CR: Chapter 227

Throughout the day, everyone launched a guerrilla war against the bugs.

The existence of Shao Qingge, an evolutionary bug, provided great convenience to the team. There was no need to use Ye Qi’s eavesdroppers anymore because Shao Qingge would know their course of action before the bug army could get close.

Xiao Lou and the others couldn’t understand these ‘squeaky’ calls but Shao Qingge could understand them. After assimilating with the bugs, he didn’t just gain their power. He also merged with the memories of the bugs in his body.

Shao Qingge told them many stories about the bugs.

This race came from an unknown star field. The way they multiplied was through parasitism. They reproduced in human bodies and continued to spread, infecting more humans.

Every batch of bugs would merge with each other to produce a leader, whether it was a queen or a king. Once the leader was born in the bug empire, they would act according to the leader’s instructions, completely occupying a planet and multiplying.

The bugs didn’t only had a long life span and strong jumping and climbing abilities. They also had a self-repairing ability that modern medicine couldn’t explain.

Shao Qingge spoke emotionally. “The regeneration and repair capabilities of this race are even more terrifying than earthworms. If the body of an earthworm is cut in half then both halves can survive. For the bugs… if you chop their bodies into dozens of pieces, they can regenerate quickly and grow new ones. The only way to completely kill them is to burn them or steam them with steam above 100 degrees.

Old Mo joked, “If we knew, we would’ve taken you to the steam sauna after you were infected. Maybe the bugs in your body would’ve been steamed unconscious!”

Long Sen laughed. “Our Xiao Ye is really smart. He directly took the bug to the fire to be roasted!”

Ye Qi, “……”

In front of the fire, Ye Qi’s face turned red. He hadn’t expected this thing to actually help out Chief Shao.

Xiao Lou inquired, “Chief Shao, you absorbed several bugs right? What is your level now?”

Shao Qingge carefully calculated it. “The parasite in my body itself was a level 2 bug. After being assimilated by me, I was promoted to level 3. Those who besieged us at the time were all level 2 bugs. I merged with eight…”

Xiao Lou directly gave the answer. “Two level 2 bugs merged into one level 3. Two level 3 fusing is one level 4. Then you should be considered a level 5 bug right now. Do you know the highest level?”

Shao Qingge removed his smile and lowered his voice. “The level 10 bug queen has been born.”

Ye Qi’s eyes widened with surprise. “Can you feel the presence of the bug queen?”

Shao Qingge nodded. “I can feel her calling us. There is no sound but it is a strange signal… it is like a special sound wave that only the bugs can feel. It was just launched.”

Yu Hanjiang heard this and frowned slightly. “What did she say?”

Shao Qingge closed his eyes and listened carefully. “She is telling the bugs to gather. She didn’t clearly state the specifics as for why.”

He stood up and stared into the distance. The entire city had been plunged into a deep darkness at this time due to the destruction of the circuit system.

It had started to snow again tonight and the heavy snow almost completely buried the city. Shao Qingge pointed into the distance and opened his mouth. “Do you remember the bridge at the junction of the central city and the east district? The bug queen is ordering everyone to gather on this bridge.”

The group looked at each other.

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Then Chief Shao has become an undercover agent in the bugs.”

Shao Qingge rubbed his nose and smiled. “She is sending a mass signal so that all the bugs can sense it. I think she might be planning something. Should we avoid it or should we go over and take a look?”

Yu Hanjiang turned back to seek Xiao Lou’s opinion and Xiao Lou told him, “I don’t think things are that simple.”

Shao Qingge also nodded. “It is the 10th day of the secret room and this level can be cleared in four days. The more conservative approach is that we continue the guerrilla warfare method to avoid the bug army. My presence means we can gain insight into the bugs’ plan in advance. In addition, there is Li Qingzhao’s group teleport and the Compass’ invincibility. Avoiding them is easy.”

Xiao Lou frowned slightly and there was a sudden uneasiness in his heart.

The bug queen had summoned all the bugs to gather at the bridge. Wasn’t she afraid of traitors or undercover agents among the bugs? After all, a bug parasitized the human body and wouldn’t kill humans immediately. Rather, it would put the human consciousness into a deep sleep and manipulate the human body to multiply and expand. This process involved certain risks.

What if human willpower was strong enough to assimilate the bug and gain the bug’s ability? Those humans could hear the bug signals.

She broadcasted a mass signal like this and those who gained the bug’s ability would know the plan. Then couldn’t they smoothly avoid it? Was the bug queen so innocent that she didn’t expect this? Or did she deliberately set off a smoke bomb?

Xiao Lou mentioned his confusion through the heart channel to Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang whispered, “If the queen was so mindless then she wouldn’t have evolved into a level 10 queen.”

Xiao Lou agreed. “So the signal to gather is probably a smokescreen and her real purpose isn’t here.”

