CR: Chapter 215

At the beginning, Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang and Shao Qingge had met Ye Qi in 3 of Spades. Xiao Ye had disguised himself as a garbage collector. He smeared black ash on his face and pushed a garbage bike to sneak away in the middle of the night.

At first, Xiao Lou’s group thought he was eavesdropping on everyone’s clearance ideas. Later, they learned that Ye Qi had known the development of the plot for a long time. The reason he was so cautious was because he experienced 3 of Spades once, failed and was eliminated. Finally, he managed to escape from 3 of Spades’ nightmare room.

According to Ye Qi’s description, the first time he came to Financial Crisis, he was randomly matched to a school senior. Since the other person was his senior, he was happy to be a team and acted with full confidence in the other person.

As a result, most of their supplies were stolen on the first day and they only had one school bag filled with milk and biscuits left. It wasn’t enough for two people to eat. Ye Qi thought that he would eat less and let his senior eat more. He could resist hunger.

Then he woke up to find that his senior had taken his supplies and left him alone.

He was penniless and at a loss. A kind-hearted girl took him in. Everyone went to the construction site at night but they were wiped out by the prisoners who escaped. As a result, Ye Qi was thrown into the Nightmare Room and survived by eating leaves for a few days.

As for the senior, Ye Qi never saw him again. Ye Qi hadn’t expected to meet this person here!

Ye Qi was depressed. “Yes, Cheng Ziyang was the most handsome student at our school. He won an award in a singing competition and a record company signed with him. At that time, I was randomly matched with him in 3 of Spades. I heard he was the famous Cheng Ziyang and was quite happy. I thought I would always team up with him in the later rooms. Unexpectedly, he left me alone in the critical moment and ran away.”

Shao Qingge’s expression was incredulous. “Most handsome student? Your school’s most handsome student is at this level?’

“Yes… isn’t he handsome?”

Shao Qingge told him earnestly, “That ugly person isn’t half as good-looking as you.”

Ye Qi’s cheeks were red from being praised. “Cough, this isn’t necessary. I have self-knowledge. I can get a maximum of six points for my appearance.”

Shao Qingge smiled at him. “In my heart, you can score 9.9 points. I deducted 0.1 because I’m afraid you will be too proud.”

Ye Qi was amused by him and his originally depressed mood was much better. “Cough, don’t joke around. Objectively speaking, Cheng Ziyang really looks good. He released records at a young age and is a big celebrity at my school. He has a lot of fans and many teachers and female students want his autograph. However, he is this type of person. He only has his outer appearance and his inside is extremely hypocritical!”

Shao Qingge heard Ye Qi’s indignant scolding and couldn’t help chuckling. He comforted Ye Qi, “Since you know his true face, don’t care about him. You can’t feel anger toward this type of person.”

“Yes, he might be unreliable but his teammates are innocent. It isn’t good to drive them away directly. Otherwise, just tell Professor Xiao and Group Leader Yu to not join forces with Cheng Ziyang. He left me in 3 of Spades and stole the supplies alone to clear the instance. In a critical moment, perhaps he will stab us in the back. This type of person is very selfish!”

Shao Qingge gently patted the back of Ye Qi’s hand. “Relax. This person betrayed you. How can we join forces with him?”

A moment later, Shao Qingge left the tent and whispered the situation to Xiao Lou.

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang thought Ye Qi had grievances with this senior due to a school matter. Unexpectedly, this senior was actually the traitor who stole the supplies and threw Ye Qi away in the Spades secret room.

A person who would abandon his teammates to clear the instance, regardless of the life and death of his teammates?

Yu Hanjiang wouldn’t put such a person in his eyes, let along join forces with them. He stared at Shao Qingge and Shao Qingge immediately walked to the other person’s tent with a smile. “Cheng Ziyang is it? Please find another place to stay. You aren’t welcome here.”

Cheng Ziyang was named and his expression changed. He walked out of the tent and smiled. “Big brother, it isn’t very good to go back and forth?”

Shao Qingge’s eyes narrowed. “It is better than stealing your teammate’s supplies and leaving your teammate alone. You can do it the first time and there will be a second time… I hate traitors the most. Do you want me to make it clearer?”

The man in front of him was handsome and had a smile on his face, but his eyes were sharp. Cheng Ziyang felt guilty due to this person’s gaze and immediately looked away. The players around them heard this and couldn’t help glancing at each other. They obviously didn’t know their captain’s past.

