CR: Chapter 225

His teammates were all asleep. Ye Qi was wrapped in a thick down jacket as he sat by the fire.

Shao Qingge was sitting next to him with hands and feet tied, his mouth blocked by a cloth ball. It was unknown what he wanted to say. Ye Qi tried to connect with the heart channel but unfortunately, there was no connection. Therefore, Ye Qi ignored him.

However, Shao Qingge was frowning and sweat was constantly dripping from his forehead. Ye Qi couldn’t bear it so he took the cloth ball away from Shao Qingge’s mouth. “What do you want to say?”

Shao Qingge exclaimed angrily, “You know I’m a bug yet you’re bringing me to the fire?”

Ye Qi, “……”

Sorry, he forgot. Ye Qi touched his nose in a hesitant manner. He moved the fire to one side and asked curiously, “Why aren’t you pretending to be Chief Shao? You admitted so easily that you are a bug.”

Shao Qingge was stunned. After a while, he replied, “I was dizzy from the fire and didn’t care about disguising myself.”

The two looked at each other and were embarrassed for a while.

The IQ of the bug inside Shao Qingge shouldn’t be particularly high. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be suppressed by Shao Qingge last night. Ye Qi saw the face that was distorted in an ugly expression. In any case, he was bored. He would chat with the bug and perhaps he could get some information.

Ye Qi wondered, “Are you an alien?”

“It’s a secret. I can’t tell you.”

Ye Qi made a sound and then asked, “Do you want to destroy humans? Is this why you occupied the city?”

“It isn’t about destroying humans but integrating with them. A human’s physical fitness is too poor. With our help, your physical fitness is doubled and you can live longer.”

Ye Qi was curious. “Then how long do you live for?”

Shao Qingge replied, “It isn’t a problem for low level bugs to live until 150 years old. The high level ones can live to 200 years old.”

Ye Qi, “……”

Sure enough, it was a science-fiction set up. These bugs wanted to integrate with humans, occupy human bodies and improve themselves? Of course, they might be reverse integrated by humans to improve physical fitness.

Shao Qingge told him, “Species fusion is an evolutionary process in itself.”

Seeing that Ye Qi stopped talking, he smiled and suggested, “Would you like to try it? After merging with me, you can get excellent climbing ability. For example, your human elevator can’t be used without electricity. Meanwhile, if you become a bug, you can climb up a 100 storey building in one minute.”

Ye Qi, “……”

Shao Qingge continued to seriously persuade him. “After being infected, your running speed and jumping height can be greatly improved.”

Ye Qi listened to him earnestly talking about the benefits of fusion for a long time and smiled. “You are a hardworking bug. Your boss should give you a promotion award.”

“My boss?”

Ye Qi started to express the cliches. “For example, the bug queen? Her Majesty or something like that?”

Shao Qingge shook his head. “No, the leaders of every batch are created after the integration and upgrading of the bug groups.”

Ye Qi was slightly startled. “So the leader of the bugs hadn’t emerged? The bugs hadn’t moved for the past few days. Was it because they were upgrading to gain a leader? This news was very important. He had to tell Professor Xiao as soon as possible.

Ye Qi and Shao Qingge chatted for a while. Shao Qingge yawned and wondered, “Why am I sleepy again…?’

Hearing this, Ye Qi’s heart thumped. Weren’t all bugs more capable of moving at night? This bug was actually sleepy? Could it be that Shao Qingge’s consciousness was at work to slowly suppress the bugs’ consciousness?

He hadn’t figured it out when he saw this person’s head lowering. Shao Qingge had actually fallen asleep.

Ye Qi couldn’t let him sleep in the snow. He had to help Shao Qingge up, give him a pillow and let him sleep next to the tent. Ye Qi threw three eavesdroppers to different positions and listened carefully to the surrounding movements.

Time passed minute by minute.

At four in the morning, Yu Hanjiang woke up and asked about the situation. Ye Qi relieved the bug’s words to Group Leader Yu. Yu Hanjiang also felt it was possible and told Ye Qi, “In case the bugs suddenly attack after gaining a new leader, I’ll keep watch with you.”

Xiao Lou woke up not long after. He walked over and sat beside Group Leader Yu. He and Yu Hanjiang were connected to each other so he knew what Ye Qi had said. So many bugs had been burned to death previously. Since there had been no action for several days, it was likely an even fiercer counterattack would be launched next.

