CR: Chapter 226

Shao Qingge actually ran out alone to fight these bugs? Xiao Lou was panicked and hurriedly asked Ye Qi, “Xiao Ye, what’s going on? Why did Chief Shao suddenly run out?”

Ye Qi’s face was white and he clenched his fists as he stared at Shao Qingge. He spoke in a trembling voice, “He… Chief Shao said that he assimilated the bug and wants to take advantage of this time to fight the mobs and upgrade…”

Xiao Lou was taken aback and turned to watch Shao Qingge. He saw the tall man moving like the wind through the group of bugs. His hands seemed to have changed. His fingernails were extremely sharp and he scratched the arms of several infected people in the blink of an eye.

Countless bugs crawled into his body along the blood from the wound. Xiao Lou felt numb just seeing the scene!

However, Shao Qingge seemed to feel no fear at all. There was a faint smile on his face and his actions were as fast as lightning. One after another, the bugs were scratched and merged with him. All his teammates were stunned by the scene and glanced at each other.

Long Sen’s eyeballs were about to fall out and he couldn’t help letting out a coarse swear word. “F*k, what is Chief Shao doing? He is taking the initiative to merge with the bugs? Isn’t he afraid of being integrated instead?”

Qu Wanyue made a guess. “Perhaps his ability was stronger after assimilating the bugs. Look carefully, none of these bugs are daring to attack him actively. It is as if they are all shocked by Chief Shao.”

Liu Qiao touched her chin thoughtfully. “Perhaps it is because Chief Shao has experienced assimilation so his level is higher than these ordinary bugs?”

Old Mo exclaimed. “It is possible! You see, these bugs seem to be afraid of him and don’t dare get close to him!”

Shao Qingge fought even more fiercely and in the blink of an eye, he had merged with six or seven bugs. His body was covered with blood and this blood seemed to attract the surrounding bugs to him to merge with him. Xiao Lou saw this scene and couldn’t believe the man fighting in front of him in a bloody manner was Shao Qingge who always said with a smile, “I want to lie down and win.”

At this time, was it Shao Qingge himself or was he controlled by the bugs? This attack power was too fierce!

Xiao Lou nervously asked, “Ye Qi, can you feel Shao Qingge’s consciousness?”

Ye Qi tentatively asked in his mind. “Chief Shao?”

Soon, a deep voice was heard in his mind with a laugh. “I am here. These bugs are afraid of me. Perhaps it is because I have assimilated with the bug and have a higher level than them.” This was consistent with the analysis of Liu Qiao, Teacher Qu and the others.

Ye Qi heard this voice and immediately felt relieved. “You should be more careful. What happens if you lose consciousness because you merged with the bugs? Everyone is worried about you!”

“It doesn’t matter. The bugs who enter my body are obedient and merged with my consciousness. I have found that the bugs have a strict hierarchy. The higher the level of the bugs, the more of a deterrent effect they will have. The low level bugs won’t take the initiative to hurt or attack me. They will only submit to me.”

Ye Qi wondered curiously, “So what do you feel now?”

Shao Qingge laughed. “It feels like a delicious meal.”

Ye Qi, “……”

Delicious? These bugs looked disgusting! Their teammates were worried half to death while he was still in the mood to joke around?

However, this time of Shao Qingge felt familiar to Ye Qi. Currently, Shao Qingge’s combat effectiveness was exploding and he wasn’t afraid to be alone in a large number of bugs. However, in essence, he was still the shameless and joking Chief Shao.

Looking at this man covered with blood, Ye Qi’s eyes became hot. He resisted his runny nose and told Xiao Lou, “His consciousness is still present. He said that these bugs surrender to him and can’t affect him. It might be because he assimilated the bugs that he directly evolved into a high level bug.”

Xiao Lou carefully observed Shao Qingge. Apart from his fast speed and strong climbing abilities, the smile on his face was exactly the same as the previous Shao Qingge.

It seemed that after Shao Qingge was infected, he wasn’t controlled by the bugs and became a puppet of the bugs. It was actually a blessing in disguise because he assimilated the bugs in reverse and gained an extremely strong mutated ability?

Just then, Yu Hanjiang’s voice was heard in his mind. “Xiao Lou, I have found a safe point and am ready to transmit.”

Xiao Lou gave Yu Hanjiang the ‘received’ signal and called out to Shao Qingge, “Chief Shao, we’re going!”

