CR: Chapter 211

In the Beacon in Troubled Times secret room, it had been autumn and it wasn’t cold when the two people slept in the same bedroom. This was why Xiao Lou could control himself to sleep like a statue.

Now it was winter. Under the heavy snow, Xiao Lou followed the instinctive reaction to find a heat source in his sleep. He hugged the big heater that was Yu Hanjiang tightly so that when he woke up the next morning, he found himself in this man’s arms. He looked up and met a deep gaze.

Xiao Lou realized he had been sleeping in Yu Hanjiang’s arms all night and blushed as he hurriedly sat up, rubbing his temple. “Sorry, I… maybe it was too cold last night…”

Yu Hanjiang’s voice was hoarse but very gentle. “It doesn’t matter. It is really comfortable to hold each other when the weather is cold. You can continue to hold me to sleep in the future.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

Did he have to speak so bluntly? Xiao Lou was too embarrassed to look into Yu Hanjiang’s eyes. He simply blushed and went outside.

The team members had already woken up. He and Yu Hanjiang had slept the latest. It was probably because he slept in Yu Hanjiang’s arms and was warm and at ease. Xiao Lou had actually overslept today. He usually got up at 7 o’clock but it was 8 o’clock today.

Xiao Lou met Shao Qingge’s smiling face and his ears turned red. He ignored this person and turned to find Ye Qi. He walked to the door of the warehouse to see Ye Qi piling up a snowman early in the morning. Ye Qi drew eyes and a nose on the snowman’s face while exclaiming excitedly, “I have never seen such a large amount of snow. It is so thick that it is almost to my knees.”

It had snowed all of last night and the snow outside was high enough to reach their knees. The buildings in the distance were covered with heavy snow and the surroundings were silent. The entire world was wrapped in silver. It had turned into a city of ice and snow overnight.

By this time, the snow had stopped but there was no sunshine. Such thick snow might not melt for a few days. The snow would affect the challengers’ actions. The bugs liked the cold and were good at climbing. The challengers’ chances of victory would be greatly reduced if they fought with the bugs in the snow.

Ye Qi had a good time making the snowman. Then he turned his head and said, “Professor Xiao, I have investigated early in the morning. There are no signs of anyone within a kilometer of this area. I feel that the bugs troop hasn’t attacked the east of the city yet.”

Yu Hanjiang had also come over. He frowned slightly as he saw the world wrapped in silver and said, “The place we found is the most remote warehouse in the entire city. If the bug army comes here then it proves the entire city has almost fallen.”

Xiao Lou agreed. “The first step in their plan should be to occupy the central area and then spread out. Last night, the bugs on the bus were probably the vanguard sent to the east of the city to investigate. We killed them so…”

Ye Qi scratched his head. “Did we inadvertently do a good thing? The 20 bugs were burned to death and it delayed the infection rate in the east of the city?”

Thinking about it carefully, this was indeed a great possibility. The bus of bugs was the vanguard unit. Their camouflage and imitation abilities were on the level of a movie emperor. Unexpectedly, they met this team and Yu Hanjiang remembered the number of the bus and made preparations in advance. He burned the 20 senior bugs to death.

Yu Hanjiang added, “In any case, we should be vigilant. Even if our speculation is correct, we only have two or three days to rest. After the city centre falls, the bugs will soon come to the east of the city.”

Last night, all the bugs had come out of their nests to attack the residential area. This scene still made everyone feel terrified.

If the bug army came to the eastern part of the city then they might face the crisis of fighting 10,000 bugs! At that time, they would be overwhelmed by the huge number of infected people and would have nowhere to move. An escape method had to be thought of in advance.

A cold wind blew past and threw snow on everyone’s face. They all trembled from the cold wind.

Yu Hanjiang told them, “Go back to the warehouse to wash up and have breakfast. Then we will think about the next strategy.”

Ye Qi had piled up his snowman under a tree ten metres away from the warehouse. Xiao Lou thought he was just bored but when he saw Ye Qi placing a bug in the snowman after it was finished. “This snowman can be our scout. I can activate the bug at any time. Once something appears nearby, we can hear it even in the depths of the warehouse.”

Xiao Lou looked at him with unexpected surprise. “You have some ideas. You hid the bug in the snowman but aren’t you afraid that someone will doubt the snowman?”

Ye Qi smiled. “The snowman I made is too ugly. The average person will think that it was a child who blindly piled it up.”

Xiao Lou looked back at the snowman…

It was really ugly. At least Xiao Ye was self-aware.

Back at the breakfast, Liu Qiao and Qu Wanyue had already brought out breakfast. The eight people happily ate bread and drank milk. After a night’s rest, everyone had recovered and they were full of energy.

This was the survival secret room. There might be no crisis for the time being but it wasn’t good to sleep in the warehouse. Yu Hanjiang wanted to plan ahead so that they could escape if their temporary base was surrounded by the bugs.