Just then, footsteps were heard in the distance. Ye Qi’s three eavesdroppers heard the sound of footsteps on the snow at the same time. Xiao Lou immediately turned on the drone’s monitoring and the palm-sized card screen showed a dynamic picture.

Dozens of humans were coming in the direction of the wasteland, many of them with familiar faces. Xiao Lou saw Gao Xiao’s team as well as the challengers from the Eternal Kingdom and Luoying Pavilion.

Ye Qi couldn’t help staring. “All the challengers? How did they get together?”

Xiao Lou was very puzzled. The bugs could disguise as humans so it was difficult for strange challengers to completely trust each other and work together, unless they experienced the predicament of being surrounded by the bugs before joining forces.

In the supermarket, the Luoying Pavilion team had directly refused the invitation of the bearded uncle from the Eternal Kingdom to work together and clear the instance. Therefore, the latter reason was more likely. In the past three days, Xiao Lou’s group hadn’t been attacked by the bugs. Perhaps they went to other places to attack the challengers. These nearby teams had joined forces to defend against the enemy.

The group of challengers stopped nearby and a familiar middle-aged man’s voice rang in Xiao Lou’s ears. “Everyone, “I am the captain of the third team of the Eternal Kingdom, Hu Qiang. These are challengers from other teams. We are calling for the formation of the challengers alliance to fight the bugs together.”

Xiao Lou stood up alertly.

Hu Qiang continued. “I have a fire detection card in my hand and found there is a fire source here. Thus, I guessed that there are challengers gathered here. I hope you can join hands with us. Now the situation has reached the most difficult time. A new bug queen has been born and their strength has increased sharply. On the way here, we were almost wiped out by a group of bugs.”

Yu Hanjiang’s face sunk. “Bug queen?”

Hu Qiang kept speaking, “This is a powerful alien bug and their strength has increased sharply. It is like a group of scattered soldiers gaining a commander. They are almost everywhere and forcing out the challengers hiding in every corner. In the beginning, we also wanted to pass this level alone and not team up with anyone. However, it seems like that won’t work anymore.”

Xiao Lou was suspicious of the bearded uncle’s words.

His team had Shao Qingge, an infected person. Who could guarantee that there were no infected people among the nearly 50 challengers outside? Besides, Chief Shao was infected and it couldn’t be kept a secret. What would other people think about Shao Qingge as an infected person? Would they secretly burn him to death?’

Yu Hanjiang decisively refused. “No thank you. We will clear it on our own.”

Hu Qiang’s tone was serious. “This brother, you are too confident.”

Yu Hanjiangs’ voice was flat. “Your intentions are good. Go and find other challengers to join forces. We will only take care of our team.”

Hu Qiang was silent for a moment and then Gao Xiao spoke from next to him. “Their group really is strong. Since they aren’t willing to join forces, forget it. Let’s find a place to hide as soon as possible. The bug army will come again soon.”

She shouted to Xiao Lou. “You have to be careful. This time, the bugs are much stronger. The ring of fire won’t necessarily stop them!”

Xiao Lou answered. “Thank you for warning me.”

The group of people gradually went away. Xiao Lou looked at Yu Hanjiang and frowned. “Why do I feel that this isn’t quite right? What do so many people want to do when gathered together?”

Ye Qi scratched his head and made a guess. “Could it be that someone was infected so they deliberately incited everyone to gather together in order to eliminate them?”

Yu Hanjiang touched his chin. “No matter their situation, we can no longer join forces with any challenger team. We must take into account Chief Shao’s safety. Ask everyone to get up and be prepared. Xiao Lou, if necessary, use the compass’ five minutes of invincibility. I will find a place outside to set Li Qingzhao’s skill mark and teleport everyone over.”

“Okay.” Xiao Lou took out the Compass card and drew a circle in advance. It could be released directly when the bugs attacked. Ye Qi turned around to wake everyone up. Yu Hanjiang asked for the teleportation card that was copied by Chief Shao and was in Ye Qi’s hand. Then he picked up the city map and carefully observed it to find a place to put the marker.

None of the three noticed that Shao Qingge, who was sleeping next to them, suddenly opened his eyes. Once the other teammates were woken up, they carried backpacks and prepared to evacuate at any time.