Sister Gao smiled awkwardly. “Did you misunderstand something? Our captain is very good and has always taken care of everyone.”

The man with glasses added, “Yes, if there is a misunderstanding then please explain it clearly?”

Cheng Ziyang’s mouth twitched slightly before he pasted on a smile again. “Ye Qi must’ve misunderstood. At that time in 3 of Spades, there was a thief outside at night and I chased after him. Since the school bag was on my back, Ye Qi thought I had stolen the supplies. In fact, I went back to the bed and breakfast to find him but I couldn’t. I had been worried about him.”

Xiao Lou frowned. Would this reason deceive a three year old? Chasing after a thief late a night while carrying the supplies, but not waking up his teammate?

He always had a good temper and was polite to people, but this man’s hypocritical face made him sick. Xiao Lou interrupted. “We believe in Xiao Ye’s judgment. You can save the explanation for your own teammates. Our paths are different. Don’t make a conspiracy. Please leave as soon as possible. I don’t want to have to chase you out.”

Cheng Ziyang had a guilty conscience and could only helplessly shrug. “In this case, go somewhere else. This isn’t the only place nearby where we can stay.” He waved his hand and his teammates immediately put away their tents and turned to leave.

Ye Qi heard the movements and stuck his head out of the tent. “This… is it bad to drive them away? Will they be offended?”

Shao Qingge told him, “Why does it matter if we offend such people? We don’t have to be friends with them.”

Ye Qi thought carefully and found this was correct. In any case, every time he saw Cheng Ziyang, he would think about his experience of eating leaves in the Nightmare Room. Cheng Ziyang would also feel guilty when seeing him. The two teams would definitely fail to cooperate so it was best to act on their own.

He thought that Group Leader Yu and Professor Xiao would care about the Distant Association and leave this group of people. His personal grievances weren’t a match for the team or even the guild. He didn’t expect them to neatly drive away this group of people!

Group Leader Yu, Chief Shao and Xiao Lou were extremely protective. Betray their teammate? Then get lost.

Ye Qi’s heart was warm and he looked at the three people in a moved manner. “Thank you. It is all because of me. Otherwise, the two teams can cooperate to fight against the bugs. The strength of the Distant Association should be high…”

Xiao Lou came over with a smile and patted Ye Qi’s shoulder. “What silly words are you saying? This person almost killed you. If you weren’t tenacious enough then you would’ve died in the Nightmare Room. We can’t directly hit him because we are worried about the other members of the Distant Association. The two teams have no advantage when fighting head-on. We can only drive them away. It is better not to see this person again in the future.”

Ye Qi nodded hard. “Yes, it is clean if we don’t see him.”

Yu Hanjiang told them, “Okay, rest first. Xiao Ye, don’t think too much.”

Back in the tent, Ye Qi couldn’t help being emotional. “The Card World is unscrupulous when it comes to clearing the instance. There are too many people who will sell their teammates or directly slaughter the locals. Fortunately, our Group Leader Yu and Professor Xiao are very reliable…”

Shao Qingge laughed. “Aren’t I also reliable?”

Ye Qi nodded. “Of course, the gold father is the strongest backer. If it wasn’t for you, we would have to taste a bitter wind. How could we afford to live in a villa in the main city?”

Shao Qingge extended a hand and gently rubbed Ye Qi’s head. “Your mouth is so sweet. You will definitely be mixed into the entertainment circle in the future.”

After a moment, he whispered, “That Cheng Ziyang left you alone and you were eliminated and entered the Nightmare Room. However, now you have us. No matter what happens in the future, I won’t leave you. Rest assured.”

Ye Qi’s heart was warm and he nodded hard. “Me too. I said it when everyone suspected you were infected. Even if you are infected, I will do everything to take you through the clearance.”

Shao Qingge felt helpless. “Don’t say that. You are setting up a flag behind me.”

Ye Qi, “……”

He didn’t mean it…

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1 year ago

Uh so if they weren’t gonna take revenge then what was the reason for the Senior’s entrance?
Don’t tell me it was just to let Chief Shao flirt with Ye Qi? Lololol but i liked it so no complaints

1 year ago

Aww, the friendship between Chief Shao and Ye Qi is so cute

1 year ago

This is the 2nd time it mentioned about Shao Qingge and infection. It’s def a flag. Maybe the cause is the senior?

1 year ago

They will be back for sure!