Thinking of this, he went to the duty room to find the security guard and handed him something to eat. The security guard accepted the milk and bread. Then he said, “Can you let me go home? You see, this warehouse has been occupied by you. I swear I won’t call the police! It is useless for me to stay here!”

Xiao Lou asked, “Where is your home?”

“My home is in the south of the city. It is quite far from here.”

Xiao Lou told him helplessly, “Then you can’t go back. The snow on the road is very thick and there is no one to clear it. Vehicles can’t pass through. Can you walk back in the snow?”

The security guard froze. “Cars can’t pass through?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Yes, there are no cars on the street.”

The security guard had an ugly expression. Yu Hanjiang asked him, “Is there a gas station nearby?”

The security guard was silent for a moment before whispering, “There is one that is two kilometres away.”

Yu Hanjiang brought over the map and asked him to mark it on the map. The security guard obediently made the mark for them.

Old Mo went out to check the bus. After a night of heavy snow, the entire bus was covered with snow. The wheels were buried and he couldn’t drive it at all. He looked at Yu Hanjiang and said, “This bus will be useless if the snow doesn’t melt.”

Yu Hanjiang had already expected this result. “It depends on the situation. If the sun comes out in the next few days and the snow melts enough to clear the road, we will drive to escape. If it doesn’t then we will use our displacement cards.”

Old Mo nodded before wondering, “Group Leader Yu, why are you looking for a gas station? The fuel tank of this bus was full. Last night, we only drove 30 kilometres and there is still 80% left in the fuel tank. There should be enough fuel.”

Yu Hanjiang replied softly, “I want to go to the gas station to get more gasoline and set up an ambush. Once a large number of bugs comes to our base, I will directly light up the gasoline to burn them.”

Mo Xuemin was stunned. “……”

The insecticides didn’t have a strong lethality. Meanwhile, once the gasoline barrels were buried and ignited, there would be a huge explosion. It didn’t matter how many bugs there were. They would all be blown to ashes.

This was indeed a good way to deal with the bugs.

After breakfast, Yu Hanjiang left Old Mo, Long Sen, Qu Wanyue and Liu Qiao behind. He took Ye Qi, Xiao Lou and Shao Qingge to move the gasoline. Ye Qi and Shao Qingge each had a teleportation card that could be used to move objects up to 200 kilometres. Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou were in charge of leading the way while Shao Qingge and Ye Qi followed. The four people moved quickly and in the blink of an eye, they arrived at the gas station marked on the map.

The gas station was empty. Obviously, no one had gone to work today.

Yu Hanjiang found some empty barrels in the convenience store next to the gas station. He filled it with gasoline and handed it to Ye Qi and Shao Qingge. The four people carried it back and forth several times and moved a large amount of gasoline back to the warehouse.

Yu Hanjiang returned to the warehouse and set up traps with everyone.

They placed all the gasoline barrels around the warehouse and set up the first barrier of the base. In the future, if a large number of bugs came then they could directly burn the gasoline and draw a barrier made of raging fire so that the subsequent bugs didn’t dare approach.

Following this, Yu Hanjiang found a shovel and dug at the ground behind the warehouse.

Ye Qi stared with shock. “Group Leader Yu, are you going to dig a tunnel to escape?”

Yu Hanjiang explained, “The bugs should occupy the central area within three days and spread toward the four urban areas in the east, south, west and north. Before they come, it is best to arrange an escape route in advance to prevent being helplessly surrounded by the bugs.

Ye Qi gave a thumbs up. “This method of digging a tunnel is too awesome!”

Xiao Lou wondered, “Do you want to dig an underground passage alone?”

“I will try to find a drainage pipe in this city. Usually, every city will have an underground pipe system. As long as this underground passage can be opened, we can evacuate at any time through the underground tunnel.”

Ye Qi was worried. “Will there be bugs underground?”

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “It isn’t clear but it is always possible. We will check in advance.”

The team members had no opinions. They rolled up their sleeves and helped Yu Hanjiang dig at the ground.

The security guard looked at them with disbelief. “?????”

This group of people suddenly broke into the warehouse in the middle of the night and didn’t steal anything. Instead, they buried gasoline around the warehouse and then dug a hole in the back of the warehouse? What were they doing here? Were they a city construction team?

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1 year ago

The logical answer is: What you thought was gasoline was only the first shipment of goods, they’ve hidden it while they organise headquarters. They are currently digging a tunnel to avoid being surrounded by the police in the future and the young man in a police uniform is a mob boss that brought his most trusted subordinates to set up base. In the future they will use “transporting fruits and produce” as a diguise and will run the biggest drug empire in the country. YH is the boss, XL is the wife os the boss and is in charge of the distribution logistics, SQ is in charge of laundering the money, YQ will train the mules and set up an information network with them, LQ is the one that makes or adquires the goods, QW and LS help hide and transport large shipments and MX handles the contacs inside the police and goverment. And you insignificant security guard will be loyal to them in the future in exchange for sparing you and your family and will help them happily. The end.

10 months ago
Reply to  Grave-digger

Card Room mafia AU i like that