Shao Qingge looked at the bug army reluctantly before returning to the compass circle like the wind. People just felt like there was a flower in front of them and then the man was already standing by Ye Qi’s side.

This speed was similar to the teleportation card but Shao Qingge’s teleportation card was being used by Yu Hanjiang and his card pack was in Ye Qi’s hand. Obviously, he hadn’t used any cards. It was just that the evolved bug ability had greatly improved his physical fitness!

Since Shao Qingge was a teammate with his name on the contract book, he could easily pass through Xiao Lou’s compass barrier. However, the bug army behind him was blocked by this transparent barrier. The thing that shocked Xiao Lou and the others was that the group of bugs didn’t try to attack Shao Qingge. They just crawled outside the circle and looked at Shao Qingge like… they were trying to make him stay?

The next moment, Yu Hanjiang used Li Qingzhao’s Stray Into the Depths of the Lotus Flowers skill. The team members could return to the point that was marked five minutes ago.

It had been six minutes since Yu Hanjiang left. Yu Hanjiang used the light footwork and teleportation cards at the same time and teleported through the air. He found a safe place and after setting the mark, he pulled the team members over. This skill of Li Qingzhao could only be used once a day but the effect was very strong.

The bugs found that the people in this place suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Xiao Lou and the others just felt their vision flickering and then they collectively arrived on the top floor of a building. Yu Hanjiang actually found the roof of a six storey building as the marking place. Everyone had suddenly come to the top of the building and were a bit confused for a moment.

Seeing his teammates, Yu Hanjiang took a step forward and calmly explained, “There was a fierce battle here not long ago. There were burnt corpses everywhere. The challengers who set the fire had already run away and the bugs were chasing us. It should be safe to come back here.”

The bugs went to chase another group of challengers. Xiao Lou’s group could occupy the roof of this building as a temporary base since the bugs wouldn’t return.

Xiao Lou agreed. “The place that Group Leader Yu found is good. We will rest here first.”

In any case, Li Qingzhao’s skill could be used again tomorrow. As long as the bugs didn’t come again in one day, the old technique could be repeated. Compass made them invisible for 10 minutes while Yu Hanjiang found the next safe point and pulled the group to teleport. This type of ‘guerrilla warfare’ was currently the best way to deal with the bugs.

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over the group and found Shao Qingge. He saw that the white silk tying Shao Qingge was broken and frowned slightly. He stared sharply at Shao Qingge. The two pairs of eyes met before Yu Hanjiang raised his hand and suddenly threw out the white cloth. The white cloth emerged like a snake and aimed at Shao Qingge!

The white cloth was about to control Shao Qingge when Shao Qingge kicked his legs vigorously and jumped more than 10 metres away. He avoided the white silk in a thrilling manner! This type of movement was like the most ferocious beast in a forest.

Yu Hanjiang was taken aback and wanted to tie him up with the silk again but Xiao Lou hurriedly called out, “Don’t fight. Chief Shao has already assimilated with the bugs!”

Ye Qi also proved it. “Yes. don’t fight. He isn’t a bug anymore. His consciousness belongs to Chief Shao.

Yu Hanjiang frowned, put away the white silk card and stared at Shao Qingge. Just now, Yu Hanjiang had been concentrating on avoiding the bug army and looking for a safe place. He didn’t have time to communicate with Xiao Lou and didn’t know about Shao Qingge’s mutation.

Shao Qingge smiled and told him, “In fact, when the group of challengers came at four in the morning, I had already assimilated the bugs and was pretending to be asleep. Thanks to Group Leader Yu, I didn’t dare act rashly. I was afraid to fight him and couldn’t explain clearly. Then once Group Leader Yu left, I broke free and grabbed Xiao Ye’s flute. It was very difficult to trap me. Then I told Xiao Ye that I assimilated with the bugs to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.”

Shao Qingge’s abilities might’ve improved after assimilating the bugs but Yu Hanjiang’s combat effectiveness was also very strong. Shao Qingge didn’t want to fight Group Leader Yu who had a gun in his hand. Therefore, he only broke free of the white silk when Yu Hanjiang left to find the marking point.

Yu Hanjiang raised an eyebrow. “You assimilated with the bug? What is going on?”

Shao Qingge walked over and explained with a smile. “This is thanks to Xiao Ye’s help. The bugs are the most active at night but Xiao Ye was afraid I would be cold. At night, he placed the mineral water bottle in the bed and covered it with heat. The bug was so hot that it was about to collapse. I could slowly suppress its consciousness. Then in the early morning, Xiao Ye brought the bug to the fire. The bug fainted and I took the opportunity to conquer it.”

