CR: Chapter 208

The eight people used the remaining five minutes of the invisibility cloak to quickly evacuate with their supplies.

The invisible cloak was an A-grade card and it was quite easy to use. They just needed to cover the bags with the cloak and the bags would also become invisible. Therefore, even though the eight of them acted collectively, they didn’t attract the attention of the bugs.

However, eight people moving invisibly might end up splitting so Yu Hanjiang thought of a method. He would bring Xiao Lou in the lead using the light footwork while Xiao Lou used the lantern above him as a guide.

The lanterns obtained in 8 of Spades could not only illuminate the way but it also prevented tigers, wolves and other wild animals from coming closer. Of course, the bugs weren’t beasts but they were afraid of fire. The ancient lanterns were lit with candles which was a fire. The lone bugs left behind on the streets wouldn’t want to get closer if they found a burning lamp flying in the sky.

A lantern floating and moving in the air felt like a ghost movie. However, all the team members knew it was Xiao Lou’s location and they just followed the lantern.

Xiao Lou was carried in Yu Hanjiang’s arms and they jumped lightly the entire way without encountering any obstacles.

The city had entered winter and the temperature dropped sharply tonight. As everyone was walking, it started snowing. Under the illumination of the street lights, the snowflakes fell like white goose feathers. The low temperature made it difficult for the snowflakes to melt and a white blanket quickly formed on the ground.

After leaving the city centre, traffic congestion eased slightly and some vehicles appeared on the road. However, compared to the usual traffic, the number of vehicles on the streets tonight were sharply reduced and the speed had also skyrocketed. Private cars were driven like they were sports cars. Obviously, citizens learned from the Internet that there were many crazy people in the central area and they were madly escaping.

There were only five minutes of stealth time so Yu Hanjiang’s group of eight used various displacement cards to hurry up.

During the time when Yu Hanjiang checked the information in the afternoon, he took a pen and paper from Old Mo’s office to draw a rough map of the city. He looked at it while moving. He led the way and everyone wouldn’t get lost in the strange city.

By the end of the invisibility time, everyone arrived by the edge of a bridge.

This was a bridge spanning over one kilometre and it connected the city centre and the east district. It was one of the iconic landmarks of the city and was spectacularly built. There were constantly changing colours on the bridge. There were also sidewalks and a one metre wide rubber trace built along both sides of the river. Usually, this was a good place for citizens to run and exercise.

However, at this moment, no figures were visible on the bridge or the riverside. There were only occasionally a few private cars driving quickly across the bridge.

There wasn’t the effect of the invisibility cloak and Ye Qi felt the cold wind and snow. He rubbed his hands, arranged his hat and down jacket and also put on gloves and a mask. Only a pair of dark and clear eyes were shown as he looked at Yu Hanjiang and asked, “I remember this bridge on the map. After passing this bridge, we should be in the east district, right?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and stared at the other side of the bridge. He responded in a low voice, “In theory, the number of bugs in the east district should be relatively small but we can’t be careless. The 30 minutes of invisibility time have passed and the bugs can see us. From now on, we must all be careful.”

He turned to look at his teammates and quickly arranged them. “The displacement cards have a time limit. We will now start to act in formation. I will be at the front with Xiao Lou. Chief Shao and Old Mo are behind us and are responsible for the left and right wings to ensure we aren’t attacked from the sides.

“Ye Qi, Liu Qiao, the two of you watch the air in case of bugs pouncing from buildings.

“Long Sen, Teacher Qu, the two of you are responsible for the rear. Pay attention behind you and don’t be tracked by any bugs.”

Group Leader Yu’s words were organized and everyone quickly adjusted the formation in accordance with his instructions.

Eight people stood in four rows and two columns to open the way while protecting the rear, sides and above. The entire team had to be protected without any dead corners. Otherwise, if a bug got through and attacked then it would be trouble!

Yu Hanjiang urged again, “Hold the important cards in your hands. We shouldn’t fight with the bugs head on. If we encounter a large group of bugs in the east of the city, we will immediately use the group control skills and run to find a base first.”

Everyone nodded to show their understanding and quickly sorted out their card packs. They held all the available attack, control and displacement cards in their hands so they could be activated at any time.

Yu Hanjiang simply waved his hand. “Start!”

The light footwork skill would experience a cooldown after landing while Long Sen and Qu Wanyue’s Long Jump also had a time limit. Ye Qi’s teleportation card lost durability and this would be refreshed after a day. For the next journey, they couldn’t move with the help of the displacement cards. In order to avoid any teammates falling behind, Yu Hanjiang decided to walk together.

It was 10 o’clock in the evening and the eight people lined up to move quickly through the snowy night. The snow on the road was high enough to cover their ankles and it seemed to bury the entire city.

After this heavy snowfall, the reproduction speed of the bugs would further increase. After all, they liked the cold, heavy snowfall and drop in temperature. Such a cold city of ice and snow was particularly suitable for their survival. In addition, the lives of humans would become more difficult once water, electricity and heating was cut off.

They passed the one kilometre bridge quickly and soon came to the boundary of the east district.

