CR: Chapter 247

Yu Hanjiang’s ability to recognize people was better than Xiao Lou’s. This person’s eyes had only briefly flashed by during the surveillance yet he caught it. The man who wrapped himself up and appeared at the villa was the agent Qi Ming.

After Qi Ming appeared home at 11:30, he changed his clothes and took a taxi to the Yuehu Villa area. He didn’t mention any of this during the transcript. He lied to Yu Hanjiang. This person’s acting skills were too superb. If there wasn’t sufficient evidence, Yu Hanjiang would’ve almost believed him. At present, all doubts pointed to the agent Qi Ming.

The two of them copied the information from the Yuehu Villa property management and went back. Xiao Lou asked, “Do you want to call Qi Ming?”

“Yes as long as he hasn’t run yet.”

The moment he said this, Xiao Wu came over breathlessly. “Group Leader Yu, you are really like a god. You had us watch Qi Ming and a colleague said that after Qi Ming came out of Starlight Entertainment, he took a taxi to the airport. It is as if he is going somewhere…”

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “Call the airport immediately and stop him for me!”

Qi Ming was intercepted at the airport and wore an ugly look when he was brought to the police station.

He squeezed his fists hard and the veins on the back of his hand bulged. “Group Leader Yu, I have a very important contract to sign with someone today. If you stop me like this then it will seriously delay my work. How do I explain it to the company?”

Yu Hanjiang replied indifferently, “Mr Qi, don’t worry. I have already talked to Chief Shao. Chief Shao said that the company owner should cooperate with the police investigation and this is the first priority. Work can be temporarily set aside.”

Qi Ming was stunned. After a moment, his face eased slightly. He perceived that his attitude wasn’t good and immediately changed his words. “Sorry, I was too impatient. I’ve been discussing this project for too long and it was finally settled. So what do you need from me, Group Leader Yu?”

“Mr Qi, after having dinner with Editor Li last Tuesday, you said she took you home. We have verified this and you didn’t lie. Editor Li sent you home to the Dongfu Jiayuan community at 11:30 in the evening.”

Qi Ming smiled. “Of course. I don’t have to lie.”

Yu Hanjiang’s manner changed sharply. “Where were you after 11:30?”

Qi Ming was still smiling. “Didn’t I say it yesterday? It was too late after I got home and I was very tired. I took a shower and went to bed.”

Yu Hanjiang spoke lightly. “I will ask again. Where were you after 11:30 and can anyone prove it?”

Qi Ming’s smile was slightly stiff. “What does that mean? Do I need proof that I slept at home?”

Yu Hanjiang simply retrieved a photo. It was a shot of the man in black at the entrance of the Yuehu Villa community.

Qi Ming, “……”

“Do you want to say that this person wearing the down jacket, hat and mask isn’t you?”

The next moment, Yu Hanjiang zoomed in on the photo. It was a close up of Qi Ming’s eyes.

Qi Ming, “……..”

The man had his head down as he walked into the community. Since he was fully covered, he aroused the suspicion of the security guard. The security guard called to him and he looked up, taking out the community access card. Then the security let him go.

At this moment, the surveillance captured his face. The black mask covered his face and it couldn’t be seen clearly. However, the eyes couldn’t fool people at all. Qi Ming saw his eyes on the screen and his stiff, pretend smile gradually cracked.

He had never seen Yu Hanjiang interrogate a suspect. This person directly showed him the photo taken by the surveillance system and then enlarged his eyes. What the hell was this? He couldn’t refute it at all!

Yu Hanjiang demanded, “Explain it.”

He turned off the screen showing the photo, folded his arms across his chest and watched Qi Ming coldly. “Why did you take a taxi at 12:30 in the morning and show up at Yuehu Villa?”

Qi Ming forcibly maintained his composure. “I-I suddenly remembered that there was a problem with the schedule discussed with the editor-in-chief so I went to Yiyan to check it.”

Yu Hanjiang’s voice was cold. “How did you know that Lin Yiyan would return to Yueha Villa instead of her city apartment?”

