, I will visit this Zhou Yuanyuan with Professor Xiao and see what she says.”

The team members went back to their rooms and Yu Hanjiang drove home with Xiao Lou.

On the way back, Xiao Lou carefully analyzed the clues obtained in the past two days. “At present, Cheng Yu and Qiao Xuening have no motive for killing. The agent Qi Ming has a motive but the timing reduces his suspicion. Zhou Yuanyuan’s motive for killing is the strongest but she isn’t necessarily the murderer. I always feel that Lin Yiyan should’ve offended more than just her?”

Yu Hanjiang glanced at Xiao Lou. “Take it slowly. Our current physical evidence isn’t enough. The source of the ice and the whereabouts of the murder weapon haven’t been found. Tomorrow, we will check Lin Yiyan’s university classmates and friends in the circle. Perhaps there will be new clues.”

Xiao Lou nodded and didn’t say anything.

Investigating the case was to strip off the cocoon and put together countless fragmented clues. Could the murderer be Zhou Yuanyuan who was ruined in the car accident because Lin Yiyan stole her role?

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