CR: Chapter 209

If it wasn’t for Yu Hanjiang clearly remembering the number of the 301 bus, everyone might’ve questioned their judgment and thought this was really just a night bus. After all, no one believed that a bug could drive a bus.

Maybe they had learned to imitate human actions after evolution? This group of bugs had a really powerful imitation ability. They should be the vanguard team sent to the east of the city.

Ye Qi, Xiao Lou and the others got on the bus and their eyes quickly swept through the vehicle. Everyone was looking down at their phones. However, a young man’s phone screen wasn’t bright. It had probably run out of battery. Although he was pretending to be a human, he pressed the volume button for a long time but couldn’t turn on the phone. After becoming aware of Xiao Lou’s gaze, the man put his phone back into his pocket calmly and looked sideways out the window.

The bus was very cold. There was no heating. Obviously, the bugs still liked the cold. These bugs pretended to be normal humans and drove around the city on a snowy night. After leading humans onto the bus, what would happen to the humans? They were surrounded by 20 bugs and could only be infected.

In the front row, Old Mo stayed in the spot to get on the bus so that his teammates could control the driver and grab the bus at any time. Ye Qi, Liu Qiao, Qu Wanyue, Long Sen and Shao Qingge all entered the carriage of the bus.

The driver glanced at Yu Hanjiang, who was left outside the bus as if wondering why this person wasn’t coming up. Yu Hanjiang used his acting skills and waved toward Xiao Lou. “Goodbye, I won’t send you any further.”

Xiao Lou waved his hand. “Okay, I’ll come back.” Then he looked at the driver. “He won’t get on the bus. You can close the door.”

To everyone’s surprise, the driver closed the front door but opened the back door. Two women got off the bus and walked towards Yu Hanjiang. The driver smiled and started the bus.

Xiao Lou’s heart tensed up and he immediately said to Yu Hanjiang in his mind, “Be careful, they must be patrolling the city to find any fish that escaped the net. They will never let any normal humans go. Two of them are looking for you.”

Yu Hanjiang’s calm voice filled his mind. “Relax, I can handle it. Once the bus turns the corner, act immediately!”

In front of the street was a corner and the driver slowly turned around it. The speed of the bus was so slow. The bug in the driver’s body should’ve just learned driving skills. As he turned, he almost hit a street light. Xiao Lou looked at Ye Qi and Ye Qi immediately pulled out his Erhu card.

Two Springs Reflecting the Moon. The desolate music played and the bugs in the bus instantly fell into a lethargic state.

Old Mo’s eyes were fast. Two Springs Reflecting the Moon only had a group control time of three seconds. He was standing at the front of the bus at this time. The moment the erhu played, he rushed directly to the driver’s seat, pushed open the door of the driver’s seat and kicked the bug driver down. He grabbed control of the bus and slammed the door shut!

The driver woke up and realized that the bus had been stolen. He immediately crawled on the ground to give chase. The next moment, a bullet broke through the air.


Yu Hanjiang used the glock 17 handgun and his marksmanship was incredibly accurate. The driver had only crawled one metre when he was hit with a headshot! The bugs in his body crawled out to find a partner but they couldn’t receive a signal at all. It was because the two women just now were dead.

After they followed Yu Hanjiang, they thought they would launch a surprise attack. Unexpectedly, Yu Hanjiang turned back around and fired two shots, shooting the two people directly to the ground. Then he burned the bugs to ashes before they could react!

At this time, the bus. Old Mo stopped the bus and opened the back door.

The carriage was a mess. After the bugs woke up, they rushed fiercely to bite Ye Qi. As a result, Ye Qi’s flute blew and they couldn’t control their dizziness. Liu Qiao and Qu Wanyue took this opportunity to throw them out.

Xiao Lou threw the Balance to control the bugs in the second half of the carriage. They were stuck there for five minutes. In the middle of the carriage, Ye Qi and Long Sen coordinated the control. Liu Qiao, Qu Wanyue and Chief Shao took turns kicking them down one by one.

The bugs who rolled down the back door encountered Yu Hanjiang’s headshot. Come down and get killed instantly. The teammates cleaned the bus quickly but Yu Hanjiang’s marksmanship was faster. Immediately after the kill, he started the fire to prevent the bugs from having the opportunity to merge and upgrade.  In the blink of an eye, more than half the bugs were dealt with.

Yu Hanjiang stood under a street light and fired precisely with the gun in his hand. Every time the bugs rolled off the car, it was a headshot. This made Xiao Lou feel admiration. Just then, Long Sen yelled, “Professor Xiao, be careful!”

It turned out that Ye Qi and Long Sen’s control skills were interrupted. After all, Long Sen’s Badminton required hitting the target and Ye Qi’s flute also had a cooldown time. Long Sen wanted to use Badminton to hit the little girl sitting in the middle. As a result, she was extremely flexible. She jumped violently over the shuttlecock and climbed directly to the roof of the bus!