There were still many high-rise buildings in the area near the bridge. The further they went east, the more they could feel that the buildings were getting lower. It was just that they were walking late at night on a snowy day in winter. They might have prepared well in advance but the thick cardigan and down jackets didn’t stop them from being frozen and numb.

Ye Qi couldn’t help exclaiming, “This is really a survival secret room. The bugs are already difficult to deal with and it is actually snowing!”

Most of the displacement cards had a time limit and it was obviously impossible to use it the entire time to move around the city. If a challenger team wanted to take advantage of tonight to find a new base, they had to brave the snow on foot.

Walking in snow for a kilometre or two wasn’t difficult but once it was eight or ten kilometres, everyone’s legs and feet would become frozen and numb.

Yu Hanjiang’s physical strength was good. Walking a few kilometres during the police academy was a daily task so this wasn’t tiring at all. However, the rest of the team hadn’t received professional training. He turned to the side and saw that Xiao Lou’s face was red with cold. The snowflakes on his eyelashes were about to freeze. Yu Hanjiang frowned and gently helped Xiao Lou pat the snow off his shoulder. “We can’t walk the entire way. We should see what type of transportation we can find while walking.”

Xiao Lou suggested, “If someone in the city centre was infected and mutated on the way to the east district, perhaps they abandoned their car and left.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Yes, we will take the main road and perhaps we can find a car.”

The area of the east district was huge. Without the help of the displacement card, they might not find a suitable base even walking all night. Instead, they would become eight snowmen. It could really save them a lot of trouble if they found a car.

He was just thinking this when Long Sen called out behind him, “Look over there!”

The group immediately looked back and followed his gaze.

There was a bus stop opposite the bridge. At this time, a bus common in urban areas drove from the direction of the city centre. On a snowy night, the streets were deserted. Now a bus suddenly appeared and there were a few people sitting on it. This scene made everyone feel a bit weird.

Yu Hanjiang spoke in a deep voice. “The people on the bus aren’t quite right.”

Xiao Lou looked at the bus. Through the window, he could see that the lights were on and the people sitting down were looking at their phones. They looked like normal people. He asked doubtfully, “Are they infected?”

Yu Hanjiang replied, “It is very likely. The bus came from the direction of the city centre and we also came from there. We didn’t meet anyone along the way. Due to the heavy snow and the outbreak of an unknown infectious disease in the urban area, the citizens wouldn’t dare go on the streets.”

Liu Qiao touched her chin and mused. “I always feel that this bus is very familiar?”

Yu Hanjiang gazed at the license plate number. “We were passing by the overpass when the infection broke out today. We saw a passenger inside a bus under the overpass being bitten. The bus was No. 301.”

Everyone looked carefully at the number of the bus. It was No. 301!

The team members really admired Yu Hanjiang’s ability to remember details.

The bus that was clearly in the city centre and had the passengers bitten suddenly appeared in the east of the city. This gave everyone a chill.

Ye Qi looked shocked. “Look, those in the bus are playing with their phones. Can the bugs play with mobile phones?”

Everyone, “……”

Could the bugs play with mobile phones? If so, were these bugs advanced? Everyone glanced at each other.

Yu Hanjiang’s sharp eyes swept across the passengers in the bus. “There are 20 of them. Run or fight?”

Xiao Lou took a deep breath. As a result, a cold wind mixed with snowflakes blew at him and he sneezed several times in a row. Yu Hanjiang looked at him with worry. “Do you have a cold?”’

Xiao Lou rubbed his nose. “Yes, it is a bit of a cold. Then we will steal this bus with the bugs right?”

The teammates walking in the snow saw the snow falling above them and nodded in agreement. It was too much for these bugs to drive around in a bus.

Yu Hanjiang simply made a decision. “Okay, let’s do it!”

Stealing a bus from the bugs… it sounded crazy. However, they won eight against 50 in the supermarket. Now there were only 20 bugs on the bus. It should be possible?

Ye Qi was excited. “All my control skills are available.”

Long Sen and Old Mo also reported on the situation of their cards. Yu Hanjiang quickly arranged things. “This group of bugs is likely to consist of high level bugs. They can actually play mobile games and pretend to be normal people. After boarding, Ye Qi will use a group control and Long Sen’s Badminton card will connect with the control. Liu Qiao, Teacher Qu, Chief Shao and Xiao Lou are responsible for getting the bugs off the bus. Old Mo will drive and I will be at the rear burning them.”

Burning them in the bus meant burning the bus along with them. Thus, they had to get the bugs off the bus and then wipe them out.

Xiao Lou gazed at Yu Hanjiang with worry. “You will be at the back alone?”

Yu Hanjiang gently pressed a hand against Xiao Lou’s shoulder and whispered, “Relax, I won’t let myself have an accident.”

Since he was so confident, Xiao Lou believed in his decision. The eight people quickly ran to the bus stop to stop the bus. They thought it was necessary to use control skills to stop it. As a result, the bus actually stopped and the middle-aged driver smiled politely at them. “Please insert your coins. It is 200 gold coins for the whole journey.”

Everyone, “………”

Buddy, your performance is simply worthy of being the movie emperor of the bugs!

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