CR: Chapter 217

Everyone in the team was currently in stealth but the bugs were not.

Seeing that there was no one in the empty warehouse, the woman in the lead said, “There is no one here. Let’s go search elsewhere. Tonight, we will search all the warehouses, factories and buildings below three floors in the east district and mark them.”

The few people beside her. “Yes, boss!”

They had just turned around to walk out when a wall appeared at the door.

The marble bricks could instantly change shape according to the terrain. They could be placed horizontally to pave the road or placed vertically to block the road. Old Mo directly blocked the retreat of the bugs when they turned to leave.

The group of bugs should be the ‘vanguard investigation team’. They were quick to act and had better physical fitness. Many of them had merged and upgraded. Naturally, Yu Hanjiang’s team couldn’t let them go or they would bring the big army here.

Yu Hanjiang coldly ordered, “Hit them!”

The blocked bugs noticed there were people here and their faces changed. Their eyes instantly became a scarlet colour.

They couldn’t see the people of Xiao Lou’s team but everyone could see them clearly.

There was a squeaking sound from the female bug’s mouth. The team didn’t understand the bug language but the other four bugs immediately dispersed when they heard it. The four male bugs over 180cm tall moved vigorously, crawling quickly through the warehouse and flashing in front of everyone like four whirlwind shadows.

Ye Qi took out his erhu and played the song Two Springs Reflecting the Moon.

This group control hit at least three of them. The other two were too far away to be affected by the sound wave. Yu Hanjiang immediately dropped a bottle of medical alcohol and threw a lit cloth at one of the bugs. The bug was swept up by the flames and let out a squeak of pain.

The surrounding partners didn’t dare to approach when they saw the flames. The two controlled ones were about to wake up so Ye Qi and Long Sen connected their control. Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou were in charge of the fire attack. One more to the left and one to the right and two more bugs were killed in the blink of an eye!

This included the female leader.

Seeing the death of the leader, the remaining two male bugs started to flee frantically. Ye Qi quickly used his flute to control one and Yu Hanjiang burned him. The other one was chased by Long Sen’s Badminton card. Although the probability of Long Sen hitting a moving target was very low, he actually had good luck this time and hit it.

The bug probably knew that he couldn’t escape so he was climbing the wall to try and escape from the roof. Long Sen stared at the wall he was climbing and hit him in the back. The bug was stunned and unable to move. Qu Wanyue hurriedly threw the alcohol and fired at him!

The flames were lit instantly and they got goosebumps at the screams of several bugs.

Moments later, the five bugs had turned into charred corpses on the ground. Using alcohol to splash the body and ignite it could avoid spreading the fire to other locations in the warehouse. The fruit cartons nearby that were affected by the fire were quickly extinguished by Old Mo and Liu Qiao.

Long Sen calmly looked at the corpses on the ground. “This group of bugs were energetic and had good physical fitness. I have been in a sports school for a long time so I can tell that these people have undergone professional training. Their running, jump, arm strength and leg strength are top-notch.

Xiao Lou mused, “In other words, the bugs will screen people? They will find those with strong physical fitness for integration?”

Yu Hanjiang also felt this possibility was extremely high. He told them softly, “After all, the bugs will only use human bodies as puppets. If they parasitize weak people then their own mobility will be affected.”

Ye Qi agreed. “It makes sense! for example, children who are three or three years old or old people around 70-80 can’t climb as fast as males who are over 1.8 metres tall. They can even screen humans for upgrading. They really don’t take us as people!”

Shao Qingge helplessly shook his head. “In the eyes of the bugs, humans are just the shells for them to parasitize. The higher the quality, the stronger they will be.”

Everyone, “……”

In the eyes of the bugs, humans were just the lowest creatures? This made everyone feel angry.

Xiao Lou analyzed it. “The group of five just now should’ve been the bugs pioneering vanguard team. They grouped together to explore the road and find people, infecting the weak ones. If they encounter something that isn’t easy to deal with, they will bring a large army to clean them up.