A bug’s climbing ability was very strong. In the blink of an eye, she climbed above Xiao Lou and was extending her claws to attack Xiao Lou’s head. Long Sen screamed loudly and the others were pale as they all looked back at Xiao Lou.

Just then, a man in an ancient costume appeared in the bus. He wore a black robe and had a handsome face. He swung the long sword in his hand and— A white sword light flashed and the little girl’s head was cut off by him!

The team members, “?????”

Xiao Lou was stunned. “Xiao Yu?”

Xiao Yu’s trigger mechanism was unclear. Xiao Lou had encountered danger previously but Xiao Yu never came out. Now he suddenly came out to protect his older brother. Was the crisis deadly enough?

Everyone recognized Xiao Yu and understood what was going on. Xiao Yu obviously didn’t know the identity of a bug and directly cut off the head. The little girl’s head rolled to the foot of an adult man and the parasitic bugs immediately started to merge with each other.

Xiao Lou’s face was white. “Oops, they’re upgrading…”

Ye Qi cried out nervously, “My flute still has a five seconds cooldown!”

It was hard for Long Sen’s Badminton to hit an upgraded bug. Xiao Lou made a decision instantly and summoned Liu Yong without hesitation to use a skill. The upgraded bug had just climbed to the roof to attack the group. As a result, it was forced to return due to Xiao Lou’s control skill. The targets designated by Xiao Lou were the upgrade bug and another bug nearby.

The bug who had climbed to the roof stopped suddenly, turned around and grabbed the bug sitting near him. The two bugs held hands tightly and tears fell from the scarlet eyes.

The two bugs, “?????”

Why was their body out of control? Why were they weeping while holding their companion’s claws? The team saw this scene and didn’t know if they should laugh or cry. Professor Xiao’s wonderful card control was effective against the bugs.

Fortunately, Xiao Lou’s response was fast enough and the sudden crisis was smoothly resolved by him. The two bugs holding hands and crying were pushed off the bus by Liu Qiao and Qu Wanyue. They were still holding hands as they rolled and there was no way to separate. They stared at each other, their eyes almost bleeding.

Yu Hanjiang fired two shots and sent them directly to Heaven.

Ye Qi’s flute cooldown time finished and the bug group controlled by Balance were also controlled by Long Sen. Liu Qiao, Qu Wanyue and Shao Qingge endured their nausea and pushed them out the window at Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang happened to be holding Xiao Lou’s medicine box. He fired with one hand while the other hand splashed alcohol to ignite all the bugs. Thanks to everyone’s cooperation, Yu Hanjiang burned the elite bugs within 10 minutes!

There were charred corpses everywhere on the road. In order to prevent the fire from spreading to the bus, Yu Hanjiang shouted, “Old Mo, drive!”

Mo Xuemin started the bus and stepped on the accelerator with his right foot. Yu Hanjiang ran forward and jumped up to grasp the door. Old Mo immediately closed the back door. The bus rushed out of the fire like an arrow released from the bowstring!

There were only eight of them left in the bus as well as Xiao Yu, who was next to Xiao Lou. Everyone was frightened as they recalled the process of grabbing the bus from the bugs just now. Ye Qi sighed. “Fortunately, Xiao Yu came out or Professor Xiao was almost scratched by the flexible bug!”

Yu Hanjiang heard this and immediately looked at Xiao Lou with worry. “Are you okay?”

Xiao Lou shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’m not injured.”

Shao Qingge spoke thoughtfully, “I remember that Xiao Yu’s card skill is a passive room. It said that in extremely dangerous situations, he will consciously come out to protect his brother. Have you found that when Group Leader Yu is beside Professor Xiao, even if Professor Xiao is in danger, Xiao Yu never comes out? However, when Group Leader Yu is away, he comes out.”

Everyone thought about it carefully. Previously, there were bugs who launched a sudden attack at Xiao Lou in the supermarket but Xiao Yu hadn’t responded. It was the same situation on the bus so why had Xiao Yu come out?”

Ye Qi was puzzled. “Why is it like this? Is the probability of the card random?”

Shao Qingge made a smile that wasn’t a smile. “It isn’t random probability. It is related to Professor Xiao’s state of mind. If Professor Xiao feels he is in danger and unable to cope then Xiao Yu will come out to protect his older brother. If Professor Xiao isn’t very nervous then he won’t come out.”

Ye Qi suddenly realized. “It makes sense! Professor Xiao was attacked previously but his heart actually wasn’t nervous due to Group Leader Yu. Therefore, Xiao Yu judged his brother wasn’t in extreme danger and didn’t come out. Just now, Group Leader Yu wasn’t around and there was no one to protect Professor Xiao. Professor Xiao should’ve been very nervous when the bug attacked and he secreted strong hormones. Then Xiao Yu came out, right?”

Liu Qiao added, “…Adrenaline.”

Ye Qi exclaimed, “Yes, yes! That’s what I mean.