Qi Ming was taken aback and found that he had stepped into a language trap. Yesterday when he made his transcript, he said he had no contact with Lin Yiyan after the dinner. Wasn’t this a slap in the face? Confusion flashed on his face and his lips trembled slightly. He didn’t know how to answer. Then Yu Hanjiang continued. “You have been in love with Lin Yiyan for 10 years. Did you know she was having an affair with Cheng Yu?”

Qi Ming, “……”

This sentence was like a thunderbolt that instantly made his heart burst. Few people knew about his hidden relationship with Lin Yiyan. How did this police officer know?

Qi Ming’s facade was finally completely torn apart. He lowered his head and his eyes turned red as he explained in a hoarse voice, “I… I knew. I actually went to her that day to persuade her to turn back. Her relationship with Cheng Yu wasn’t serious at all. How rich is Cheng Yu’s family? Being with her was just for fun. Our relationship has lasted for so many years. As long as she turned back and quit the entertainment circle, I would marry her immediately.”

Yu Hanjiang watched the man in front of him with some surprise. He hadn’t expected this agent to be so infatuated. Seeing that Qi Ming was close to tears, Yu Hanjiang’s attitude eased slightly. “Explain in detail about your dog. How did it die?”

Qi Ming stared at him in surprise. “You know about this as well?!”

This police officer was too magical. How could his background be checked in less than a day?

Xiao Lou smiled from where he was sitting to the side and didn’t talk.

Qi Ming was shocked. He wanted to muddle through but he saw Yu Hanjiang’s deep eyes and could only put away his thoughts. He rubbed his face to calm himself down and replied in a low voice, “Doudou was the dog I bought with Yiyan the year I confirmed the relationship with her. Yiyan really likes dogs but she didn’t know how to raise a dog. Thus, she kept him with me. However, this year Doudou was 12 years old.”

“12 years old should be considered old for a dog?”

Qi Ming was regretful. “Yes, the life span for this breed of dog is only 12 or 13 years old. My Doudou was already very old. He had been sick since June of this year. Last week, he got a cold. I took him to be treated but… he wasn’t cured.”

A trace of pain flashed across Qi Ming’s face as he spoke of the pet that had accompanied him for 10 years. “The dog I raised left and I buried him in the cemetery. At that time, I had a bad feeling. I always felt that the relationship between Yiyan and I would come to an end…”

Qi Ming took a deep breath and tried to keep calm. “I knew about her being with Cheng Yu a long time ago. I thought she just wanted freshness. She should know that I am serious about her or I wouldn’t have given her all the best resources. During the meal, she received a WeChat message and went back early. I guessed it was Cheng Yu so I went to Yuehu Villa in the early morning to have a good talk with her.”

Yu Hanjiang frowned slightly. “Just talk?”

Qi Ming raised his hand. “I promise, I really only wanted to talk to her. I hoped she could change her mind and marry me.”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “What did you see at the villa?”

Qi Ming’s expression became uglier. After a long silence, he replied, “Yiyan wasn’t in the villa. I waited for her downstairs for a long time. She drove back at around three in the morning. Cheng Yu’s car was also behind her. I saw the two of them in the car…”

Qi Ming’s fists clenched when he recalled the scene and sweat dripped down his forehead. He took a deep breath and continued, “Seeing her playing so crazily, I knew she couldn’t turn back anymore. Therefore, I just left. I didn’t want to struggle with her anymore. I planned to go back and break up with her. I would terminate the contract and let her find another agent.”

Yu Hanjiang stared strictly at Qi Ming. “Is that all?”

Qi Ming nodded. “Yes, I left around 4 o’clock.”

Yu Hanjiang asked sharply, “You saw her playing in the car with Cheng Yu at 3 o’clock and left at 4 o’clock? You stood by and watched the whole thing? Did you enter the villa after watching it?”

Qi Ming was angry. “I didn’t watch the whole thing! I was furious at the time! How could I still watch?! My mind couldn’t calm down so I went to a corner of the community and smoked a whole packet of cigarettes!”

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou exchanged looks.

Qi Ming had told many lies when he first made a transcript. Was this testimony credible?

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Im missing something aren’t i..the murder happened at 3 am right? Or did i make a mistake