After all, there were hundreds of thousands of bugs in the city. If they didn’t act in batches on their own then things would become messy.

There should be a senior commander among the bugs in charge of the infection work of every district. Ye Qi lamented, “They are indeed high intelligence creatures. It was their bad luck that the vanguard didn’t know about the invisibility cloak. They were attacked by us and destroyed.”

The successful eradication of the pioneering group made them let out a sigh of relief.

However, no one could let their guard down. The rear of the vanguard was likely to be an army of thousands.

Everyone did a good job and defense until there were 30 seconds left for the invisibility cloak.

Just as the time of the cloaks was up and everyone could see their teammates, Ye Qi’s face became extremely pale. “There is a strange sound! Listen!”

There was a sound from the bug. It was the sound of countless footsteps on the snow mixed in with some weird sliding sounds. There was also a woman broadcasting with a big horn. “The bug army is coming. Run!”

This voice was familiar. It was Sister Gao from the Distant Association team. Yu Hanjiang took a closer look and saw that in the distance, Sister Gao’s team of 12 was using displacement cards to crazily escape!

The team’s displacement cards were very distinctive. Three of them could slide quickly on the snow with something similar to a ‘scooter.’ Their speed was comparable to a car overtaking on the highway. It was just unknown if they would fall down by mistake.

Two people were pole vaulting this way! This card was somewhat similar to Long Sen and Qu Wanyue’s Long Jump card but Long Qu jumped with two legs. These people used their long poles as support on the ground to jump over many obstacles. It was easy to use and relatively labor-saving.

Ye Qi quickly saw Cheng Ziyang in the crowd. Cheng Ziyang was using a pair of roller skates that had the same speed as the scooter next to him and he wasn’t affected by the terrain outside.

Yu Hanjiang frowned. He had buried a circle of gasoline outside. If he ignited it at this time then he would burn the people of the Distant Association. Cheng Ziyang might’ve betrayed Ye Qi but his 11 teammates were innocent university students. They couldn’t be blown up.

Yu Hanjiang shouted at them, “Cross the boundary of that tree in 10 seconds!”

There was a safe distance between the big tree and the warehouse. This was the distance that Yu Hanjiang had calculated that they wouldn’t be affected by the explosion.

The outer ring of the big tree contained the petrol barrels they had arranged.

Since it had been snowing these days, the enclosed gasoline barrels were buried under the snow and couldn’t be seen. However, the amount of gasoline was so large that once ignited, the heat and flames generated by the explosion would instantly overturn the snow and burn countless bugs!

10 seconds, 9 seconds…

Sister Gao and the others didn’t know Xiao Lou’s layout. They only heard that they should run across the boundary of the tree within 10 seconds. Everyone immediately sped up and as they approached, Xiao Lou finally saw them clearly.

Not far behind then, a large army of bugs was chasing frantically. Countless humanoid bugs were crawling and jumping on the snowy ground. The black figures were like a wave rushing towards them!

The faces of his teammates paled.

Long Sen couldn’t help cursing. “F*k! There are thousands of them!”

Liu Qiao’s face was terrible. “There are thousands of students in my university. The whole school gathers in the auditorium and there wouldn’t be so many people. No, there wouldn’t be so many bugs.”

This joke was a bit cold. Qu Wanyue smiled reluctantly, already speechless. The group stared nervously into the distance while Yu Hanjiang took out Mad Believers. This was the largest and most powerful of Yu Hanjiang’s firearms, a machine gun!

The countdown was 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second…

The people of the Distant Association ran quickly and finally crossed the barrier of the big tree. Yu Hanjiang cried out in his mind, “Xiao Lou, open the barrier. I am setting fire to it!”

Xiao Lou had long been ready. The Compass had been drawn and once he heard Group Leader Yu’s voice, he quickly raised the barrier around the big tree. Yu Hanjiang held the machine gun in both hands and jumped up with the light footwork card. The man’s sharp eyes were focused on the surging bugs. He aimed at the snow under the big tree and pulled the trigger, shooting wildly!