Just then, there was a squeaking noise from Ye Qi’s eavesdroppers. The sound became louder and louder. Ye Qi turned and looked into the distance. He saw a huge group of humanoid beasts coming from all sides. All the fences around the wasteland were torn apart and they rushed like fierce tigers toward Xiao Lou and the others!

The agility of these bugs had increased and their actions were like the wind. In almost the blink of an eye, they had rushed across a few acres of land! Xiao Lou immediately activated the invincible circle!

The bugs hit the invisible barrier and were blocked. It was difficult for them to break through. Yu Hanjiang flew up lightly. After a few consecutive jumps, he instantly disappeared into the distance. Xiao Lou saw him flying into a sea of bugs and his heart was in his throat. He trembled as he spoke in the heart channel, “You be careful….”

Yu Hanjiang’s low and calm voice was heard. “It’s okay. I brought the light footwork and the teleportation card. If I use the cards at the same time, I can teleport 50 metres in the air. These bugs can’t hurt me for the time being. Stabilize the situation and once I find the marked location, I will bring you over.”

Xiao Lou was slightly relieved to hear this.

The teleportation card in Chief Shao’s card pack was taken away by Group Leader Yu. He used the combination of the light footwork and teleportation to complete the ‘air teleportation’ operation. The bugs might be agile but they couldn’t fly. If Yu Hanjiang moved 50 metres in an instant through the air, they really couldn’t catch up.

Just as Xiao Lou was going to stabilize the situation, Shao Qingge suddenly broke free from where he was tied to the tent!

Ye Qi knew that Professor Xiao’s circle of invincibility could last for 10 minutes and wasn’t worried about the first wave of attacks. His eyes had never left Chief Shao. Therefore, once Chief Shao moved, he immediately reacted by shouting, “Be careful! Chief Shao has broken free!”

It obviously wasn’t a coincidence that he broke free of the white silk the moment Group Leader Yu left.

Everyone got a chill at the same time and they took out all sorts of cards to control him. However, Shao Qingge knew that Ye Qi would use the flute to control him. The moment he broke free, he was like a flying shadow as he came behind Ye Qi and snatched the flute from Ye Qi’s hand.

Seeing that the flute was taken away, Ye Qi’s heart was cold. He thought that Chief Shao would bite down on his neck in the next moment! He was ready to be infected. However, Shao Qingge didn’t bite him. Instead, he put the flute back in Ye Qi’s hands, stared deeply at Ye Qi and rushed out of Xiao’s invincibility circle.

At this time, several bugs had crawled outside the circle. Shao Qingge’s sharp nails slashed at the body of one of the bugs. Everyone saw the bug withering like a plant that had its nutrients absorbed. Shao Qingge’s eyes were red and he immediately attacked the next bug. Another bug was merged with him.

Ye Qi trembled and he cried out, “I know what you are doing. It is too dangerous! Come back quickly!”

He had connected to Shao Qingge, even if it was only for a short moment. Shao Qingge had spoken only one sentence in his mind. “I feel sorry to lie down and win every time. This time, I will protect you.”

This sentence occurred the moment he handed over the flute to Ye Qi.

Tears formed in Ye Qi’s eyes as he saw Shao Qingge personally fighting the bugs outside alone, saw the blood stains on Shao Qingge’s body and the countless bugs entering his body through the blood.

What if Chief Shao’s consciousness was swallowed during the bugs fusion process? Was he crazy?!

Shao Qingge’s laughing voice was heard. “Don’t be afraid. I have completely assimilated the bugs and they won’t attack me actively. There are still five minutes until the retreat. I want to kill some mobs and level up.”

Ye Qi, “……”

The tears that almost fell were forced back by the joke.

‘Shao Qingge, can’t you speak a bit more seriously at such a dangerous time?!’

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1 year ago

If he ends up surviving through this, I bet that he will get a transformation card that would transform him to a bug infested version of himself, so then he can fight with Yu Hangjiang on the front lines.

1 year ago

Gosh this whole arc (mainly the development between Ye Qi and Shao Qingge) got me emotional

1 year ago

I’m so glad Chief Shao is looking like he’ll finally have more offensive power. I love his cp with Ye Qi so much they’re so cute

11 months ago

He is going to turn into a queen?