CR: Chapter 242

Back at the police station, Yu Hanjiang quickly found the location of Starlight Entertainment’s headquarters and the company’s legal owner.

…It was Shao Qingge?! This was good. Now he didn’t have to look everywhere for Chief Shao. He would go meet with Chief Shao first.

Yu Hanjiang immediately acted and drove the police car straight to Starlight Entertainment. The security at the door wanted to stop him but Yu Hanjiang coldly took out his police officer ID. “Police officer, please cooperate with the investigation.”

The security guards naturally didn’t dare to stop the police and let him in, notifying the front desk immediately. The girl at the front desk hurriedly called Chief Shao’s assistant. After a while, a tall woman took the elevator downstairs and respectfully brought Yu Hanjiang to the chief’s office on the top floor.

Shao Qingge smiled when he saw Yu Hanjiang and told the assistant, “Get this police officer a cup of coffee.”

He made a ‘please sit down’ gesture to Yu Hanjiang and Yu Hanjiang sat on the sofa opposite him. The assistant brought in a cup of coffee and smartly retreated.

Yu Hanjiang raised his eyebrow. “Are you the boss of Starlight Entertainment?”

Shao Qingge joked, “The identity assigned to me is more in line with my temperament.”

Yu Hanjiang took a sip of the coffee and spoke lightly, “I came to find you so you should have a guess about what has happened?”

Shao Qingge put away the jokes and replied in a low tone, “There was a death on the first day of the secret room? Are you here to investigate the case?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “I received a report within 30 minutes of entering the secret room. Xiao Lou and I went to the scene just now. The deceased was tortured and killed in a private villa. Her name was Lin Yiyan, a star of your company. Do you have any impressions?”

Shao Qingge was taken aback for a moment. In fact, ever since he ended his call with Ye Qi, he had been looking through the data of the celebrities on his computer. There were dozens of stars signed with Starlight Entertainment. Currently, the most popular were the Five-505 female group, the popular young star Cheng Yu and the female star Lin Yiyan.

The moment Yu Hanjiang came in, Shao Qingge had just opened Lin Yiyan’s folder. His heart was a bit shaken when he heard Yu Hanjiang say this person was dead and he quickly turned the computer screen to show him. “I have her information here but I haven’t had time to read it.”

Yu Hanjiang asked while reading the information, “Do you have any news about our other teammates?”

Shao Qingge told him, “Ye Qi is a contracted singer of my company. He will participate in the 505 female group’s concert in Binzhou in three days. I had my secretary check Liu Qiao, Teacher Qu, Old Mo and Long Sen. I found that Liu Qiao is the assistant of our company’s contracted star, Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu is going to the movie and television studio tomorrow. He picked up a television series called Twin Flowers and it will start three days later. Liu Qiao should be following him.”

“Movie studio?” Yu Hanjiang heard this and couldn’t help frowning. “It seems that Teacher Qu and the others might be on the crew’s side.”

“Are all of us scattered?”

Yu Hanjiang speculated. “Xiao Ye will go to the concert while Liu Qiao is following Cheng Yu to the television studio. Xiao Lou and I have found a dead person. This secret room is similar to Beacon in Troubled Times and there should be three plot lines.”

In Beacon in Troubled Times, there was the rebellion, the death of the young lady of the prince’s mansion and the assassins from the Yan state. The three plot lines went hand in hand and finally overlapped with each other. After the mystery was solved, all the clues could be linked together.

9 of Hearts was also an A-grade secret room and it wasn’t surprising for there to be three plot lines overlapping.

Shao Qingge said, “It seems that something will happen on Ye Qi’s side and in the crew where Liu Qiao is located.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Thus, we have to quickly sort out the relationship between the first deceased Lin Yiyan and the other stars to see if we can find some clues. Give me the information on the 505 female group and the popular young star Cheng Yu.”

“Yes, I’ll give you a copy of the information. I’ll also call Xiao Ye right away and ask Lin Yiyan’s agent to come over.”

He first called Ye Qi and used an excuse for Ye Qi to go back to the company. The moment Ye Qi finished his haircut and heard Chief Shao’s words, he asked his agent to send him back to the headquarters of Starlight Entertainment.

Ye Qi knew that something must’ve happened when he pushed open the door and saw Yu Hanjiang. He trotted in with a smile. “Hello Chief Shao, hello Officer Yu.”

Shao Qingge, “……”

Yu Hanjiang, “………”

This upside-down hair style looked like the protagonist of a hot-blooded male anime had entered the fighting state.

Shao Qingge held back a smile and touched his nose. “Your hairstyle is quite unique.”

Ye Qi blushed and explained softly, “It is the shamate style. Teacher Tony gave it to me but I’m not satisfied.”

Yu Hanjiang coughed slightly, ignored Ye Qi’s cockscomb hair style and told Ye Qi about the deceased. Ye Qi stared at him. “It is the current popular movie queen who died? This is too explosive!”