Xiao Lou listened to their careful analysis and couldn’t help his cheeks becoming hot.

Really… what a big truth!

Xiao Lou was at ease when Yu Hanjiang was around. No matter how big the danger, he wouldn’t be nervous. Perhaps he subconsciously thought that Yu Hanjiang could handle all crises? Therefore, Xiao Yu’s passive skill to protect his brother wasn’t needed.

However, just now, Yu Hanjiang wasn’t around. As Ye Qi said, when the bug on the roof suddenly fell down, Xiao Lou’s adrenaline soared and his heart was about to stop. Xiao Yu judged that his brother was in extreme danger and came out with a sword to cut off the head of the bug.

This led to the upgrade of the bug but Xiao Yu couldn’t be blamed. He didn’t know what a bug was. Fortunately, his appearance gave Xiao Lou some buffer time and he successfully used Liu Yong’s control skill to lift the crisis.

The team members straightened out what happened in the scene just now and showed expressions of sudden enlightenment.

It turned out that Xiao Yu’s appearance was related to Xiao Lou’s own consciousness. Once Xiao Lou felt the danger was difficult to cope with, his brother would come out to protect him. If Xiao Lou wasn’t afraid then his brother wouldn’t come out.

Xiao Lou realized that he had a strong sense of dependence on Yu Hanjiang. The two of them were connected with the heart channel and Xiao Lou couldn’t think much. Thus, he quickly changed the subject. “Cough, we just stole the bus so we don’t have to walk in the snow.”

Old Mo spoke from where he was driving the bus. “The fuel tank for the bus is fuel. We can still move for hundreds of kilometers and take advantage of the snow. How about we drive a bit further and find a remote place to settle down?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Just do it. I’ll give you the map.”

He stepped forward and handed the map to Old Mo. Then he turned around and looked at everyone. “Sit and avoid the blood on the ground.”

The other bugs were burned outside the bus but some blood flowed from the bug cut by Xiao Yu. Xiao Lou cut a piece of white silk to cover the blood. The team members were tired from the long day and they looked for seats while avoiding the blood.

There were many seats on the bus. Apart from the couple Long Sen and Qu Wanyue sitting next to each other, everyone else sat in their own row. Xiao Lou sat at the back and Yu Hanjiang walked past all the empty seats to sit with Xiao Lou.

Shao Qingge looked back at Xiao Lou with a smile.

Xiao Lou’s face was slightly red and his heart was a bit nervous. He couldn’t help gripping his fingers.

At this moment, Yu Hanjiang’s voice entered his mind. “Was it dangerous just now? Xiao Yu was actually forced out.”

Xiao Lou pretended to be calm. “It’s okay. It was just an accident and I will be more careful later.”

Yu Hanjiang held Xiao Lou’s hand gently and patted the back in comfort. He whispered, “Sorry, I didn’t think enough. Fortunately, you are fine.”

Outside the window, heavy snow flew and the cold wind blew.’

Old Mo had turned on the heating in the bus and the temperature slowly rose. Blood gradually returned to everyone’s frozen faces. In the back row of the bus, Yu Hanjiang kept holding Xiao Lou’s hand where their teammates couldn’t see.

Xiao Lou’s cheeks were hot and he couldn’t help thinking, ‘Is it right for two big men to hold hands like this?’

He forgot about Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings and his thought was passed onto Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang whispered, “Do you hate it?”

Xiao Lou froze. “What?”

Yu Hanjiang looked at him with gentle eyes. “Do you hate me holding your hand like this?”

Xiao Lou’s breathing was blocked and he instantly lowered his head. “…No.”

Yu Hanjiang heard Xiao Lou say he didn’t hate it and simply pulled the other person’s hand, interlocking their fingers together.

The slender fingers penetrated the gaps in the fingers one by one and he held on tightly.

In the wind and snow, the 301 bus carrying eight people drove.

The temperature outside was terribly low but Xiao Lou felt extremely hot, like his body was going to burn. The intimate gesture of interlocking fingers was too ambiguous for someone with zero love experience.

Xiao Lou heard the sound of his heart beating violently. Yu Hanjiang’s heartbeat was also very fast and his palm was slightly sweating.

The two people’s minds were a mess so Xiao Lou simply cut off Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings so they wouldn’t affect each other.

Shao Qingge sat in the front row and saw this scene from the reflection in the mirror. He chuckled and touched his nose. He thought that these two guys were obviously in their first love. They were so inexperienced and clumsy. They didn’t know the other person liked them and were still testing each other carefully.

Such pure feelings really made him envious.

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1 year ago

Quickly enlightened ah, I’m tired of waiting them become open with each other.

1 year ago

Begging Shao Qingge to just expose them bc we know this would be the slowest of slow burn in the history of danmei if he doesn’t.
At this point it’s not even burning

1 year ago

Chief Shao is number 1 wingman. Kudos to him