Ye Qi heard this and his ears turned red. “Uh… I forgot that the bugs are afraid of heat. The temperature is too low on winter nights and I was worried Chief Shao would get a cold, so I brought him to the fire.”

He held the water bottle to sleep at night and brought the bug to the fire during the night watch. He hadn’t expected to knock the bug out from heat and Shao Qingge was given an opportunity.

Shao Qingge gently patted Ye Qi on the shoulder. “It is thanks to Xiao Ye’s help that the consciousness of the bug became weaker and they were completely swallowed up by me. So don’t worry. I can now fully control my body.”

Xiao Lou was curious. “You just integrated with the bugs. Are there any effects on your body?”

Shao Qingge replied, “Of course, there is an effect.”

Everyone watched him nervously and Shao Qingge smiled. “It is a positive effect. It is like absorbing a lot of nutrients. I am full of physical strength and energy. You see….”

He rolled up his sleeves as he spoke. Previously, Shao Qingge had fought with the bugs and his body was covered with blood. He obviously suffered a lot of injuries.

Everyone took a closer look and found that there were bloodstains covering his arms. There was almost no completely intact skin on his entire arm. They were all traces left behind by the bugs’ sharp nails and it looked shocking.

Ye Qi saw these injuries and his eyes became hot. He wished for these injuries to be transferred to his own body. Shao Qingge felt Ye Qi’s thoughts and his heart softened. He told everyone, “There might be many wounds but I don’t feel any pain at all.”

Xiao Lou was a bit surprised. “Are the pain nerves paralyzed?”

Shao Qingge shook his head. “No, it’s more like the bugs’ self-repairing ability. The bugs who were in my body told me that they have a long lifespan and strong survivability. They can regenerate if their limbs are cut off. I think this ability might be at work. The injuries don’t hurt like there is hard armour inside my body. These wounds are only on the surface.

He gently scratched his left arm with a nail of his right hand. A long bloody scratch was drawn on the skin. The man’s arm muscles were clear. Currently, this arm was dripping with blood but Shao Qingge’s expression was calm.

A deep wound could be cut directly on his skin with only his nails, indicating that his fingernails were as sharp as the bugs.

His body was bleeding but his face didn’t change, showing he really didn’t feel pain. These wounds didn’t affect the bugs, just like scratches on the surface of a car wouldn’t affect the performance of the car.

Shao Qingge told them, “The bugs have a very strong repair ability. These wounds will heal automatically unless they are burned to death. If a limb is cut off, they will immediately grow new ones.

He took out a knife and pointed it at his fingers, wanting to cut it off. Ye Qi immediately stopped him nervously. “Don’t mess around. We believe you!”

The team members, “……”

So after being parasitized, Chief Shao didn’t become the puppet of the bugs. Instead, he conquered the bugs in his body, integrated the abilities of the bug and became a ‘human and bug’ big boss? Cut off one leg and they would soon grow a new leg? The faces of the team members were very excited as they looked at Shao Qingge like they were seeing a boss.

Shao Qingge smiled at them. “I used to always lie down to win. In this secret room, I can finally play a role.”

‘Lying down to win’ might be a joke but it was true that Shao Qingge wanted to contribute to the team. In their team, Yu Hanjiang was currently the strongest in combat and Xiao Lou was the strongest think tank. Everyone had their own role… Shao Qingge couldn’t just count money for everyone, could he?

In some secret rooms, money couldn’t be used at all. For example, in 8 of Spades. Even if he moved a bank over, he wouldn’t be able to use money to kill the bugs.

He thought that if this powerful ability could be brought out of the secret room or a corresponding card drawn, he might not be a salted fish only responsible for ‘lying down’. At least in critical moments, he would have the ability to protect Ye Qi and other people instead of letting his teammates protect him.

Shao Qingge’s idea was clearly heard through the heart channel.

Ye Qi’s eyes were hot and he whispered in his mind, “Chief Shao, don’t think like this. No one thinks you are fishing in troubled waters. The Hearts and Spades secret rooms aren’t your strong points. I have also lied down to win many times in the team. Everyone is good at different things. Chief Shao, you are actually excellent. We wouldn’t be able to get to today without you.”

Shao Qingge smiled. “I know but I want to get better.”

In the cruel Card World, it was only by becoming stronger that you could protect the people you wanted to protect, right?

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