Bang bang bang bang!

For a time, only the sound of gunfire was heard!

The people of the Distant Association knelt down in fright, thinking this man would hit them. Unexpectedly, Yu Hanjiang shot down from the air and none of the bullets hit them. Instead, it was all shot behind them.

The first gasoline barrel was shot through by a bullet. Due to the influence of the snow, Yu Hanjiang swept an entire row fiercely. Sparks flew as bullets hit the gasoline barrels arranged in a circle. As long as one was ignited, it would cause a series of chain reactions.

The intense gunfire was like looking at a gunfight in a movie!

In a few seconds, Yu Hanjiang had fired hundreds of bullets from Mad Believers and then there was a loud ‘boom’ in everyone’s ears.

The heat wave generated by the gasoline explosion directly overturned the group of bugs chasing nearby! Their bodies were blown to pieces and it was too late to merge. The bug army followed. The first batch were blown to ashes and the next batch followed.

Then after that, the raging flames ignited all the bugs who rushed in. There was a horrible squeaking sound from the bug army and everyone got a chill when they heard it. If they had let this group of bugs go then the situation could be imagined!

Meanwhile, the people of the Distant Association was dumbfounded. They were only a few metres away from the location of the explosion and the gasoline had exploded just behind their asses.

They could even clearly feel the heat wave in the air and they thought their asses were going to be ignited. Unexpectedly, they weren’t injured or affected by the explosion and fire. It was due to Xiao Lou using the Compass’ circle and helping them resist the injuries.

Xiao Lou shouted at them, “Run!”

Sister Gao and the others reacted and immediately ran to them with the help of various displacement cards. The man with glasses was in shock and he grabbed the glasses that almost fell down. “A-Awesome, you actually buried explosives?”

Yu Hanjiang spoke calmly. “It is gasoline.”

The group of university students felt admiration.

The scene that followed made them feel even more admiration. Xiao Lou took out a hair dryer and Yu Hanjiang whispered, “Go!”

Yu Hanjiang held the machine gun in one hand and gently hugged Xiao Lou’s waist with the other. He flew with Xiao Lou in the air.

Xiao Lou looked in the right direction and activated the skill of the hair dryer. The wind helped the fire! The monstrous fire was blown by the hair dryer and immediately spread in the direction of the rushing bugs. Then he used the power bank card to refresh the skills of the hair dryer. One wave wasn’t enough so they would cause another wave.

The screams of the bugs was like hell. The number of people they killed and burned could no longer be counter.

The fire was becoming hotter and stronger. It spread in the wind directly from Xiao Lou’s hairdryer and too many of the bugs were burned. They might be numerous but they couldn’t cross this barrier made of flames!

High in the sky, Xiao Lou used the blow dryer to help the flames and Yu Hanjiang flew around with him. The light footwork card could float for 8 seconds before finding a landing point. The two people cooperated and they soon surrounded the entire warehouse with a fire circle.

The ring of fire that encircled them 360 degrees without any dead ends completely blocked the footsteps of the bug army.

Everyone was terrified when they recalled the scene of Yu Hanjiang flying in the air just now and shooting at the gasoline barrels.

The two men had cooperated too well. If Xiao Lou’s Compass was one second slower than the heat and fire from the explosion might’ve affected them. If Xiao Lou’s hair dryer was used incorrectly then the flames might backfire.

The reason why the two of them were able to cooperate so well was because they knew what the other was thinking through the heart channel.

After stabilizing the situation, Yu Hanjiang hugged Xiao Lou and gently landed on the snow. “It can be blocked for a while. Everyone, spread out and stare at the ring of fire. If a bug gets through the ring of fire by stepping on the bodies of their companies then immediately control the solution. However, my guess is that they won’t dare to do this. They are most afraid of fire.”

Xiao Lou added, “Keep your control skills just in case. Control those who climb over and let them burn to death.”

The defense of the wall of fire was arguably unassailable. Could the low level bugs break through the layer of fire formed by this barrier?

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