As the two people were communicating, Shao Qingge rolled up his sleeves and pointed at his smooth arms with a smile. “Look, the wounds from this morning have all healed.”

Everyone, “……”

It wasn’t just healing the hideous wounds. After the repair, the skin on his arm was smooth and delicate like it was new.

It was exactly four in the morning when everyone teleported away. Now it was seven in the evening. This was 15 hours and all the wounds were as good as new. The repair ability of a level 5 bug was scary enough. So how strong was the repair ability of a level 10 bug queen? If her arm was cut off, would she just grow a new one in seconds?

Everyone couldn’t help getting chills at the thought.

Xiao Lou said, “She summoned the bugs to gather at the bridge. This should be to confuse us. She might know that some assimilated humans among the bugs won’t listen to her command.”

Ye Qi was nervous. “Chief Shao can feel her. Then… can she also sense Chief Shao?”

This question stunned everyone. That’s right. Shao Qingge could feel the signal of the bugs so the level 10 bug could certainly feel them. In this way, couldn’t she clearly and accurately locate the ‘disobedient’ bug?

Shao Qingge finally reacted. “I understand why she called the bugs to gather at the bridge. Most of the low level bugs and high level bugs willing to listen to the queen’s instructions will gather. However, those who are assimilated by challengers or other humans definitely wouldn’t be stupid enough to run to the bug’s lair to die. In this way, she will be able to distinguish those who are unwilling to follow her instructions.”

Xiao Lou added, “Then she will use the bug queen’s powerful perception ability to accurately locate where these disobedient bugs are hiding and lead the elite troops to eliminate them one by one?!”

The team members heard this and their faces turned white. The queen hadn’t called the bug army to gather to launch an all-out attack. It was to quickly find the location of the disobedient bugs.

Shao Qingge’s existence as an ‘undercover’ meant he could perceive the bugs’ plan but in the same way, he was a fixed-time explosive bomb. He might attract the most powerful bug boss at any time.

Shao Qingge thought up to here and suggested, “Why don’t you keep hiding here while I go to the bridge to see the situation?”

Yu Hanjiang immediately objected. “No! You said it earlier. The queen is using the group signal to summon the army. There will be thousands of bugs on the bridge. If you go alone and encounter a bug that has a higher level than you, won’t you be assimilated by them?”

Xiao Lou agreed. “Yes, it is too dangerous for you to act alone. The bugs are highly hierarchical and you are now classified as level 5. If you encounter a level 7 or 8 bug that attacks and fuses with you, it is highly likely your consciousness will be swallowed. Once your consciousness is swallowed, you will be directly eliminated and erased from our contract. How can you escape the Nightmare Room alone?”

Ye Qi had experience with the Nightmare Room and paled nervously. He stared at Shao Qingge and spoke in a nervous voice. “Don’t go to the Nightmare Room! The difficulty of the Nightmare Room is more than twice that of a normal room. 8 of Spades is already very difficult. I can’t imagine a double difficulty…”

Shao Qingge frowned. “However, if I stay with you then the queen can perceive my position at any time. This is too dangerous for you.

Xiao Lou looked at Shao Qingge earnestly. “No matter what, we won’t let you take the risk alone.”

Their teammates nodded.

Shao Qingge’s heart warmed and he smiled. “Yes, since you won’t let me go listen to the queen, let’s go to a bug nest. I still have another method that requires everyone’s cooperation.”

Yu Hanjiang told him, “You say it.”

Shao Qingge’s eyes narrowed. “The queen has just sent a signal and many bugs haven’t had time to rush to the location. What if we think of ways to block some of the bugs heading to the bridge? Let me kill a few and level up. Perhaps I can get to level 9 or 10?”

Everyone, “………”

Ye Qi exclaimed helplessly, “You are addicted to leveling!”

Chief Shao might have the ability to repair his body but Ye Qi still couldn’t bear to see this man’s bloody struggle.

Shao Qingge looked at Ye Qi. “This method might be risky but it is worth a try. Otherwise, if the queen really does search for the disobedient bugs to be eliminated one by one, it isn’t certain if we can defeat her elite army. I will strengthen myself in advance. If I increase my strength then there will be more chances of winning, right?”

Yu Hanjiang simply stood up and decided. “Just do it!”

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1 year ago

Is this Chief Shao’s development arc?

1 year ago

Character arc time! I love when my favourite characters get the arc they deserve

1 year ago

Solo Leveling typa shii 💀. Also, character growth arc for my fav man <33

1 year ago

Can you blame him leveling is the best lol, lying down to win is only second best

2 months ago

I loved him since 2 of Clubs! So good to see him get stronger 🥹

1 month ago

I agree with shao gege! These concerns are not necessary, he won’t be harmed at all. He is not a kid and knows how to protect himself while also leveling up.