Shao Qingge said, “I will control public opinion first and won’t announce it temporarily.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded approvingly. “Xiao Ye, something might happen at the concert in three days. Perhaps the deceased Lin Yiyan has a grudge with the 505 girl group. You have to keep your eyes open at the concert and not miss any clues.”

Ye Qi nodded seriously. “I understand.”

Shao Qingge added, “I’m not at ease if Ye Qi goes to the concert alone. I will also find an excuse to attend the concert in three days.” He paused before continuing, “Xiao Ye, you can go back first. As for Liu Qiao in the crew, I will find a way to inform her so that she will meet with the others and keep a close eye on the crew’s situation.”

The owner of an entertainment company had the phone number of all his stars and agents.

The assistant’s number wasn’t available but Shao Qingge could directly contact Cheng Yu’s agent to ask for it. The agent was a bit confused about what the boss wanted with the assistant but she cooperatively gave Liu Qiao’s number to Shao Qingge.

Shao Qingge called. “Xiao Liu, it’s me.”

Liu Qiao heard the other person’s voice. “Chief Shao?!”

Shao Qingge handed the phone to Yu Hanjiang and Yu Hanjiang spoke in a low voice. “Xiao Liu, the first deceased person has already appeared. There might be an accident in your crew. Keep an eye on the actor Cheng Yu and our other teammates. Don’t worry, Professor Xiao and I are investigating the first case and will find a way to join you as soon as possible.”

Liu Qiao was taken aback. “The first case? Someone has died?”

“Yes, Starlight Entertainment’s female star Lin Yiyan was murdered. Cheng Yu and Lin Yiyan are in the same company. Does he know this female star? What is their relationship? You can try to ask him about Lin Yiyan but don’t tell anyone about her death.”

Liu Qiao replied, “I understand.”

Yu Hanjiang hung up the phone and copied the information from Chief Shao’s computer. Then he told Shao Qingge to call Lin Yiyan’s agent. Shao Qingge’s identity meant it was convenient to find someone. If the boss made a phone call then the agent had to run back immediately no matter how busy.

30 minutes later, Lin Yiyan’s agent hurriedly pushed open the door of the chief’’s room.

The agent was a 30 year old man called Qi Ming. He was the company’s ace agent who had brought out many popular idol stars. After hearing about Lin Yiyan’s death, his face became blank and he shook with disbelief. “How could it be? You said that she is dead? She just sent me a WeChat message last night!”

The man took out his phone and showed how the person called ‘Xiao Yan’ had sent him a message that said: Brother Ming, I am really tired from shooting Red Dust. I would like to take a few more days off and go on vacation abroad with my family. You should stop looking for me in the next few days. Is it okay to give me some independent space? I will start working immediately when I come back.”

Qi Ming had replied: No problem. You’ve worked so hard for a whole year. You should take a few days off and have a good rest. I will help you reject the latest jobs. Have fun.

The conversation last night was a simple few words. Scrolling up, all the exchanges were just about jobs.

According to Xiao Lou’s speculation, Lin Yiyan’s death time should be more than three days. How could she have sent a WeChat message to her agent last night?

Yu Hanjiang declared coldly, “This was sent to you by the murderer.”

Qi Ming shuddered when he heard this. “You mean that Xiao Yan’s phone is with the murderer?”

The murderer sending a message to the agent was naturally to create the illusion that Lin Yiyan was still alive.

The ice and low temperature of the scene would slow the rotting of the body and make it stink less. Naturally, Lin Yiyan’s death wouldn’t be known. Perhaps a few days later, the agent would look for Lin Yiyan and the murderer would continue to use Lin Yiyan’s phone to chat with the agent, pretending that Lin Yiyan was still alive…

Just then, Yu Hanjiang suddenly received a message from Xiao Lou on his phone that said: The results of the autopsy have come out. Lin Yiyan’s time of death is after 3 a.m. on Tuesday. Before she died, she drank a lot of alcohol. The bottle was covered with her fingerprints. In addition, there is the skin and hair remaining under her nails. We have checked the gene bank and it belongs to her agent Qi Ming.”

Yu Hanjiang put away his phone and his sharp eyes stared at the man in front of him. “Where were you last Tuesday in the early morning?”

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3 months ago

I’ll ignore some things about the investigation because it is always portrayed like that but it’s not how it works in reality 😅
There should have been a forensics team in the crime scene. The ML as a detective doesn’t collect fingerprints etc.
A DNA analysis and matching in the system takes a lot of time! Like weeks-months. And how is the dudes DNA in the databank? Maybe it’s like that in this secret room that every citizen has DNA profiled but in reality only certain criminals do, and who gets DNA taken is different from country to country

Last edited 3 months ago by Luuchii